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The power of the cotton frock when the heat is on cannot be underestimated.

They are cool, comfortable and keep you looking stylish when the weather threatens to undermine all that.

One of the best collections of summer cotton frocks can be found at Rasaleela Clothing.

Rasaleela Clothing was started in 2002 by Trish Louey after she returned from living and studying in India for several years. Upon returning Trish noticed there was a gap in high quality unique and ethnic clothing.

Rasaleela is designed in Australia and Trish travels the globe to find her design inspiration. Unique, often vintage-inspired and ethnic prints have become part of Rasaleela’s signature style. Our designs make you feel fantastic regardless of age, shape or size.

The ethically produced range is created through working with family-based companies that offer safe working conditions for its workers.

The dress I’ve chosen to feature is a style that will suit most shapes.

The model

Rasaleela Cassy Bias Cut dress in Osaka print

Rasaleela Cassy bias-cut dress in Osaka print $79.95

and me

Rasaleela dress | FRANKiE4 Footwear BELiNDA wedges | Secrets Shhh bangle

Rasaleela dress (I’m wearing size XL) | FRANKiE4 Footwear BELiNDA wedges | Secrets Shhh bangle

I was a bit dubious about how I was going to get this frock on. I mean, there isn’t a zip! My bust and hips usually need a bit of easing into such a design.

But no, it slipped on over my head and skimmed over aforementioned bust and hips like a dream.

This bias-cut style of shift, with an emphasis on a higher waist, is the style of semi-fitted frock that best works for my short waist – because it lengthens it without making my hips look bigger than they are.

I love that it offers shape but is also super comfortable and doesn’t require any armour underneath to smooth out lumps and bumps.

The oriental-inspired print is simply gorgeous – and more than a bit festive.

Do you love a cotton frock? Would I find Rasaleela in your wardrobe?

The Model and Me: Rasaleela SS15

* I’m 166cm and usually a size 14-16. This frock was gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I haven’t heard of this brand Nikki but this frock looks gorgeous on you,the print is lovely and yes cotton and viscose and of course silk are my favourite fabrics in summer Xx

  2. looks great nikki!
    I find cotton is the best for summer!
    and cut on the cross perfect!
    it’s been hot here too so, got my frock on! they are cooler!
    lol m:)X … enjoy your day hun!X

  3. Lovely dress Nikki – stylish and bright. Reminds me of Boom Shankar, pretty bright cotton prints – perfect for summer.xx

  4. Definitely would wear this. Looks classy and stylish which is nice. So much of the fashion around this year is hippy looking and poor fabrics with voluminous styles.

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