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If someone had told me two years ago that I’d be getting a photo of myself every day and uploading it on the internet for all the world to see, I would have checked the sky for any low-flying pigs.

Yes, I’d been putting myself out there for a few years before that – posting photos on the blog – but it was far from the every day.

It’s wasn’t the ordinary, the no makeup, the work-from-home casual style that is my go-to most days.

Yes, there’s some fancying up in between the ordinary but mostly it is just me, what I’m wearing on any given day.

So why do I do it?

Styling You #everydaystyle lunch

Good question. It started from reader requests to see more of what I wear every day. I thought I’d do it for a week but by the end of that week, so many more women were joining in.

Now there are hundreds who take part – some every day – some when they feel like they want to join in.

For me, continuing to share those daily outfit photos is now about the community.

If you follow the #everydaystyle feed on Instagram, you’ll get an idea what I mean by community.

You’ll find women of all ages, shapes and sizes – all with distinct style personalities – sharing their everyday outfits AND supporting and cheering on others.

It’s that supporting and cheering that makes my heart sing.

Last Saturday, 30 of the “real women of #everydaystyle” joined me for a celebratory lunch at Hilton Brisbane.

Styling You #everydaystyle lunch

Talk about style inspiration.

Together, these women have a combined Instagram following of more than 120,000 and it was not difficult to see why.

From women in their 20s through to young mums and ageless beauties, all ages, sizes and shapes were represented.

What I loved most was that each and every one who attended remained true to their own style.

That’s what I celebrate here on the blog. I want everyone to feel confident to express who they are – and not be a cookie cutter version of everyone else.

Styling You #everydaystyle lunch

Styling You #everydaystyle lunch

Styling You #everydaystyle lunch

Styling You #everydaystyle lunch

Styling You #everydaystyle lunch

How to pose

Now, none of these women are shy about posing for a photo but I bought in former model, model-agency owner and girlfriend Simone Merlo to share with us some tips on how to better pose for a photo.

Styling You #everydaystyle lunch

We learned the basics and are now thinking “elegant hands” and “finding that extra inch” in our stance each time we’re photographed.

Styling You #everydaystyle lunch

I was able to demonstrate how I can check my pose and take my own outfit photos using my Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera (aka the Olympus Selfie camera).

Styling You #everydaystyle lunch

I’ve been using this camera for blog and social media photos for 12 months and cannot imagine my life without it.

Dramatic, much?

Maybe. But for a person working solo and without ready access or budget to a regular professional photographer, mastering this camera has made a huge difference to the quality of my photos.

The camera itself has the capacity to act as its own wi-fi device, allowing you to import any photos direct to your phone’s camera roll via the Olympus OI.Share app.

Styling You #everydaystyle lunch

This same app acts as a remote control so with the camera mounted on a tripod I can see how the photo looks on my phone screen and adjust my pose accordingly. I can then set it to timer, press the camera button and quickly put the phone out of sight.

Styling You #everydaystyle lunch

The result: images that look like I have my own photographer.

Read on for details on how you could win an Olympus Selfie Camera for yourself.

Photos from the day

Photographer Helen Henry from Rhubarb Photography captured the afternoon beautifully. Below I’m sharing just some of the photos as well as some quotes about #everydaystyle from those who attended. (Simply click on any of the images to start the gallery and find out who each woman is)


The day would not have been possible without the support and sponsorship of Olympus Australia. Thanks also to Hilton Brisbane for supplying the venue for us.

These amazing businesses also deserve a shout out – their donations meant that every woman walked away with a prize on the day.

Styling You #everydaystyle lunch


King’s Beauty

Bella Lido

Harlow Australia

Ruby Olive


Read + Bell

Bruce Rhebein Hair & Makeup

Misano Shoes

Jakomina fashion illustrator

Styling You #everydaystyle lunch | Fashion illustrator Jakomina

Petrol Boutique

Queensland Swimwear

Sequins and Sand


Secrets Shhh…


Kaftan Connection

Rhubarb Photography



Cheveux Design & Espresso



Bohemian Traders

FRANKiE4 Footwear

Styling You #everydaystyle lunch


Olympus and I have one Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera valued at $849 (aka the Olympus Selfie camera) to give away to one Styling You reader.

Entering is easy. Simply answer this question in the comments below:

How would you capture your everyday style in a photo?

Entries open Thursday, December 3 at 4.30am (AEST) and close Thursday, December 17 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity (photos can be included and uploaded with the comment). The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here


More about the lunch

Some of the women who attended the lunch have blogged about it. Check out these posts:

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  1. I would capture my everyday style…effortlessly with the Olympus “selfie” camera. At the moment my post productivity is limited by the number of hands and helpers I have available. And while my hubby is a dutiful “husb as nd of instagram” it would be nice to be able to upgrade my “tools”. I love how you shared that you can use the camera as a training tool to help practice your posing and even test out style combos. Confidence factor = 1000%!

  2. Capturing my everyday style would have to be while doing something I love – it’s the simple things that make the true light shine through!

  3. As the saying goes…. “you’re never fully dressed without a smile”. So my everyday style has to capture my smile where I can show off my dimples!

  4. I am very camera shy, I always run a mile as I never ever know how to stand, where to look or even smile so it looks natural, I always look like I’m grimacing and my eyes disappear into my cheeks. I would love to just one day capture happiness and naturalness – I don’t need to be dressed to the nines – just loving life and showing it 🙂

  5. Q: How do I capture my everyday style?
    As somebody with a spinal injury it has taken me years to develop my everyday style, let alone capture it. Whilst on the surface my everyday style is smart, casual with a sporty twist, beneath the surface is a whole complexity of layers based on touch, feel, pressure points, flexibility for movement and adaptability for change – caused by weather conditions, varying environments, air conditioning vents, or simply pain. My everyday style is to navigate this world feeling comfortable in my own skin. To feel confident in how I present myself, so that others to me and not my disability. The Olympus Selfie Camera would not only serve as a motivational tool to capture my everyday style (on days when I would prefer to hide from the world) but also to enable me to start a blog for other chronic pain warriors, to share my knowledge/experiences with those who don’t want to accept the norm, for those who want to navigate their everyday chronic pain in style.

  6. Thanks for #everydaystyle ; my style would include garden or outdoor selfies. I love getting out and about in nature, so a nature photo would be my choice

  7. Bleary eyed, I wake with my husbands alarm. I move to the lounge room in my pyjamas, and park myself in front of the computer. Maybe my everyday style is my pyjamas?
    Time passes quickly and I hear my son call out. Quickly we dress and head out for a walk. Maybe my everyday style is my workout clothes?
    We return home, feed the chooks, collect the eggs and make breakfast. Maybe my everyday style is farm overalls and my Blundstone boots?
    We head out to the library, play group, the morning market, or another morning activity. Maybe my everyday style is my loved secondhand wardrobe?
    My son goes down for his nap, I spend the time tidying the house, hanging out washing, cooking dinner. Maybe my everyday style is my cleaning get up?
    He wakes and we play until my husband gets home from work. We sit and enjoy dinner together. Maybe my everyday style is the black and white of the hospitality profession?
    I don’t think any one photo can capture my everyday style but I do think that an Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera could.

  8. My daily style could best be described as whirlwind (with a side of rock chick) There would have to be denim, black, converse & a wide selection of hats & accessories.

  9. In China when a vase breaks they repair it and add gold leaf where the crack was. They celebrate the cracks. This is how I’d celebrate my #everydaystyle by enhancing what I have that I may not love and by celebrating my imperfections.

  10. My #everydaystyle is usually smart casual & a capsule wardrobe for travelling, but having recently turned 40, I turned it up a notch to celebrate in this navy Rodeo Show dress (my friend in Lover the Label) which made me feel happy, confident and joyous on the day!

  11. How would I capture my Everyday Style
    And easily do it with a Happy smile??
    Hmmm that has me thinking hard..
    And makes me pull out the brainstorming card.
    My Everyday style is an eclectic mix
    From errand running to picking up sticks
    Maybe originality is the key
    And just show my most truthful me!
    From a dress to town or a frock to tea,
    Or paddock clothes for dirty jobs..Yucky!
    But it’s me, it’s my Rural way
    It’s how I would capture my Style Everyday!

  12. I look through the photos of my phone and see hundreds (thousands!) of my kids, my husband and my puppy. There are not hundreds of me. I barely feature. This is probably true of many women/mums. Moving forwards I’ll be capturing my everyday style by simply making an effort to make sure I capture me in the photos moving forwards.

  13. I always ALWAYS waste at least 20 minutes in the mornings trying to work out what to wear each day. If I won this most fabulous prize, the first thing I’d do is use it to take pictures of myself wearing loads of different outfits from my wardrobe. Then I’d print those pictures off and stick them to the inside of my wardrobe door – giving me an easy selection of what I have at my fingertips. I’ve always wanted to create a ‘look book’ for my wardrobe – this would motivate me to finally do it.

  14. Roald Dahl wrote, “A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly… if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” For my #everydaystyle photos, I think I’ll try remembering this every day, be always thankful and always aim to capture the beauty and joy in the world.

  15. The only thing #everydaystyle about me is the fact that I pretty much wear the same clothes everyday 🙁

    I’ve looked in on your everyday style here and there for a year or so and I see so much confidence and so much flair and poise….I am envious.

    If I look back on my photos from the last year or so all I see is frumpy lady with absolutely no idea.

    I have so many events and celebrations coming up with my girls that I want to exude confidence and style. I want to capture the memories in
    photographs that I would be proud to display rather than rushing to press delete.

    So I guess in answer to your question I would take baby steps and start on an everyday style journey. I’d love to be able to look
    back and see myself grow and feel confident enough to maybe share the photos with your hashtag.

  16. I absolutely love capturing my #everydaystyle, however I’m limited to the locations that my gorgeous boys are happy (i.e. not too embarrassed) to snap me with my iPhone. If I had an Olympus PEN EPL7 camera, I would trip off to Byron Bay (with tripod) and take my style photos in front of some of the amazing street art on offer in this eclectic little town.

  17. I’d finally be able to do the stylish location ootd shoots that I’ve always wanted to do, because many of the locations surrounding where I live would make amazing backdrops for my everyday style!

  18. My everyday STYLE would be best captured in a photo of my open wardrobe to see what I can mix & match to create that day’s outfit.

    Due to a workplace injury I had to put all of my life into storage and move in with my niece & her family. My style consists of what I could fit into 2 suitcases.

  19. I would capture my everyday style – by well finding it by taking a picture everyday, I have always struggled to find my style and putting it out there is a good step to finding that style that would suit me

  20. I would capture my everyday style in a photo by oozing confidence and comfort. Any outfit can look amazing, no matter what
    the style, as long as the person wearing it owns it and rocks it! Nothing is
    more eye-catching than a person who is comfortable in their own skin. (P.S.
    which is why we love you Nikki!)

  21. How would you capture your everyday style in a photo?

    Well, first I’d have to find it, let me explain …

    Dear Style

    How are you? I know … it’s been a while since we last connected! I’d love to join this movement and capture my #everydaystyle but first I must find you! You’ve been missing in action for more years than I care to admit and now I’m on a mission to track you down. I used to have style … I did, I reeeeally DID! But many years ago, I lost you … somewhere between having children, leaving the workforce and becoming a slave to the house!

    You used to live in my wardrobe amongst the latest trends, beautiful colours/patterns, stylish “must-have” co-ordinates, gorgeous handbags and accessories that used to complement everything so perfectly … but you disappeared … into the night … GONE … just like that!

    I know it was probably my fault … I think I was careless and left you somewhere in the 90’s or maybe even the 80’s, right along side shoulder pads, turtlenecks and “Farrah Fawcett” hairstyles.

    I won’t give up, though … I’m determined to find you again … REALLY, I AM! I’ll leave no stone unturned. I’m going to hunt you down and, when I find you, it’s on!

    We’ll piece together a glamorous ensemble, find the perfect backdrop, paint on a face that any model would be proud of and hashtag that sucker all over Social Media. I’ll search far and wide for the perfect location but I won’t deny, it’s going to be a challenge! I don’t have the latest iPhone or a “crew” to help me. It’ll just be you, me and my trusty Kodak … although even he has let me down lately as well. Kodak and I used to be close but our relationship has been difficult and strained. There’s been creative attempts to balance the camera on God knows what as I fiddle with my temperamental remote. There’s been frustration, tears and unflattering angles and sadly I think the time has come.

    There’s no easy way to say it, “Sorry Kodak, but I’m breaking up with you … there’s a new kid on the block. His name is Olympic PEN E-PL7 and he makes my heart skip a beat! Truth be told, we should have broken up a long time ago but, what can I say, I’m a sentimental fool. Your aim has been failing and your pixel count is outdated. You haven’t seen me clearly for a long time, rewarding me only with blurry, amateurish shots. And, what’s with the red eyes and yellowish, pale skin?” I’m a professional and like any tradesman, I need the right tools for the job. It just won’t do and, I’m sad to admit, it’s time to move on.

    I need to get back in the game, reacquaint myself with my confidence and self-esteem and find you … my everyday style!

    Love Me xxx

  22. I would capture my everyday style with a smile on my face and a little flutter in my stomach. I’m always a bit nervous putting myself out there but this community is so supportive that I’m left with a warm fuzzy glow.

  23. I would capture my everyday style by wearing something I LOVE wearing,being comfortable in my own skin and a smile wouldn’t go astray either!

  24. Ideally, it would include my skin looking as good as it looks when I first get out of the shower. Sadly, by the time I get dressed, and get the small child corralled, no matter how good I looked first thing, I always manage to look a bit flustered!

  25. I would take a selfie first thing in the morning, after I get dressed. This is because I look fresher in the morning and my comfortable Mummy clothes are still clean and crisp!

  26. Comfort gives me confidence, so I would aim for the sky in that regard. I’m not one for dressing up, give me trackies and a tee any day. But I love my jeans, with a light flowing top, and cons. Capture me in the sunshine, and you have my #everydaystyle

  27. My photo capturing my every day style would show a fun and carefree girl who liked to look and feel pretty, wearing clothes that bring comfort, and shine confidence.

  28. I understand style is about the whole. But I love my details. I’d take pics of shoes, hemline, belt, manicure etc and create a collage.

  29. I’d be photographed out in my garden enjoying digging and planting and wondering at the amazing, beautiful, productive growth.

  30. My everyday can be so diverse, I’m a Mum, a Wife, a sister, an Aunt, a best friend, a boss, a Colleague and sometimes indulgently but rarely I’m just me, curled up in a corner with my book and sipping a coffee………and I would not have it any other way.

  31. I would capture my everyday style in a photo with a wink, a smile, and probably a huge sigh of relief that my 6 year old isn’t jumping around as he tries to take my photo while complaining that he “can’t do it without them being blurry or crooked” on my phone. 😛

  32. My everyday style is based on respect for myself and for the people I meet. I do not wear pearls to garden (Vita Sackville West) but earrings are a must. My selfies are woeful so a Olympus PEN E – PL7 would be most appreciated and posing tips put into practise.

  33. Just wanted to say congratulations Nikki, I love #everydaystyle it has to be my favorite hashtag ever and I adore the community you created, you fabulous thing you, now my answer….
    Q: How would you capture your everydaystyle in a photo?

    At present with the greatest of difficulty, I precariously place my phone on a pile of books hoping that as I snap away it doesn’t fall and smash into a billion pieces, that I capture my confidence and casual style without being able to see what I am snapping. I am usually blurry, cut in half and trying to wrangle my cute as a button toddler.
    I dream of sharing my whimsy and fun personality, my #everydaystyle outfit in detail,and to share crisp, clear #olympusinspired images with the #everydaystyle community. A sneaky wine in hand, perhaps a fun photo shoot somewhere fabulous… A girl can dream right….. Maybe a dream might come true.

    My photos reflect my pitiful attempts at taking my #everydaystyle outfit shot, and my current camera setup…. I am dreaming of a shiny “Selfie Camera” Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera to change my #everydaystyle life, I wholeheartedly promise to take a #everydaystyle photo everyday forever if she was to come live with me..

  34. I would capture my laidback and fit style in photos by taking a low shot angled up so I look mighty powerful and strong.

  35. Q. How would you capture your everyday style in a photo?

    A. I’d capture my non-military, non-gym, non-breast cancer self in my normal environment so that my images showed the real me living my real life. Something I’ve been afraid to do since my cancer diagnosis. Being relatable is important to me and what matters most.

    It would also help me break through those barriers by boosting my confidence + self-esteem allowing my inner beauty to shine through complimenting my #everdaystyle. Because both are equally as important and I want to capture a balanced happy stylish life to share on Instagram.

  36. Layback , relaxed and in comfort. Capturing moments in certain moods and creating new and fresh styles transformed through the different stages. Taken back to a specific moment, artistic expression that can’t be retrieved. Recording each stage while painting develops into a laying memory. A simple moment reaches eternity. Helps me appreciate the ubiquitous photography.

  37. Every time I look back at old photographs I am reminded of my ever changing styles and times so bright I see my own reflection and contemplate the future while reflecting on the past. A condensed photograph containing these would be the best way to capture my style!

  38. I think that it would be great idea to take my style photo everyday . I would learn from my past mistakes and moving better future, especially stylist skills need time to develop and learn from errors. My style photography would look amazing and understand my own styles and colour patterns.

  39. In my dreams I would capture my everyday style in photographs taken in my beautiful garden with the sea as a backdrop. My photographer would be flamboyant and fabulous and call me “Darlink” alot. My everyday style would be flowing dresses and amazing heels because I wouldn’t have to work. Or do anything really!

    There would be champagne involved.

    This is far far removed my reality where my everyday style is taken by my five year old just before we run out the door and just after I have spent the morning getting myself and two children ready for the day.

    There is usually nagging or screeching involved.

  40. My #everydaystyle is usually captured between stick and ball throwing. When I venture outside to my trusty verandah railing, armed with my iPhone and bluetac, there are two four legged friends who think its game time. To keep them out of my photo, it IS game time and so the stick fetching begins. As much as I love my iPhone, the pictures are not always a true representation of me or my outfit. Colour and shape are often distorted. How I would love to be able to share my true #everydaystyle on a fantastic Olympus Selfie camera!

  41. My style is a blurred face with my girl in the background racing round the skate park. I take photo’s of me not for posting but for my kids to remember later. The everyday me that sits in the car with a 2yr old waiting for pre-school to finish or the me swimming with a 2yr old waiting for pre-school to finish. I don’t have a stand so their all unfortunately close.

  42. It would be a picture of me wearing comfortable clothes and wooden shoes, working in the garden on a sunny day! I know, not much of a style! 🙂

  43. Nikki, I find you so inspiring and follow you and #everydaystyle religously, as well as regularly flipping through Unlock Your Style for ideas and tips. The problem is, I still don’t have the confidence when it comes to my style OR being in photos (yes, I’m the one at the back of the photo and you may able to catch a glimpse of the top of my head if you squint…). I’ve had my eye on the Olympus PEN E-PL7 for a while now and hope desperately that it will give me to confidence that my iPhone doesn’t!

  44. What a brilliant day!

    Here’s how I usually capture my everyday style in a photo:

    In the approximate seven minutes I have between finishing getting ready for work and waking up my toddler to get ready for daycare, I will run out the front door, place my iPhone into a plastic toddler cup, balance it on top of my purse/books/handbag/whatever, position myself to where I think I’ll be in frame, repeatedly press/smash my cheapo shutter remote button until it starts working, strike some poses, check the results on the phone, swear when I realise I have chopped off my head/feet, wait for the neighbour to get in the car and go to work before readjusting perilous book/cup stack, taking more photos, saying “that’ll do” then run into to start getting my toddler ready before we miss the breakfast cut off time at daycare. Sometime later, (at the bus stop, on the bus), I’ll upload the least ridiculous one to Instagram and share my #everydaystyle.

  45. I have been inspired by Nikki, Styling You and the now infamous hashtag. I have broadened my knowledge of reputable Australian brands and many pieces in my current wardrobe are now brands I would not have found if it weren’t for styling you. The women begins these brands also make me want to keep shopping there, I have so much respect for the brands and those that are chosen to represent them. This has all ignited a fire to be a part of the blogging community, I look and read along and think “I could do that!” And I plan too!! All I need now…. Is the Olympus!

  46. I’m about to travel to Europe & Asia for SIX months! Sort of the gap year I didn’t have 20 years ago! Capturing my #everydaystyle during the trip will create a lasting and unique memory.

  47. Love the #everydaystyle hashtag and I enjoy looking at the photos. When I do post an image it’s because there’s a big event or new something and it’s SUCH FUN to share the thrill of a glorious event!

  48. I’d take a photo daily for a year to see if my style changes and what I can improve on. Plus my 2 year old is a little stylista I’d love to take pictures of her and our son due in 11 weeks

  49. To be honest, I have NO style at all. This is for many reasons – 1) financial…I don’t have the funds to buy what I’d like to buy. 2) I can only wear dead flat shoes as I have one fused ankle. 3) I have a chronic health condition where my body can’t stabilise my temperature, so I’m affected by heat and the sensation of spontaneously combusting…all the time, even during Winter, so my clothing options are limited as I can only wear singlet tops and the thinnest of material pants that are knee length or capri (again…even in the middle of Winter). 4) My hair is always in the same style, up in some sort of bun…because of the heat. 5) My makeup looks great at home but 10 mins after leaving I will be a melted mess.
    These things make having ‘style’ impossible.
    But in saying all this – I do need a good camera as I’m using one that is 8 years old and can never get a clear photo of anything. I take a lot of pics of my family.
    If I was to capture whatever ‘style’ I had…I would stand on the beach with my feet dug into the sand, with the sea breeze blowing over me, in my thin, Summer clothing.

  50. Taking a selfie each day could be something totally alien for me. However, I think it would be greatly beneficial in creating self awareness and appreciating my individuality.

  51. Truthfully and as a means of discovering what my style is. I struggle with self-confidence (or lack thereof) and dearly wish not to pass it on to my daughter. I need to show her to be comfortable in her own skin as she will be very tall (she’s 5foot (about 155cm) now and turns 10 next week. It would be a journey for us both.

  52. I’d capture my every day style at a colour run, because my style is generally messy with my hair everywhere and dashes of colour all over!

  53. I would capture it with confidence. I have always seen women
    in outfit photos and thought that they looked so amazing and confident and
    wished I could do it myself. The reason I have no confidence to do it myself is
    that I always thought that I would have to ask someone to take a photo of me
    and my outfit and thought maybe they would think I was ‘stuck up’. Your post
    has made me realise that I don’t need anyone else to do it for me, and there is
    a way I can do it myself which I hope will grow my confidence. No more terrible
    Iphone selfies for me and maybe some beautiful stylish whole body outfit shots!

  54. I would capture my everyday style honestly.

    My style varies greatly from corporate to retro-girly and with a big hunk of comfy sweat pants with uggs thrown in there.

    I think it is important that our comfy style is celebrated as much as our dressed to the nines style because lets face it, we would all rather be bra-less in leggings much of the time and there is great beauty in honesty.

  55. Happy 2nd year to you!!! I usually stay clear of taking photos of myself but with much nagging from my children I’m finally going to venture into making and designing casual clothes, so in making that statement I would love to win the Olympus so I could be able to show off my new casual wear with me eeeeep wearing them! Enjoy the festive season, tis the season to be jolly 🙂

  56. It was a fabulous lunch. I loved everything and most of all, I loved being able to talk with women I follow each day through the hashtag. This Olympus selfie camera is the business. I would capture my everdaystyle by sharing what I do everyday – taking a quick picture of what I’m wearing right before I head out the door to do Kindy drop off. I’d have the camera permanently set up on a tripod to make it easier to take my photos. I might even venture out from my hallway into the garden for a different backgrop!
    Thank you once again for organizing the celebration. I had such a good time. x

  57. I’m terrible at answering questions but I’m going to give this a go because I want that camera 🙂 How would I take my everyday photo? I would take it was ease and confidence with my new amazing camera. I wouldn’t have the stress of trying to find someone to take it with my phone that needs upgrading and has run out of space on it. I would take my everyday photos at work, home, out with friends socializing. I would take my camera everywhere. It would capture my everyday me no matter where I was.

  58. Nikki thank you for putting on such a fantastic day to be part of a such a celebration with so so many beautiful supporive funny women really was a privilege.
    Instead of ‘How would you’ I’m answering with ‘How I do I’ take everydaystyle photos for me its all about showing the real me and what I’m wearing sometimes good sometimes not so good. The ultimate prize of winning the Olympus PEN E-PL7 would be great photos that I could actually take myself with no more than a tripod and my phone and no more whining from my long suffering photographer – love that man but I think he deserves a break.

  59. It was a fabulous event and so good to meet some lovely IG friends in real life at long last. I want to say a special thank you to you Nikki, and all your wonderful sponsors – especially Katies, totally rapt with the gift voucher I won!

  60. Saturday was just so fantastic Nikki. The photos show the time and effort you and your small team put into the event. We #everydaystylers all so much appreciate it and I know how many fabulous friendships have formed just by sharing their everyday outfit alongside yourself. Thank you!

  61. As you know, I do regularly capture my #everydaystyle in a photo! The photos above make me realise I never know what to do with my hands. Ever. They just hang there or get flung up in the air. So I’d capture my ultimate everydaystyle with the camera by actually doing something with my hands. While wearing polka dots. They’ve taken over my wardrobe this summer!
    Thanks for helping me feel better about how I present myself to the world every day, Nikki. x
    (Love the pics of all the attendees. I follow pretty much everyone who was there! Love this supportive community.)

  62. My everyday style is all about function, family and fun. What better way to capture that than with spur of the moment selfies – car selfies, kitchen selfies, shopping selfies. Seeing real outfits, by real everyday women, put to the test in our crazy whirlwind life. Ok, I may just have to selfie with my boys every now and then too. Their smiles are the perfect fashion accessory 🙂

  63. I LOVE #everydaystyle so much! For me it’s super-important to show my clients and readers that you can feel good, and look god everyday without having to have a whole hair and makeup team or a HUGE budget!
    I’m so bummed I wasn’t there for the lunch! I even considered flying across the ditch haha!
    Keep up the amazing, inspiring, incredible work you do

  64. Holy SMOKIN’ moly!! Look at those poses. I need this lesson. Robyna has nailed it! Can you please tell me if Simone is wearing the Sascha Drake jumpsuit? It looks incredible. Thank you for creating, cultivating and caring about this gorgeous community Nikki. Bron x

  65. Oh how I wish I was in Queensland for this, it looked like such a fun and inspiring event! I’ve been watching the #everydaystyle movement from afar for a while and have just recently joined in myself.
    I was so awkward at first but its amazing how this simple task has helped my confidence in photos and in general! I currently take my photos myself too, I use my IPhone standing in a coffee cup, placed on a washing basket, sitting on top of my recycling bin! (Got to work with what you’ve got!)
    I would love to take things up a notch and improve my photo quality and blog content, thank you for the opportunity to win one of these amazing cameras (I stalked it in store the other day and it was very hard to walk away!) and also the community it has created, I instantly felt so welcomed and supported. Caitlin xo

  66. I would absolutyl love to win the Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera as I am constantly using my iPhone to take my every day style photos, and I always seem to cut my head off in the shot (example attached haha)! Winning the Olympus PEN camera would mean the world to me as it would enable me to take photos no matter where I go, so that I can keep my blog followers up to date with my every day style, as well as produce quality photos and content for my blog. Being relatively new to the blogging scene, and not having a lot of income coming to the blog, it would be great to win a camera that would enable me to produce quality content and photos that would then allow me to align with some key personalities and brands!

  67. Just had to laugh at myself, Nikki. I was looking through the photos and going “there’s Gillian”, “There’s Rachel” etc, etc just like I know them. And I do in a way, through you and their blogs and the community you have helped create. Great work. x

    I’d love a new camera. Mine just had an unfortunate ‘incident’ with a camera bag and the footpath – but my style? My everyday style? Do jeans and a work tee count? Perhaps my weekend style? Shorts and a striped tee? Or my going out style? Tight(ish) skirt or jeans and a flowy top with heels or flats? Hmmm maybe I do have SOME style. And that’s where #everydaystyle is such fun – we’re all so different. xx

  68. As a SAHM, it’s been easy to sling on the daggy stuff without thinking. Your blog and tips have helped me rethink my style and how I greet my closet each day. I don’t enter the official #everydaystyle but I do in my own home. I choose something a bit spesh that gets compliments (fitted top/skirt/pants) then choose a looser partner (sparkly sass and bide tee, loose CR shorts) and add something fun (colorful scarf, earrings, necklace or a touch of lippy). I then scoot out the door to kinder/Kindergym/music as the busy mum I am, but dressing for me means the sexy lady within often emerges and with it my confidence.

  69. Style can be a simple photo with me in my matching shoes and bag. I could even go as far as a selfie shot with my hair styled and my big smileing face. Style can be shown on my facial expressions. Style is in the eye of the beholder! Go out and add your touch of style!!!!
    Style can be a simple photo of matching shoes and bag. I could even go as far as a selfie shot with my hair styled and my loving life face. Style can be shown on my facial expressions. Style is in the eye of the beholder! Go out and add your touch of style!!!!

  70. My new years resolution is to start my own blog, not fashion but living. I want to post photos of how I step-by-step complete some tasks, like how I roll sushi for instance. I really want my blog to be real and relatable and will be doing a large portion of organisational tips which can become stale and contrived when it is a number of lists but without taking pictures this is the best I will have to work with. I actually can’t physically take a selfie with my phone as my hands are too small to hold the phone one handed! I would absolutely love and appreciate this camera!

  71. To be totally honest, I’m struggling to find my style and shopping for outfits is overwhelming. However I Love being part of #everyday style,seeing all you wonderful stylers and reading confidence boosting articles (especially swimsuit post). So from now I am going to get out there and celebrate my style and love it.

  72. I would love to be able to capture my everyday style more regularly. I do find it a challenge juggling an iPhone on a box, doggy photo bombers, & sauna like humidity. I can’t get the hang of a selfie & when the old boy is around & I ask him to take my piccy, he asks ‘why’ – every single time. Most of my pics end up with a dodgy look on my face. So yeah I would capture my everyday style photo more often, more relaxed looking & with the biggest cheesy smile, with this amazing camera.

  73. Having recently built up the confidence by taking part in every single day of Frocktober I would love to win the Olympus Selfie Camera to take my social media presence a step further and capture my style with some great equipment! It ain’t a selfie if you have to ask hubby to take the pic!

  74. Winning the Olympus selfie camera would let me become part of the #everydaystyle community. I’ve tried taking phone selfies of my outfits and believe me when I say “the world doesn’t want to see those pics!” Fingers crossed.

    Love the pics of the ladies and the day, looked like so much fun.

  75. To win the Olympus selfie camera would enable me to post my pictures with ease and actually capture a decent shot meaning I’d share my style more regularly. Currently when I’m feeling good about myself and what I’m wearing it’s either trying to persuade my 5yr old to take the shot & keeping my 3yr old out of the shot, or precariously balancing my iPhone on bookshelves or ledges, cue several floor shots when said phone lands on the floor! Needless to say many days, no matter how great I feel I end up giving up sharing my picture because it’s taking too long to get the right shot! The Olympus selfie sounds like it would make it effortless.

  76. There are some beautiful graffiti walls on the Gold Coast i’ve been dying to shoot behind, just haven’t had the perfect camera to do so 😉 Looks like it was a great success and a lot of fun! Hopefully it’s on again next year 😀
    {xx} Sammy from Bargain Baglady

  77. Living on the Sunshine Coast hinterland I am aware of how lucky I am to be surrounded by such natural beauty. The Olympus ‘selfie’ camera would enable me to showcase this region. Imagine background shots of waterfalls, tall tree stands, green paddocks or an old Queensland homestead all taken with ease using a tripod and the Olympus OI. Share App. Capturing my everyday style will be as simple as taking a few steps outside my home (I am truly blessed to live in the midst of all this amazing scenery) and perhaps outside my comfort zone but one I look forward to embracing!

  78. Looks like you all had a lovely day, and such beautiful women. My everyday style is a work shirt and pants, not stylish at all! I love seeing all the photos, they give me inspiration for the weekend when I can be me. But I must say I would be happy to be a cookie cutter version of you Nikki lol! My daughter takes great photos, she is my Olympus 🙂

  79. Congrats on 2 years of sharing your lovely style and tips with us! I don’t join in as I much prefer behind the camera than in front but have embraced quite a few of your pearls of wisdom. I’m already a fortunate Olympus clicker but for the record I am a bit of a linen and loose fan. I have also recently picked up a few Adrift pieces which suit our lovely Q weather and think a new obsession may form lol. The photos look lovely and look forward to seeing more of your everyday style x

  80. It was such a pleasure to spend the afternoon chatting and laughing with this fabulous group of women.With some posing tips, soft hands and an extra inch under my belt the Olympus selfie camera is just the assistant I need to improve my pics.

  81. My everyday style is Coffs Harbour Coastal Cooling Comfort. ..with the hot weather lately..and menopausal hot flushed Im in a sarong 99% of the time..when I venture out it shorts & a loose flowing boho type top. Congrat ☆☆

  82. It seems like an exciting event and a wonderful way to celebrate a fantastic milestone on your journey for #everydaystyle world domination.

    If I won this Olympus ‘selfie’ camera I wouldn’t have to rely on my kids to take my #everydaystyle photo anymore, and I would capture my everyday style in a more professional, less rushed, less giggling, less photo bombed kind of way! I might even set up a ‘mini studio’ spot with a background, so I don’t pose on my weedy, dirty front patio anymore!

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