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I’ve got a serious problem this fashion season.

Well, not world-peace serious. No, I’ve got a problem with my inability to turn away from any piece of clothing in a blue hue.

In my defence, there is a lot of blue around this season.

And, for me, it says – no, screams – summer.

It’s fresh and wearing it always makes me feel fabulous. You?

My latest blue acquisition is this striped wrap skirt from Read and Bell. Teamed with white, you cannot get any fresher.

The model

Read + Bell embroidered white top | wrap skirt

Read & Bell embroidered white top $109 | wrap skirt $89

and me

Read + Bell top and skirt

Read & Bell embroidered white top* (I’m wearing size XL) | Read & Bell wrap skirt*  (I’m wearing size M/L) | FRANKiE4 Footwear PENNi sandals* | Ruby Olive bangle set*

Let’s talk about the white top. Cotton tops with subtle features such as this embroidery are summer wardrobe winners.

You’ll feel cool and comfortable wearing them but they look a little more dressed up than simply wearing a tee.

I’ve tucked this top in to the skirt because of the waist/hip feature of the skirt but it’s loose and lovely and perfectly suited to wearing out with jeans or shorts.

The skirt took me a few goes to work out how to tie it up. Once I got it sorted, I did have a little laugh at myself as it really is easy to do.

There are two ties on each hip and you tie those to each other to keep the back and side of the skirt in place before bring the main ties around to the front and secure.

As you can see, the model’s skirt ties more “compactly” at the front that it does on me. Mine still sits securely and folds and drapes without looking like it’s too small so don’t let that deter you.

The blue stripe is a winner in my books. What’s not to love?

I’d also wear this look with higher wedges or a block heel if I wanted to dress it up a little.

Alternatively, dress it down further with a tank-top and flat slides or sandals.

Either way, you’ll sail into summer feeling effortlessly fresh.

Are you a fan of cool, cotton pieces? Love a stripe any way you can get it?

The Model and Me: Read + Bell SS15

* These items were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. It baffles me, in our tropical climate, that it’s so difficult to find non-synthetic clothing items. And if you can manage to find something that looks like it might be a cotton jacket, it will usually have a synthetic lining. Drives me mad!

  2. great thanks nikki!
    I love their stuff!
    as for blue! i’m with you!
    movin’ away from black!
    what’s that! … no always have loved it!
    enjoy your week hun! … love m:)X

  3. I’m really into little tops over t-shirts at the moment. I feel like they’re not only a bit more dressy, but also that they hide a multitude of sins- and what with the extra weight I’m still carrying from my holidays they help me feel a little more confident.
    As for the skirt, blue and stripes- can’t go wrong.

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