LBDs vs LWDs

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Oh we do love to tackle the hottest of hot topics around here.

Wardrobe topics, that is.

Now, there is no denying the timeless power of the LBD – the Little Black Dress.

It started with Chanel in 1926 and US Vogue calling that particular dress “a sort of uniform for all women of taste”.

That “sort of uniform” is one that women continue to embrace. The appeal is the LBD’s elegant simplicity.

As soon as you put it on, you immediately feel dressed UP.

A LBD can take you to work. It can take you to lunch, to drinks or a casual catch-up with friends.

It can be reinvented every time you wear it just by changing up the shoes you wear or the accessories you add.

But what about the LWD – the Little White Dress?

LBD vs LWD: Sacha Drake column drape dress; Bohemian Traders Sunlace Day Dress

The LDBs vs LWDs question is one that I’ve been asking myself a lot of late.

The Little White Dress was EVERYWHERE in Europe this past summer (did that amazing holiday actually happen? The photo magnets on the fridge tell me it did so it must be so).

Every shop window I walked past, every shop I went into, on women walking the streets … if the LWD wasn’t already on my wardrobe radar, it was firmly imprinted as a “thing” and I carried that thought through to our own spring/summer.

I’m not one who gets scared about wearing white.

Even though I’m like a magnet for stray food and beverage substances – I have superior laundry and stain-removing skills.

I shouldn’t boast but I do because it’s a skill that enables me to embrace the yang to my LBD yin.

See, if you line up a LBD and a LWD in summer and make me choose, I just can’t.

The fancy, sleek LBD vs the fresh, crisp LWD?

Both are dress-up and dress-down-able. Both make a statement in their simplicity. Both are blank canvases for adding accessories to show your wardrobe personality.

Give me both.

LBD vs LWD: Sacha Drake column drape dress; Bohemian Traders Sunlace Day Dress

Left: Bohemian Traders Sunlace Day dress $189; Surafina Moreno clutch/cross-body bag $169; Ruby Olive bangles $35; ZK Jump platform sandals $159

Right: Sacha Drake Column Drape reversible dress $229; The Adorn Collective Carrie necklace $50

The LBD above came with me to Europe and proved to be the perfect travel companion. Hello, fuss-free, no-iron style.

There’s a clever something, something in the design too. Under the arms, is “extra” fabric that hides this area by draping over it.

I love that you can wear it with the V at the front or the back for two completely different looks.

You can also change the look of the dress by simply leaving off the belt or tying it in a different place.

Oh and bra lovers unite! You can wear your regular bra with this.

The LWD above is a new fave. Expect to see me wearing it a lot when my new one arrives in the post, bought for me by my mate Smaggle.

She wore mine last weekend for her Little Blog Big workshop, fell for it’s shape-loving ways and promptly took it back to Melbourne with her (you can check Smaggle out in it here).

Yes. Melbourne. Australian home of the LBD.

I would rest my LWD case there but I do need to also tell you that the shift style is supremely flattering.

It has fabulous shape and is lined so no extra under-garments are required to retain one’s dignity.

Love the feature back too. It comes down low but not so low that you can’t wear a normal bra.

Shop both the LBD and LWD in the Summer 2015 Styling You Shop.

So tell me … LBDs vs LWDs? Where do you stand on this hot wardrobe topic?


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Comments 23

  1. I have never been game enough to wear the LWD I am scared of white! I think my Mum told me years ago it washes me out so I never tried. LWD looks so summery so I think I need to go there!

  2. I also noticed a lot of very stylish European women wearing LWD in Europe as well … sadly I’ll never look as lovely as my European sisters but I think its time I embraced the LWD also love it with the tan accessories.

  3. Just conducted a little audit and I found three LWDs in my wardrobe! As opposed to just one LBD!! So that’s me. LWD all the way and I agree with you – I don’t let white scare me off 🙂 xo

  4. I love both crisp white with tan accessories on a summers day is just gorgeous but the Lbd has its place too instantly looking elegant and dressy,great post Nikki Xx

  5. Oh you had me for both at wear your normal bra!
    For mine, I don’t think that the white one has the ability to be as dressed up as the black but for my situation 2 kids at home, I would feel overdressed in the black. So white for me!

  6. Loving the fresh newness of the white dress, but it needs to be either ivory or cream rather than bright white to work on me.

  7. I have always gone the LBD route but am wanting to try the LWD. It looks so fresh for Summer. I am loving the sleeves on the Bohemian Traders one in your shop – why aren’t there more dresses with sleeves available for Summer? My only concern is the length of the LWD. Is it long enough for taller girls? I am 176cm tall and am holding back on the LWD as I am unsure if the length will be an exercise in hiding my knickers every time I sit down.

  8. good morning nikki!
    I wonder where I stand on this hot topic hun???
    they both look hot, or cool I should say, for summertime!
    and both styles look fab on both of you!
    enjoy your day! love m:)X

  9. I just love LBD a little more than white only for the fact that I love a LBD styled with a pair of stylish sandals with a little gold bling and perfection. A lovely styled look for every occasion. A LWD is adored too but not as much as black. V x

  10. I will forever adore the way my LBD’s make me feel when I’m stuck on what to wear. But in saying that, my wardrobe already has 2 gorgeous Bohemian Traders LWD’s hanging in it, which I love wearing.
    Nah, just can’t choose! x

  11. I love white, and that dress is lovely. I love black too, and have worn the Surafina dress from your last shop a lot. One of my friends saw my ZK sandals when they were delivered to work, and promptly got me to order her a pair! Can’t wait to wear them 🙂

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