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Not getting stressed about what to wear every day starts with a little pre-planning.

Oh, ok … A LOT of pre-planning if the month happens to be November or December.

Welcome to the party and holiday season, where your social calendar really does underline the Silly in Silly Season.

The number one key to taking the outfit stress out of this time of year is in that planning.

Do sit down and look at your calendar for the next two months and map out just what is booked in, what type of occasion it is and where that occasion is being held.

Getting clear on this will help you to be confident in what type of outfit you need to feel nothing short of fabulous for that occasion. It will also help you to know whether you have something in your wardrobe to suit or whether you need to create a working wishlist and head out and buy something new.

If buying something new, use this planning to see if there are occasions where you can get extra mileage out of a potential new purchase.

Maybe a dress bought and worn for a girls’ lunch in November could be your Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve outfit.

Perhaps a shorts and top you bought for a family barbecue gathering will form a key part of your beach holiday capsule wardrobe.

Putting this conscious planning into your purchases really does help you to buy pieces that you know will work for your holiday lifestyle – and that will continue to work for you across summer.

As part of my association with Katies this spring-summer, I headed in store last week to check out some of the new Holiday Wardrobe Edit arrivals and I can tell you that there was so much to love.

For the first time, Katies is offering 100% silk pieces, the ’70s boho trend is still going strong, casual pieces are effortlessly stylish and creating a work-to-Christmas-drinks outfit is so easy.

The four outfits I’ve featured below are my faves from the edit – but they also represent a great capsule holiday wardrobe, covering off most party and holiday wardrobe requirements.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

100% silk collection

Katies 100% silk kaftan dress | Battered metal cuff

Katies 100% silk kaftan dress (I’m wearing size 14) | Battered metal cuff

Katies 100% silk kaftan dress | Battered metal cuff

You know how I LOVE a kaftan. Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve fallen hard for this one. They had me at 100% silk but also with cut-out sleeves that feel like you’re not wearing sleeves but everything is covered. This also comes with an in-built slip so no extra purchase needed there. As for the print and colour? WOW. It’s a take-anywhere piece. Dress up with heels for a lunch out with the girls; wear with flat sandals over a swimsuit for a Christmas Day poolside.

’70s boho

Katies Cold Shoulder Lace Top | Lace Detail Crinkle Skirt

Katies Cold Shoulder Lace Top (I’m wearing size 12) | Lace Detail Crinkle Skirt (I’m wearing size 14)

Katies Cold Shoulder Lace Top | Lace Detail Crinkle Skirt

This outfit takes me straight back to 1976 and my Dad and Step-Mum’s wedding. She wore a gorgeous white maxi cotton/cheesecloth kaftan being the ’70s goddess that she was. I love the fun mood of this outfit. I love that it’s two pieces but when worn together it looks like a dress. The skirt sits very well on the waist or hip and is lined to the knees. The top is over-sized so I’ve actually gone down to a size 12 in this with plenty of room to spare. Add tan accessories and head out for Christmas drinks on the deck at your best friend’s place.

Shorts style

Embellished Front Top | Tie Front Shorts | Black and White paisley scarf

Embellished Front Top (I’m wearing size 16) | Tie Front shorts (I’m wearing size 14) | Black and White paisley scarf

Embellished Front Top | Tie Front Shorts | Black and White paisley scarf

Shorts are huge this summer and the soft style like these is incredibly flattering on everyone. I love this length and style for the ability to dress them up or down. You could add a blazer to this outfit and make it suitable for work. As a casual outfit, it’s perfect for a barbecue with friends or Christmas Carols in the park. The embellished cotton top is a dressier option than wearing a tee.

Work to drinks

Katies Diamond Sequin Top | 7/8 Belted Soft Pant | Linen Blend Crop Jacket | Stacker Set bracelet

Katies Diamond Sequin Top (I’m wearing size 14) | 7/8 Belted Soft Pant (I’m wearing size 14) | Knot Back bolero (I’m wearing size 14) | Stacker Set bracelet

Katies Diamond Sequin Top | 7/8 Belted Soft Pant | Linen Blend Crop Jacket | Stacker Set bracelet

If a lot of your socialising happens straight from work, then look for outfits you can wear to work and change up at 5pm for drinks out. I’m a magpie by nature and this sequinned top had me at SEQUINS. Worn with pants and a jacket it sits ok for the office. Swap out a wedge shoe for a heel and your work bag for a clutch and you’re ready for a celebratory Champagne.

Been in store at Katies lately? Do you have favourite piece from these new arrivals? 

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Comments 42

  1. Nikki, I tried to find that lovely sequinned top that you have on in the photo above but no luck. The shop assistant had no idea either. I wish the Katies team would get a bit more enthused about their instore merchandising and display as our local store is all over the place.

  2. Beautiful edit. You have such a great eye for picking the very best pieces from collections. As for my favourite piece? I’m having a hard time trying to decide between the white off-the-shoulder top and the sequin top… so I shall call it a draw! x

  3. I walked past my local Katie’s store today and saw the gorgeous lace top and skirt in the window and thought how lovely it looked…then I see it on you whilst reading your Blog this evening! Love it!

  4. You certainly know how to style yourself very well! Mix and matching the perfect outfits and accessories requires talent and skill. You look fabulous and very stylish in the above shots. The Black and white paisley scarf looks great with those shorts. It gives that casual look such a lift.

  5. I have loved Katies for a few years now but this season they have outdone themselves I love the kaftan and the White top/skirt combo that looks like a dress,the sequin top is beautiful too and you look amazing in all the outfits Nikki!
    I haven’t been in store since my operation BUT I did do an online shop on the weekend that I recived yesterday I bought 3 dresses all maxi’s,the mystic dreams off the shoulder dress in both colours and the kaftan maxi and they are all perfect and look beautiful on.
    I unfortunately won’t be able to go to 2 functions we have on one this weekend my nephews engagement party and next weekend we have my nieces 21st but they are too far away for me to travel to,very sad about it but I’ve got to look after my health first.Great post Nikki such beautiful outfits Xx

  6. How do you do it Nikki? I can wander around a shop for hours and see nothing (as I did in Katies about 3 weeks ago – though I think that was as much about my mood on the day than the shop) and then I see you in these and I want them all. Great tips for silly season planning. x

    1. Cheryl, you’re not alone. The problem often can be not your mood but the sheer amount of choice out there. Even in one store, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Before heading in store, I’m usually clear on what I’m looking for and have a wishlist. Then what I do is do an overall scan. The newer arrivals are always near the front of the store and from there I scan each rack to see what pieces are more likely to suit me. I take a lot into the change rooms to “play”. Then I narrow down to the pieces that really work for me – those that bring a spark to my eyes. They’re the ones that come home with me!

  7. The sequin tank with the soft pants and bolero are right up my alley.
    I haven’t been into a Katies store for years (mainly because there’s not a store in the places I usually shop) but those prices and the great look of those pieces might get me in.

  8. I think your stepmother & mine are long lost “70s goddess sisters”!! Loving all these outfits – particularly white & tan combo – perfect for summer

  9. I love all of these! I think the kaftan is my favourite, but that sequin top is awesome and the tie front shorts and scarf. Ahh! I would wear them all. The colours, prints they have everything right. I haven’t been in a Katie’s since my mum dragged me in 20+ years ago! Will have to go!

  10. you are looking great nikki!
    all good mix and match pieces! … kkkkaties! well done!
    I love the last outfit especially!
    i’m out to lunch today! it’s a hot one here! and haven’t a thing to wear!;0 …
    I need to sort that el pronto! lol m:)X

  11. Love them all but esp that last outfit, boho chic sophistication.
    Gosh you look gorgeous!
    I have a Katies in my lovely outdoor shopping strip may just wander in during errand running today…

  12. That boho outfit, I love it. I would feel uncomfortable now wearing it, but a few years ago I would have been all over it. Love the other outfits too, and your hair looks very pretty 🙂

      1. I walked past Katies with my daughter and granddaughter this afternoon. Madam 8 went ‘oooh look at that top Mummy’ – yes Katies must be THE place to shop!

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