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Can we talk about how hot it was in so many part of Australia at the end of last week and across the weekend?

It was the kind of weather that required cool and comfortable clothing as a matter of wardrobe survival.

Saturday was particularly hot here in Brisbane and I trotted out this cotton dress from the Styling You Shop (you can check out how it looked on me herefor a long lunch with girlfriends.

It was just the piece for a long lunch by the river in a non-airconditioned restaurant.

Today I’m featuring a label that knows how to deliver frocks for when the heat is on.

Firefly is an Australia label specialising in summer dresses made from floaty cottons in fun prints.

The model

Firefly Emily dress | SS15

Firefly Emily Panel dress $89.95

and me

Firefly Emily Panel dress | Freya and Sabine sandals

Firefly Emily Panel dress (I’m wearing size XL) | Freya and Sabine sandals

It was the pattern and colours of the print in this dress that first drew me in.

I love how it is fun and modern (hello chevron!) but grounded in my favourite blues and stripes.

The A-line shift style of the dress is one that works for my shape. It skims over the hips but in a streamlined kind of way.

It is a dress style that does require a strapless bra. With these styles of frock I often wear the Nearly Nude bandeau bra I talked about in this post but in this instance I’ve worn a normal strapless bra.

I often get asked what’s a good strapless bra to buy but I can honestly say that what works for me, most probably would not work for you.

It is a bra you really need to get professionally fitted for as finding your ideal is not just about the size of your bust. The shape of your breasts will determine what type of strapless will work for you.

The reason I struggle with them is that I have sideways-shaped breasts with minimal breast tissue at the top of my breasts. This has the effect of not filling out a full-cupped bra, which most strapless bras tend to be.

I’ve never found the perfect one for my breast shape so I mostly just put up with “almost good enough” and wear them because I want to wear the types of dresses that can’t be worn with a normal bra.

Anyway, my hot tip … find a professional fitter and search for the one that works best for you.

Back to the dress.

The reason why I’ll put up with a strapless bra is that I do like this style of dress neckline. It’s flattering on the shoulders and very cool to wear on hot days like we lived through this weekend.

When the heat is on I also give no thought to getting my arms out there either. Life’s too short to not wear something based on our own body issues.

What’s your go-to summer frock scenario? Love the look of this one?

The Model and Me: Firefly SS15

* I’m 166cm and usually a size 14-16. This frock was gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Love that neckline! I was fitted on the weekend for my first ever strapless bra and winner winner chicken dinner found a beauty with great construction.

  2. What a fab dress! Love the colours. And ugh, the strapless bra saga! I’ve finally found one that works well for me – the Intimo convertible bra. You’re totally right, it’s all about what works for your shape when it comes to bras.

  3. Wowee – that’s a fabulous dress on you Nikki 🙂 I thought the length might be a bit short when I saw it on the model but it looks perfect on you 🙂

  4. This dress is very pretty Nikki,I love it on both of you and I really like that sort of neckline,I’m not a fan of the strapless bra but will wear one when I have to.Firefly make beautiful dresses Xx

  5. I really like the length of this dress on you, Nikki. It makes it look a little more dressed up.
    On the strapless bra front (pun intended), I have an Ambra bandeau with removable padding that works pretty well if the dress is not too fitted. I’d recommend for the smaller breasted ladies, as a C cup it works for a casual dinner or barbie, but I wouldn’t wear it out dancing 🙂

  6. That’s a great dress on you – great colours. I hear you on the strapless bra front too – I’ve got a nude one that’s pretty good (from Simone Perele) but my black one from the same label isn’t great. Like you I love the freedom a strapless bra brings though and the chance to experiment with different necklines. x

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