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Tween spring/summer style

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Editor’s note: please welcome today’s guest blogger Kim Abbate from Life With Tweens. With a tween of her own, she will contribute a regular post on age-appropriate styles to help those of us with kids in that awkward stage.

One of my biggest issues about the tween years is not the impending moods I have been warned about, it’s the clothing that shops class as appropriate for children aged 8-12. Especially for girls.

I don’t know about you, but my tween daughter is not (thank goodness) into crop tops and shorts so short the pockets hang below the bottom of the hemline. I know, I know, I sound 80 years old right now, but tweens should not be wearing clothes made for teens. At the same time they’re too old for the little kids clothing section. Tweens need their own section in department stores.

Summer is so much harder than winter but I’ve pulled together some outfits for the beach, casual summer days, special occasions and something for the tween boys.



1. Country Road tie-back swimmers $39 | 2. Country Road Beach tote $49 |
3. Saltwater Sandals $65

Whether your tween likes one piece, two piece or shorts and a rashie, I find buying swimmers (bathers/togs) the easiest part of the summer wardrobe. Shops such as Myer and Target always have a good range, and they’re generally more age appropriate than the surf shops for young girls.

I was so happy to discover the Country Road tote that I had as a young girl are still ‘in’. This one is great for throwing in your towel and wet bathers as it can be popped into the machine and they last forever. Did you have one of these as a kid?



1.  Seed Heritage skirt $49  2. Cotton On Sandals $24 | 3. Target Pineapple Tee $15 

I asked my household’s  resident fashion expert for assistance with this outfit, and I was happy to see she picked this little combination. Replace the skirt with shorts if your girl prefers, but this casual style can be mixed and matched for easy, comfy summer days. No midriff in sight!


1. Target Girls’ dress $20 | 2. Gladiator sandals $49 | 3. Sportsgirl Saddle Sling $29 | 4. Seed Fedora Hat $29 

With all of the Christmas catchups on the horizon, we need to remember our young fashionistas. This sweet little embroidered dress teamed with some gladiators, a hat and cross-body satchel means your tween will feel dressed up for the occasion but they’ll still be comfortable.

It always amazes me how much tween girls LOVE to receive little bags like this as a gift. I often pop a cheap pair of sunnies inside and you’ll be favourite auntie/friend/sister this Christmas!


1. Quiksilver Tee $40 | 2. Seed Chambray shorts $34 | 3. Brasher surf watch $99 |
4. Adidas Originals $80

My son isn’t yet at the tween stage, but I find the boy fashion aisles a little easier to navigate. Aside from some inappropriate slogan tees (seriously inappropriate for young boys!) it’s generally easy to pull together an outfit.

My daughter and all of her friends, both the males and females, are absolutely head over heels for Adidas Originals at the moment. It’s quite funny because I had them when I was younger and she thinks she’s discovered them!

Are you finding that some of the fashions you wore as a child are making a comeback?

Kim Abbate on Styling YouKim Abbate is a working single mum who blogs at  CreatingKim. Her blog focuses on topics that most busy mums can relate to around work, fun, family and health. She also blogs at Life With Tweens which focuses on everything related to that awkward stage between being a child and being a teen. She  has a passion for empowering women and drinking coffee. Or wine. Generally wine.

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  1. My eldest girls are only about to turn 5 but they are very concerned already. So it is nice to stay two steps ahead. It is nice to know there are options out there when we get to this point!

  2. I have a 10 year old and a 13 year old boy. I struggle to get them out of sportswear – team tees, league shorts, hoodies etc. I have pretty much given up. At least it all lasts forever, washes brilliantly and dries quickly. it sure is not trendy.

  3. Kim, I really appreciate your posts. My tweenie granddaughter would love all these clothes. She isn’t into the really short shorts etc, not that her mother would let her anyway! I just bought her a pair of pink and leopard sandals at KMart and a pair of black gladiators. I love shopping for clothes with her, she calls it ‘girl shopping’, Thanks again, Kathryn x

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