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Ok, let’s get personal. We’re among friends.

What do you wear to bed in summer?

Are you a nightie kind of girl? Shorts and tee? Sexy slip? Or, is clothing optional?

Oops, there I go again. I just want TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

This post has been prompted by reader Bec, who asked:

Where could I get summer pjs from? Ones that last? Well at least a season!

Bec, I’m so glad you asked.

I’m a big, big believer in creating optimum conditions for the best sleep possible. I LOVE sleeping.

If you follow along on Instagram and Facebook with my Sunday #cleansheetday posts, you’ll know that my enjoyment of a good slumber starts with fabulous bed linen.

There is absolutely nothing like slipping under fresh sheets. Nothing.

But combine that with fabulous sleepwear then you have got a match made in sleepy heaven.

Summer sleepwear is generally not about being cosy but being comfortable and cool. Personally, I’ll minimise what I’m wearing to bed in the hope I’ll still be able to snuggle a little under the doona.

Opt for quality fabrics that wear and wash well if you want the sleepwear to last beyond the season.

In summer, I also change out what I wear to bed every two-three days because, you know … excessive perspiration.

Showering before bed also helps extend the longevity of your sleepwear. On many nights in Queensland, this isn’t optional, it’s mandatory to cool down.

Personally, I switch around my style of summer sleepwear as much as I switch around my wardrobe style.

Some nights it’s about a cool, comfortable t-shirt and shorts set; others it’s all about the slinky nightie.

To give you a snapshot of what’s available to buy right now, I’ve gone on the hunt for you and found my pick of summer sleepwear across a variety of styles.

Summer sleepwear 2015

1. The Goodnight Society Shine Bright Like a Diamond pyjama shorts $19.95 (on sale) + In Your Dreams cami $29.95 (on sale) | 2. Target Lily Loves Heart playsuit $29 | 3. Elk Accessories Kort pyjama set $115 | 4. Papinelle Swiss Dot nightie $59.95 @ David Jones | 5. Sussan Grey Marle nightie $39.95 | 6. Sussan Chambray Sleeveless nightie $69.95 | 7. Peter Alexander Leopard Print nightie $79.95 | 8. Peter Alexander Tribal nightshirt $69.95 | 9. Simone Perele Dream Nightdress $174.95

If the none of the above is you, click on the links and check out those retailers to see if they have something that’s more your sleepwear style within their range.

So tell me. It’s reveal time. What did you wear to bed last night? Where do you shop for sleepwear?

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  1. I need support for my boobs, not whilst in bed necessarily, but before bed and in the morning! In summer I wear short pj shorts & a tank top with shelf bra. I wear a smaller size PJ short that are reasonably fitted as I hate rolling over and fabric getting twisted or caught. But short shorts not the most attractive thing! I wish there were slinky nighties/ slips that actually had coverage and support in the bust area (for F cups!)

  2. nighties in summer – tee shirt ones are a favourite and singlet tops and pj bottoms (NOT flannelette) for winter. (Oh how I love thee, menopause). My pet hate is nighties and jarmie bottoms where the seam twists – I’m looking at you, Target!

  3. Usually nothing but my partner regularly travels for work, so I indulge in nighties in Summer and flannel PJ’s in Winter; I look at it as having the best of both worlds!
    I will be checking out the Papinelle nightie from DJ’s because I like wearing pretty slips under my dresses and here in Qld in Summer you need cotton and that one looks like it will work 🙂

  4. I love Peter Alexander – it’s my go-to shop for sleepwear, and if you’re patient and don’t mind shopping out of season there are massive bargains to be had at their outlet stores. Last night I slept in a Lisa Simpson shorts and tee from yes, you guessed it, Peter Alexander. I’m loving the Lion King range and all the tribal designs that are in store right now, some of which you’ve featured here x

  5. I love nice pyjamas. I tend to buy a new pair from Peter Alexander each season. I love tops and pants and have a nightie or two. I may have to take a look at a few of the nighties above. Thank you Nikki. V x

  6. Tank and stretchy shorts for me. But I really prefer a tank with an inbuilt soft bra as I find this most comfortable.
    They used to have them at Sussan and you can find t-shirts with in-built bras at Peter Alexander.Funnily enough over the last couple of years when I ask the girls in either of these stores about whether they have them or will be getting them, they say that everyone asks about those, but no they don’t have them…come on stores: give us what we want!
    Nikki, or any of the lovely Styling You readers, do you have some suggestions for other possible sources?

  7. I LOVE sleeping too nikki!
    comfort first for moi!
    next to nothing! must be softest cotton or bamboo or silk!
    sometimes I think people wear more to bed than to a party! hellooo!
    I enjoy only softness! have a good doze hun! love m:)X

  8. Yep, boxer shorts and tank. Must be stretchy shorts – because although cotton breathes, it does not “give”. Wear the same in winter as well, otherwise I get way too hot under the winter duvet. Target sometimes has pretty good nightwear. I have had 3 years wear from my last lot (4 sets) of target pjs. Xx

  9. Last night – the t-shirt from a recent KMart PJ buy… But I love my Peter Alexander nighty for wandering around in the morning, and his summer weight PJ pants and a singlet for the same purpose… Winter, I’m in flannels and socks – VERY sexy!

  10. Im a nighty girl in summer and a pj girl in winter! In winter I’m guilty of taking my daughter rowing at 445am in my pj’s and big fluffy dressing gown. Always aware of what if something happened whilst in car on the M1, they are reasonably stylish! Usually I get sleepwear from Sussans.

  11. We have a tradition of giving each other pyjamas on Christmas Eve, which is lovely, but I keep ending up with tiny boxer shorts which I hate (but clearly my husband loves). I’m still wearing my winter PJ pants (leopard, natch) with a singlet at night right now, but I know I’ll have to start thinking about summer very soon. I love the Peter Alexander options in your collection, and the Sussan chambray nighty.

  12. Personally I like a singlet and boxers for comfort. I do have some slinky things, but there’s northing worse than a nightie tangled up around your waist! I saw some lovely sleepwear in Sussan last weekend, they always have good quality items too. 🙂

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