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From the hills of Paddington in Brisbane, to a ride on the London Eye, atop the Eiffel Tower and to the beaches on the stiletto heel of southern Italy, FRANKiE4 Footwear shoes continue to save my well-tread soles.

After months of teasing and testing that included taking samples to Europe for the northern hemisphere summer, I’m so excited to share with you my six fave pairs of shoes from the much-anticipated FRANKiE4 Footwear spring-summer 2015 collection.

Truth be told, it was so damn hard to narrow it down to just six but the six I’ve chosen cover off pretty much every possible occasion, event or activity that you might need to get your feet into shoes for.

It’s an honour being this brand’s ambassador.

I love the people behind the company, their values and their sheer determination to create a range of shoes that not only looks good but is also good for our feet, leg health and general wellbeing.

If you’re not familiar with FRANKiE4 Footwear’s back story, the concept of the range was borne out of podiatrist and physiotherapist Caroline McCulloch’s desire to help treat her patients without compromising style.

Caroline and her team oversee the whole process from design through to manufacturing, which results in a product that not only looks great but is good for you too.

As a result, the FRANKiE4 Footwear range really does deliver unparalleled comfort and foot supporting benefits – in sizes from 6 to 13.

There is so much that goes on – technical wise – in the shoe design (see below for specifics on each shoe) but for me, it’s the result of that innovation – the FEELING of wearing my FRANKiE4s that makes me become quite evangelical about getting others into them.

See, I no longer shudder at being on my feet for extended periods of time. I’ll happily walk or stand for extended periods of time in any of my FRANKiE4s – past or present.

They very much fall under the category of “shoes with benefits”.

And with the first heels introduced last winter (hello LiZ, what a great season we had!), my everyday shoe-robe was complete.

This spring-summer, there is heel AND a wedge. SWOON.

There’s also a low wedge. There are more fabulous sandals. And there’s a new kind of sneaker that is incredibly light to wear.

The Sweet Spot, put simply, is an innovation in footbed design that supports and cushions the forgotten arch at the front of your foot. It’s the additional support (and loads of cushioning) that all summer soles should have – read more here.

When you first try a pair of the SS15 sandals on, it may feel a little different, much like when you buy a new pair of Birkenstocks, the additional support can feel a little foreign, however give it a few wears and in time your feet will adjust and that foreign feeling will change.

Sweet? Let’s meet my spring-summer 2015 A-Team, shall we?

FRANKiE4 Footwear SS15-16 | MONiCA heels

Oh hi MONiCA, don’t you just look fabulous today and every day. I’ll take you out any time. From a work meeting to any kind of social event, I just know you’ll fit right in and keep me from assuming a “I need to sit down RIGHT now” face. Your nude colour is oh-so flattering and works back with everything. I do like how you dress up a frock though. That’s my favourite way to wear you, which is a good thing as that’s mostly what I wear through summer.

Fit: I’ve got a high arch on my left foot so went up half a size to accommodate that for an easier fit. The straps around the ankle have a buckle. More fitting tips here.

Benefits: Leather upper, stable higher heel design, built-in functional footbed offering heel and arch support + the Sweet Spot which offers additional forefoot support and cushioning.


BELiNDA, oh the stories we could tell. Well, your tan sister could tell. We walked all over Paris, we went up the Eiffel Tower, we even ventured into Rue Cambon 31 and stood on Coco’s mirrored staircase. I felt very much at home wearing you in a Parisian summer. All the French women were working their wedges back with summer shifts and floaty frocks. Tres chic! Back home, I’m also very much in love with your stylish black colourway. I immediately feel dressed up wearing you with shorts, a skirt or a frock.

Fit: I’m wearing my normal size 9 in this style and, when standing, the big toe on my longest foot (the lefty) is at the end of the shoe. The straps around the ankle have a buckle but the top of the sandal across the toes is velcro and can be adjusted. More fitting tips here.

Benefits: Leather upper, stable wedge heel design, built-in functional footbed offering heel and arch support + the Sweet Spot which offers additional forefoot support and cushioning.

FRANKiE4 Footwear SS15-16 | PENNi low wedge

PENNi, never fear, it’s not all about size. You may not have BELiNDA’s lofty heights but you do come very nicely packaged in a seriously stylish low wedge. Love your stylish ankle-wrapping, strappy ways in tan AND black. I could switch between you both for every day and always feel dressed up whether I’m in a short frock, a maxi, shorts or jeans. Just quietly you rock a ’70s vibe denim skirt look as well.

Fit: I’m wearing my normal size 9 in this style. The straps around the ankle and the top of the sandal across the toes are both velcro and adjustable. More fitting tips here.

Benefits: Leather upper, stable lower wedge heel design, built-in functional footbed offering heel and arch support + the Sweet Spot which offers additional forefoot support and cushioning.

FRANKiE4 Footwear SS15-16 | MARGiE sandals

Oh MARGiE, you metallic minx, you. I may still be quite smitten (post-Europe) with your walnut and black sister and think that other shoe sister in walnut and white goes all right but show me a little sparkle and shine and I’m yours. Love that you’re just the right shade of gold so that – fake tan or no fake tan – you work with my skin tone. I can wear you like a neutral, with patterns and brights or just to pop a fresh white, and feel all kinds of special.

Fit: I’m wearing my normal size 9 in this style. The straps around the ankle and the top of the sandal across the toes are both velcro and adjustable. More fitting tips here.

Benefits: Leather upper, stable heel design, built-in functional footbed offering heel and arch support + the Sweet Spot which offers additional forefoot support and cushioning.

FRANKiE4 Footwear SS15-16 | KAT sandals

KAT, you now how I feel about a patent leather, don’t you? Very dressed up, that’s what. You’re the shiny punctuation point on any outfit, the sneaky flat to wear under a maxi, the ideal sandal to pack for a weekend at the beach. You’ll go the distance and look just mighty fine while you’re there. Your watermelon sister is the summer business too.

Fit: I’m wearing my normal size 9 in this style. The straps around the ankle and the top of the sandal across the toes are both velcro and adjustable. More fitting tips here.

Benefits: Patent leather upper, stable heel design, built-in functional footbed offering heel and arch support + the Sweet Spot which offers additional forefoot support and cushioning.

FRANKiE4 Footwear SS15-16 | JENNi wedges

Oh JENNi, you’re going to get me a bit of a reputation, you are. SHHH, don’t tell your cousin ELLiE but I’ve secretly fallen BIG TIME for your light, sleek, sportified ways. Can we also talk about your soft foam lining that makes me feel like my high arches are enveloped in marshmallow? I think we should. We should also talk about how you bring out my inner sporty goddess – you know how difficult she is to bring out – but she’ll happily be seen with you wearing shorts, jeans, skirts and striped frocks (she loves those almost as much as you).

Fit: I’m wearing my normal size 9 in this style. JENNi, like all FRANKiE4 Footwear sneakers comes with two sets of laces, and the FRANKiE4 Footwear removable custom footbed, which you can adjust to suit your feet. More fitting tips here.

Benefits: Leather upper and lining, functional footbed offering heel and arch support + the Sweet Spot which offers additional forefoot support. Includes the patented Custom Fit System plus additional laces for alternate styling. Anatomical toe shape + soft foam tow lining and they are orthotic friendly.


Thanks to FRANKiE4 Footwear, one lucky Styling You reader will win a pair of new-season FRANKiE4 Footwear shoes of their choice.* Entering is easy. Answer the question below in the comments.

Which new-season FRANKiE4 Footwear shoes are your favourite picks for summer and why? (Check out the full range here)

Entries open Tuesday, October 27 at 4.30am (AEST) and close Tuesday, November 10 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity (photos can be included and uploaded with the comment). The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here. *Subject to availability in chosen style and size.

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  1. MARGIE and I would make a good pair… we even share a name. Shoes that are both stylish and comfortable always put a little spring in my step.

  2. Penni would be my pic – it’s a shoe that would go with most outfits and the comfort factor whilst looking super stylish is fab!

  3. A pair of Walnut/Black MARGiE would be perfect for me. They would allow me to enjoy my trip to Europe next year without worrying about deciding between style and comfort, why not have both?

  4. JENNi would be my pick of the bunch. Travelling next year with the family during the Europe summer and I would love to look stylish and be comfortable all at the same time! 🙂

  5. Move over Nicole Ritchie and Mary Kate Olsen. With A pair of Frankie4 Penni (tan) I’d effortlessly rock boho chic down by the pool, dance without pain at Summer music festivals, stylishly brunch at trendy cafes with my besties or rack up miles while out shopping

  6. The first time I saw a pair of Frankie4 MARGiE sandals on the Nikki’s lovely feet, my heart quickened more than it has for a pair of shoes since the first time I saw a pair of ladies Havaianas, 10 years ago. “Thongs that are funky and functional?” I was thinking then. “Sandals that are stylish and comfortable that don’t look like grandma shoes?!” I’m thinking now. “Is it possible they FINALLY exist?!” But all Frankie4’s have something special that Havis never will…they are GOOD for your feet!

    10 years on my life is very different. No more traipsing around the beaches of Europe, now I traipse around the school yard, the local shops and the park. I wouldn’t change my life for all the pebbles on the Mediterranean, yet I still wear my Havis most days. So it’s time for my feet to grow up as well. It’s time for my much-loved Havis to be relegated to beach/pool use only, and be replaced by my Frankie4 pick for this summer: MARGiE. Now I’ve found Frankie4 its time to move on… its time!!!

  7. The
    first time I saw a pair of Frankie4 MARGiE sandals on the Nikki’s lovely feet,
    my heart quickened more than it has for a pair of shoes since the first time I
    saw a pair of ladies Havaianas, 10 years ago.
    “Thongs that are funky and functional?” I was thinking then. “Sandals
    that are stylish and comfortable that don’t look like grandma shoes?!” I’m
    thinking now. “Is it possible they FINALLY exist?!” But all Frankie4’s have
    something special that Havis never will…they are GOOD for your feet!

    10 years on my life is very different. No
    more traipsing around the beaches of Europe, now I traipse around the school yard,
    the local shops and the park. I wouldn’t change my life for all the pebbles on
    the Mediterranean, yet I still wear my Havis most days. So it’s time for my
    feet to grow up as well. It’s time for
    my much-loved Havis to be relegated to beach/pool use only, and be replaced by
    my Frankie4 pick for this summer: MARGiE. Now I’ve found Frankie4 its time to move on…
    its time!!

  8. My favourite shoe is the Kat in watermelon. I’m in a moon boot at the moment as I’ve torn ligaments in my foot so frankly (no pun intended!) I not only deserve new shoes but need new Frankie4 to continue my rehab. I love the colour of these shoes as it screams summer and also the design is perfect and goes with a range of different outfits. Fingers (& toes) crossed!!

  9. The Belinda in Black is great,
    Wedges disperse your weight!
    No sore feet for me,
    And no sinking in grass – I’m happy!

  10. PENNi in tan will be a great fit for getting out and about this summer holidays with my boys, while being comfortable and stylish.

  11. Margie- being a stay at home mum I need a shoe that mixes between comfortable and yet stylish enough to dress up shorts and a t-shirt and MARGiE would do that.

  12. Belinda and Jenni are definitely my favourites – both are incredibly versatile to compliment any summer outfit. The Jenni style in particular would be perfect to wear when I take out our newborn bub walking in the pram (due any day now!). LOVE!

  13. I can’t decide between Belinda and Penni. I think that I will have to go with Penni for the dress up or down factor and everyday style and comfort!

  14. I love Belinda. The contrast wedge & height is perfect, I’d love a “go to” weekend pair that I could dress up or down. I’ve had treatment on my feet to raise the arch, so the footbed of Frankie4s is so comfortable for me. But the shoes are fashionable!

  15. PENNi is the shoe for me. It looks so comfortable and oh so snazzy. Suitable for work or something a little more jazzy. I can see myself wearing them day in and out. Frankie 4 shoes are amazing without a doubt.

  16. Oh how I long for a pair of Jenni shoes to soothe my aching feet.
    I’m loving the comfortable, practical on trend footwear from Frankie 4
    Congratulations on a beautiful range

  17. Oh Belinda you are destined to be my new favourite and I wonder where I will be wearing you when I hear the line ” OMG are they Frankie4’s” this will match my blue Julias where I heard it at the ferry markets in Vanuatu by a fellow Frankie 4 wearer 🙂 and in hospital by one of my nurses who has the black Sophies too 🙂 Where oh where will I be wearing my Belinda’s 🙂

  18. Sooooo there’s a shoe with my name hey? Sounds too good to be true! I can’t believe this shoe would live up to the clog-bashing I usually dish out to my shoes… Walnut to match my hair, and black to match my wardrobe…

  19. I love KAT! Black, patent leather, stylish and they will take me anywhere and the perfect accessory for most of my wardrobe.

  20. I love the Belinda because its so versatile for any occasion. You can wear them dressed up with a lovely occasion dress or with a more casual outfit, so when you travel, you don’t need to take too many pairs of shoes with you 🙂

  21. Extremely versatile BELINDA is my favourite, I see these shoes with cropped pants, skirts, shorts and even a maxi, in my favourite colour to wear, Black, stylish, modern and comfortable, it’s everything a woman and girl wants.

  22. PENNIfor me please! Never again will I be the Person with shoe Envy, No more Nasty blisters just Instant relief, love, comfort and style. Gotta love the PENNI xx

  23. Oh definitely the MONICA for me, nice heel height that I can handle, great colour to match day or night and they look super comfy xxxx

  24. The Margie shoe is a neutral flat,
    That matches this and that
    In my minimal wardrobe.
    A supportive shoe that will keeping me walking around the globe.

  25. Penni look like dream shoes for me! I’m really tall but love the look of wedges and these have a nice bit of lift but aren’t too high.

  26. “Monica” and I will be the best of friends!

    The extra material at the front, my growing bunion depends!

    A nasty sight that I need to hide,

    Yearning a friend that I can confidently glide!

    It’s well overdue to walk in style,

    FINALLY complimented without a shameful smile!

  27. I love, love, love the Margie! A little bit of sparkle and pizazz goes along way and even better if they are comfortable!

  28. PENNi- TAN. It would be SANDALous to wear anything else! A STEP in the right direction at any beach or BBQ, they’re the answer to my foot-prayers!

  29. BELiNDA, not too high for travelling pretty. I recently saw one poor woman stumbling in high high heels at the airport, thinking she wears them to look good but actually looks bad. She needed BELiNDA herself!!!

  30. My Favourite is the Gorgeous sassy <3 JODIE <3 because it would go perfectly with some casual shorts, a cute summer dress or even a pair of comfy jeans. not to mention my daughter has a similar pair so best of all We Could Match !! <3

    1. Post
  31. the belinda,in black,i love the smaller wedge,i’m tall so if i wear a heel to high my husband looks like pee wee herman compared to me,lets give him a confidence boost by me wearing a smaller heel which will comfort my feet and my hubby!

  32. the lauren in black and zebra for a bit of animal in this old girl!
    or in tan, as it is a missing link in my summer wardrobe!
    they are all lovely thankyou for the chance nikki! love m:)X

  33. The Monica. It’s perfect for my new office job, combining style, comfort, and the perfect heel height to give me more stature (I’m short), in a neutral colour that goes with everything.

  34. Belinda. Perfect for hot summer days, and still give me added height that a little pocket rocket like myself needs

  35. Loving Margie! Not only do they scream out comfort but also look to dress up my Maxi Dress collection which would be perfect for lunch dates or add class to my work outfit.

  36. As a teacher, I can see myself wearing KAT all day, every day! I can’t do heels traipsing from classroom to classroom, doing duty on the oval and tiptoeing among masses of tiny children doing activities on the floor!

  37. MARGiE Walnut/White would give me style and comfort, something I find so hard to find in a shoe. I love that they are flat and would support me throughout my busy day of looking after my family while helping me to feel good about what I’m wearing 🙂

  38. Kat – they’re like my boyfriend – stylish, comfortable, flexible, supportive and good for walking all over on!

  39. The Margie in walnut and white perfect for summer days, with heel and arch support my feet will thank me at the end of the day.

  40. The Belinda will support my forefoot and finally allow me to wear something pretty instead of the lace ups my high arches demand. Hooray!

  41. These feet of mine demand good support
    Cute leather sneakers are what is desired;
    So soft, solid shoes MUST be sought
    If I’m to trudge the distance aspired.
    Jenni is the kick, the one to be bought
    Upon my feet she will be admired.

  42. Rosie, takes you from casual days walking everywhere to the Office or meeting. Totally over high heels for a night out. Classy and comfortable is my theme.

  43. I’d be the Kat that got the cream if I won some Black Kat sandals! Dressy and adjustable, they’d be perfect for my hard-to-buy-for narrow feet!

  44. The Jamie Boots coloured in tan / peach smooth leather are inconspicuously stylish and would be perfect for so many outfits in warmer weather plus come the cooler months, love love.

  45. Penni or Jenni would both be my go to summer shoes. Penni is not so high that it would aggravate my knee and Jenni is just a good looking shoe to wear for a weekend of fun.

  46. My pick of the new season shoes are Penni and Belinda, wedges are my go to for summer and being able to have wedges with two different heel heights will be awesome over summer, as sometimes you just need a little heel

  47. Cindy’s casual summer wardrobe went from blah to wow* in one simple step

    “Just by switching to my favourite, Frankie4 Footwear’s new Margie sandals in gold, my feet look lighter, my outfits look fabulous and I feel like I could walk for miles. I look in the mirror now and think WOW!!!”

    *Results may vary, but choose any Frankie4 style and you’ll look like a winner.

  48. We all love a little height…right? But want to do the best for our feet without compromising style…well I think BELiNDA and PENNi, have got the goods! Love them

  49. Belinda is the apple of my eye, because the heel is not too high and with the strap support I’m not going to fall and look a sight

  50. KAT definitely. It’s the name of my best friend and I know those shoes will be like a best buddy too! Fun, bright and full of shine and always ready for some good times.

  51. Stepping out in style with Liz Black Oily Nubuck Leather, escaping into a world of glamour, so stylish, feminine, elegant with a sophisticated edge. Fascinate, charm, dazzle and allure, demanding attention, leaving an impression.

  52. This summer I need comfortable, stylish, go with anything heels that I can slither into and wear all day without strangling my feet or ankles like a boa constrictor. FRANKiE4 MONiCA nudes would be perfect.

  53. After a career in Army and a few injuries, I need to wear supportive, functional and comfortable shoes. Frankie4footwear Penni flats look glamorous and supportive. Perfect for everyday and special occasions!

  54. Paris is calling- I hear you?
    Finally beat cancer
    Doctor said go!
    Must travel- I’m hooked!
    Tickets are now booked
    Penni you simply must come along
    There’s room for you darling- you belong x

  55. What a beautiful range. Hands down it is Sophie for me. I have a special place in my heart for retro style shoes. Sophie in Red Crinkle Patent ticks all the boxes. Super cute and very retro looking this shoe pleases from the shine of the leather and the contrast stitching to the sweet striped bow. I can see these worn with a cute floral full circle sundress. And the best part is I know my feet would be happy, springy and comfortable.

  56. I just can’t decide between the PENNi in tan, or the MARGiE in walnut/black; they both look so effortlessly stylish and perfectly comfortable for long summer days and nights. The colours are very versatile and would suit a range of outfits and occasions. I love them!

  57. The Kat in watermelon would be my go-to shoe for summer, they look comfortable and stylish (and may just help me overcome my haviana addiction!).

  58. JENNi for sure – I love the look of the glitz and glam while , being a comfy travel companion for my upcoming trip to Europe !

  59. Love Penni! They effortlessly exudes elegance, grace and sophistication!! I love them. Perfect for Summer holidays approaching!

  60. I have a serious crush on MONiCA in nude….I am currently styling outfit after outfit in my head, and she is the star! This adaptable all-rounder will be a very welcome inclusion to my wardrobe.

  61. The Margie catches my eye. Not flashy but quietly classy. This shoe would be a real workhorse for me. I am on my feet all day as a Primary School teacher ( we never sit down) and then after hours cooking, shopping and running errands. They look like the type of shoes that I would not be dreaming of taking off at the end of a busy day!

  62. I love the PENNi. They look like they would give immediate relief to my feet that are currently trying to cope with going from $10 big w flats with no support to a a Wittner heel that I’m still learning to walk in, to a gym shoe!!

  63. Can’t go past BELiNDA! Love wedges and with the comfory foot bed and the wider fit they sound just like me. I bought a pair of JAMiE boots earlier in the year. I wore them everyday for 3 weeks through Europe! AMAZiNG!

  64. Monica, Love the colour love the style, so perfect for my summer occasions, they just look so nice on and would go with everything

  65. Pretty gold MARGiE would be perfect with all the black, white, navy and cobalt of my painstakingly lay-by’ed summer wardrobe or cute little KAT in watermelon for a zing of colour!

  66. The NiNA Tommy Blue Oily Nubuck from FRANKiE4,
    Would take me from street to party dance floor.
    Casual yet stylish with comfort in mind,
    I could wear them wherever myself I do find.
    Equally snazzy with jeans, shorts or skirt,
    Dressed up or dressed down my feet wouldn’t hurt.

  67. Summer days are looking so fine in my FRANKiE4 Belinda Black wedges, these will be a blessing to my feet and ooooh soon stylish for those warmer days on the horizon!

  68. Penni in Tan would be perfect for summer here in Darwin, and with just a little bit of height to help my ‘shortness’!

  69. It’s time for an upgrade- my last go-to work sandals were cheap and cheerful but a working girl requires a little more pizazz to get out of bed these days! The Penni seems to fit the bill.

  70. How cute is Penni so versatile a woman can never have enough shoes but Penni is the one I would everywhere with a hint of a heel and sassy straps perfect for skirts pants and all

  71. It would have to be Belinda! A great name for a start but I love the wedge style so it’s a great everyday shoe which I can wear whilst meeting with clients or doing school pick up!

  72. Favourite are the BELINDA in tan, it’s a sexy shoe that looks wonderfully comfortable, would go with anything, shorts, skirts, jeans, especially with its classic and neutral colour.

  73. my darling I do give a damn about my feet so Margie 4 summer would be such a treat. Your gold ways are hard to beat & to help running after toddlers these would just sweet.

  74. Love ALL of Frankie footwear. Seeing I need to choose one it would be Penni. Her gorgeous versatility easily fits perfectly into my summer wardrobe.

  75. Oh I am so a Monica girl, I love my tan ankle boots and a bit of heel to boost my 5 foot height, Monica gives me a similar stylish look and some fresh air between the toes on these hot Aussie days…I am so loving her style and colour for this summer:-)

  76. “PENNI” they look so comfortable for the long hot summer months. You could weat them casually or dress up in the evening with PENNI>

  77. JENNi has my heart – as a mum of 3 young kids I’m always on my feet. Over the years my feet have changed and can longer do any type of heel *insert sad face *, but doesn’t matter ‘cos JENNi and she has a cool metallic finish = perfect ❤️

  78. Wow, they all look great! But I must admit that I love, love, love “Belinda”
    So versatile, can be dressed up or down. Effortless style with comfort too!

  79. I have just got my first Passport and intend to travel in 2016. JENNi will be great for walking all over the World! Then I will need a few more pairs like MARGiE, KAT, MONiCA, and BELiNDA! iTHINK I will take all the girls along!

  80. Definitely KAT! a black sandal is what I wear most, as I am not the most fashionable person. And my current pair are slowly dying and I am too embarrassed to say just how old they are……….here I was thinking a year or two, until ON THIS DAY on facebook told me otherwise :gasp:

  81. JAMiE boots in black (preferable) or tan. Standing all day, need shoes I can trust, for comfort AND style, Frankie4 goes that extra mile!

  82. Sophie in Silver Metallic Leather are perfect for all occasions. My sister has a pair and never stops raving about their comfort & style.

  83. Margie in Walnut & Black, this super comfy sandal will glam up my yummy mummy style wardrobe and I can still chase after a two year old

  84. Lauren in black/zebra would be my pick. As much as I love to wear heels I don’t need to at 6ft tall – giraffe! These gorgeous flats give me style and comfort and a different animal inspiration – zebra!

  85. Lauren sandals in black/zebra are a perfect summery pair with just a touch of class so I’ll be comfortable and look smart too.

  86. Belinda in tan are my pick – a wear with everything kind of shoe! At 5 foot nothing, I need height but I also really need comfort. I could definitely imagine getting a lot of use out of Belinda this Summer!

  87. So hard to choose! But if I had to, then Penni in Tan or Margie in Walnut/White – neutral colours, stylish & comfortable, needed with my lower back pain & oedema (so cool when you are only 37!)

  88. I love all those shoes, but if I have to choose, Penni is the shoe for me. it’s stylish straps will fit around my flat “nanna” feet, and the the Velcro straps across the front will hide the dreaded bunion!!

  89. Belinda in tan it has to be
    because of the shoes flexibility.
    Wear it with pants, skirt or a dress
    with any colour under the sun
    Belinda is the one!

  90. I need to satisfy my shoe lust and the new Frankie4 collection is a must! Beautifully crafted Lauren Black Zebra sandals would be the ultimate climax to my addiction!

  91. love the kat in watermelon, an awesome stylish sandal that has the perfect colour name thats also a yummy summer treat. hey i got watermelon on my feet

  92. My toes don’t twinkle – I need
    all the help I can muster!
    Margie’s definitely fit the bill,
    with their subtle gold lustre.

  93. I am loving PENNi in the black! It’s so pretty — got a casual but dressy look at the same time! 🙂

    Good luck everyone 🙂

  94. Kat in black would be perfect. I have a good grip on the earth 🙂 and a dodgy knee and would love a pair of these gorgeous shoes!

  95. Love them all…but I would have to think practical so I choose Rosie.
    Love the simple classic look and for a working day lots of comfort!

  96. I thought this was going to be hard, as they all look good, but then I saw the Jenni in black with the bright laces that make them pop, and it was lurv!

  97. Penni – These look delicious. I have so many problems finding comfortable summer sandals that offer the support that I need, that are stylish, compliment my wardrobe and are neither flat or high heeled. These look super perfect ! And being podiatrist designed and developed they would definitely help my stupid problem feet 🙂

  98. Kat – dress them up, or dress them down and will go with any look. As I can’t wear heels, these flats would be perfect to wear for when I need something a bit fancier than normal flats.

  99. “Margie” a stand out accessory to any outfit, sizzle at the beach or dress up a maxi, stylish comfortable and simply divine.

  100. JENNI! Perfect for Summer boating – bling style with the white sole (so I wouldn’t have to go barefoot which I detest – feet are not stylish! – well mine anyhow!) Fiona

  101. A Hard choice indeed but Jenni wins out for me with stylish good looks combined with a sporty edge!. Can see myself whizzing around in style in these babies!

  102. Love PENNI – At almost 60 I need a lower heel & Penni would be just perfect to wear to work with just a small heel but looks so dressy!

  103. So many to choose from… The Penni would be perfect for date night with my husband… While margie would be perfect for all my weekend errands.. But I love jenni for chasing and fun with my niece and nephews…

  104. The Monica! I would SO love this pair of stunning heels, as I’ve never been able to wear a heel, as my feet just ache! These looks so stylish and will go with and compliment everything I wear <3

  105. The MONICA, they look so comfortable. I just had a job interview in the most uncomfortable shoes, had to take them off to walk to my car. Would love some gorgeous comfortable work/dress shoes.

  106. Kat, Watermelon. Gonna look great on my wife and being flat she won’t be able to complain her high-heels are hurting her or biting her heels or pinching her toes or giving her blisters.

  107. KAT in black. They’ll go with anything and everything, probably becoming permanently attached to my tootsies during the Summer silly season.

  108. Entering might be easy… but picking just one is HARD! Much as I LOVE JENNi, I think I’m going to have to pick BELiNDA in black (and not just because she has the same name as my gorgeous mum!!)

  109. Jenni is my pick! On the go all the time and walking the dog. I would look very smart and above all my feet would be in heaven.

  110. For me it has to be PENNI in Tan. What a gorgeous easy to wear, go almost anywhere shoe. It would be perfect in my suitcase for my dream holiday, sun, sand, sea and he….gorgeous!

  111. Ummmmm it has to be Kat in Watermelon. This gorgeous shoe would complete my summer shoe robe (who are we kidding, she would be the star of the show). With kid #3 just arrived I need a simple casual shoe to get me to the school/kindy/supermarket in maximum style with minimum effort!!!

  112. Margie would be my pick, it was my Nana’s name and just like my Nana, Margie looks like she could handle any situation! Like catching up with friends, going about your day doing your job or best of all go wandering to find treasures.

  113. PENNi in tan is the one for me. I work on my feet all day in a retail store and since becoming a FRANKiE4 convert earlier this year, I am looking for a summer sandal that is pretty and comfortable that I can wear to work and out to play. PENNi will be perfect for this. I can’t wait to get a pair and know that at the end of an 8hr shift, I will still be able to wear heels out to dinner – MONiCA looks good for that too. I love a heel. I love FRANKiE4.

  114. ELLiE Rouge Textured Leather – they look gorgeous and comfortable. They look good whether you wear pants or a skirt / dress. And since we live in the country we hardly ever wear sandals because of the snakes.

  115. Penni in tan or Kat in Watermelon would complete my summer shoerobe perfectly.
    After a challenging knee accident a few years ago and years of rehab once again one of my great joys is shoe shopping. These days this involves moulded footbeds, great support and comfort mixed with style. The Frankie4Footwear styles you model Nikki always look so fashionable and to know they tick all of my boxes leaves me lusting after them all!

  116. My patent black Birkenstocks are my everyday summer footwear of choice. But – there are times when I need to take it up a notch. A sucker for wedges, Belinda you are the girl for me.

  117. Eanie, meanie, miney, moe………………………………. how can you pick only one pair !!!!!! Ok, hear I go, showing restraint (just) Eanie, meanie, miney, moe………………………………. I luv, luv, luv JENNi

  118. I have terrible feet and wear orthotics – due to years of being on my feet on hard floors though out my nursing career. I used to love shoes, but now I feel relegated to frumpy ” old lady” styles. I would love to try Penni – perfect height, could be worn with anything and DON’T at all look frumpy! They look both gorgeous and comfy. I would be over the moon if I found a pair of stylish summer sandals that suit these sore old feet!!

  119. Belinda! or maybe Penni … no Kat. in black. wait on … Kat in watermelon. Margie perhaps? in walnut and black … or walnut and white? THEY ALL LOOK SO COMFORTABLE!

  120. L O V E the Jenni. With a small toddler to wrangle these are the perfect shoe to combine style and comfort all day long… And some days with a toddler be looong 🙂

  121. I love FRANKiE4 shoes. Such a refreshing summer range. JENNi is a winner. What girl doesn’t want to be comfortable and looking like a million dollars. A treat for hot days.

  122. I love the Ellies! They are my go-to holiday shoes you can wear them around all day on cobblestones, snow and ice, rocks or pavement and your feel still like they are walking on clouds! I’ve never had a more comfortable pair of shoes in my whole life, and they go up to a size 11-12! I’ve developed foot problems from squeezing my feet into shoes that were too small in my younger years. I only buy frankie4 shoes now! A little pricey but totally worth the investment

  123. The Monica shoes will be perfect for me throughout the party season! I can wear them to work then straight to my Christmas parties to dance the night away and I won’t be hobbling home at the end of the night with sore feet!!

  124. MARGiE – A little bit of sparkle goes a long way! My romance with sassy Belinda began two weeks ago and the magic is still alive ! The metallic allure of the MARGiE is magnetic so I think Belinda will need to share my love x

  125. I like Margie in the walnut/black as those colours look classy together and my knees can only handle that heel height. They look so comfy. xx

  126. Ohh so many beauties to choose from but I think I would pick the Jenni – I can imagine many happy weekends together!!

  127. I love the Monica, I am going to the races on the 5th december and these shoes would be perfect for this occasion, as well as the office and other nights out. They look incredibly comfortable, and perfectly my style.xx

  128. There are so many good styles but my pick would be the versatile ELLI. Wear it as a comfortable casual option with pants, skirts and maybe even the odd dress. Age does not preclude style!!

  129. I’m loving the BELiNDA! You just can’t go past a gorgeous (yet comfortable) wedge for spring / summer. I can picture this pair becoming a staple in my wardrobe! I could dress them up for a night out and dress them down for an afternoon BBQ! So much versatility – which I love!

  130. KAT would be perfect for me as an older single Mum who’s always running late and just grabbing from the wardrobe. Simplistic, stylish and comfortable…..and good looking. 😉

  131. My pick is the Penni in tan! Medium 35mm heel suits dresses, skirts, jeans or shorts and the tan colour is great for casual summer days. All the built in cushioning, arch and heel support makes them ideal for wearing all day, especially on the extended shopping trips 🙂 If I had a pair of Penni’s I would feel chic and not so Slummy Mummy!

  132. I def. love the KAT. shiny, black, cute and FLAT. such a nice alternative to thongs, and velcro takes the risk out of online purchase not quite fitting.

    I mean really, which do you prefer?!?

  133. Belinda in black would be my choice. I have only recently started wearing higher heels again. I love how feminine it makes me feel. Belinda is a classic looking wedge which will take you anywhere and versatility is the name of the game for me when buying fashion. I like to get the most out of the pieces I have in my wardrobe

  134. Oh its got to be PENNi!! I’m not a high-heel person (too clumsy!) and this low wedge heel is perfect for me – she would make my summer!

  135. It’s all about Belinda in tan for me. I can see Belinda and I making a great team throughout summer. I’d pretty well take her everywhere, just so she doesn’t miss a thing.

  136. As usual, I love all of the FRANKiE4 goodness and I have been loving my Ellie’s and Alix’s the way you love your most loyal companion. These shoes serve you. But Belinda…you gorgeous, perfect wedge…I admired you all the way around Europe on Nikki’s feet and have counted the days until you were available. You are exactly what I have always wanted. You would make me feel so special. Your height, the way you would hold me and look after me, making me feel safe and like I would come to no (foot) harm. Swoon. My one shoe love. I need you in my life.

  137. I love the Margie – I have one ankle fused and the other has tendonitis on the Achilles so I’m unable to wear any shoes with a heel…but the Margie would be perfect…I love the gold, it will go with everything and they look so suer-comfy. Thanks Styling You (Nikki) for this awesome competition.

  138. I love Penni – as a busy Mum with school age children Penni will with class and confidence walk me through my day, from school drop off, appointments, shopping, lunch with the girls, afternoon sports and home again! Thanks for the opportunity, Macarla.

  139. I’m new to the health profession & after all day on my feet wow my feet hurt. I’m looking for a stylish & super comfortable pair of workshoes &

    EBONi in black looks like the answer!

  140. The Sophie flats I would love a pair of them in any colour they look very comfortable and stylish to wear like so many of the FRANKiE4 Footwear.

  141. Monica for sure! I have two little daughters aged four and 10 months and I am constantly running! But I love a heel and I don’t feel ‘done’ without some sort of heel. After a very tough pregnancy, I lost my style confidence and I must say I emotionally feel amazing in a heel. I stand tall, stride (maybe strut) and I feel like myself. This last winter I reluctantly tried a heeled ankle boot for the first time and I AM STILL WEARING THEM and it’s mid 30 temps. I am saving for a gorgeous wedge (I have a capsule wardrobe and currently own heeled boot, thongs, one pair of summer sandals and joggers) but as a mum my shoe dreams are about 437th on the list of needs! So please pick me – MONICA would be well loved here!

  142. My pick would be the Penni as it would work with my entire wardrobe in the neutral colour. I love the small wedge and
    the cushioning which is what I require with problem feet.

  143. The Rosie leather shoes would be a total comfort for my feet whilst at work, a good pair of podiatric shoes would definitely work with my heel spurs issues.

  144. I LOVE Margie! Simple, Nice, Versatile & Chic! I know I will feel like a Greek Goddess of Summer when I’m at the park Picnic or simply strolling along the beach in my white maxi dress and this beautiful metallic gold Margie.

  145. I love both Kat and Lauren and would be thrilled to have either in black/black-zebra. Perfect with either cropped pants or a skirt, and that lovely low heel for comfort.

  146. My favs are the Monica but I would really love the jenni as they would help me survive walking around Disneyland for 5 days in dec… My feet would love me

  147. Love KAT! I don’t own a comfortable pair of sandals! These look amazing & are comfortable! Heaven. No more thongs that hurt my feet. 🙂

  148. Absolutely love ROSIE – black smooth leather shoes that would be super comfy as work shoes! This would be perfect ‘welcome back to work’ from maternity leave gift!

  149. I love how versatile Penni is! That colour will go with all my summer dresses, making them look flirty and fun but also allowing me to walk comfortably. I love the support of straps!

  150. Can I go for Kat in watermelon? Ooh, such a lovely new colour to welcome in Spring and summer! Will go so well with my latest watermelon agai smoothie in hand!

  151. JENNi is calling me!!! Perfect for my next trip when I’ll be on my feet all day, every day. And, save my dodgy back…

  152. Oh! To pick just one!! MARGiE in metallic you would brighten my summer days – my poor cracked heels would feel so well supported in you!

  153. ‘Shoes with Benefits’ that makes me smile and smile! For my summer picks it would have to be Belinda and Margie – perfection!

  154. PENNI – love all of the colour ways. With neuropathy from chemo, plus dodgy knees – properly designed, comfortable but stylish shoes would be wonderful. So tired of wearing my crocs!!

  155. “Kat” in Watermelon. What a great Summer colour! Bright for summer days, and vibrant for evenings. They look so comfortable and the heel is just the right height for lots of walking or standing around at parties.

  156. Penni ! I have nearly worn out my Ivy’s from last year and am on a very long waiting list for a pair of Penni’s. I tried to bribe the shoe lady to call me first but she wouldn’t be swayed. Snagging a pair f these babies would be like winning the lotto………for my feet…..couch cough !!!

  157. Oh to wear heels that don’t kill my gammie left foot! What a dream! Belinda and Monica, those pretties babes, would be high on the purchase list for me! Imagine… supported arches! oh! Squeel!!!!

  158. I absolutely lived in Ellie black leather sneaks on a recent trip to Europe – not only were they stylish enough for Paris, but my existing back and foot pain totally disappeared! Now I’m a Frankie$ convert so I need some summer sandals to live in and I think Lauren will be ideal as they are fancy enough for casual Fridays at work and match most of my weekend wardrobe.

  159. Penni!!
    Converse are my fallback choice most days as i complete the home-daycare-studio trek, but i think Penni would be up to the challenge & look a bit more grown-up & stylish at the same time

  160. Not overly religious but I know ALL SOULS Day is fast approaching.. Save my SOLES, FRANKIE, with stunningly stylish SOPHIE in SILVER metallic leather? Yes please!

  161. After 6 surgeries to correct my munted feet, I am very limited in my footwear choices. I have resorted to just wearing bright lipstick and beads to draw the eye away from my shoes which never match my outfit. I would love the MARGiE this summer. Imagine being able to show off my shoes!

  162. My daughter is ‘coming into her own’, discovering herself in every aspect. The BELINDA would be the perfect introduction into stylish footware!

  163. My dear BELiNDA – I do hope I am able to meet you before Dec! I’m sure with your help I’ll be able to escape the front row (with the kids towering behind me) in the Xmas family photos for another year, so many parties to visit and a perhaps a spot of dancing while watching Hugh Jackman on stage.…we are going to have so much fun this summer. Leanne xx

  164. After wearing flats for EVER I’m wanting a bit of Sweet Spot loving with Tan Belinda!! I know she will be kind to my feet and make my legs look amazing – come to me Belinda you saucy little minx!
    Jane xx
    [email protected]

  165. I want them all. Truth be told I need them all. Loving my Frankie 4 Silver Sophies. I’m am in desperate need for sandals this summer. When I headed to the podiatry store at Indooroopilly there wasn’t a lot of stock. Looking forward to going there now.

  166. The Belinda is to die for…I look at that shoe and think “dance all night” no taking my shoes off and walking to the taxi barefoot!

  167. Without any hesitation, I would pick the JENNi FRANKiE4 Footwear, so I can be stylish & comfortable whilst I work out… besides who doesnt love gold shoes!

  168. As a Asian middle aged woman, I love comfortable and classic FRANKiE4 shoes. MONiCA has superior quality, an elegant, classic chic design . It has perfect wardrobe solutions for everyone. I would love to win this magnificent FRANKiE 4 Footwear for my summer wardrobe collection.

  169. The JAMiE ankle boot in camel/brown, without question. I’d be embarrassed to own up to how many pairs of boots I own – but there’s always another perfect pair to be had. LOVE the elastic sides and low heel – the latter is especially hard to find and I really can’t wear much of a heel due to RA and very unstable ankles… I thought I’d be gong with one of the sandal styles, and then I saw the boots and was lost… *le sigh*!!

  170. I love PENNi! What a gorgeous style to dress up with a skirt and some bling or casual, teamed with three quarter jeans, these would be my go to shoes for looking good at up coming summer events!

  171. Belinda, Belinda, Belinda… Would benefit me beyond belief! Beyond the bunion baring beast of shoes! Bless me with your bountiful beauty!!

  172. I checked out the site, and Margie seems to be amazingly compatable with my traits and interests. Her gorgeous black hair, walnut skin, and sleek sexy figure has me excited to take her out on a date!

  173. After checking out the collection- I think I’d love the Lauren in tan- gorgeous shoes and the the support would be great!

  174. Oh a PENNI for your thoughts please? We would dance the light fantastic dear Penni … across the classroom followed by a group of gorgeous preppies. And one somewhat bemused teacher.

  175. PENNi is the one for me, please come and hang out with me!!!
    A pampering treat for my sore and tired feet, like stepping on a cloud without missing a beat!!

    Stylish and fun for summer, with PENNi on my feet I’ll be best dressed in no time!!

  176. I am in absolute love with the PENNi. I would love to wear these beautiful shoes when I start my first teaching job in January 2016. The comfort and sheer relief that my feet, back and neck feel when I am wearing my Frankie’s is unbelievable.

  177. Wanted: a tan sandal we can cherish and spend the rest of our (summer) days with.

    We are a pair of size 8 feet looking for a beautiful tan sandal with a little wedge who we can spend the summer getting to know.
    We love walks along the beach, going to the movies and getting massaged.
    We have a great sense of humour, love getting pedicures and ALWAYS wear thongs around public pools.
    If we sound like a couple of feet youd would like to get to know please drop us a line.

  178. Around five weeks ago I stubbed my little toe on my son’s bed and he said ‘Mum, I didn’t know grown ups could cry!’ Please! Save me from a Summer of wearing only thongs! I still have swelling and pain and when I saw the PENNi and her adjustable straps across the toes, I thought ‘She’s just what I need!’

  179. My poor tired mum to a 3 year old and working full time feet would lurrrrvvvveeee to get their little toes into a pair of the Monica! Perfect for work and the weekend!

  180. Oh JENNi please walk my way. I desperately need you for when I get my Ho, Ho, Ho on and explore the markets and brave the shopping centres to do my Christmas Shopping.

  181. Oh Monica you had me at Hello (going with the Adele trend). I need her in my life as I do not own 1 pair of high heel…. I mean really not one pair! I’m a tall girl and always thought I don’t want to be even taller! As I get a little older I’m starting to have the thoughts of “does it matter if I’m taller” and “I’ll wear that if I like” and I’m having thoughts of “I need those shoes as they are Devine!

  182. Oh my goodness so hard as they are all sooo beautiful I think may be the BELiNDA as I have a new dress that needs them!!

  183. I have been living in my first ever frankie4s all winter and spring and have been waiting to indulge in my summer pair.Totally sold on saving my soles all while staying stylish.I may need a few pairs to cover all bases but Margie’s in walnut seem to be the most versatile for my wardrobe needs.

  184. Well Hello, I need PENNi in my life and on my feet !! I am still battling with an ankle injury, and I will be having surgery next year. I My 2 pairs of ElliE’s have served me well over the last 8 months. But I need a great pair of FRANKiE4 summer sandals, PENNi would be perfect as it will go with everything and the low wedge will be a great introduction to wearing a shoe with height 🙂

  185. Dear MONiCA,

    I have a confession, I know it appears that I am tall but in reality (and look I know that it’s hard to believe) but I am really only 5’1 ½ inches, with the ½ inch being very important. Mind you that was my measurement when I was 17yo getting my Learners Permit to drive. I am just about to turn
    49 and have prob shrunk a tad! But shhhh don’t tell anyone ok.

    For the past 10 or so years I have opted to wear flat shoes because
    it was all about being comfortable, well that was until last year when I
    discovered Frankie4 and purchased JULiA and whilst yes she is a flat shoe, my god she is comfy and hello soooo stylish.

    But then over the last couple of days I discovered YOU my dear and
    I have to tell you that I have decided to change my ways. FRANKiE4 has made me realise that I can be stylish AND TALL and it’s time that I take that step and I want you to know that I want to partner up with you to help me achieve my goal of standing taller than 5’2!

    Are you up to the challenge?

    If you are then I look forward to hearing from you soon, so that we can begin our long lasting friendship!

    Yours faithfully

    Karen xxx

    1. Hey Nikki,

      I just love the look of the Lauren’s in black and as I have man feet at size 12 (women’s size) I absolutely love that they come in my size! Also I’m studying to be a teacher, so being on my feet all day in something supportive and comfortable is a must!

      Thanks so much for running this competition.

      Cheers Karen

  186. Belinda is my favourite. Im short so a bit of extra height makes me feel so much better. The fact that they are so comfortable and very stylish is an added bonus as well!

  187. They are all lovely but if I had a choice I would pick MARGiE as I have never owned a metallic pair of shoes also they would be my very first pair of FRANKiE4 footwear…toes crossed 🙂

  188. I love Penni in Black. Great for work in the summer with a dress and good for weekends with shorts! I like versatile items!

  189. I’d like to take Jenni travelling with me. She can help me feel comfortable and look great. Jenni in sliver will be prefect for a cruise we are hopefully planning next year!

  190. My poor feet have never felt so alive thanks to ‘Ivy !!
    Problem is I wear the same, obvious shoes each day. I would love to wear a pair of Margies – what better way then on a huge foot to add some bling with Margie !

  191. I would love to ‘step out’ with Belinda. Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life and seriously, Belinda is obviously the chic pair that will change mine.

  192. Belinda, because it is a shoe that would allow my mum (in her 50s) to be comfortable without looking like she’s in her 80s. I would love to see her glam it up!

  193. Penni in tan please – I have such wide, flat feet with high instep that I have always had difficulty in finding comfortable, supportive and well-fitting shoes. My daughter swears by Frankie4s and now so does her friend, to whom I gifted a pair of winter shoes I ordered in the wrong size. Now it is my turn to have a pair for me. As I don’t even make 5 feet tall Penni will give me a little extra height and self assurance, and the tan is versatile enough to wear with any outfit. The adjustable straps will take care of my ankles and instep. At 65 I have suffered many uncomfortable pairs of shoes. Now I need the comfort and support Frankie4s offer. Thanks for your generosity in giving away a pair of your wonderful shoes.

  194. My feet are ALWAYS sore,
    I wish for pain no more!
    I really need Monica from Frankie,
    So I’m not so cranky!
    But I’d be just as happy with Kat,
    I’ve got so many outfits to wear with that!

  195. Belinda in black…. A friend of mine has a pair and said they are like walking on clouds! As I’m on my feet all day I think I need them…. Pretty please, thank you!

  196. Oh just look. These feet need tan Penni to help give comfort control. These feet need a party! Only the brave view the photo!

  197. ‘BELiNDA’ in tan, you are my heart’s desire.
    But to make such a purchase would make husband breath fire.
    Too many shoes! he barks, to my consternation.
    What would he know?! Thongs do not equal fashion!

  198. Ooh, lovely Collection, wish I could have them all! Bring on lotto. My picks are jenni in gold as I walk a heck of a lot and suffer heel pain, but want to look super stylish in my sensible flats. Belinha also look fab for the pre Christmas social circuit!

  199. What great looking shoes oh and they would feel great also. I like them all Kat or Jenni are my favs. Looking forward to slipping them on my poor tired feet.

  200. They are all so, so, so gorgeous!! Because I am in love with my red Ellie’s, I would have to say the Jenni! As I’m a teacher and on my feet all day, I can see Jenni dressing up my sporty spice days, but will also look chic paired with a denim skirt and singlet on these super hot days we’ve been having!! Will have to save my dollars this season!!

  201. I will have one of each, since you are asking ;)…hmmm if I had to pick one it would be the Margie in walnut/black

  202. I think the Penni in tan would be perfect for my summer wardrobe, my feet are happiest in my winter Frankie 4’s and would love some summer loving soles too!

  203. Penni. – what’s not to love? I love a tan neutral for versatility and a low wedge for all day comfort.
    I took my Ellie’s overseas recently and need not have taken any other shoes as they were perfect and lasted the distance (literally) and with style!

  204. With Belinda, Ellie and Jamie in my family my feet have never felt so happy, my podiatrist brother is pleased with me too 🙂
    After gazing at the Frankie4 website; their Instagram page; Styling You and Facebook for what feels like months, along with several visits to my local stockists it will feel like Christmas when I can finally get my hot little feet in some Walnut/Black Margies… Cannot wait!!

  205. The first thing I did after reading your post was to see if my local retailer had my favourite, Penni. In stock. I will have to be a little more patient. They look like they will be the perfect sandal for work. Although I will be trying all of the new styles on while I am there

  206. Just love Jenni…..These shoes look so casual but classy in metallic. An extra bonus is that they have the support which would make them super comfortable

  207. I think Margie might be my perfect match, she could be my date to Christmas parties, and I would treat her like a princess 🙂

  208. Oh please Kat and Margie, be mine, you are both just so gorgeous and my winter Frankie 4 shoes are my favourite but its just too warm here in sunny Qld to wear them year round so I need some COOLLLL sandals to keep me on my toes….

  209. Margie, in walnut & black. Such a pretty sandal to wear in the long, hot summer months in desert country where I live. She’ll make me look and feel cool and comfy.

  210. After a long term relationship with Eboni its time for me to step up just a little bit, Penni you are the one for me.

  211. Oh Margie, where for art thou Margie in an 8.5? I’ll wine you, dine you, shop with you, treat you to play dates, take you to meet the girls, and best of all, I’m sure you’re a perfect match for my tootie toes and oh, don’t get me started on the ‘sweet spot’! Lol!! Love your work, kelduy xx

  212. Really just one? I already have belinda.
    Penni would be my next favourite. Great everyday shoe with a bit more elegance for under a dress and skirt.

  213. The Belinda in Tan would be the perfect pair of shoes for my upcoming Honeymoon where I am venturing to New York, Orlando, Mexico and Dubai! They’d work for everything – exploring the streets, sipping on cocktails, shopping, dining in cute bistros and dancing the night away!

  214. Upon being told I needed orthotics to fix the pain in the balls of my feet I declared I wouldn’t wear ‘granny’ shoes. These shoes look fabulous and sound like they feel fabulous. A pair of gold Margies would be on high rotation in my summer wardrobe.

  215. I have been obsessively checking the Frankie4 site waiting for the summer range to launch. I have really narrow feet and generally I can only wear thong sandals because my foot just looks ridiculous floating around under the front straps. I’m extremely excited by the velcro front straps on so many in this range. I need support because I’m flat footed and have a bad back, but comfortable shoes never fit my AA foot (except for Birkenstocks but really, I want something a bit slicker!). I don’t have one single pair of summer shoes I love that I can wear with dresses or for smart casual so my plan is to stock up, one pair a fortnight. On my list: Lauren in black and zebra; Margie in gold; and Penni in black. I’m also tempted by Kat in black as a replacement for my patent black Birkies. But if I won a pair, I would give them to my sister who refuses to wear ‘ugly comfortable shoes’, to prove that not all comfortable shoes are ugly… or at least not these ones!

  216. Our little family is just about to move to Bangkok for a few years. I think the metallic Margie would be perfect for exploring our new city in comfort. What a fabulous giveaway. Thanks Styling You & FRANKiE4!

  217. Margie in Walnut and White! These shoes are so beautiful you wouldn’t even think for a second that they designed by Podiatrists and Physiotherapists!

  218. Penni in Tan – If you had size 10 flat feet you would know shoes are a nightmare, particularly anything strappy for summer. A comfortable pair of adjustable shoe that are actually stylish would pick me up after a lifetime of settling for whatever I can get that fits. Penni, you’re gorgeous!

  219. There once was a mother of two
    Whose narrow feet needed a shoe
    She tried on Gold MARGiE
    And was ready to party
    And it’s all thanks to fab Styling You!

  220. The trouble with “comfortable” shoes is that they often look like you have pinched them from your Nanna. Not so with lovely Monica – even her name sounds chic and stylish. I could wear these to work, shopping and out for dinner. They would go with so many things this summer.

  221. Love the look of the PENNi low wedges – lovely strap detail in versatile tan. These would be seriously wearable all year for me – and might just save my feet (and sanity?!) when I do my teaching prac next year!

  222. I LOVE LOVE shoes but unfortunately my feet don’t agree. Apart from flats my feet don’t wear heels or wedges well so I would love to try the Penni wedges and see if my feet could fall in love with a pair of wedges too

  223. Being a midwife and a mother of 3, high heels never get a look in and when they do, I’m far from stylish, just unco and uncomfortable. With my nieces christening next month I would love to look pretty, Belinda help a sister out please???!!

  224. I would have to go with Jenni. Not such a summer shoe but I live in the bush and have to open a few gates to go anywhere and I hate (really hate) when dirt gets in my sandles (in a drought there is a lot of dirt)

  225. A few weeks ago, Belinda stole my heart and we are now the best of friends (aka I bought her in tan hehe) But now I can feel my eye wondering over the Penni! Margie sure is making one giant convincing argument though… Love them all x

  226. I love the look of Monica and Belinda. I can see myself wearing them to functions and can imagine how comfy they would be as I have worn my Alix sandals from last summer constantly. I walk to and from school regularly and these shoes are like a cushion on my feet. Thanks Nikki for getting me ion to Frankie4 footwear

  227. MONiCA, its been a long time since I could wear heels due to a medical condition but now it is sorted its time to get back out there!

  228. I am in love with Monica, When I dress up for a function in heels my feet cry out for a comfortable pair of shoes, I usually end up sitting down as my feet are so sore and my husband says “why do you wear them’ I respond because they look good. Monica please come to my rescue and save my aching feet. I can look good and be comfortable. And just to put out there Penni would be a great friend to take out shopping. I need these friends in my life.

  229. I like the PENNi in tan. It has enough heel to feel dressed but is still super stylish and allows for looks and comfort for busy women.

  230. Definately the Monica. Finally a pair of classy heels that I can wear everyday to work in summer and not feel like my feet are going to explode in pain. I can’t wait to try these. Well done Frankie4, this has to be your best collection yet.

  231. Nikki, I have you to thank for introducing me to Frankie4. I bought my sneakers in winter and absolutely love them!! My choice would be Monica. I’ve been admiring them on you, they would be fantastic for work 🙂

  232. Definitely JENNi. As a mum of a 5 month old and an incredibly active toddler I am forever wanting to look more glamorous (read: human) than I feel while still wearing practical outfits for chasing and playing with my 2.5 yr old. The JENNi would fit the bill perfectly and indulge my love of metallic accessories.

  233. Penni would like to join Ellie in my wardrobe , but all the other shoes would be upset as Penni would outshine them all!! In fact I would love to have a Frankie 4 shoe party and host them all!

  234. I think PENNi would have to be my favorite simply because I would get the most wear out of it. I love the versatility of PENNi, with the micro wedge I could pull off a slightly more dressy look than with complete flats however would still be super comfortable! I could see myself in these now pairs with some printed summer shorts or a beautiful maxi! 🙂 x

  235. As a long time cheapie shoe wearer I’ve made the decision that life is too short to wear uncomfortable shoes. After Seeing Nikki and Sonya wearing these I have been waiting with baited breath for this range to be released and here they are! I luuuurve Margie and Kat at first sight … Hitting the shops to come home with one or the other tout de suite … But could be tempted with those wedges as well. I think this could be dangerous!

  236. Hi, I love ‘MARGIE’ and ‘BELINDA’! Especially gorgeous ‘MARGIE’, with the lovely metallic tones… a bit like jewellery for your feet! lol, a little bit of height and class for every occasion whilst being kind and great for your feet! I can see me wearing these to barbeques, shopping, lunching out, for dinner (classy chic with a jumpsuit), and the list goes on………… totally in love, thank you for this opportunity to win and try a pair of these beautiful shoes! 🙂

  237. I’m thinking the Belinda in Black has my name on it! It would be smart enough for work, but get a real work-out on the weekends around Brissie! Thanks for sharing shoes that are both stylish and comfortable, yay!

  238. OH…. MY…. GOD…. I’ve just fallen in love with PENNi!! I’m a teacher so I’m on my feet a lot. I would love a pair for a Brisbane Summer to wear to school, not to mention a few Christmas BBQs.

  239. The Belinda in tan would be my choice,she has a lovely wearable heel height that’id wear with a frock and she could take me from day to night easily adding a 70s vibe to my wardrobe!

  240. Ooh I love love love the look of Penni, not too high but not too low, just right for lots of occasions, work and travel!

  241. I would choose the Belinda Tan shoes they would make my Summer wardrobe complete and keep my feet comfortable all day, which is hard to find a shoe that does this.

  242. It’s really hard to choose a favourite as they would all have a place in my wardrobe, but I do love the Penni, stylish and practical!

  243. Metallic Margie.
    You need to include that you could wear them anytime you needed a bit of shiny and uplifting in your day!
    Thank you, by gosh their shoes are gorgeous.

    1. Hi Sarah, The PENNi’s will be in store (selected stockists) in the next week and online in 2 weeks. The Kat is on her way but definite date to be confirmed. We promise to email everyone the second they arrive (be sure to subscribe to get the emails via our website like what Nikki said). Loving that you have the Belinda’s. Thanks for your support xox Love F4

  244. I would start off with practical and go for Margie, they could be worn with any outfit. Secondly I would go with KAT – as they are my initials and I also love black patent!

  245. In spring /summer here in Queensland I LIVE in my wedge sandals and sad to say that my much loved wedges have passed on to the big shoe heaven in the local tip about a month ago. Whilst I am still mourning the loss of my favourite, most comfortable and stylish shoes, I have seen a light at the end of the tunnel, and her name is Belinda.

  246. Tan Penni would take me anywhere…..Nimes. Arles, Avignon, Antibes, Nice and home again. The Velcro for extra fitting and comfort would be perfect for my travel weary feet.

  247. Penni would be the best one for me. My podiatrist said I need a small heel to walk around on to help my achilles. This is the perfect shoe that looks fashionable but is also practical for my feet issues.

  248. Perfect fit, comfort and style
    Exactly what I dream of time again and now
    Never have I been so excited – wow!
    Now which shoe has stolen my heart?
    It has to be PENNi I’d add to my cart!
    ( PENNi in tan would add a much needed lift, sorry ELLiE to my summer shoe robe❤️)

  249. So so hard to choose but i am going to be practical and say the tan Penni. I would get so much wear out of that shoe. Gorgeous comfortable and versatile. Yes please!

  250. Oh definitely the BELiNDA in tan, to bring a 70’s vibe to my summer wardrobe. As a woman of a certain age, I have gone a bit flat but I know BELiNDA would comfortably take me to new heights and add some bounce to my wardrobe (and I would continue to tell all my friends to buy FRANKiE4s).

  251. :: B E L I N D A ::
    They look very cool, stylish and (most importantly) I could trot around in them all day. Definitely a wardrobe staple!

  252. I love Kat. Apart from its most obvious attributes, the black patent leather of Kat, brings back very fond memories of my youth.

  253. The Penni is a huge tick for me, love the colour and think you can wear them absolutely everywhere. Also the fact that they have velcro adjustable straps is a big bonus. Love them all. Thanks for sharing the new range.

  254. You had me at BELiNDA. Love me a wedge, love the height, and love the colour options. The black looks great, but thinking of the gaps in my shoedrobe, the tan would be my pick this summer.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Good luck to everyone. *cough pick me cough*

  255. I’m loving Margie, Kat and Jenni, but they are all great! I’m a bit of a sucker for metallics and so Margie would have to be my pick for summer. I always find most sandals so uncomfortable – like walking on cardboard with no support and so my feet end up hurting. As I get older I realise fashion shouldn’t equal pain, so I’m really liking how well constructed and comfortable these sound, I’d really love to add a pair to my summer wardrobe as I could see them getting a workout!

  256. I love the look of BELiNDA. I can imagine wearing them with almost anything for all occasions and they look comfy enough to last all day and night.

  257. It would have to be the Penni in tan for me – I have dreadful DREADFUL feet – akin to Hobbit feet and they ache ALOT – the idea of comfort AND fashion together in a shoe for me is very exciting! I cant wait for the range to come out, and even better I would LOVE to win a pair as I have never actually one anything in my life!

  258. The Jenni would be the one for me, on my feet all day chasing children I really need something comfortable and cushioning without sacrificing style!

  259. Whilst I admire the metallic MARGiE, delight with the KAT in watermelon, and love the tan Lauren, it’s a pair of PENNi in tan that I covet the most! The BELiNDA in black have changed the way I see heels, and now that I have tried FRANKiE4Footwear, I can never go back. The PENNi and I will have a Summer love affair that my feet will not regret… picnic dresses, denim skirts, cropped capris, and short shorts that will pair perfectly with PENNi. Please be mine PENNi (in tan)!

  260. I love them all but Penni in black would be perfect for my troublesome feet. I have bunions & have trouble wearing heels that are too high these days so the low wedge suits me perfectly. I always try to buy shoes to disguise the ugly bump which I think these would do but still look pretty & dressy & would be versatile enough to complement both casual & dressier outfits. Thanks for the opportunity Nikki & for always providing great styling suggestions to inspire me.

  261. The Penni with its low wedge has stolen my heart, it would be perfect with everything from dresses to jeans, I hope I win Ms Nikki, oh please.

  262. I love the JENNi shoes in Gold – so blingy, so fun! I would wear them with a tee, pencil skirt and statement necklace for the ultimate in sports-luxe.

  263. I would pick the Penni in Tan. I have been stalking the web site for weeks now, waiting for the summer range. I need a stylish heel that I can walk in, for work and this is exactly what I’m looking for. Wish they did pre-orders!

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