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Editor’s note: Please welcome the SY interiors expert, Kristie Castagna from Elements at Home. Kristie is a professional blogger, interior stylist and colour consultant so who better to give some advice on getting the most out of spaces at home?

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Let us all go back to a time when all was right with our Nina Proudman world. A time when Patrick was navigating his way around crazy pregnancy hormones with Nina. Their home was filled with treasures and it was the place we first discovered Patrick’s… bod… ahem…. I mean beautiful cherry blossom tattoo… let us remember some of that tattoo below.


Enough of the ogling lets talk style. I loved Nina’s home and I loved the eclectic relaxed feel. One that I would never be able to achieve due to my OCD, but long for if I could go back and retrain my brain to appreciate time more than cleaning.

Seeing as Season 4 was my Offspring happy place I have retraced the home styling that Nina and Patrick were most happiest in and I thought I would bring it to you in the form of ‘how to shop the Nina Proudman style’.

I have everything that was important to their living, kitchen and bedroom styling in one mega linked place, so you can recreate this boho eclectic home for yourself.


Adriane Stramp print | 2 Naturally Cane Chair | 3 Ikea lamp | 4 Paper Lantern Store light  | 5 Ruby and Rose Interiors stool | 6 Dressmakers Mannequin |
Freedom sofa | 8 Letter Lights

PicMonkey Collage

Falcon cooker | 2 Early Settler dining table | 3 Butchers block |
Early Settler dining chair | 5 Light fitting


Bamboo ladder | 2 Bedside table | 3 Quilt cover set | 4 Rosetta Santucci art |
5 Pierre and Charlotte lamp | 6 Bentwood chair

I would love to hear which of Nina’s Room you loved the most.

kristie-castagnaKristie Castagna spent 12 years as a Visual Merchandiser enjoying styling and retail focused design and its many diversities before starting her blog Elements at Home. She is an interiors stylist, colour consultant and professional blogger – not to mention mother and wife. She can talk design for days if you corner her at a party!

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  1. Have this basic design where my cousin and I had come up with. Whatever color it is the most important thing to remember is the wall. I’m glad to be here and see the latest furniture you had, I’m inspired also by the TV show! The Light fitting is rockin’

    Diane@ Interior Design

    1. I know, me too. I so love the look. It’s extremely hard to make that style happen if asked for. I think it has to be curated over time.

  2. I love the early settler’s furniture. I couldn’t obtain her style for my OCD reasons either but I certainly appreciate it!

    1. Exactly my thoughts, Early Settler are doing some great affordable pieces within that look. I love that we can stand back and appreciate even though it’s not our personal style.

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