Top 5 home styling essentials for spring

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Editor’s note: Please welcome the SY interiors expert, Kristie Castagna from Elements at Home. Kristie is a professional blogger, interior stylist and colour consultant so who better to give some advice on getting the most out of spaces at home?


It’s spring, I love spring, it sees the end of winter and the fun climb to summer. That is my favourite part of the year; the windows are open, there is long light in the evenings and the noise of my children’s laughter combined with the splash of the pool on the weekends. With all that in mind the word spring conjures up the idea of new beginnings and a fresh new look and feel around your home. It means new beginnings for your gardens your wardrobe and your hair colour (or you might be thinking about getting a perm like me… seriously😳) but it also means a fresh new look in your home.

You’re still stuck back at perm aren’t you? Let’s move on to your home and how we can add in those new beginnings or spring trends for your interiors. I will not overwhelm you with too many ideas just my Top 5 Styling Essentials for Spring.

5. A new throw for your bed. Many of you would be thinking I am crazy saying this as it’s still so wintery cool outside but that big heavy blanket will need to be swapped sometime soon for a thinner lighter blanket as it starts getting warmer. It’s a great idea to find one now before you actually need it.


4. Some new plants for your home. With the sun starting to shine through it’s a great time to add some more light, hardy plants around your home and move some of your wintery plants closer to the sun bit by bit to get them ready. It may take them a few days to adjust so keep your eye on their leaves and soil as they get a little more sun kissed. My picks are ivy and ferns.

Styling Essential for spring

3. Tealight holders. This one is a simple addition to your decor. You could use jam jars or specially made votives, they all give you the same feeling of a relaxed atmosphere and happy vibes. I have mixed mine with my fave spring herbs on my window sill.

2. Navy inky blues are hot for spring. Anything in this colour way will add a fresh spring vibe. You could be enjoying shibori patterns, Moroccan Ikats or a simple straight navy. Any way you like it, you are spring ready.

Styling your home for spring - vases

1. My top spring pick is marble. You may have seen it all over everyone’s bench tops but let’s head away from our kitchens and add it in all its possible forms in many other spaces. You may also be taken by the resin marble or marble look homewares available like I have been.

How many of these do you have and which ones are on your hit list?


kristie-castagnaKristie Castagna spent 12 years as a Visual Merchandiser enjoying styling and retail focused design and its many diversities before starting her blog Elements at Home. She is an interiors stylist, colour consultant and professional blogger – not to mention mother and wife. She can talk design for days if you corner her at a party!

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  1. Thanks for the post me and my hubby are redesigning our kitchen after buying a new house with the retro 60’s kitchen and I liked the look of a marble bench top with with copper door handles for the cupboards and my husband said it would be too tacky and ugly. Now I have to get him to read this post.

  2. Great post. I love spring, and the fresh feeling it brings. Filled my place with flowers from the local markets last Sunday 🙂 Love blue, I call it cobalt, hunting for a new doona cover at the moment. I follow you on IG, fantastic photos and ideas. Kathryn 🙂

    1. Hi Kathryn, lovely to see you here. I looove fresh flowers…my garden has just started growing enough that I can grab some from my own front yard. I found a great quilt cover at Target and Adairs is pretty high on my top bedding list at the moment.

      1. Oh its definitely the perfect excuse Jess, along with birthdays, christmas and easter. This allows us to have a perfectly good excuse to buy those new homewares we see.

    1. So happy I could inspire you Cheryl. Just pulling the curtains back in rooms you tend to keep closed gives a great hit of sunshine.

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