Spring Summer 2015 fashion trends

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It’s a warm day here in Queensland.

I’m not fooled though.

We’ve still got two weeks left of winter and some cool nights ahead later this week.


Come that last week in August, the seasonal weather switch really does get flicked.

Spring does arrive here very quickly, so it pays to be prepared.

First up, when that warm weather does arrive, you know what I’m going to say you need to do, don’t you?

Yes … get thee to thy wardrobe.

Organise, cull and edit so you know and remember what you wore before winter set in.

The edit will help you identify what you need to shop for as the spring summer season unfolds – remember to shop for the basics first – and it will also help you to identify clothes you already own that fit the spring summer 2015 fashion trends.

I’m not a believer that you need to be a slave to each – or any – trend that comes along but if you are looking to give your outfits an update, dressing with a nod to current trends does keep things fresh.

Department store David Jones has forecast five spring summer 2015 fashion trends which I’ll talk you through below.

Plus, I’ve got some shopping suggestions for you – things that are available right now in store.

Bohemian Rhapsody (bohemian) I don’t think we’ll ever let go of the boho look for summer. It’s floaty and feminine and a look that many identify with. It’s certainly one of my multiple wardrobe personalities but I tend to add my own spin to boho by contrasting it with a bit of structure. Think patterned maxi dress with denim jacket; floaty cotton top with skinny jeans.

spring summer 2015 fashion trends - bohemian

1. Bohemian Traders drop crotch pant $129 | 2. Boho Bird top $39.95 @ Birdsnest | 3. Boho Bird throw $129.95 @ Birdsnest | 4. Soludos sandal $75 @ Styletread | 5. Adorne bangle set $29.95

That ’70s Chic This is the trend that is most visual right now. It’s a strong look – some may say too strong if you wear from head to toe – but I very much like elements of this styling. It’s sleek and smart, bold and structured. And of course, I champion any trend that champions the blazer. I also love a wedge, platform or chunky heel in a casual shoe. Where you should tread carefully (see what I did there?) is the return on the flared pant, particularly the three-quarter flared pant. This style is not made to be worn with flats so if you avoid wearing heels at all costs, think twice before embracing. Of course, if you are genetically blessed with super-model like proportions, go for it.

spring summer 2015 fashion trends - 70s chic

1. Country Road dress $149 | 2. Katies necklace $29.95 | 3. Seed sunglasses $49.95 | 4. Tony Bianco handbag $74.99 @ The Iconic | 5. Trenery heels $179

Presumed Innocent (white) Just about every fashion store window I saw in Europe in June/July showcased this this trend. It was a white-out. Whimsical lace and ruffled pieces in white sat alongside structured white garments with geometric cut-outs. If you have small children who spend a lot of time putting their hands up to you to be picked up then this is not the trend for you. The rest of us? NapiSan will be your friend this season.

spring summer 2015 fashion trends - white

1. Seed dress $169.95 | 2. Siren heels $139.95 @ Styletread | 3. Najo earrings $59 @ Birdsnest | 4. Country Road ring $59.95 | 5. Seed clutch $69.95

Trench Connection (the soft trench) It will be too hot for a trench by October in Queensland but until then I’ll be embracing the fabulously relaxed styles that are dominating the early-season releases. Think traditional trench colours but also think outside the square and opt for a pastel blue. Wear open and relaxed over a structured spring frock or a white tee, distressed jeans and heels.

spring summer 2015 fashion trends - the soft trench

1. Katies belted soft trench $59.95 | 2. Country Road denim trench $349 | 3. Blue Illusion tencel linen trench coat $249.95 | 4. Sportscraft signature soft trench $299.99 | 5. Sussan linen trench coat $199.95 

Sonic Boom (prints) This trend is for the bower birds and head-turners among us. Yes, you’ll find metallics. Yes, you’ll find bold geometric prints. Yes, you’ll intense graphics and amazing prints. Dip in to this trend with accessories or embrace wholeheartedly and your bold wardrobe personality is busting with excitement to turn up the volume this spring summer.

spring summer 2015 fashion trends - prints

1. Cooper St skirt $129.95 @ Birdsnest | 2. Witchery top $89.95 | 3. Sussan jacket $129.95 | 4. Katies bag $49.95 | 5. Misano heels $99 @ Styletread

Do any of these trends appeal to you? Do you have things in your wardrobe that will work again this season?

* This post contains some affiliate sales links. If you click through and buy some of these products I may receive a small commission. Full disclosure policy here.

Comments 45

  1. I love these guides, Nikki. Just popped back in to get the list for the weekend. I’ve put in my phone for quick reference!

  2. Love this! I like the structure of the 70s trend. But am not a fan of flares. Do love a fluted sleeve, though – there’s always more than one way to embrace a trend! x

  3. Hi Nikki, congratulations on your prestigious and very well deserved award. What an inspiring role model you are for so many.
    I really like the 70’s trend and like the idea of contrasting flowing pieces with more structured pieces. This brings me to the question of jeans. Are skinny jeans still ‘in’ because there does seem to be a shift towards the boot leg or flare. Does this mean that the skinny jean is out? Thank you.

    1. Most definitely Nicole … the high trend is the flare (not boot leg) but they are not flattering on most people and require a heel. The skinny will always be around as it is flattering and you can wear with flats. What we’ll continue to see is all jean styles being offered and it being a personal choice which one you go for. Thanks so much for your kind words!

  4. Hi Nikki, congratulations on your prestigious and very well deserved award. What an inspiring role model you are for so many.
    I really like the 70’s trend and like the idea of contrasting flowing pieces with more structured pieces. This brings me to the question of jeans. Are skinny jeans still ‘in’ because there does seem to be a shift towards the boot leg or flare. Does this mean that the skinny jean is out? Thank you.

  5. Great pics Nikki. We went to the DJs fashion launch & I loved the boho & 70s looks. As you suggested, as a mother of 2 small girls, I shall be giving the White look a miss this time around! Can’t wait to get back into the spring clothes, apart from the dreaded need to attend to the legs, situation!

  6. lovely colour systems thanks nikki!
    we are enjoying the warmer weather here!
    had lunch at cotton tree today, with storm clouds gathering!
    delightful! love m:)X
    love m:)X

  7. Thanks for sharing these – I really like the “70’s vibe” selection – the shorts and shoes particularly – very nice!

  8. Floaty and full of colour is how I like my warmer weather wardrobe. Looking forward to seeing you Nikki x

  9. Ahhh they all appeal I love clothes and shoes and accessories. Haha. I do have small children so the white out is probably not the most practical. Loving bolder stuff as I get older so sonic boom makes me happy. And boho is always a winner!

  10. Love your picks Nikki. I love Boho but not too much as it swamps me (159cm with boobs!) so usually have a structured piece with the BOHO. I live in Perth and am heading to Gold coast for a long weekend mid September any advice on what to wear at that time of the year? We have to wait a lot longer for our warmer weather to kick in here.

  11. Love all of the things! Love the boho and 70s vibe especially as I can’t get enough floaty dresses and tan sandals in my life. I definitely won’t be doing flares though (flares and a pregnant belly is a recipe for trouble!). Love this wrap up x

  12. Thank you Nikki! Knew this post was coming soon – I was attempting to ‘notice’ trends for new season as I step my way through ‘unlocking my style’! Wardrobe edit this weekend and basics purchases I know I need are on the shopping list. So glad I found your book and blog 🙂

  13. Loving all these Spring trends Nikki. I’m looking forward to mixing them up too – boho with a 70’s edge; a great print or a white dress with a soft trench. Now all we need is for the weather to co-operate! x

  14. Thank you Nikki I like a bit of all these looks I do love a bohemian top with jeans,a beautiful white dress or lacy top,and I love the tan shoes and bags and some of the metallics and prints and the soft trench!
    I’m not sure about a flared pant and I won’t be embracing culottes or flared 3/4 pants as I’m too short and I’d rather wear a dress,there is some beautiful colours comes out this year which I love,have a great public holiday Nikki Xx

  15. I’m glad to see my recent purchase of a soft trench/duster is “in” for Spring, although that wasn’t my motivation for purchasing. Given it’s an inky blue it will look smashing with that 70’s tan leather (always in for me), white and metallics.

  16. Boho for me, with foundation pieces that are essentially classics, with a little twist – because I can’t help myself! I finally landed the Boho Bird denim maxi skirt and I’m living in it – I can see that travelling through summer with sandals and camis, as it’s been with boots and layers in the cold… I do need to find some more soft maxi dresses – an upcoming move to Melbourne means I’ll probably be dealing with hotter temperatures than Sydney.

    1. That’s a great purchase Karen that can take you from now through to summer and yes you might have some hotter temperatures but I think you still get cooler days in between too. You’ll need all your seasons on hand!

  17. I am loving so many of the new pieces coming through Nikki. I am contemplating culottes and white dresses for summer are right up my alley. Have an awesome day. V x

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