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Sacha Drake has long been my go-to designer when it comes to special occasion wear.

The Brisbane designer just knows how to create timeless garments for women to suit all different shapes.

She consistently produces collections that have the ability to make you feel comfortable AND glamorous.

This is not an easy feat but if you find yourself with a special occasion invite then you want to feel as comfortable as you can – so you can feel confident for that occasion.

This was just how I felt wearing the Prunella last Thursday night for the Queensland Telstra Business Awards (photos and details here).

Prunella is just one of many of Sacha’s new designs that feature a glorious shade of blue.

In this post I’m featuring another – a skirt with a nod to vintage styling.

The model

Sacha Drake Gallery Hop Skirt (Blue)

Sacha Drake 3/4 shirt | Sacha Drake Gallery Hop skirt (it’s also available in a taupe with metallic sheen)

and me

Sacha Drake shirt and skirt | Nine West heels | Swarovski bracelet | Prada glasses

Sacha Drake shirt (I’m wearing size 16) and skirt (I’m wearing size 18) | Nine West heels | Swarovski bracelet | Prada glasses

I must admit I fell immediately in love with this design.

Back in the ’80s, the way I was able to cost effectively stretch my checkout operator part-time wage into a wardrobe for an up-and-coming fashion obsessive, was to make my own clothes.

I knew my around a McCalls pattern like nobody’s business. And if I started on a project, I had to finish it that day.

This did nothing for the overall quality of the finished product but it reduced any delays in being able to wear said project.

Anyhoo, one of the projects was a drop-waist skirt. I made the pattern in black and a cornflower blue.

So when I stepped into Sacha Drake’s Paddington boutique and saw the Gallery Hop skirt, I knew I had to make her mine.

Apart from the thick, woven fabric that ensures the skirt sits well, it has a gorgeous blue metallic sheen, offering all kinds of dress-up/dress-down options.

It also is made way better than my rudimentary attempts on the Elna.

The reason this style appealed to me now – and back in 1983 – was that with the wide, flat waistband, it allowed this wide-hipped girl to wear a pleated style of skirt without adding width to my hips.

Oh, and did you notice, the skirt has pockets? Winning.

I’ve worn it here in a classic style that would work for the office or a lunch out. Add a blinged-up statement and you could take it out for drinks after work too.

I’ve chosen to buy up a size with this skirt, opting for the 18. The reason being that I prefer to wear my skirts and pants slightly lower on the waist and the larger size means I can do that. It helps to give an illusion to a longer torso.

If you are a skirt lover, you’ll be pleased to know that after a few seasons in the wilderness, the skirt seems to be back.

Embrace it as an alternative to the frock!

Do you like to wear skirts? What’s your favourite style? Did you sew back in the day? Still do?

The Model and Me: Sacha Drake Spring 2015

* The shirt was gifted to me as part of the first Styling You shop. I purchased the skirt. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I wear a lot of skirts for work, but not so often when off-duty, don’t know why really… I love sewing and learnt so much when I was a child from my Grandmother – I made a full length ball gown when I was at university. Nowadays I don’t have so much time and fabrics can be so expensive, although at the moment I’m making some cushion covers for our new kitten’s bed ; )

  2. The only sewing I’m capable of is the odd button or hem.
    My mother and MIL and grand-MIL were all wonderful knitters and seamstresses, so I used to have lots of things made for me. Nowadays sadly it’s a bit beyond them.

  3. Just gorgeous, Nikki! I like the tip of buying the next size up to wear lower on the waist which also creates the appearance of a tiny bit more length – more my style to wear ‘on the knee’ rather than above – fab. I too buzzed away on the Janome back in the day. I saw it in my wardrobe the other day – I am taking your hint and dusting it off!!! Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge 🙂

  4. I don’t think I’d be any good at sewing now Lisa … I’d be really stretching the old brain on that one. And there you go, I’ve learned something new about you today – that you worked in Grace Bros! I like that. x

  5. I was always whipping up my own clothes too, skirts being my favourites to make – ahhhh those were the days! This Sacha Drake skirt is gorgeous. I can see why you had to have it, such a classic wardrobe staple. And what’s not to love about pockets : )

  6. Oh I love this look! Denim skirt with white button down and classic nude pumps!!!! Love and you look great in it! Xo Steph

  7. I do love a skirt – and that shade of blue! Gorgeous. I do struggle when it comes to wearing skirts- there is a raft of decisions for the fashion challenged like me – what colour top, what style, patterned, plain, to tuck or not to tuck? Too many decisions for first thing in the morning! Xx ps let me add my belated congratulations for your award – a well deserved recognition for all your hard work xx

  8. I used to sew too, but I didn’t enjoy it much! And my finishing off was non existent. I never followed my grandmother’s rules about ironing the seams flat before the next step. I don’t miss it at all. There were 3 good bits. Choosing the material and the pattern, and wearing the finished item!

    The skirt is lovely especially with your delicate shoes. I wish I could wear heels more often!

  9. It’s a beautiful skirt. I love to wear skirts and back in the day I used to sew pretty much all of my own clothes too. *Loved* sewing. I still love to sew but don’t really have any time for it just now sadly.

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