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Oh HELLO Monday. I see you. I embrace you. And I bring you another instalment in the Model and Me series.

Australia was dishing up some pretty diverse/crazy weather across the weekend. Around here we were teased with a hint of what’s to come in about five weeks … spring.

Tops in the mid 20s. I even got the legs out on show yesterday. That never happens in late July.

Oh ok, you got me … had said legs not been out in Europe, I definitely would have covered them up.

BUT. It was warm enough to get them out. Meanwhile down south, the antarctic vortex was back.

I’m not feeling that smug though, winter will be back this week with Queensland due to return to single digits overnight.

For me, it’s easy when the temperature drops to just reach for a pair of jeans or fancy trackies/aka soft pants.

A tried and true wardrobe alternative is a pair of leggings and a tunic top or dress.

Today’s Model and Me outfit fits that alternative. It comes from label Rasaleela (available through Love That Print).

Let’s take a look at it on the model, shall we?

The model

Rasaleela tunic dress at Love That Print

Rasaleela tunic dress at Love That Print $55 (on sale)

and me

Rasaleela tunic dress at Love That Print | wYse leggings | Frankie4 Footwear loafers

Rasaleela tunic dress at Love That Print (I’m wearing M/L)* | wYse leggings (I’m wearing size M) | Frankie4 Footwear loafers

This cotton tunic includes a gorgeous Japanese print with red stitching details (hence my popping a red lip!).

It’s roomy but the waist tie allows you to create shape by either tying at the back (see model photo above) or at front.

You can define your waist as much or as little as you like. Me? I like a subtle definition as I have a short waist – too much definition can over-emphasise the hips.

The bust and neckline on this is more suited to a smaller bust – at a size 16D, I’m at the upper limits in the M/L size.

I get asked a lot about what leggings I wear. I’m a big believer in spending more on a black pair of leggings so they keep shape and colour for many winters to come. For a lightweight legging, these ones from wYse are amazing. Mine are five years old and still look and wash like new. No pilling or wearing through of the fabric at all. They were originally about $80-90 so I’ve definitely got my money’s worth.

You could switch out these loafers for ballet flats or boots (ankle or knee-high) and have a look that’s just as fun and comfortable to wear.

So tell me, do you do a tunic/leggings outfit in winter? Favourite leggings of choice?

The Model and Me: Rasaleela tunic at Love That Print

* This garment was gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

PS. I’ve updated last week’s Model and Me post to feature the same dress as worn by Miss SY (she works at Country Road and bought the same dress last week as part of her seasonal uniform).

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  1. I have exactly the same issues as Cheryl and solved the problem with Mela Purdie straight leg pants. They are clingy enough to wear under tunics yet not legging tight so my chubby knee fat isn’t so obvious. Thanks to the wonderful Nikki for introducing me to Mela and all the other clothes that suit us normal size women. I have totally changed the way I dress thanks to SY and I am never looking back. I just wish I would have realized how good I could look a size and century and baby ago.

      1. Yeah, no. I will wear leggings under a dress but I stick to Mela’s straights for long line tops. One of the beauties of being 50-ish is you can say no.

  2. I seem to rotate between jeans and ponte leggings and I love me a tunic. Lazy girl fashion is big in my life 😉

  3. Metalicus leggings for me. I have had mine for more than 4 years and no need to think about replacing them anytime soon.
    They’re definitely in the bag to Europe in three weeks, too.

  4. Lovely top – is it black or navy – whatever colour it really suits you, as does the shape. 5 years out of a pair of leggings? I think I should spend a bit more on mine – lucky to get 5 washes! I really love this look but rarely wear it out of the house. I always feel a bit ‘exposed’ – which is extremely stupid – but seemingly unshakeable! I think there have been too many years in jeans or pants and now I just can’t get it out of my head that I’m NOT in a short skirt and tights! (At 53 that is NOT a good idea)!!! xx

    1. If the leggings are good quality and think enough then you would feel less exposed I think Cheryl but if it’s something you can do, you can do the same look with a pair of skinny/slimline jeans. It’s a black tunic – there’s just a blue tinge to the colour of my photos.

  5. Love this outfit on you Nikki I like it much better on you than the model!
    I love a good pair of leggings I like Sussan ponte leggings they last well,keep their shape and wash well and I haven’t had to buy new ones this season and I like how they have different styles,normal,with pleather panels and I have a pair that look like soft suede,no they aren’t cheap but so worth it.
    Keep warm Nikki the temps have dropped back to freezing here Xx

  6. The top really is very flattering, love that it can be tied. I am going to wear leggings today so thanks for the inspiration! I am a chronic jeans wearer!

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