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Editor’s note: Please welcome today’s guest blogger: Kristie Castagna from Elements at Home. Kristie is a professional blogger, interior stylist and colour consultant so who better to give a living room a makeover?

Let’s update the Living Room together.

I can’t help myself, I constantly change things around in my home and to my Husbands credit he goes along with most of it. Sometimes it takes a little convincing but even he can see the benefits of little and big changes to make you feel like you are in a fresh new space. Some changes will cost me, some will cost me a little less and some will not cost me anything but my time. 

I love to shop within my home…… like moving cushions from the bedroom into the living room or moving a plant from my bathroom to the dining table just to make it feel like I have a totally new look without going to the real life, spending money kind of shops.

On the flip side, when I do need want to buy something to change up my look I scan the mags and websites to find my absolutely favourite decorating bits and pieces and where I can source them at their best value.


I recently decided to update my living room and I thought I would take you through my journey from start to finish.

First things first, the best way to start a room update is to kick everyone out, take off your cushions, vacuum them and turn them all over. It keeps your internal foam lasting forever and can be the cheapest way to give your sofa a new lease on life. This is the hub of our house and we all use the sofa…..even the dog, on her furry blanket of course.


Place back in, only the items you really love. I put back my loved items and realised the space still felt a bit flat, actually really flat.

This is where my plan started, I wanted to take out the plain black ottoman and bring in a coffee table (small glitch was I didn’t have one) .

The Ottoman was used while my littlest was learning to walk and we love a good feet up sofa experience but lately I am blogging from the sofa and the kids are colouring in all over my dining table….which is not working out well for any of us. I thrifted the coffee tables from Gumtree because I knew the decor pieces would be where I wanted to invest my dollars.


I managed to find a coffee table ($50) with a lower shelf for all my magazine to be stored. It was totally the wrong colour so I used some left over blackboard spray cans to paint it black and then popped in to “Man Myer” (Bunnings) for some ply ($15) to place on top. I also wanted that double up, high/low coffee table look so I found a side table ($10) on gumtree too and bonus, it was already up-cycled in this very cool shade of dusty pink.

The next phase was to add some decorator pieces to the coffee table and some colour to my very large black blob sofa. This is where I shopped in my house and at the sales. I grabbed some books, a plant, vases and a bowl to add onto the table (I already owned all of these). The Kas Australia Pheasant cushion was just too perfect and I used it as my jumping point and co-ordinated it with the other amazing cushions from Kas that you now see on my sofa. The last choice was the throw rug that had colours that worked with the ply and the our artwork.. I have to say Kas is quite often my goto for staples and trend soft furnishings and I am never disappointed.

PicMonkey Collage

Here it is, the very exciting final look at what it took to give my living room a well deserved colour update.


Tage Blue $49.95| Flourish $49.95 | Misty Pink $59.95 |
Neema Mustard $59.95 | Tia Throw $249.95 | Quamo $49.95 |
Pheasant Cushion $49.95 | Woven Planter Cosy $29.95 |
Handi Copper curry pot filled with my own succulents $15.95

Let me recap what we did. We vacuumed and plumped the sofa, we thrifted and up cycled the table, we shopped in our house and we brought in the cushions and throw.


So the next time you read one of my blog articles or Facebook posts you know exactly where I am sitting and what my new inspiring look is and how I achieved it.

Do you like to change things up in your home? What have you upcycled recently?

kristie-castagnaKristie Castagna spent 12 years as a Visual Merchandiser enjoying styling and retail focused design and its many diversities before starting her blog Elements at Home. She is an interiors stylist, colour consultant and professional blogger – not to mention mother and wife. She can talk design for days if you corner her at a party!

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  1. The blue.cushion with the bird is amazing! Love that you thrifted and up cycled. So much better for the environment when we can reuse!

    1. Thank you Jess, the bird cushion was the best find to go with my artwork. I had some Ikea ones that worked but not like this one did.

    1. Just adds some dimension to my long black seating space and you can bring the little round one over when you need something close by.

    1. Thanks Janet, I love mixing new with old, up-cycled and 2nd hand. A mix of everything for every budget.

  2. I loved reading this. I really want to get new art for our home but we have two African paintings that we got 11 years ago and if i replace them, I’m not sure where to put them. I love that you shop in your home first and how you upcycled the coffee table.

    1. Oh thank you. Do you think the paintings could go in an entry/hallway or office? We had a painting that we paid a decent amount for and it was just not a pattern I would show anymore. I tried selling it but in the end I painted over it and it is not pride of place at the end of our hall. Luckily I did art at school and remembered some of the techniques in a “wing it” kind of way. I am not saying this option is for everyone but it worked for me…..After some fairly serious discussions with Hubby mind you….

  3. I love decorating from home. I redid some vignettes in my kitchen the other day using bits and pieces I already had on hand which then led me to doing other things around the house. I had a total ball!

    1. Its the best isn’t it Chon. I love it also when I forget about something I have had for ages and not used it…..thats when you feel like you are on a winner. That flow on is the reason I never have any of my vignettes the same and lots of gaps around the house…..;-) xK

  4. I love your style Kristie,I am currently waiting on my new lounge to come it’s been 2 months so I will take on board your tips thank you Xx

    1. 2 months, wow I bet you are sooo looking forward to its arrival. Plenty of time to plan your sofa styling. Thanks for your lovely comments.

  5. I love Kristie’s style! I have a small home and not much space to work with things – so I am constantly rearranging the furniture, moving art and prints around and adding cushions to create a fresh look. I seem to rotate cushions from the living room, to the bedroom and back again! 🙂

    1. HI Lovely, Thanks so much for saying. I so often move my cushions from room to room to room and sometimes I even put them away in the cupboard for a bit, only to get them out and have Hubby say, “have you bought new cushions?” xK

  6. Hello. I love the print, i don’t see it mentioned where it is from? Also did you say small budget of $100….am i right that the throw rug was $249?…hmmm a bit over budget….tia

    1. Hi Carly Anne, I love the artwork too. We had it designed by a local street artist and my hubby made the canvas out of board. We gave it to him and said go for it. Sorry it must not have read well but I had a very small budget of $100 for my 2 coffee tables, ply and paint…the other items I was lucky enough to either have already on my bed or a couple were purchased on sale. I listed them as I wanted everyone to know where they could grab them if they liked them too. Let me know if you are in Perth and would like to see more of the Street Artists work. 😉

      1. Ahh thanks for clarifying. And for the info. Its an awesome print! But unfortunatley im in Sydney! Maybe one day ill make it over there. 🙂

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