The Model and Me: Country Road Australia

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Oh hello there. I’m BACK.

Thanks so very much to the gorgeous Rachel from Redcliffe Style for filling the Model and Me Monday slot here on Styling You while I was in Europe.

I loved seeing her take on the designs featured – and I love seeing her #everydaystyle on Instagram each day (make sure you follow along too).

Coming back to winter after three weeks of “summer” has been a little tricky to say the least.

Packing away those summer pieces for at least six weeks and embracing my winter wardrobe was a necessity thanks to a cold snap arriving in Queensland.

Yes, my southern sisters, it even snowed in highland areas near the New South Wales border.

Now, while all this chilly weather is very much still happening, fashion chain stores have moved on.

Yes, in fashion land, the season has changed and stores are filling with new-season, spring pieces.

If you’re over your winter wardrobe and looking to inject some life into it with something new then it is possible to buy from these new-season collections if you have your fashion wits about you.

Ideally you’d be looking for pieces that can be worn now with a few layers and then reinvented for spring without said layers.

That way you get more bang for your wardrobe buck.

I spotted this tunic dress in Country Road Australia last week because it very much fit my early-season buying brief.

Here it is on the model.

The model

Country Road Spliced Denim Dress

Country Road Spliced denim dress $149

and me

Country Road dress |  Frankie4 Footwear wedges

Country Road dress | Frankie4 Footwear wedges* (available September)

Country Road dress |  Frankie4 Footwear wedges

There is a massive ’70s influence coming your way this spring-summer.

I’m equal parts scared and excited. There are ’70s-influenced styles that really don’t suit me – and most of the general population – even with a 2015 twist on them.

Yes, high-waisted, wide-legged, three-quarter pants, I’m looking squarely at you.

What I do like from the ’70s, however, I will have fun and play with. Yes to more boho pieces. Yes to a-line skirts. Yes to bold stripes. Yes to tan shoes and accessories.

And I say yes to a-line shift dresses like this one.

I love the navy sweat fabric at the front (and POCKETS!) contrasted/spliced with the denim at the back.

The sleeves have an a structure to them that just works as a simple statement on a casual dress.

As for wearing this look now? It’s all about layers, my dear Stylers.

Country Road dress | Bella Bodies long-sleeve tee | wyse bodywear leggings | Frankie4 boots | Lou Lou Australia poncho (worn as scarf)

Country Road dress | Bella Bodies long-sleeve tee | wyse bodywear leggings | Frankie4 boots | Lou Lou Australia poncho* (worn as scarf)

So tell me, have you freshened up your winter wardrobe with anything new? What have you seen in the stores that you can’t wait to wear when it gets warmer? Things you’ll be avoiding?

The Model and Me: Country Road Australia

* The wedges and poncho were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

UPDATE: Miss SY (who works at Country Road) bought this same dress for her seasonal work wardrobe. She looks fabulous in it too.

Country Road dress, shoes and backpack | Uberfine necklace | The Horse watch

Comments 38

  1. I want those wedges!!! They will definitely be coming home to me. Gorgeous outfit, bit scared about dresses like that making me look boxy though. I love it styled for winter, I’d totally wear that.

  2. I’ve been noticing a lot of yellow/citrus in the spring stuff coming into the shops. Yellow usually doesn’t look good on me so not sure about that one! And 70’s, uuuugh, I was a kid in the 70’s and a teenager in the 80’s, and if I had to pick one it would be the 70’s – too much fluoro in the 80’s! A line skirts I like, but the rest will probably not make it onto my body.

  3. Welcome back! LOVE the dress – especially with the tights and cute little boots! Re the cold, just be thankful you’re not south of Melbourne (-2 this morning!).

  4. Welcome back Nikki ! Another example of when your Model and Me post looks better on you than the model. This tunic dress is definitely something I would wear and wear again and I love seeing its adaptation to colder weather. Hope your feeling better

  5. Looks awesome on you! From a practical perspective I am all about pockets. I feel lost without them! Love the denim back to the dress.

  6. I’m just dying to get my hands (or feet, to be more accurate) on those Frankie4 wedges. I’m on a self-imposed shopping ban currently (HARD) but hoping I can keep it up, and will allow myself a new shoe treat come September.
    I have a question about ankle boots – do you wear any sort of socks with them?

    1. I think they would be the perfect reward for your good efforts Deborah. The summer collection for Frankie4 is amazing!!

      Re ankle boots … I generally don’t wear socks but last week it was cold so I did. I was wearing jeans so it didn’t matter that they went above the ankle bit of the boot as they weren’t seen. My jeans meet the top of the boot.

  7. Welcome home, Nikki! Had so much fun following your travels on instagram and also enjoyed the back up posts here.

    Love the dress but it’s the wedges that’ve got me. Need!

    SSG xxx

  8. Welcome back nikki I’ve missed you!
    I love that dress on you it is gorgeous and I do love how you’ve layered it and worn it with boots.
    I agree with you about the 70s vibe,there will be no high waisted flared or wide legged pants on my flat bottom,but there will be a few boho dresses and tan shoes.
    I have 2 things I’d like to wear as it gets warmer a Firefly dress and a white with black stripes tunic dress,but as winter is only halfway over they will be waiting a while but that’s ok I’ll have something new to inject into my wardrobe.
    Thank you Nikki love this Model and Me post Xx

  9. Yay! Welcome back.

    This dress is great on you but too boxy for me. I did buy a striped long sleeve t-shirt dress in heavy cotton knit from Uniqlo for under $30. I’ve worn it already with tights, boots and a long cardigan.When it’s a little warmer I plan to wear with runners and a denim shirt.
    I do love tan accessories, and while I never really gave up on them when they weren’t “in”, I do need to update a few basic things.

  10. hello nikki! hope you are feeling better! <3
    I love the layered look best with that dress! as I would it's 2 degrees here!
    this time next week we'll be 'leaving on a jet plane' to your hopefully fine state! … what to bring? looking at your overseas tips for sure! I always take too much!;0x … declaration! … not this time hun! lol m:)X
    btw I will embrace anything that makes me look and feel ok! … otherwise it's a no from me! X

    1. I’m getting there M … my ears are not sore but they’ve been blocked for three weeks now. Everything is muffled! Don’t forget to pack your warm clothes for up here at night time – it is cold!

  11. Love the look of the dress, but think it might be a bit sack-like on me (no boobs). Love, love, love the poncho/scarf! Welcome back and hope you’re over your cold. x

  12. Welcome back! The cold must have been a shock to you, it’s been freezing. This dress is lovely on you. Oh dear the 70’s – I won’t be wearing wide leg/high waisted this time lol. Yes to more boho though. The 70’s to me is Cue dresses, Splendiforous (can’t remember how to spell it), Mimi jewellery, and Saturday mornings blowing my pay in Brisbane’s Queen Street! Kathryn 🙂

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