10 ways to change up your winter beauty routine

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It’s the second week of winter and my skin is already protesting.

Along the bottom of my chin line it’s become red and irritated – and not smooth like the skin on the rest of my face.

I remember this happening last year.

It’s a combination of internal stress and external aggravators that bring on this problem that requires a degree of calming to bring back to normal and keep under control during the colder months.

That calming got a boost last weekend during one of my regular facials and I’ve been applying a calming cream day and night ever since. (Try Dermalogica Ultracalming Barrier Repair)

This plan of attack is working but it got me thinking about changes I make to my skincare and beauty routine in winter and things you might like to think about too.

Change up your winter beauty routine  | 10 winter beauty tips

Here are my 10 ways to change up your winter beauty routine.

1. Take a good hard look at your current skincare routine. Particularly pay attention to how the products feel on your skin after application. Skin is prone to increased dehydration during winter months so it might be that your regular moisturiser doesn’t cut it right now. Dry skin also needs the balance in cleansing so opt for a cream cleanser. Upping your skin moisture content could also be as simple as adding a serum to your morning and night routine.

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More product suggestions: Go-To Face HeroTrilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ 

2. Sunscreen is still important. There is an argument that if you live somewhere where the shine doesn’t shine so much in winter there is a danger of vitamin D deficiency. That’s not a problem in Queensland where, despite the cooler weather, the sun can be super fierce. It’s essential that you don’t drop your guard in protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Further reading: Get tips from #ProjectSPF (I’ve been proud to be an ambassador for this campaign)

More product suggestions: NIVEA Light Feel Everyday Sunscreen SPF 30+; Dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF 50

3. Exfoliate. Exfoliating will not dry out your skin; it will remove dead skin cells and allow your skin to better absorb serums and moisturisers. I’m pretty good at keeping this exfoliating business up on my face but the rest of my old body can get sadly neglected under jeans and leggings.

Product suggestions: Trilogy Gentle Facial Exfoliant; Garnier Beauty Oil Scrub

4. Fake the glow.

This notion will certainly not apply to those who spend winter covered from head to toe but for those of us who have a mild winter, it might be something that helps you not shy away from showing a bit of leg or arm should the outfit and weather warrant such showing. My money’s on gradual tanning products for this purpose as they double as a body moisturiser. If you are getting a salon tan for an occasion then check out the Tansie, a onesie to wear after your spray tan in winter.

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More product suggestions: Dove Summer Glow; St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan Body

5. Protect your lips. My lips are the first part of me to show signs of dehydration. Cold, windy days are not helpful at all. You’ll always find a lip balm in my bag and, if for some reason, I’ve forgotten to stash one there, I’ll turn around and go home and get one – or buy one – whatever option is nearest.

Further reading: How to protect lips in winter

More product suggestions: Lanolips Golden Ointment; Twenty8 Coconut Mint Lip Balm

6. Embrace a statement lip. I don’t change up my makeup much during winter except that I’m more likely to be popping some intense colour on my lips. This is in direct contrast to what I’m most likely wearing in my outfits – black and white or some other tight colour palette ensemble.

Further reading: How to wear a red lipstick

More product suggestions (if red is not your thing): Napoleon Perdis Mattetastic Lipstick in Audrey; Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick in In With Coral

7. Keep your hair hydrated. Sure, we may not be swimming or hitting the beach as much as during the summer months but our hair can suffer as much as our skin from cold, dry conditions. “Feed” your hair weekly with a hair mask. I treat my hair regularly throughout the year with a bhave Smoothe salon treatment. If this is something you’ve been considering, winter is an ideal time to do it as the treatment very much improves the quality of your hair (read more in the link below).

Further reading: Save time on your hair with bhave Smoothe

More product suggestions: Sodashi Deep Conditioning Hair and Scalp Mud; Changing Habits Organic Coconut Oil (warm and apply to hair and scalp, wrap in plastic or wear shower cap overnight)

8. Don’t stop the pedicures. Ok, so if you’re toes aren’t on show throughout winter then maybe you’re not up for keeping up the nail colour. However, keeping our feet exfoliated and moisturised is something that, if done all year round, leaves less of a “situation” come spring. Instead of nail colour, treat the nail with a formula designed to improve nail health (try Revitanail Nail Strengthener).

Product suggestions: Clarisonic Sonic Foot Transformation Set (more to come on this but if you’re a fan of the Clarisonic for your face, you’ll LOVE this home pedi system); Milky Foot Exfoliating Pads

9. Consider laser hair reduction. The post I’ve linked to below is from three years ago but the content is still relevant. Probably more so, as I’m here to tell you that bikini waxing is something I’ve not had to concern myself with since. Waxing, for me, brought on an awful cycle of in-growns and was something I was very happy to leave behind. Starting a series of laser hair reduction treatments in winter is ideal as the lasered area needs to be kept out of the sun.

Further reading: My laser hair reduction

10. Switch to a fragrance with greater depth. Spring and summer is all about floral and fruity lightness in fragrance. With winter, it’s a chance to swap that out for comforting warm and woody scents.

Product suggestions: Chanel Coco Noir; Jo Malone London Amber & Patchouli Cologne Intense

So tell me, has your skin changed with the season? How have you changed up your winter beauty routine?

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  1. A big “yes” to Chanel’s Coco “Noir” – it smells divine and is perfect for winter. I treated myself to the perfume and body cream this winter and consider it money well spent!

  2. My skin is driving me nuts it is oily and dry if that is even possible! I was just thinking I need to change things up a bit so this post comes at the perfect time!

    1. Yes, it is possible as extra oil has nothing to do with the skin’s hydration levels. The key for your skincare is gentle and balancing – it’s possibly out of balance so bringing it back to gentle care will help.

  3. YES! For me, I notice that the skin on my body goes dry and flaky and my lips become chapped. I’ve just bought myself the Dermalogica ‘Ultimate Buffing Cloth’ to use in the shower to gently exfoliate (and prevent ingrown hairs) and the ‘Conditioning Body Wash’ to help keep the winter bacne at bay. x

  4. I live in an area with terrible water and combined with the winter weather, skin gets very dry, red, irritated and sometimes feels like there is acid in the water!. I slather myself in el-cheapo vitamin E or sorbalene cream and facial oil before I get in the shower. I also use Sukin body oil. I must admit winter or summer, I am a fan of oil – for face, hair and body. There are some great oils out there…My 2 cents worth 😉 (well with inflation, 2.058) 😉

  5. I agree Nikki having sensitive mature skin I have to really look after it all year round but especially in winter when a cold wind or having the airconditoner on more regularly can dry it out even more!
    I swear by Dermalogica ultra calming barrier repair as you know ,I also love the masque my therapist told me to wear it to bed and it seems to work and I use their daily micro exfoliatiant a couple of times a week.
    I have been using my Gwp sample of Lancôme Renergie multi lift day cream and that is great too it has an SPF of 15 and I always use night and eye cream.I love Rosehip oil too as a serum,I also am a lip balm person if I haven’t got lipstick on I have balm I even wear it to bed,plus a bucket of hand and body cream.
    Thank you for reminding us about our feet I often put foot cream on before bed and wear socks.Sorry for the essay have a great day Nikki Xx

    1. Essays aways welcome here – totally agree with you with the Dermalogica Barrier Repair and linked to above. I wear socks to bed most nights in winter so makes sense to pop on some foot cream then!

  6. I get weird dry, scaly patches along my upper cheekbones / bottom of eye socket in winter. I’ve given up trying to figure out why, but pawpaw ointment gets rid of them. I just put it on at night after serum and they go in a day or so … but then come back. I never get them in summer. My facial skin is hideously sensitive, and I’ve given up buying new products and not being able to use them. My face seems to like the KISS principle! In saying that, I love Face Hero and the Swipeys – they’re brilliant and I can’t thank you enough for bringing them to my attention! x

  7. I recently bought a big body brush from The Body Shop which is great for exfoliating your body. Just apply downwards strokes for a few minutes before showering and then moisturise after. I am also loving the Garnier Moisture Match on my face (pink tube for dry to very dry skin).

  8. My skin has been feeling dehydrated, I bought the new Nivea range you recommended and it’s lovely. Must get into the habit of using more body lotion after showers though. I absolutely agree with the lip balm, I have one in my pocket at work even, my lips get dry quickly and I hate that feeling. It’s so good to be feeling cold 🙂

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