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By the time you read this – all going to plan – we will have landed in London. On the longest day of the year.

Well the day with the longest daylight hours.

I think this will either be conducive to getting over jet lag more quickly or keep us in some kind of time warp where we really don’t know – or care – what time of day it is.

I plan to just go with it.

Before I left, I caught up with the design team behind Queensland-based label Surafina – and I was very glad I did too.

Laura and Rechelle have once again nailed a mild-winter capsule with a tight collection of wardrobe essentials that will serve you long into spring – or for an English summer as I’m experiencing this week 😉

Surafina is all about effortless styling and we’re a big fan of that around here – it suits my work-from-home lifestyle and translates easily for the weekend.

I’ve chosen three pieces below that have slotted right into my #everydaystyle wardrobe.

The model

Surafina AW15:  Nero long sleeve top | Camel knit scoop neck | Khaki drawstring pant

Surafina Nero long sleeve top $129 | Camel knit scoop neck $69 | Khaki drawstring pant $89

and me

Surafina AW15 top, pants and scarf |top, knit and pants

Surafina AW15 top* (I’m wearing M/L), pants* (I’m wearing the size 14) and scarf* | top, knit (free size)* and pants | Frankie4 Footwear boots

Let’s start with the pants. I love khaki but can’t wear it near my face – it just doesn’t work. In a pant though, it’s like a neutral. It just works with so many top options.

These rayon-viscose pants have a genius-like flattering cut. I really didn’t expect them to work for me before trying them on but they do. They’ve got enough drape to be flattering and they taper to a ideal hemline for wearing with just about any shoe which means they offer the dress-up/dress-down versatile qualities I like in a wardrobe piece. Added bonus? Comfort level is high.

It’s difficult to tell from the photo but the black top has a great use of fabrication in its design. The sleeves are a stretch modal fabric for comfort and warmth. The main body of the top is rayon, with a slight lowering at the back. It drapes for the ultimate in body-skimming flattery.

I’ve worn with Surafina’s leopard print scarf because LEOPARD PRINT.

Layering this look for extra warmth is easy with the camel/blush free-size knit. This knit has a super low, scoop neckline which is particularly flattering for a larger bust. You could also wear it with a tank top or tee and not lose the effect of the neckline.

The Model and Me: Surafina AW15

So tell me, is effortlessly casual your style? What’s Monday looking like for you?

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

PS. For the next three weeks while I’m away overseas, the gorgeously talented Rachel from Redcliffe Style will be filling in for me on Model and Me Monday. Please make her welcome.

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  1. I Nikki, can I ask how tight the pants are around the waist in a 14, I would personally have gone up to the 16 for myself but they’re not available in that size so I’m wondering if I could squeeze into a 14.

  2. I agree with Kathyrn’s comment- you always look better than the model, and that’s why I love blogs- to see clothes on real people! Thanks Nikki

  3. I have to admit my favourite part of this look is the leopard print scarf! Hehe. I have started to embrace scarves. 🙂 It looks like a super comfy outfit but stylish of course.

  4. Love it! And have just ordered mine. THE best pants on me are those like these. With that little bit of ‘drape and tape’ for shape and most importantly, comfort! Can’t wait to try on mine! Hope the hols are going well. Ax

  5. Happy Holidays Nikki!! Both of your outfits are amazing – I really like the concept of ‘effortless casual’….makes me think of different ways I could wear things. I am loving your ‘model and me’ posts – your interpretation of all pieces is so ‘real girl’ style…..and fabulous!! A chilly Monday in Sydney – layers and a lovely new pink tones scarf 🙂 x

  6. are we there yet hun? … hope not too much jet lag happening!
    you look great in this outfit! I think you have it with you!
    it is me to a teee!
    enjoy every little thing!
    much love m:)X

    1. Jet lag hasn’t been too bad – we arrived at hotel 9pm Sunday night so was able to go to sleep on London time and we all had a good night’s sleep. Same again last night! Hooray for that. x

  7. First day school holidays so this is a perfect look for me. And finally the sun shines in Sydney. Have fun in London ( blow my my sister a big kiss in the direction of Chelsea ( she lives there). Try and get sometime for Kings Road shopping. Amazing! X

  8. I often wonder what these companies think when you look better than their models lol! Love these pants and scarf. Hope your trip is going well, so exciting. Monday for me is work/brow wax/beach walk – so not too bad. Kathryn 🙂

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