Mother’s Day 2015

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Mother’s Day is a funny day for me.

I’m a mum and I do love the spoiling but I’m also a mum who has lost her mum. And my husband has lost his mum too.

The pleasure in indulging in a day for me is tainted by the missing mums in our lives. And I know I’m not alone.

My friend Kat (aka The Organised Housewife) lost her mum a few years ago and yesterday she hosted a blog post from Leigh Van Der Horst, author of without my Mum. Leigh lost her mum in 2008.

I don’t mean for this post to be a sad one, just one of acknowledgement to those out there who have lost their mum. Any day can be a sad day but in the lead up to Mother’s Day and on the day (this Sunday) it can be even sadder.

I’m truly blessed to have three wonderful children – two adult kids and a nine-year-old. They bring me back to the happiness of the day. These people who I brought into the world. These people who continue to make me smile every day of the year – not just on Mother’s Day.

We’ve booked champagne breakfast at a hotel and for me that will be the highlight …. just spending time, capturing the moment in our otherwise busy lives.

Oh ok, you got me, I do love a gift or two. I have asked for restraint given our trip to Europe next month … and my cheeky plan for one particular fancy “souvenir” from Paris.

If you’re still scratching your head, trying to think of a gift for the mum in your life for Mother’s Day 2015, this post might help.

It’s not about the cost of the gift; it’s about the thought process behind it.

7 tips for a Mother’s Day to remember

1. Plan out the day. How does the mum in your life like to spend an ideal Mother’s Day? Sleep-in? Early morning run? Brunch or lunch? Make it about her ideal day. Surprise and delight.

2. Shop at her favourite store. Does she have a favourite store – clothes, beauty or lifestyle that she’s always going on about? Start and end your gift shopping there and you’ll be on a winner.

3. Get away for the whole weekend – not just the day. Forget one day of relaxation – make a whole weekend of it. The beach? The hinterland? What’s her choice? Book accommodation and hit the road.

4. Give her time. If you’re a newish mum then this is the ultimate gift of all. Never under-estimate the power of an uninterrupted nap. Never.

5. Giver her a good book – and free time to read it. If she’s anything like me, reading time will roll into nap time but hey, that’s still a good thing.

6. A gift voucher is always ok – when it’s a voucher for something they wouldn’t necessarily buy or do themselves. There is nothing like a voucher for pampering – a facial, a massage, a pedicure. These are things that we usually put last on our list.

7. Make it personal. A gift inscribed with family names; a favourite dish cooked up for them for dinner or lunch; an iTunes playlist of their favourite tunes; an art portrait of your family.

Gift ideas

Mother's Day 2015 gift guide

1. Secret Keeping for Beginners  (I’ve read everyone of Maggie Alderson’s books and this one is pure gold | 2. Louenhide bag $109.95 (this bag/clutch combo will see you get good use out of both) | 3. Uberkate Expression Pendant | 4. Cocolux Sweet Pomegranate and Acai candle $65 | 5. Mimco bangle $69.96 | 6. The GoodNight Society pj pants $49.95 | 7. Kip and Co merino wool blanket @  | 8. Each To Own brooch $37

PS. If you work or are in the Brisbane CBD this Friday, I’ll be signing copies of my book, Unlock Your Style, at 12noon at Dymocks in Albert Street. Details here.

PPS. Did I mention I opened a shop yesterday? Head to and grab a gift card for the mum in your life.

So tell me, do you have plans for Sunday? If you’re a mum, let us know how you’d best like to spend Mother’ Day.

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day Nikki, I remember when my kids were toddlers, one Mothers Day hubby took them all out for a few hours so I could have some peace and quiet at home, it was bliss! Thank you for linking to Leigh’s guest post, it was such a moving piece and thankfully helped so many.

  2. I love idea 3)- that’s what we did this year- last weekend I shouted my mum, my mother in law and myself a weekend in Brissy- shopping, dinner, cocktails, sleep in, late breaky and markets- all with no husbands/kids! We had a terrific time. Experience pressies are often the best!

  3. My mum is literally a world away so we never get to spend Mother’s Day together – so instead I’m going to take part in the Mother’s Day Classic. It’s fun, I can run and it’s all for an awesome cause. Enjoy your bubbles with your babies (I know they’re grown/growing up but they’ll always be your babies!) xx

  4. good suggestions thankyou nikki!
    I will have an easy day! … see what I feel like on the day!
    it is the hardest time of the year for those who don’t have their mother’s anymore! as the focus is so intensified!
    I will be lighting a candle for my mother!
    hope you enjoy your day nikki! … much love m:)X

  5. Maggie Alderson – yes! She was signing at my local book store two days ago and I fully intended to get myself a signed copy of Secret Keeping but it ended up that I wasn’t able to go 🙁 Never mind; I’m sure an unsigned copy will be just as good a read (I’m still secretly sad though).

  6. Lovely post Nikki as you know this is my first Mother’s Day without my Mum and it’s particularly hard even just the lead up to it! I do want to read the book “Without my Mum ” but don’t know if I’m ready and it’s hard to find,have you read it Nikki ?
    I read that blog post on FB yesterday it was a very sad but great read,I really don’t need anything but some flowers and dinner out or cooked for me would be nice.
    I will be thinking of my Mum a lot on Sunday and to you Nikki and your husband I understand,I also will be thinking of all those people that have lost their Mum as well or a child,I will go to the cemetery with flowers and spend some time reflecting.Have a very happy Mother’s Day Nikki big hugs Xx

    1. Lisa, I’ll be thinking of you. You are a beautiful, strong woman and an awesome mum. Life will never be the same but you can reflect and remember the good times. I haven’t read the book but if I were you, I think it’s probably too soon. Keep it on your radar for some time in the future x

      1. Thank you Nikki,your kind comment made me cry,totally not your fault I’m just very emo ATM.I know life will never be the same but yes I agree reflection is good and thank you re the book I thought it was too soon and thank you so much for your kindness,I will also be thinking of you on Mother’s Day too Xx

  7. Lovely post Nikki. I wish for you the loveliest memories of your mum and Mr SY’s too. I lost my mother almost twelve years ago. She’s been very ‘present’ these last few weeks, and I’ve been wrestling with writing about it, and finally opened a new plank blog page and did it this morning. Kind of wrote itself, so clearly needed to get out. She was a book hound, like me, so books were always on the cards for Mother’s Day, although she wasn’t big on spending oodles of money on present – her very favourite thing was a box of those Red Tulip after dinner mints – the thin ones in the little brown envelopes…and, in later years when I was able to share it, a bottle of fine sparkling red! I don’t know what we’re doing on Sunday – Dragon Dad will be organising something, as all the boys (two of mine and one of his) will be elsewhere this weekend. But we’ll raise a glass to my mum whatever it is. x

  8. The past few years I’ve lost Mum, my grandmother, aunt & stepmother. In short all the “mother figures” in my life. Its been tough to say the least and yes I find this time of year really tough but I know they all would want me to enjoy Mother’s day and appreciate how lucky I am to have two great kids and a wonderful husband who always go to a lot of trouble on Mother’s day for me. Like you I’m going to Europe next month so I said no presents and yes to a sleep in a lunch at my favourite restaurant. So Happy Mother’s day to all and remembering those who aren’t with love and happiness.

  9. I am participating in a Mother’s Day 5k fun run on the Sunday morning, so instead of breakfast in bed I have requested that I not cook dinner!

  10. Great ideas Nikki. I am lucky enough to still have my Mum, I am going to Brisbane on Saturday to see her. We are going (with Dad and one of my friends) to an open garden which Mum will love. I have bought her a swag of new winter clothes, she will love them I hope! I miss my Nana, and one of my Aunties on Mothers Day, we were close and I always treated them to a present and flowers on the day too. My daughter is taking me out for dinner tomorrow night, she has to work on Sunday, her own daughter will spoil her on Saturday. It’s a nice day isn’t it, whether you are the Mum being spoilt or spoiling someone else! Kathryn

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