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Whenever I’m having an outfit conniption – and yes it does happen – I revert to my favourite non-colour combination.


Black and white is always all right in my fashion books. Whether it’s a casual or dressed-up outfit, it always looks classy.

Coco Chanel was definitely on to something:

Women think of all colours except the absence of colour. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.

Why embrace monochrome?

1. It’s a classic look. A smart wardrobe includes a backbone of classics and if you build your basics on monochrome then you will always have something to wear. Black and white together works. Every. Time.

2. It always looks smart. There is something incredibly crisp and clean about this combination that it looks good whether you’re dressed for a black-tie ball or the weekend soccer sidelines. Work this knowledge and, if in wardrobe doubt, embrace black and white

3. This is a budget friendly look. You can take two budget friendly black and white pieces and no-one will be the wiser as to how much your outfit cost. Still aim for pieces that are made well and in fabrics that will wear well over time.

4. You can always add a splash of colour. Fear that your outfit is not complete without colour? A splash in a jacket, shoes, scarf or accessory will fill the need. Even a red lippie will pop the monochrome.

5. You can embrace this look all year round. Layer in winter, keep it simple in summer. Whatever the season, there is a monochrome look for you.

Style inspiration

The real women of #everydaystyle (my style Instagram challenge) and #monochromemonday (lead by and @corporatecatwalkerhave more monochrome outfit ideas than you could fill your wardrobe with.

@teacherstylebygeorgina #monochrome


@sugercoatit #monochrome


@stylewithcindy #monochrome


@styleandshenanigans #monochrome


@irismaystyle #monochrome


@miss_js_got_it_on #monochrome@miss_js_got_it_on

@prettychuffed #monochrome


@retailgenie #monochrome


@icurvy #mono


@emily_phdstyle #monochrome


Shopping inspiration

Monochrome shopping inspiration AW15

1. Witchery top $69.95 | 2. Trenery knit $129 | 3. Seed tee $99.95 | 4. Bohemian Traders skirt $89 @ The Styling You Shop | 5. Country Road shirt $99.95 | 6. Sacha Drake dress $239 @ Birdsnest | 7. FRANKiE4 Footwear sneaker $219.95 @ The Styling You Shop | 8. Guess heels $149.95

So tell me, would I find a good dose of monochrome combinations in your wardrobe? What’s your favourite way to do black and white?

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  1. You might be hard pressed finding anything but Black and White in my wardrobe…black pants and black/white stripped top or white blouse, perfect go to combination for when I just can’t get my fashion feeling on…add some jewels or a scarf and I feel ‘done’, just like the gorgeous girls above..x

  2. Ah yes I just added three new black items to my wardrobe today 🙂 For autumn and winter I tend to work a mix of black, white, cream, navy and grey with some spots of colour from jewellery and scarves. I find it so much easier than in summer when my wardrobe has lots of colour. One of my buys today was a soft merino top in black with lovely grey detailing on the back, another is a knit jacket/top with an asymmetric zip. You can certainly wear all black without being boring.

  3. Yes Nikki you would find a lot of B&W in my wardrobe! Just bought my first pair of black jeans in YEARS too, will be a nice change from my uniform of dark denim haha! I find monochrome so quick and easy in the mornings, usually paired with khaki, beige, denim, or animal print….it helps me look dressy when I feel anything but! Thanks for the inspiration, gorgeous ladies above! xx

  4. I’ve been wearing monochrome a lot lately. I find it’s easy, it works, it’s doable any day of the week. I agree it’s budget friendly and classic too – that shirt I’m wearing is from Sussan a few years old but looks current! x

  5. I too very much enjoy wearing monochrome – I just feel more put together. As much as I try not to do it everyday … it kind of happens more often than not. My fav item at the moment is some gorgeous B & W high heel points, perfect with a black dress!

  6. @teacherstyle has nailed it! Love that outfit. Comfortable but polished and stylish.
    What you won’t find in my wardrobe is much black or white. All colour for me but plenty of monochrome outfits.

  7. After my wardrobe edit a few weeks ago, I realised that my clothes are mainly black, white, and blue. Very few other colours except maybe three khaki pieces. My mother said once that I wear so much black, people must think I am always in mourning lol thanks Mum! Bev rocks monochrome! I wear bright coloured work shirts and feel so far out of my comfort zone. Love your picks Nikki! Kathryn 🙂

  8. I do like black and white and can’t keep away from black and white (or cream or off-white or ivory) stripes, but I do fear looking like a waiter. The stripes or a pop of something bright keeps that at bay- and all these lovely ladies have managed to avoid that faux pas, too.

  9. So true Nikki monochrome’s always I n style and looks chic,yes you will find quite a few black and white peices in my wardrobe Nikki.They go with anything and what I like is you can update a piece from previous winter with a new accessory or wear it a different way.
    I love all the beautiful women you have featured they wear monochrome so well Xx

  10. helloo nikki! … “say my name!” = monochrome!
    I don’t need “conniption” to get this result! … love that word!
    I love monochrome the best! it is me! … good for traveling!
    I can try anything else! but! … I say no more!
    like your picks too hun! and all the girls are looking good!
    enjoy your day!
    love m:)X

  11. I’ve made over my wardrobe over the past couple of years to be B&W and I love it. I include charcoal, khaki and denim and colour from shoes and jewellery. It makes shopping so easy and getting dressed too, everything goes together and no waste! Love, love, love it

  12. Huge monochrome fan, B&W all the way! Its what I wear to look sharp esp in important meetings. It feels effortless but looks well thought out and on point.
    Red lipstick or a bit of animal print or in my case a fancy hot pink silk scarf.
    Loved your outfit Monday Nikki.

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