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Here’s where I confess to executing a total fan-girl moment.

It’s true.

It happened last Friday when I was in Sydney for my sponsorship and advertising agency’s annual conference and third birthday celebrations.

Founder of the Collective Hub magazine (and author and speaker) Lisa Messenger was our final speaker for the event.

Talk about end on a high note.

Lisa was a rising star and business success before launching her magazine (that is now published in 37 countries) but it’s that successful launch in Australia at a time when other magazines were folding or experiencing a decline in readership that has had the world watching.

What has she done differently?

In my (humble) opinion it comes down to two things:

1. Lisa (and her team’s) ability to create a community around the Collective Hub magazine. People want to be a part of the community, at events and on social media. The community has enabled The Collective to be much more than just a magazine and the community has then provided more income streams for the business as a whole.

2. Filling Collective Hub each month with positive and inspirational stories. Traditionally media has relied on the negative to “sell” its publications. Collective Hub turned that idea on its head … and more.

And then I listened to Lisa speak and realised that her success was based on much, much more. Below are some quotes from Lisa – things we all can take and embrace for a life that is bigger, richer and more meaningful.

8 tips for life from Lisa Messenger

8 tips for life from Lisa Messenger

1. We are the same. We can all do the same stuff. It’s just who has the tenacity, the wherewithal and the guts to make something happen.

2. Fear can engulf us and become all consuming – step back and work out what can you put in place to reduce the fear.

3. We need to feed ourselves instead of being at the whim of someone else.

4. Learn who you are and develop tools to deal with what is thrown at you.

5. Know your “why”. People ask what I’m going to be doing in five years – I don’t know what I’ll be doing in five days but the vision to inspire entrepreneurs will always be there. It’s just that the platform for implementing that vision will morph and change.

6. If you are open to opportunities you will see them everywhere.

7. If it’s not tough, you’re not having a red, hot go.

8. Instead of being concerned about competitors copying you, move faster and keep changing.

Lisa Messenger quote


So, that inevitable fan-girl moment? It came at the end of Lisa’s talk. After a group photo, I practically crash tackled everyone out of the way and bowled up to Lisa, gushing WAY too much.

Ever the professional, she obliged me in the moment. With a selfie, of course.

Lisa Messenger and Nikki Parkinson (Styling You)
This is one woman who totally gets and understands the power of social media. Big snaps for that.

Do you read the Collective Hub? Have you heard Lisa speak? What’s your favourite of the eight quotes above?

To find out more about the Collective Hub, visit here. Shop for Lisa’s books here.

PS. Just two days ago, Lisa announced on her Instagram account that her and partner Jack were no more. So much class, dignity and shared support in her announcement. Another example at winning at authenticity and respecting her community.

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  1. what a wonderful experience, her journey and her writing are so inspiring and speak right to my heart. I hope I get the chance to meet her one day. thanks for sharing – know your why really stands out to me because despite my various brands being different, the why is across all of them and is what holds me together and keeps me on my path when things get tough xx

  2. I never buy mags. To me they are over priced and useless ad filled oddities and the first issue came out when I was at a point of indecision and literally at place I was either running or staying ..ie airport. I bought this mag that I had no idea what it was. I fell hard. I subscribed and its my now monthly inspiration for almost anything and everything. It often transcends and translates into my life in really serendipitous ways. Now that’s powerful. Love that Lisa when I sent gushing letter to the editor she even sent note back saying she enjoyed my lovely email. Real or publicist reply does not matter I got an acknowledgement matter and that’s what the collective is for me. we matter always. Ps go the selfie.

  3. I LOVE Lisa! I heard her speak at Run The World 2015 over the weekend and her energy and passion was so infectious. I just wanted to run out of the room and start doing things! Had my own fan girl moment when I stalked her after the speech and got a photo with her too! I’m currently reading Daring & Disruptive and just want to get stuck into the other two too! Such an inspiration to women worldwide!

  4. I love grabbing my copy of Collective Hub each month – it’s the only magazine I buy and it provides me with a whole month of reading and inspiration (I love all the hand lettering scattered throughout the mag too). So lovely you got to meet her – how inspiring!

  5. Lisa Messenger is amazing! “We are the same. We can all do the same stuff. It’s just who has the tenacity, the wherewithal and the guts to make something happen.” – this is my all time favourite motivating and inspirational quote of hers.

  6. Loved this Nikki 🙂 Thank you for sharing for all of us to learn from as there is something in it for us all.
    I also had a fan girl moment when I met you last year at the signing of your book when you were in Adelaide. You blew me away when you actually knew my name – that was a truly special moment. Thank you xx

  7. I am so pleased you got to meet her – what a fab experience for you Nikki. Number 1 it is for me. It kind of seems o obvious yet so insightful at the same time.

    1. I know! I shared that one on Instagram and Facebook on the day of the talk as it really did trigger a feeling that we all need to remember when those “I’m not good enough” thoughts get in our heads.

  8. I am so pleased you got to meet her – what a fab experience for you Nikki. Number 1 it is for me. It kind of seems o obvious yet so insightful at the same time.

  9. she is obviously walking her talk nikki!
    thankyou for sharing ideas from an inspirational woman!
    she has a great work ethic! …
    that is a great selfie shot too!
    enjoy your day! love m:)X

  10. Thanks for sharing these tips from Lisa- no. 4 is the one that resonates the most with me as it reflects a journey I have been on over the last 5 years or so. I have my launch issue of Collective which I am going to make time to reread today. Great selfie Nikki!

  11. I love these quotes and tips Nikki, I think no7 is my favourite quote at the moment ,I started my styling course and I am finding it hard to fit it in my life but I am going to allocate certain days of the week to just get on and do it!
    I love your selfie with Lisa she is such a clever woman Xx

  12. I love Lisa’s magazine for the positive vibes on every page. This is my favourite magazine to read when I’m travelling for work and need to escape for short periods into my own space.
    It must be so difficult to have been so public with a relationship to have to deal with a breakdown, but that is not a reason to share your happiness…better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.

    1. So true that Johanne … and by publishing the news herself to her following, Lisa has beat the gossip mongers and tall poppy cutters at their own negative game. I too take this mag for my work trips away. I always find something new and inspiring in each issue.

  13. “The fear can engulf us and be all consuming” that is the place I am at now and I need to move forward to change things.i have put things in place to reduce it. I am not in business but I have to make so e big decisions in other areas of my life. Thanks Lisa.

  14. I loved hearing Lisa speak and I’m so glad you took all this down so I can refer back to it! I’ve started her book, Daring and Disruptive too. Love your selfie too!

  15. Oh wow! This was awesome Nikki and I must share it to my wall so that I can keep it on file to read again and again.

    A couple of years ago now I had a fan girl moment with someone that I held in high regard, I saw an opportunity for a quick selfie too. I was knocked back as she only took promotional photos (that she could edit I suppose). I will never forget the impact her response had on me from then on, I always and I mean always give anyone who asks time for a quick photo – it can be life changing.

    You yourself infact gave me a fabulous fangirl moment last year at Problogger, you had no problems with a quick selfie with a fan – yay for people giving time for other people. I just love you Nikki <3

  16. What a lovely lady. I love listening to, or reading, inspirational people. Especially women. There is usually even one small thing I can take away and use. Some great advice here. Kathryn 🙂

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