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It’s Mr SY’s birthday today.

He’s very ok that he shares this day with International Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) but Monday is pretty much a dud day on which to celebrate another year on this planet, which is why we turned the whole weekend into a festival instead.

On Saturday night we headed out to his choice of venue – one that involved meat and me organising a “cake” constructed of hand-dipped doughnuts.

It was as far from the spa cuisine at my Thailand health retreat as you could gastronomically get.

So I thought very carefully about my choice of outfit for the evening. This new-season sweater dress from Harlow easily won out over tight-fitting jeans!

I’ve featured Harlow here before on the blog. This independent Australian (designed and made in Australia) plus-size label offers designs for women sized 12 to 24.

I don’t like the term plus-size but it’s an industry term for any size above that of a typical fashion model (size 6-8).

Also, if you do have curves, like I do, then it can be tricky to find clothes that fit your shape, even if they’re supposedly the right size for you.

The dress below is generous in its size labelling. Read on for an idea of what size I’m wearing and also what the model is wearing to work out what size might be right for you.

The model

Harlow Dreammaker sweater dress

Harlow Dreammaker sweater dress $189 (Model wears size S – 14-16)

and me

Harlow Dreammaker sweater dress | Salita Matthews necklace | Dinosaur Designs ring | Swarovski cuff | Zoe Kratzammn Footwear wedges

Harlow Dreammaker sweater dress (I’m wearing Size XS – 10-12)* | Salita Matthews necklace | Dinosaur Designs ring | Swarovski cuff | Zoe Kratzammn Footwear wedges*

Yes, you read correctly. I’m wearing XS. No, I’m not a regular size 10-12. I’m a 14-16.

I found in this style that I suited the more fitting XS than the oversized (on me) S and settled on that one.

The cut is super flattering, which is probably why I get away with the smaller size. It still accommodates my hips and bust but creates shape around the waist and skims the rest.

The deep v-neck is also part of this dress’ flattering package, as are the three-quarter length sleeves.

The overall wardrobe appeal lies in this dress’ simplicity and versatility.

It’s a blank autumn-winter canvas, ready and waiting for you to layer to suit the weather and occasion.

It works on its own but can also be worn with tights/leggings and boots. It can be dressed up with a blazer or jacket or dressed down with sneakers and a long cardi.

If you have a waist for belts, by all means go ahead and belt up and wear with heels and a touch of bling for a night out.

This is a lightweight knit (acrylic/wool/elastane) and simply so easy to wear.

The Model and Me Harlow AW15

Would I find a sweater dress in your wardrobe? How do you like to wear yours?

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Love this on you Nikki. Gorgeous. And let’s face it, you had a lot to measure up to, Chanel looks amazing in this dress. Woot woo. Knit dresses and boots are winter if you ask me. So good.

  2. Nikki, you look incredible in this dress!!! Harlow is an amazing brand for your shape!! I’m heading back to look at the other Harlow posts now. Ps- I cant ever imagine picking an XS. That must be a little thrilling. Thank you for taking the time to link up with me on Flat Bum Mum. Bron x

  3. My fave piece from the Harlow AW15 collection…you look gorgeous enjoy the birthday celebrations x

  4. what a great versatile dress nikki! … and you look great in it!
    glad you had some celebrating on the weekend! … happy birthday mr sy!
    have a great day! love m:)X

  5. I love this dress on you Nikki ,I will have to tell my sister about this label as she is probably the same height and size as you it’s a great dress.I do like sweater dresses but actually don’t own any,but I do have a Sussan knitted tunic which I wear over leggings in winter,I find most swamp me or are too body con for my liking.
    I am glad mr SY had a lovely weekend festival for his birthday today,it would have been My Mum and dads 52nd wedding anniversary today too,so I’m very sad for my poor Dad today,it’s going to be a very hard week.
    Have a great day Nikki Xx

  6. I love a sweater dress on others but getting the drape versus cling right is always a challenge for me.

  7. love your outfit Nikki – I love sweater dresses and this one looks fantastic on you.
    My son also shares May 4 as his birthday and I have travelled to spend his only day off with him and hopefully spoil him a little.

  8. What a great dress. Yes, Nikki you would find a couple of sweater dresses in my wardrobe. Always wear with tights and boots because our window for dressing in that way here is limited. Splashed out last winter and bought a black cashmere one – so warm and totally blank canvas. Can’t wait for it it get properly cold! HB Mr SY – Long live the full-on birthday weekend festival. xx

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