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I loved sharing my love of the TV wardrobe as worn by Claire Underwood.

It was interesting in the comments how many others loved Claire’s style too … but, like me, don’t have much occasion for embracing it.

My office is at home. I only maintain a small part of my wardrobe for occasions that call for a more professional outfit.

It makes sense that most of my wardrobe errs on the smart casual side because that’s what I wear most of the time.

You may be different? You may need more professional and less casual?

What I love about the That Bird Label skirt and blazer I’m featuring today is that they can be dressed up for a work or occasion but they can also be worn separately for a more casual occasion.

The That Bird Label was the first label that online retail success story Birdsnest created based on feedback from its customers. The Birdsnest label stable has gone on to include Boho Bird, Bird Keepers and Belle Bird.

Each of the labels hits my sweet spot of wearability + quality + affordability. And this week’s Model and Me feature outfit is no exception.

The model

That Bird Label Piper Pencil Skirt | That Bird Label Starling blazer

That Bird Label Piper Pencil Skirt $109.95 @ Birdsnest  (size 8-18) | That Bird Label Starling blazer $139.95 @ Birdsnest (size 8-18)

and me

That Bird Label Piper Pencil Skirt |  That Bird Label Starling blazer | Moda Imaginne tee | Salita Matthews necklace | LaPelle tote bag | Nine West Australia heels

That Bird Label Piper Pencil Skirt (I’m wearing size 16) | That Bird Label Starling blazer (I’m wearing size 14)* | Moda Immagine tee | Salita Matthews necklace | La Pelle tote bag* | Nine West Australia heels

Worn together, this is the kind of outfit that I’d wear to a Business Chicks‘ networking event. It says business but with personality.

By teaming it with a simple white tee (a word on that tee … I bought this while in Hobart earlier this year and I’ve been madly trying to track down more. It’s possibly the best white tee I’ve ever owned and continues to wash like new), I’ve gone for a purposeful contrast of structure and relaxed in the one outfit.

A nude heel is always ok my me but this black and white suit would also work with black – or even red – shoes for a striking statement.

The dark leather tote by relatively new label La Pelle works a treat with this look and serves a very good purpose as a carry-all for all my blogging-essential devices.

So how would I wear this outfit as separate pieces?

I’d take the jacket and wear with a white tee or tank and wear with relaxed black, stone or khaki-coloured pants. This further creates that contrast of structured and loose garments in the one outfit.

I’d keep it simple with the skirt and wear it with a black silk top and black strappy heels for an office-to-drinks look.

The skirt is high-waisted. If you’d like it to sit lower and longer, buy up a size. Both the jacket and skirt contain stretch in their fabrication, making them comfortable to wear and better for a fit that works for your size.

I love how the jacket sits on my shoulders. The stretch definitely helps here, making it not look boxy like a jacket can sometimes do on those of us with big, wide shoulders.

Love a suit with attitude? A fan of the That Bird Label?

The Model and Me That Bird Label AW15 | Birdsnest

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration. This post contains affiliate links (if you purchase via these links I may receive a small sales commission). Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I love love love their Belle Bird label. Boho Bird is also a fave but not in my size. The thing I love most of all is buying from an online retailer who remember what customer service is all about. I received a handwritten note with my first order. Such a simple gesture but made me want to go back for more!

  2. I have re-written this comment a couple of times because every time it sounds like I am being awful Please be assured I’m not. You look fabulous. I understand your work requires smart casual (and you do this so very well!) but it is nice to see you in an outfit like this. I guess it is the same joy someone who wears very corporate outfits gets in wearing jeans to work.

    1. I don’t think it sounds awful at all Kelly! The very reason I like to mix up my Model and Me posts with casual and more dressy styles is because of women like you who need the opposite wardrobe to what I do!

      1. i think she’s trying to say, like i said, that this is really really you, you should wear it all the time, it suits you!!

  3. Nikki I love this suit on you it looks so much better the way you have styled it than on the model! I must say when I opened the page I didn’t like the look of it(sorry Birdsnest) but as always you have changed my mind,love it.Have you managed to find your favourite tee online yet,cause we’d all like to know where to find a great tshirt.
    Have a great day Nikki Xx

  4. How good is Birdsnest? I use the outfit pages for inspiration on how to wear the clothes already in my wardrobe.
    Not sure I’d wear the top and skirt together, so if I was to choose one half then the jacket would be the winner for me. In my business casual office, with the need to dress slightly more business for client presentations this would be great with my block colour dresses and separates.

  5. Can I say that I think it looks better on you than it does on the model?!? For me, having the white tee tucked into the skirt makes the length of the skirt look odd and I would have dismissed it on first viewing. Love the skirt and think I might order one for work.

  6. it so suits you nikki! … it’s a pun hun!
    I love that pattern! … is yours navy or black?
    could be worn with a simple dress, pants whatever! … good for traveling!
    love the skirt length too! very versatile and inter-mixable!
    enjoy your day! … love m:)X

  7. Stunning. I love a pencil skirt – so slimming (if the fit is right) and so business. The pattern on this one makes it perfect for work or a night out. It looks better on you than on the model, Nikki – you give it a bit of shape and pizzazz x

  8. I like that suit on you better than the model! I think because you have the tee out to break the pattern between the jacket and skirt.

  9. My work wardrobe changed the moment I started my plumbing apprenticeship. I could definitely see myself buying a suit like this that could be worn separately to different occasions. I’ve definitely been eyeing off a few Boho Bird pieces but just waiting for funds to pool up to do so. 🙂

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