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Ahhh, it’s good to go away but it’s good to be back.

Thanks so much for travelling along with me during my week on Koh Samui (more about that on the blog Thursday) … today I’m kicking of the week with a Model and Me outfit I photographed while in Thailand.

It’s from Adrift Clothing – a Brisbane-based online store that also has boutiques in Brisbane at Newmarket, East Brisbane and Chelmer.  Adrift designs and sources clothing that really does suit a relaxed, effortlessly stylish lifestyle. That’s everyday wear for some of us; weekend wear for others.

Adrift also gets a Queensland autumn-winter.

For my southern style sisters, what you might not understand is that up north things don’t really cool down until well into June. There will be the odd day here and there (and the nights get cooler) but until then our winter wardrobe will sit there waiting patiently for us to embrace its warmth and comfort.

With the edge off summer though, we do go looking for pieces that reflect a change in season but that we can still wear without having to do a complete outfit change by 9am.

That’s why I’ve chosen to feature these two pieces today – together they make a fun trans-seasonal outfit. Separately you can also take them into the early stages of winter. Read on for how but first let’s take a look at the outfit on the model.

The model

Adrift Antora pant in chapel | Olso top in ecru

Adrift Antora pant in chapel $129.95 | Olso top in ecru $89.95

and me

Adrift Antora pant in chapel | Adrift Oslo top in ecru | Zoe Kratzmann sandals

Adrift Antora pant in chapel (I’m wearing size XL) $129.95* | Olso top in ecru (I’m wearing size L) $89.95* | Zoe Kratzmann sandals (last summer)

In case you hadn’t already realised, I’m still very much a fan of the printed pant. They are as easy and comfortable to wear as slipping into a pair of luxe pyjamas but perfectly acceptable to leave the house in. WINNING.

Add a silk-feel fabric to the printed pants equation and you can’t help but feel a little dressed up. (If you’re worried about the breathability of the fabric here, I wore these on an evening in Koh Samui and they were just fine on me.)

The silk-cotton top which is essentially a neutral but with a fabulous bit of bling around the neckline, you are still letting your pants do the talking in the outfit, all the while taking things up a notch and inviting the addition of even more metallic to the outfit mix. In this case the sandals complete it.

So how do you take these pieces and still wear them as it cools down even further? I’m glad you asked.

They are not high-winter pieces, that’s for sure, but they are great trans-seasonal pieces for now and early spring.

What I’ll be doing in the cooler months is taking the pants and teaming them with a knit and metallic sneakers or loafers. I find this style of pant doesn’t work so well with an ankle boot. It can look a bit Pirates of the Caribbean on me … without the Johnny Depp-cool factor.

The top will work a treat with skinny jeans (black or denim), heeled ankle boots and a jacket for an evening out.

Now, I know that if you live where it’s already colder than a Queensland winter these pieces may not be ok for you … rest assured, I’ll be mixing it up over the next month or so with more warmer winter pieces.

I had a comment recently on one of my #everydaystyle photos asking if I could please wear clothes more suited to winter. I could only laugh … can you imagine me wearing a coat and multiple layers for my daily outfits when the average day time temperature is still 27 degrees? That would turn some heads on the school run.

Are you still embracing the printed pant? What’s your fave way to wear them as it cools down?

The Model and Me: Adrift Clothing AW15

* These pieces were gifted to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Hi Nikki, I love your blog! In fact I spent several hours this afternoon composing a long and thoughtfully composed email explaining the reasons why I think it is unique and streets ahead of similar blogs.

    I even made a suggestion that could perhaps make it even more brilliant.

    Unfortunately I sent my email to your supposed personal email address shown on the “contact me” page of your website and promptly received a dismissive automated reply referring me to agencies set up to deal with business enquiries.

    So I’m feeling quite foolish that I poured out my admiration and personal feelings to a robotic email address which looked so authentic. But I suppose that’s big business blogging for you.

    Still love the blog though.

    1. Hi Ruth, I still receive every email. And I have received yours, to which I will reply … the automated response is in place because I receive about 300+ emails per day from businesses and brands wanting to work with me or find out information about how to do that. I cannot possibly keep on top of that in a timely manner so most of the info contained within can help them get started. I’m sorry you felt dismissed by that and I hope you can understand my position. This is a business but it’s not a big business – I’m a sole trader business with only limited support helping me run the day-to-day.

  2. You answered my nagging question about wearing ankle boots with patterned pants… I have thought it looks a bit weird.
    Need to get some metallic loafers I think.
    Too bad, coz I love my patterned pants… it gets cold here in Adelaide!

  3. I love both of these! There are some Sydney summer days where it would be cool enough for this. Perfect though for this in between weather right now.

  4. As often happens the clothes look better on you Niki. Your vibrancy brings the clothes to life. A great weekend outfit for me.

  5. This is a lovely outfit, and particularly with your gold sandals. I can imagine wearing the top with jeans, looks very comfy too. 🙂

  6. This outfit looks nice but it doesn’t look like a $200 plus outfit to me.

    I get what you say about the winter look but some people may not really understand how warm it actually is in Qld. You come across very condescending.

    1. Really? I don’t think Nikki comes across as condescending at all. I think she seems extremely down to earth, and not judgemental. If you read more of her posts, or her book, you would see that she is encouraging towards all women. If I thought she was vain etc, believe me I wouldn’t read her blog.

    2. Sorry Jo but I can’t agree with you. Nikki is purely explaining that we don’t have a real winter in Queensland. I am jealous of other places that do enjoy a cooler climate … I get sick of our heat. It is feral at times. It is so much easier to dress for a cooler climate which is I think the reason why most Queenslanders dress so badly … sorry to offend everyone but it’s true … we’re too bloody hot to bother. In a cooler climate you can cover everything up with a gorgeous coat, scarf and boots and you look stylish.

    3. It’s not condescending Jo – just stating fact. Our “winter” is short and not a real winter. I have more readers who live in the southern states than in Queensland so I have to make this distinction in outfits I include on the blog during our autumn which is vastly different to a Victorian autumn. As for my #everydaystyle posts, they are about what I’m actually wearing that day so is totally dependent on the weather of the day.

  7. This outfit looks fantastic on you. It could be worn anywhere. Looks particularly good with your gold watch and sandals. 🙂

  8. I do love a peasanty/boho top… I have some fine voile that colour in my fabric stash that’s pinned to a pattern for a top like that – must.get.organised – and make the darned thing! Not so much a fan of the print pant, I must say…but they do look good together and suit you!

  9. I love a printed pant,I’m with you on the comfort factor Nikki any soft pant is a winner in my books! That top is really lovely and adore the tassels I love silk,you look so pretty and relaxed in this outfit Nikki.
    Thank you very much for sharing your retreat with us it all looked so beautiful,don’t overdo the get Sh$t done factor try and keep some of your calm and relaxed vibes Xx

  10. looking super relaxed and glowing nikki!
    glad you embraced your sanctuary life! … and it shows!
    enjoy your day! love m:)X

  11. Once again, you outshine the model Nikki. You really have a way of bringing clothes to life. I love the idea of that top with skinnies and boots, definitely doable in a Christchurch winter. Xx amanda

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