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Towards the end of last year, when I was well and truly over the nightly catering gig and the teenagers had moved back home – meaning the catering was essentially now for four adults and one child – I cottoned on to my mate BabyMac‘s biggest cooking secret.

The harnessing of the large Scanpan roasting pan for all manner of one pot wonder recipes.

We didn’t have said Scanpan at the time and soldiered on with a ceramic baking dish with half an eye out for any specials on the new object of our cooking desire.

The Boxing Day sales came and went and the most that the department stores offered up was a medium-sized pan. Which would not do at all. Way too small.

So, I let my online fingers do the walking. I discovered that the large pan did actually exist and would probably cost about $300.

Fine, I thought. Totally worth it.

But then another quick Google led me to Kitchenware Direct and I picked up the Scanpan Evolution roasting pan for less than $200. It’s currently $199.

From the moment that non-stick ceramic titanium technology (fancy words for you can use metal utensils with it) arrived, we have been giving it one almighty big-pan work out.

I’ve shared some images on Instagram but today I’ll share some of those meals with links to the recipes that inspired those dinners.

Salmon, potatoes and beans

One pot wonder recipe: salmon, potatoes and beans

This is an adaptation of BabyMac’s Salmon One Pot Wonder. We’ve made it Beth’s way with baby spinach tossed through at the end but on this night we had some beans that needed eating so blanched them first before tossing through with the potatoes.

Chorizo chicken

One pot wonder: chorizo chicken

Yes, I stalked BabyMac again for this recipe. I think it was the first one pot wonder that got us on the bandwagon. It NEVER fails to please. On this night we added some zucchinis for extra greens about half way through the cooking time. Love the way the chorizo flavours the chicken. Don’t be tempted to substitute the thighs for breasts … they will be too dry.

Jamie Oliver’s mothership roast pork

Jamie Oliver's mothership roast pork

I don’t think we would have attempted a roast of this size except for the the Scanpan. It’s a recipe that comes from the Save with Jamie cookbook. We’ve done all the roasts in that book and they are all winners. This is probably our fave … because CRACKLING and fall-apart roast pork. We did use the leftovers of this roast for a taco night – just mixing with Mexican spices as we re-heated the meat.

Jamie Oliver’s Baked White Fish

Jamie Oliver's baked white fish

Leave it to Jamie again. We had some beautiful snapper fillets and I wanted to harness the Scanpan so did a little Google and found this simple recipe that uses some pantry staples to create a fish dish that got the thumbs from everyone.

Mothership lasagne

Mothership lasagne

I think this is the biggest lasagne that I’ve ever made. And it created about four meals for us. The first night and then three portions frozen for a later date. That makes good cooking sense. Mr SY always does the hard work of creating the bolognese sauce to his secret recipe. It’s only secret because I just let him go at it and have not really taken much notice of what steps he takes. I do know that he prefers a pork/veal mince combination and will always throw some carrot and zucchini through the Thermomix to up the veggie content. I then come in and do the bechamel sauce in the Thermomix and the layering of pasta sheets in the dish for all the glory.

So tell me, are you a fan of a one pot wonder? Got a recipe you’d like to share?

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  1. I hear you with the nightly catering gig, probably the one household chore that gives me the irrits the quickest. Scanpan dish is the goods. Although I do love my le cruset as well. Thank you for the ideas for dinner tonight.

  2. Yes yes yes! I love recipe recommendations. My dinner mojo is rubbish at the moment, this post has restored my levels to a reasonable level. Now I just need to buy one of those pans and I’ll be done! Xx Mrs T

  3. Only online briefly Nikki, and touching in with a few of my favourites. I’m awaiting biopsy results and just needing some online time out for the time being.

    Funnily enough I purchased that exact Scanpan for hubby for his 40th. It came with a bit of a roasting by me. It was on his wishlist and as he vowed to cook, clean and slave after me at our wedding it was truly the perfect gift.

    With hubby heading to sea for a month and me needing to take things easy, I will be showing my three teens this post and having them come up with a few more one pan super easy dishes.

  4. I need this pan in my life! I usually do a slow cooked meal but after a while it seems everything i cook in there is tomato based which doesn’t like as much. Thank you for the dinner inspiration! X

  5. I need this pan in my life! I usually do a slow cooked meal but after a while it seems everything i cook in there is tomato based which doesn’t like as much. Thank you for the dinner inspiration! X

  6. The other week I made Gourmet Girlfriend Middle eastern meatballs all in one pan- sooooooo good! Ratatouille is good too, served with pasta, on the side of some meat or just with some chunks of bread. Ive made Jamie’s giant veg rosti too, I liked it a lot 🙂

  7. Our go to one pot dish is a recipe we made up ourselves. It is simple and versatile.
    The core ingredients are potatoes, onions, olive oil and chicken thighs (on the bone with skin on).
    You can add any other vegetables you like – pumpkin, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, carrots, sweet potato, mushrooms etc.
    To make:
    Slice potatoes and onions and place in bottom of pan. Add other vegetables as desired.
    Place chicken thighs on top and drizzle all with olive oil.
    Top with fresh herbs or spices as you wish and/or have to hand. We like to top this with dukkah. Season to taste.
    Cook in moderate oven until chicken is golden and vegetables are tender. Baste chicken from time to time if you think it needs it (generally we don’t).
    Delicious on its own or with a salad.

  8. Love love love that Chorizo Chicken recipe of BabyMac’s. It is a winner. What is not to love about a one pot wonder? There is an indian lamb dish of Jamie’s I really enjoyed too – might need to that again.

  9. Donna Hay has a couple of great recipes too, including one we really like to use for entertaining with frenched lamb cutlets, zucchini and a lovely seeded mustard marinade. At least once a week I like to bake some vegetables with a drained and rinsed tin of chickpeas and some paprika. Then we serve with a handful of coriander, a sprinkle of dukkah and a couple of flicks of dressing made from lemon juice, tahini and greek yoghurt. It’s completely adaptable to using carrots, beetroot, pumpkin, cauliflower or broccoli or a combination of what you like- whatever needs using up.

  10. I am a huge fan of Save with Jamie. I have really learned how to make a roast and deal with the leftovers, which has changed the way I cook. And I feel more competent in the kitchen because of it. Also, Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals, which only take 15 minutes in my dreams but if you let that go there is a lot of easy nutritional recipes to learn. My favourite ‘one tray’ recipe is Maple Mustard Baked Chicken Thighs with Potato Wedges –

  11. Oh yay more tray bakes! I do about 4 regularly. There’s a Jamie Pork and Pear one that is divine and Nigella does some amazing ones with lamb chops and chicken. And of course there is always the chicken thigh, lemon, garlic, oregano thing I’ve done for years … and the Greek style roast vegetable one (that we just serve with a chunk of feta – no meat!). Okay maybe I make more than 4 … but there is always room for more! 🙂

  12. I love one pot wonders Nikki I make the Nigellas Italian tray bake ,it’s nearly the same as the chorizo chicken.I make a chicken pie in winter which is just cooked chicken usually breast or you can use a bbq chicken, a can of cream of chicken soup and some veggies either frozen or fresh whichever you have or need to use up and a piece of puff pastry on top and some sesame seeds,the black ones look better,Its an assemble at lunch time sort of dinner and then just cook it in the oven at dinner time.
    I am a bit over cooking dinner too Nikki and with indoor soccer and soccer training 3 nights out of 7 it makes it more difficult,must try some new recipes Especially Beth’s sandwich maker chicken Xx

  13. I have a swag of one pot dishes acquired over the years, but our current thing, given the hot sticky summer we’ve had in Sydney, is the meal in a bowl salad. I had a play last night and ended up with a mix of brown rice, quinioa, roasted Jap pumpkin, grilled zucchini, orange segments and onions with a citrussy dressing that we had with grilled haloumi – would be good with chicken too. I wrote that one out, but they’re very much about playing with what’s in the fridge and pantry cupboard!

  14. I call this “REGGIE CHICKEN”, because we used to have it regularly. Layer your baking dish; olive oil to coat bottom, 2 to 3 chicken fillets, that have been sliced, lengthways, coat in garlic olive oil, 4 cooked bacon rashers, 1 brown onion, sliced, 5 mushrooms, sliced, pour over 1/2 cup bbq sauce and 1/2 cup sweet chill sauce, that have been mixed together. Bake in a 170C oven for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Enjoy!

  15. Yum, these all look delicious. I’ve got a couple of Le Creuset dutch ovens (medium and huge) but could possibly add to my collection. I like bigger as it means cooking in bulk, more left overs and less dishes. Oh and I’ll be living with three teenage boys in a few years so I need to prepare!

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