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I know this post will be polarising on a couple of fronts so let’s get that out on the table from the start, shall we.

1. I’ve been watching and largely enjoying Channel Ten’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

2. I’m a long-term, card-carrying member of the animal-print appreciation society.

Let’s address #1, shall we?

I didn’t plan to watch the entire series but that’s how it’s panned out. I switched on for Julia Morris (one of Australia’s funniest people) and kept watching for Chrissie Swan (also one of Australia’s funniest people).

Before I knew it, the whole family was hooked and so became an almost nightly habit of sitting down after dinner and watching a bunch of people in khaki and red do not much at all except for tucker challenges, which I can tell you should not be watched on a full stomach. Especially those “food” ones. Water cockroaches. GAG.

Early on I twigged that Julia Morris’ jungle wardrobe was not some capsule wardrobe packing coincidence. Far from it.

Alex Perry dress | Witchery wedges | photo: @ladyjuliamorris

Alex Perry dress | Witchery wedges | photo: @ladyjuliamorris

So, I went to the source of her fabulous on-set wardrobe, stylist Anne Stringer (follow her here on Instagram – she’s currently working on the wardrobe for the next Bachelor), for the low down on how it all came about.

SY: Who’s idea was it to bring a touch of safari/jungle into Julia’s nightly outfits?

AS: It’s a bit of a team effort between Julia, the executive producers and me. Given the fact we are filming in the jungle with wildlife, it was good to make a little play on this and, of course, include animal print, especially leopard. It’s so on trend right now.

Camilla kaftan | Photo: @ladyjuliamorris

Camilla kaftan | Photo: @ladyjuliamorris

SY: How do you follow this theme and not have it look cheesy? 

AS: It’s all about the fabric, silhouette and style of an outfit, dress, top etc. It needs to be tastefully done and age appropriate. No mutton dressed as lamb or cougar looks! 

DVF dress |  photo: @ladyjuliamorris

DVF dress |  photo: @ladyjuliamorris

SY: Is Julia a fan of all things animal print? 

AS: Yes she is a fan and she has fun with it. It’s really important she feels comfortable in what she wears. I wouldn’t let her wear anything she didn’t feel comfortable in as it affects the performance.

We have used a few items in conjunction with certain episode content, for example the camp is starving and go off to eat insects so I’ll put her in an insect top. Or the camp is doing a challenge with animals so I’ll put her in an animal or leopard item. It’s just a little subtle thing we do.

Vintage DVF | photo: @ladyjuliamorris

Vintage DVF | photo: @ladyjuliamorris

SY: What have been your favourite outfits on Julia?

AS: I’ve had so many inquiries about how good Julia is looking and what she is wearing, which is great. I’m loving the figure-hugging dresses: Alex Perry navy leather skin dress with white sleeves (pictured at top); Clover Canyon floral print dress; Witchery leopard print dress (below); Marcs navy safari shirt dress (below).

Witchery dress | photo: @ladyjuliamorris

Witchery dress | photo: @ladyjuliamorris

Marcs dress | Doury Accessories necklace | photo: @ladyjuliamorris

Marcs dress | Doury Accessories necklace | photo: @ladyjuliamorris

Then there’s the two- piece Safari style – navy Willow skirt with white fitted Marcs shirt; Alannah Hill gold skirt with Little Joe camo top.

Little Joe top | Alannah Hill skirt | photo: @imacelebrityau

Little Joe top | Alannah Hill skirt | photo: @imacelebrityau

Marcs shirt | Clover Canyon skirt | Witchery wedges | photo: @ladyjuliamorris

Marcs shirt | Clover Canyon skirt | Witchery wedges | photo: @ladyjuliamorris

I love her footwear – her three pairs of Witchery wedges. I had some great animal print stilettos but they get stuck in the mud. Julia has a great set of pins, so it’s good to show them off.

SY: What should we all keep in mind when wanting to incorporate a safari/jungle theme into our wardrobes?

AS: Wear animal in a subtle way with little hit on a belt, shoe, trim, scarf or cami. Animal print always looks good with denim and white or black.

Or make a big bold statement in animal print by getting a good silhouette in a dress, skirt, pant, jacket or top that suits your body shape in a beautiful quality animal print fabric, so it doesn’t look cheap. 

SY: What are some of the key labels you have worked with for the outfits? 


Clothing: Alex Perry; Clover Canyon; Witchery; Marcs; Willow; Little Joe; DVF; Desert Road House; Leona Edmiston; Ginger & Smart; Alannah Hill; Country Road; Camilla; Seed; Bec & Bridge; Zara; Saba; Portmans; David Lawrence.

Footwear: D Squared; Caterpillar; Timberland; Witchery; Country Road; Tony Bianco.

Jewellery: Doury; Sally Skoufis; Banana Republic; Saba; Country Road; Witchery

Shopping suggestions

Here’s a sample of some of the fabulous animal print and jungle-inspired pieces available in store now. Yes, I consider animal print a neutral!

embrace your inner jungle queen | #animalprint

1. Sportscraft dress $199 (VIP spend and save on now) | 2. Motto skirt $69.95 | 3. Seed pant $79.95 | 4. Sportscraft jacket $299.95 (VIP spend and save on now) | 5. Bohemian Traders maxi dress $139 | 6. Soludos espadrilles $58 | 7. Witchery scarf $49.95

Want some more tips on how to wear animal print? Check out this post here.

Confession time … who else has been watching? Who’s going to win? Who loves a bit of jungle theming in their wardrobe?

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  1. I confess- I’m an animal print lover. I also consider it a neutral and I do love to wear a leopard print shoe with my red or blue block colour dresses.
    I also have the Sportscraft cropped pant that is the same print as the coat you have highlighted, Nikki!

  2. Have always loved leopard print-no matter how old I get. Think it can look very classy as long as you are not dressed head to toe in it! Just purchased a leopard clutch from Diana Ferrari which will brighten up my new seasons wardrobe.

  3. Hmm it just me or does leopard print scream ‘ look at me, I’m over 40?’ I think Julia looks fabulous , the key message is to choose quality . I am absorbing and learning from Nikki and trying to get my head around an animal print being a neutral! Keeping an open mind. Love this blog and everything SY offers and stands for.

    1. Check out how my friend Sonia (blogger Sonia Styling) wears leopard print – she’s 30 and rocks it. I think it’s a personal preference thing and that it can be overdone but when done in a fun/surprise way can be a great outfit statement. Thanks for your kind words Bonnie!

  4. It’s no state secret that I loved every second of this post, being the leopard print obsessive that I am! Such a cool insight into how stylists dress for TV. And – just quietly – Julia Morris is a deadset spunk! x

  5. I can’t bear to watch – the eating challenges make me want to chuck! Julia looks absolutely fabulous, doesn’t she? And those DVF dresses are just divine! I’m not confident enough to carry off an animal print myself but I love the look on other people!

  6. I am loving the show too,except for the eating challenges,which make me gag!
    I didn’t think I’d like it but I do love Lady Julia Morriss,she is totally gorgeous and does have amazing legs and is so funny ,she makes me laugh every night and I love her wedges and how she runs down to the camp in them.Thank you Nikki for the inside info I like a bit of animal print Xx

  7. I absolutely love Julia’s wardrobe on the show! I’m a fan of leopard print and I love how she is dressed age appropriately!

  8. I absolutely love Julia’s wardrobe on the show! I’m a fan of leopard print and I love how she is dressed age appropriately!

  9. Animal/ jungle prints look fab on @ladyjuliamorris….but she is tall beautiful and riotously funnnnnny….
    I’m too short for most looks I but do think DVF dresses are the bomb!!!!!!

    1. I don’t think height dictates whether you can wear animal print – it’s more about confidence of doing the print in a dress. For accessories and other splashes of animal print, anyone can add a touch if they so desire.

  10. Have loved Julia Morris and Chrissie Swan for years. They are truly warm witty women. I do also love a bit of animal print. Had a strapless leopard print number many years ago. These days the animal print is confined to scarves, belt, clutch and my gorgeous witchery leopard print wedges – not worn all at the same time, I hasten to add! X

  11. I’ve always loved a touch of either leopard or wilderness-type theme in dressing – it just adds some style and fun! It’s a great neutraliser while making heads turn! Julia looks fantastic in the photos- haven’t watched the show but obviously great outfits and she really makes it work!

  12. LOVE a bit of animal print! Haven’t watched the show but did admire Julia’s outfits as I was flicking through the channels. Great advice as always Nikki! xo

  13. I’m like you Nikki & didn’t intend to watch it but after catching a few snippets got hooked. Have loved all Julia’s outfits – very inspiring for our age group & also that she looks so terrific after her weight battles – hope for me too!

  14. My husband and I started watching about 2 weeks into the show and got hooked. Julia and Dr Chris are very funny together and she looks fantastic. The style choices are great, although I prefer it when she stays realistic and wears the sneakers or flats into camp!

  15. I haven’t been watching either. I loved Julia in House Husbands, I prefer her as an actress to comedian to be honest. She is so gorgeous! Lovely figure, and smile, and she looks fantastic in all these outfits. I love leopard too, might be daggy but I bought a pair of leopard shoes at BigW for $3 on Monday – yes $3! 😀

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