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Over the past couple of years, retailer Birdsnest has been developing its own stable of labels to sit alongside its mix of brands that appeal to women of all ages.

It all started with That Bird Label, then came Bird Keepers and Boho Bird. All labels were developed based on feedback from Birdsnest’s huge customer base.

This year saw the launch Belle Bird – a label designed for women size 12-22. As a size 14-16, this pleases me. The pieces available in the first collection represent good basics for a capsule autumn wardrobe.

At the heart of that capsule is the blazer and skirt that I’ve featured here below.

If you’re a regular around here then you’ll already know how much of a fan I am of the blazer. Its power is in its capacity to take a casual outfit to meeting-ready.

Let’s take a look on the model

The model

Belle Bird jacket and skirt | Bird Keepers slip

Belle Bird jacket $119^ | Belle Bird textured pencil skirt $59.95^ | Bird Keepers The Essential Slip $39.95^

and me

Belle Bird jacket and skirt | The Keepers slip | Salita Matthews necklace | Zoe Kratzmann wedges

Belle Bird jacket (I’m wearing size 14)*^ | Belle Bird textured pencil skirt (I’m wearing size 14)*^ | Bird Keepers The Essential Slip (I’m wearing size 14)* ^| Salita Matthews necklace | Zoe Kratzmann wedges* (new season – available in boutiques now)

My number one key to always having something to wear is always having a well-edited wardrobe.

My second key to always having something to wear is making sure that you have the wardrobe basics in place before you go shopping for the show-pony pieces.

This outfit represents that and is a good example of how to create an outfit for the office that can be changed with different outer pieces.

The base outfit for this is all about wardrobe basics. The stretch, textured skirt is comfortable but suitable for work and for play.

It’s worn – in this case – over a full-length slip but could be worn with a cami or tank top for the same effect.

That effect is a block of basic pieces, to which you then add show ponies to suit.

The denim jacket adds colour and shape definition. Add a necklace or scarf and the whole look of the original black basic pieces has been changed.

For work, add wedges – these are a new design from Zoe Kratzmann. I love them for their nod to new-season trends but with the wearability of a wedge.

This outfit would also work with a heel – or in winter with boots and tights.

Have you harnessed the power of a blazer or jacket of late? 

The Model and Me Belle Bird at Birdsnest

*These garments were gifted to me for editorial consideration. ^Denotes affiliate link. Full disclosure policy here

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  1. I bought the jacket but am returning it as it does not fit. I am size 14 with DD bust but the Size 14 was too large on the shoulders and seemed to not sit properly under arm. Maybe a size down would be better, otherwise a nice jacket. Buy smaller.

  2. I love Birdsnest! I buy so much from there all the time! And I have so many Boho Bird pieces. I would love for you to check out my outfit posts on my blog which you will see all the Birdsnest items. (these outfit posts are under the heading label ‘cowgirl up’.

  3. LOVE this jacket! Love the whole outfit actually. You outshine the model as always. I’m wondering on what size to get the jacket. I’m trying to lose my baby weight which has been going well so far but I always like to size up in jackets.

  4. You look absolutely fabulous, as you do in everything you share on your blog. I have to control the urge to buy every time I see you in a new outfit! Can you tell me how this jacket would fit on a short person with hips? You look slender around the hip but I’m a pear shape and very short between the shoulder and waist, so jackets don’t fit well.

  5. Love this outfit on you Nikki! I was checking out this jacket on Birdsnest so i’m glad you featured it!! I was wondering about how the jacket sits around the bust. I’ve noticed lately that some jackets are obviously designed to not fit fully around the bust but rather sit open, like this one. I purchased a Wish jacket from Birdsnest and it was the same. I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be or not, as the rest of it seems to fit right. Your comments would be appreciated. Thanks heaps.. Ps – I love your book and site!! You have given me the confidence to try new things and feel happy with my body! Hurray! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Sandra … glad your confidence to try new things is on the rise! I honestly rarely wear my jackets done up. It could be worn done up but I feel it would make my bust out of proportion and gigantic to the rest of my body so I don’t do.

    2. Thanks so much Sandra … glad your confidence to try new things is on the rise! I honestly rarely wear my jackets done up. It could be worn done up but I feel it would make my bust out of proportion and gigantic to the rest of my body so I don’t do.

  6. Pity the skirt and tank aren’t available in the common sizes, only small and large. Maybe you can request them to carry full range of quantities in each size when you do an editorial, as I’m sure it boosts their sales (the whole point for the supplier). And yes a nice simple complete outfit, hence the interest to purchase the items 🙂

    1. Hi Ebony, it appears that plenty of people have got on and bought this morning as all sizes were available last night. They are most likely able to re-order both styles and it’s worth emailing them for details.

  7. I’m not a jacket person but this jacket is sooooo nice – I’m actually going to seriously consider buying it! LOVE this outfit on you Nikki – it looks extremely wearable to basically anywhere 🙂 Shoes and necklace perfecto!!!

  8. This is very sexy mamma on you nikki. Love it. & although I almost never wear jackets, I am now extremely tempted by this. Thanks.

  9. I love this look on you Nikki that blue is lovely ,and I love those new season Zoe Kratzmann shoes,very nice outfit Xx

  10. What a great look! – great fit and I like the palette of colour and textures. Suits you Nikki! The necklace and shoes add an extra dose of glam! I am a fan of the blazer and jackets too, sometimes it’s nice to feel covered up.

  11. I really do not need another black skirt, but this one looks really versatile and comfortable. In the end I think I’m grateful that this one is sold out in my size given I’m wearing a black skirt that I selected from a group of black skirts with a soft silk jacket today.
    Nikki, I always love that Salita Mathews necklace on you.It really completes and lifts this outfit.

  12. I’ve been impressed by the Belle Bird range – halllelujah! Sassy clothes made in real world sizes. I love this model too – she’s scratched her leg just like the rest of us do!

  13. I just love jackets !! I always wore a jacket in Scotland and must admit I’m looking forward to cooler weather to wear one !!

  14. I can’t wait to wear a jacket! Roll on cooler weather. This is a great outfit Nikki, you look lovely. I love the cut of the jacket 🙂

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