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Hello love birds.

It’s Valentine’s Day Week … or Love Week as we like to call it in our house.

Last week I talked up gift ideas, my obsession with anything with a heart on it and what to do on Valentine’s Day but this week it’s all about what to wear – for ANY date night, not just during Love Week.

Mr SY and I got engaged on Valentine’s Day – yes, we’re one of THOSE cliched couples. Except it didn’t happen over dinner out. Not that cliched. No, Mr SY proposed after dinner, in his undies while I was tucked up in bed watching Sleepless in Seattle.

Romance. Right. There.

Anyhoo, 12 years on the undies clearly worked.

What we’ve always loved doing is going out – or staying in – on date nights. When Master SY was little, getting out not really a possibility but as he’s got older, we’ve seized any opportunity.

Just because. No occasion necessary.

We’ll go to the movies, out for brunch, lunch or dinner. Food and/or drink is usually involved and it’s a chance for us to just be a couple, not parents.

That my friends, is a very good thing and something I believe couples should strive for.

Family and work life can get so busy. It’s essential to bring the focus back to you.

For me, the fun of the date starts in the outfit planning.

I know – nothing new there.

It’s an opportunity to dress up a little, dress to feel confident and comfortable, dress to feel sexy.

What to wear on a date night - the dress

1. Surafina dress $169 (on sale) | 2. Witchery bag $129.95 | 3. Nude heels $159.95 @ Styletread | 4. The Adorn Collective necklace $40

Now, everyone’s idea of what constitutes sexy is different. And there’s a fine line between subtle sexy and sledge-hammer skanky.

My advice to you is dress to impress YOURSELF, the occasion or destination for the date.

The rest will follow.

These outfit suggestions for what to wear for a date night will work equally should you be going out with girlfriends or entertaining a group of friends at home.

What to wear on a date night - jeans

1. sass and bide tee $150 (Barnardo’s charity collaboration) | 2. Verali heels $69.95 @ Styletread | 3. Target jeans $30 | 4. Mimco clutch $199 | 5. YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain $52

As always, do check in your wardrobe first. If date nights are few and far between, there is probably an outfit or two already hanging and waiting for you to bring out to play. It would be sad not to.

And if you’re single, dating and missed this post by Christine from The Global Goddess, then take a read.

More date night ideas

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What to wear for a date night - skirt

1. Bird Keepers skirt $59.95 @ The Birdsnest | 2. Sportscraft knit| 3.  $129.95 (spend and save is on now) |  3. Verali heels $79.95 @ Styletread | 4. Burberry The Small Banner bag $1850 | 5. Ruby Olive bangle $35

Do you go on regular or semi-regular date nights? What’s your date night or outing of choice? What do you choose to wear?

Comments 32

  1. I love Date Night! I like to get frocked up and watch his eyes light up. Adore holding hands, chatting and smooching. I’m a total sucker for romance – can you tell?!
    Haven’t nailed down my V-Day outfit though. Best get onto that… x

  2. I have the jeans and Sass and Bide tee outfit ready to go for casual Friday at work, but will probably whip out a frock for the V Day date.
    As we have no kids, we do get to have plenty of date nights walking to the nearby suburbs or staying in the CBD after work for dinner.
    One of the best things we did a few years ago was to start subscribing to the theatre. We get these dates in the calendar almost a year in advance and always have drinks and dinner beforehand, which is nice to know we have coming up if we have been spending weekends hanging out at home.

  3. We got engaged on V Day too – well that was the actual party – the proposal was earlier and like you, in bed ;). Love the skirt and that (expensive but gorgeous) handbag! After 30++ years of being together, we still get dressed up and go out for lunch or dinner – not all the time, just often enough that it’s still special and lovely. Great blog Nikki. Your empathy, as always, shines on through your words x

  4. we are always having those days/moments nikki! … all good!
    wise woman keeping the partnership alive and well! good for the wellbeing of all concerned! <3
    this week especially because the weather has been perfect and we are soaking up the beautiful environment where we live! … had a drive to Normanville Monday … looking like Whitehaven beach, had a walk and some tapas on the beach! spontaneous decision from mr m … went to the café and came back with the goodies! nice with cider! … we had the chairs under the board walk! … then victor harbor yesterday walk to the island over the causeway and back to the local to have salt and pepper squid! … yum!
    and I bought a linen jacket! … helloo!;0 … so far we are doing ok! love m:)X

  5. That’s so sweet Nikki we have friends that got married on Valentine’s day and I think it’s lovely!
    Yes we have date nights or outings I like to go somewhere different on a weekend and have lunch or just go out to dinner by ourselves with another couple living in the house we need time for just us and I totally agree it should be a priority in a marriage especially as the years go on,we will celebrate 30 years of marriage this year,and yes I was a child bride

    1. I love that you get out on the weekends and find time for yourselves Lisa and well done on 30 years!! And we’ll be date nighting at home this year. I’m in Newcastle for the day so will be super tired for heading out. x

  6. We’re also one of those cliched couples. We’re not having many date nights at the moment, but while the kids are little I figure it’s one of the many seasons a marriage. We’ll have plenty of time to ourselves in the future!

    1. We did a lot of home date nights during that season Amanda – good wine, good food and kids in bed. Don’t have grandparents to help so that was the reality. Now the youngest goes on sleepovers with mates (and we have kids here at other times) so everyone happy!

  7. I’m swooning over that Sass and Bide tee. I love clothes with hearts on and not only in love week! We didn’t get engaged on Valentine’s but we did get married in Valentine’s week so as we celebrated our anniversary yesterday, it really is a love week! I love all the Val-spiration this week, and I heart all the hearts, but every day is a good day to tell someone I love you and every day goes good for date nights! Enjoy the loveness!

  8. Love that SASS AND BIDE charity tee!
    YAY for date nights – now that our youngest is 3 and a little easier with routine, Hubby and I are making it a priority to get out and about more regularly on ‘dates’ together – it was one of our 2015 resolutions to do it once a month if babysitting options were available 😉
    I adore all 3 combos you’ve put together Nikki.
    Happy Love Week 🙂

  9. Love all the inspiration that comes through with Valentine’s Day though not a celebrator of it as such…jeans date is my winning look, the lipstick, bag, heels, jeans and shirt…yes! Will be channelling that look for a last minute rock concert on the night that I scored tickets too.

  10. We love date night and try to get out at least once a month. I usually frock up, wack on a pair of heels and lipstick in about ten minutes flat. It’s so nice to have an adult convo without interruption! Enjoy Love Week and yay for a proposal that reflects real life, undies and all! x

  11. I just love that Suraphona Dress and that Sass and Bide top. Love it all really I alos have a little style feature for Valentine’s Day on my blog for all those who may like my take. Happy Valentine’s Day to you Nikki. V x

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