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My friend Mrs Woog and I availed ourselves of the shopping that is to be had in my ‘hood on her recent visit.

We started at one end of Paddington (Brisbane) and wandered about 2km along the strip from Latrobe to Given Terrace, popping into any shop that took our fancy along the way.

Lots did – and not just for the sweet relief in their aircon-ed interiors.

Our last stop was the Sacha Drake boutique – the Queensland designer’s flagship store. New pieces had just landed that week and it didn’t take long for us to find ourselves in the change room trying on all manner of lovely frocks.

One caught my eye the moment I stepped inside.

When I see neon, it’s like a moth to the light … my inner ’80s is unleashed and suddenly I’m drawn to the object of my fashion desire, eyes blinkered to everything else.

The frock in question is a maxi dress in a light jersey. Here it is on the model.

The Model

Sacha Drake Edina Maxi ( Black Paisley)

Sacha Drake Edina maxi dress $249

and me

Sacha Drake Edina maxi dress | Kate Spade NY bangle  | Stuart Weitzmann wedges | Ayala Bar earrings

Sacha Drake Edina maxi dress | Kate Spade NY bangle (a gift from a lovely friend) | Stuart Weitzmann wedges (bought the summer before last) | Ayala Bar earrings (bought at Moochinside on our recent holiday to NSW)

I’ve been talking about the design genius that is Sacha Drake since before Styling You. Sacha understands women when she designs for them.

This maxi is case in point. Not only is the pattern forgiving but the sleeve detail is designed to drape and cover the underarm area that is often on show when wearing a sleeveless dress. I tell you … it’s a bit that I don’t like having on show!

The deep v neckline works on any bust size and the tie is optional OR can be worn high or low depending on where your waist sits.

The front split removes that feeling that a maxi dress can often have – that overwhelming feeling that can make dress take over and consume your body frame.

This maxi also works for a more relaxed look with flats. You can see that the drape of the frock still creates shape without a tie.

Sacha Drake maxi dress | Kate Spade NY bangle  | Ayala Bar earrings | Zoe Kratzmann sandals

It’s a dress that can take you from lunch, to cocktails. It would also work for a summer or early autumn beach wedding and is ideal for rolling up and taking on a trip away.

I’m wearing size 16 – there wasn’t a 14 in store to try but I think this would still have worked best for me in skimming my hips so I can wear it with normal, non-sucker-in underwear.

The Model and Me - Sacha Drake

Is this your kind of maxi dress?

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  1. Looks fabulous. I just adore Sacha Drake. She is my go to designer when I need a frock in a hurry. We live on a farm and so I buy on-line but I am almost guaranteed that what I choose will work if I choose one of her items. Not super cheap but amazing value – some of her dresses I am still trotting out for work after 3 summers of wash and wear at least weekly! My cheaper picks gave up the ghost way before that!

    The pattern is gorgeous on your dress. Love both pairs of shoes too.

  2. Great colours on you Nikki 🙂 And a fabulous Queensland-style dress. Is that a paisley pattern on it? Fabulous hair on you too!

    1. Exactly Bev! And re the wedges – they were one of my most clever online buys the summer before last – work a treat and I’m only safe with Beth not stealing them at the moment as her centre of balance is off 😉

    2. Exactly Bev! And re the wedges – they were one of my most clever online buys the summer before last – work a treat and I’m only safe with Beth not stealing them at the moment as her centre of balance is off 😉

  3. I’ve never seen anything of Sacha Drake that I didn’t like – or maybe that’s just cos I’ve only seen them on YOU. Lovely dress.

  4. Gorgeous! That split is great- not too high, and allows you to walk without feeling like you might trip over from a tangle of fabric.

  5. I thought they were beth’s shoes!;0 … she wants them back?!?
    that is a cool dress for a hot day and looking great nikki! … even I’ve been wearing a dress on a hot day and taking photo’s of outfits!! … getting there!
    I bet your credit cards were working overtime that day! … nebulous thought patterns from moi! love m:)X

    1. The shoes might not be the best ones for her right now … centre of balance and all that! Glad you’ve been taking photos of your outfits M! And we actually showed a little restraint on that day. Great looking!!

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