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When I wrote this post about the 2015 autumn-winter fashion trends, I flagged “graphic content” as one of those so-called trends.

The thing is – like most trends – it’s a trend that’s been around for a few years now. Especially in the form of printed pants.

As a result of that trends blog post, someone commented that they couldn’t believe that printed pants are still around.

And if four years ago anyone had told me printed pants would be still on trend in 2015, I wouldn’t have believed it either.

I was a reluctant early adopter of the printed pant but all my reluctance in that department disappeared shortly after.

I love them as show-pony personality pieces in my wardrobe. Pieces that I can wear with a neutral or block-colour top. Pieces that make me feel like smiling.

The big bonus with my printed pants wardrobe is that most of them are supremely comfortable to wear and I think that’s honestly why it’s a trend that’s persisted.

Who doesn’t love a soft pant that can be dressed up and worn outside the house as fashion piece?

It’s a win-win in my books.

And these pants from Australian label Motto are the latest to win a spot in my wardrobe.

Here they are on the model.

The model

Motto jersey boho pant | Motto keyhole cap sleeve top

Motto jersey boho pant $89.95 | Motto keyhole cap sleeve top $69.95 

and me

Motto pants | Motto top | The Adorn Collective necklace | Zoe Kratzmann heels

Motto pants* (I’m wearing size 16) | Motto top* (I’m wearing size 16) | The Adorn Collective necklace | Zoe Kratzmann heels

Motto top | Motto pants | Frankie4 Footwear sandals | Salita Matthews necklace

Motto top | Motto pants | Frankie4 Footwear sandals | Salita Matthews necklace

These pants are an updated version of the Lauren cropped pant and the long Lauren pant that I featured on the blog last year. I fell in love with the cut and and drape of the pant – and the wearability.

This new style is no different in the cut and drape. The difference is the elasticated cuff and I think this is a great addition, making the pant versatile for wearing with sandals, sneaker or heels.

They are also supremely easy to care for and ideal for a travel capsule wardrobe. I wash mine in a lingerie bag and once dry they’re good to go again – no ironing.

The top is a fantastic style if you want some upper arm coverage. The cut-out detail adds detail.

Wear it out or as I have done with the half-tuck at the front.

The Model and Me Motto AW15

Do you love a printed pant? Particularly a soft one?

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  1. LOVE these! I live in printed pants myself…although sometimes it’s hard to find tops that aren’t printed, to pair them with!! Mind you, I’m opposed to normcore & love glam & gorgeous clothing.

  2. I am also a recent convert to the long printed pants. I never thought they suited me but have lost a little bit of weight recently so thought Id give them another try. I bought a pair from ICE and loved them so much I bought another pair online. I have a black and white pair plus navy and brown with a diamond pattern. They are so comfy and soft and look great with a plain coloured top. I don’t know how I lived without them in my wardrobe!

  3. Love that outfit on you, and I adore the shoulder detail. Very sexy. I’d like to have a pair of printed pants but I’ve never found a pair of printed pants that didn’t make me look like I was wearing pj’s that are too short. Why are they always so short? I’m 5’11”. I’d probably have to make my own!

    1. Hi Janice, I’m also 5’11”, and I love this style of pants! I usually pull them up my calf a bit, just as the model is wearing hers, rather than down past my ankles. When they’re too far down I feel that the ‘blousey’ style makes me feel more like they are pj pants. If they are a tapered style (Metalicus has them) they are even better pulled up a bit. Good luck, hope you find some to suit. x

        1. I wear both – heels and flats. With heels they are ok longer or pulled up, but with flats particularly I pull them up so they don’t look frumpy… or like pants that are too short!

  4. Love! Both of those pieces look brilliant for travel as you could mix and match with different tops and bottoms. Oh and those pants look like they could hide all kinds of spills.

  5. Gosh I do love the soft pant, I too am surprised {yet very happy} they keep appearing. So Easy to wear. These are gorgeous on, what is the fabric Nikki? I can only manage natural fiber’s.

  6. I do like a soft printed pant as well,I love these pants on you Nikki they are lovely.
    I do like them for transeasonal wear and the way you can dress them up or down,hopefully they stay in fashion forever,lovely Model and Me post Nikki Xx

  7. you are looking ab/fab nikki!
    yes I do love a patterned pant!
    soft or not it adds something to my mainly black and white tops!
    however on looking at “my organized folder” of photos of my outfits!!! … suitably impressed hun! … I’m seeing more colours coming into the mix!
    LOL! cheers to you for inspiring my nebulous mind! … many tangents!
    we might even do one for mr m! omg! now we are getting there! <3 it!
    love m:)X

  8. I would love to love the soft pant. As a SAHM they would be brilliant. But I am tall and my legs are longer than average and I am yet to find a pair that is long enough.

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