How to make a blow dry last

How to make a blow dry last

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{Editor’s note: updated October 12, 2017}

It’s no secret that I believe in the power of a good hair day.

If I have only time for one grooming thing in the morning, hair will always win out. After all, I can add a pop of lipgloss on in the car and keep my sunnies on to fake the rest of it.

Now, like most, I don’t have a lot of time for faffing about so I do have a few hair tricks and tips for how to make a blow dry last … tricks that I harness to keep the need for said faffing to a minimum.

Winning the war on my typically bouffy and frizz-prone hair has taken years of experimentation and I now have a formula that helps me the most of a blow dry.

I suggest you take a look at these tips below but work on creating your own formula. Everyone’s hair is different. What works for me may not for you.

What is key to good day-to-day hair management is preparation and ongoing maintenance. That applies to everyone.

How to make a blow dry last

1. Good hair days start with regular salon visits. Being consistent with your hair maintenance will keep your hair more manageable. Create and foster a relationship with your hairdresser and it will pay you back every single day. My hair stylist – Nadine at Cheveux Design and Espresso – really understands blondes (she is one herself!) and getting that colour right and keeping it in good condition through the colour process is a huge factor in making daily hair styling easier.

2. Get a style for your hair that suits your lifestyle. I can’t stress this enough and that style comes from talking to your hairdresser and helping them to understand what your typical day/week looks like. They can then work with the hair you’ve got to best create a style that fits with your life. 

3. Use products specific to your hair type and needs. It doesn’t matter what your budget here, there is a product for YOUR hair and what you’d like to achieve with your styling. Yes, salon products can help and a good hairdresser will only prescribe what will work for your hair, but if that’s out of your price range, experiment with different mass market brands and you might find a range that works for you too.

4. Consider a treatment specific to your hair needs. For me, those needs are hair that can be easily styled; hair that is free from frizz; and hair that is less bouffy. I cannot recommend enough Keratin smoothing treatments. The bouff and frizz is gone and styling time is reduced dramatically. My latest Keratin treatment (below) was at Atelier Christian Alexander.

Before and After: keratin smoothing treatment

5. It takes time to blow dry and style your hair. Make the time for the actual styling but help that investment in time by looking after it in the days following. The number one blow dry enemy is moisture.

6. Wear a shower cap in the shower. Even if you’re skilled at dodging the shower spray, shower cubicles are hot beds of humidity. Check out these fabulous turban styles from Louvelle and you’ll look chic as well.

Louvelle Shower Turban | Styling You Shop

7. When exercising keep hair from your face. Makes sense really but putting hair up can be a challenge and can leave your hair with indents and take away from the blow dry or styling. EZ Bobble hair ties do what they say they do – they won’t leave your hair with any tell-tale signs that you’ve tied it back. My challenge since going shorter with my hair – but still having it longer in the front – means that I’ve come up with a headband and hair tie combination to keep my hair from falling on my sweaty face during a downward dog at yoga. So far, so good.

8. Sleep on a silk pillowcase. This isn’t something I do all the time but I know that if I’ve ever had a style that I really want to last that this is the key to helping that along. Try Slip silk pillowcases.

9. Refresh your blow dry every day. I add in some oil and also iron any ends that might be doing their own thing after a night of sleeping on my side. You might also want to use a dry shampoo or dust for a lift. 

10. Invest in professional salon blow dries. This might seem like an extravagance but depending on your job or how many occasions you might have in a week, a weekly blow dry could save you time and money. Our Nanas and their weekly salon “sets” were on to something. Check around for deals at salons in your area. I go to the The Blow Dry Room in Paddington and buy four blow dries at a time for a discounted rate. Using all the steps above, I can make that blow dry last four-five days. In winter, I can almost go a week. It might not look exactly the same as the first day but it still looks polished days afterwards. 

How do you keep your hair in check every day? Share your tips and tricks below (as well as your type of hair) – it may help someone else with similar hair challenges.

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  1. Just an update, Nikki. I just bought a Slip silk pillowcase coz of this post. Told them Styling You sent me! Looking forward to getting it. Have a great Friday. 🙂

  2. I follow those tips Nikki, especially wearing a shower cap and sleeping on a silk/satin pillowcase. Gotta make those blow dries last! Humidity is the enemy though …

  3. I’m dying to find an Adelaide blow dry bar! To be able to book in for a 45 minute session I could fit into my lunchbreak without fear of feeling like I’m cheating on my hairdresser (who I adore) would be amazing!
    As for my tips, I’m pretty lucky because I have thick, coarse hair and a lot of it so it takes a good 5 days after a professional blow dry before it starts looking dodgy. I refresh with dry shampoo (not too much) and touch up any bits that need going over with my irons/conical wand. I get extra mileage by then putting it up into a high ponytail (days 6-7) followed by a ballerina bun (days 8-9) before I finally cave in and wash it!

  4. Thanks so much for this article Nikki, it has really helped! I have very long hair that is naturally curly / wavy (uneven curls) that tend to frizz. I live in Cairns, where moisture is rampant, the very big killer of a good blowdry. I have been having it straightened with the Thermalionic treatment each 10 months which costs a bomb, but allows me to wear it silky smooth…..for a day if I am lucky. By reading your article, I realise that I spend a LOT of time on my hair. During this wet season it gets tied up a lot, as it is just not worth it. Your article has made me really think about changing it up, and going with what works for my hair type….only problem frizz is not in fashion!!! Oh the dilemma 🙂

  5. I love my blow dries but can only make them last two days as my hair gets so greasy at the roots. Even with dry shampoo I find the shine comes through. Have tried so many different shampoos and treatments but they all seem to weigh my hair down.

  6. Hmm, I haven’t considered actually going for a salon pass before but that’s actually a good idea. Considering the hair frames the face… might be worth investing in!

  7. Us curly haired gals have to fight the frizz and its so hard to get a nice defined curl. I get my hair straightened once a month at my hairdresser and can make it last a week (using some of the tips you mentioned) I love I straight and I find it much easier to manage. However my mum loves my hair curly!

  8. I have hair envy! Your locks always look good. I agree with all your tips and pretty much follow all of them with the exception of the professional blow dry. As much as I’d like to do that regualrly I’ve only ever found one stylist who has been able to blow dry my hair into a decent shape that stays. It’s not easy – I’ve had 40 years of trying to perfect it! I have a double crown at the back and cow licks at the front and hair that has very strong growth patterns in between. Add that to fine, frizz prone hair and it can be difficult to get good hair happening … and then staying, especially with any hint of water in the air. Smoothing treatments do help a lot but find it’s a careful line I have to walk between having a treatment strong enough to tame some of the funky hair growth patterns I have and not damaging my otherwise fine hair. I’d love to try bhave but haven’t found a salon in perth that uses these products.

    1. Hi Emma, please call WA Hair and Beauty as they will be able to refer you to your nearest bhave salon in Perth. Call 9247-8600. Sheryl x

  9. Thanks for those hair tips Nikki. Hair is a big thing for me, and having it “perfect” everyday is very important to me. I might not be one for make-up or nails (except my toes – always have to be painted!), but hair has to be right! P.S. You have a lovely smile!

  10. Great tips Nikki. Love the girls at Cheveux Design and Espresso they bought my hair back to life last week…now to take on your tips to maintain that salon finish. Love it!

  11. Great post Nikki,your hair always looks stunning and so shiny and sleek!
    I always sleep on a silk pillowcase,the problem with my hair is that it is curly and I am not in love with the curls I am trying but it’s fine and humidity and my hair do not go together and I like to fight those curls most days,but when I straighten it I always use oil throughout my hair and let it air dry and put some heat defence on the flyaway bits and straighten it ,it lasts about 3 days depending on sweat,weather and rain.Great tips thank you Nikki Xx

  12. all good tips and points! … your hair looks great nikki!
    I know hair! … mine is so easy, it’s not funny! 2 seconds and I’m good to go! … my hair is quirky short, thick, balayage streaks, sometimes toner regular trims and leave in conditioner, finger dry! i love it short!
    enjoy your day! love m:)X

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