How to change an outfit from day to night

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I flew to Melbourne for work yesterday afternoon with the knowledge that by the time I got to my hotel it would be time to head out for dinner.

And being Melbourne we’d be dining with friends we don’t get to see so often – but friends who feel like we do see each other all the time. You know … the online world and all that.

Anyway, with this knowledge and a restaurant reservation made, I didn’t want to be THAT person who held up everyone with a complete costume change.

So the reformed packer in me (oh hello, I’ve only bought carry-on with me this trip and that still includes three outfit changes for today’s video shoot with Garnier) sat down and thought through how to change an outfit from day to night.

I needed it to look like an appropriate and comfortable travel outfit for the flight down. And I needed on arrival to be able to up change it in five minutes flat.

The day outfit

How to change an outfit from day to night - luxe tee, Harlow jeans, Frankie4 Footwear slides, Sterling and Hyde bag, Sportscraft scarf

Italian tee from Luxe, Hobart; Harlow jeans; Frankie4 Footwear slides; Sterling and Hyde bag; Sportscraft scarf 

I’ve chosen my key basics as these pair of black jeans and an Italian white tee I bought last month when in Tasmania.

I practically live in my Frankie4 Footwear Georgie slides and if you’ve followed along with my travel posts, I’m often seen wearing them. They are a perfect combination of comfort and style.

I’ve thrown on a scarf to strategically place across my chest while eating as you can bet your bottom dollar that if I want a white shirt to do me from day to night I’m bound to spill something on it.

I’ve kept my jewellery simple to avoid the security scanning beep going off and I’m good to go.

Beauty notes

Like good outfit building blocks, I started with good beauty building blocks.

My hair was freshly blow-dried.

I put on a full face of makeup – including primer – to last me through the day and into the night.

This means minimal faffing at my destination and more time for socialising.


The evening outfit

Ok, so the jeans and tee are still in place. No spills on board the flight. I know – it’s an early Christmas miracle.

I’ve swapped out the scarf and simple necklace for a statement necklace and a leather jacket – Melbourne was delishly cool last night for this Queensland girl.

And I’ve slipped off the slides and popped on a comfortable heel.

How to change an outfit from day to night - Blue Illusion leather jacket, Luxe tee, Harlow Australia jeans, Zoe Kratzmann heels, Adorne Collective necklace

Blue Illusion leather jacket | Tee from Luxe, Hobart | Harlow Australia jeans | Zoe Kratzmann heels | The Adorn Collective necklace

Beauty notes

My earlier makeup efforts paid off and I just needed to touch-up the base with some powder.

I swished on some fresh blush and bronzer; ramped up the eye makeup with darker colours; and popped on a red lip gloss/stain.

A spritz of perfume is always a good and fresh idea; as is a top up in the deodorant department.

My hair was very happy to not be battling humid conditions and behaved itself even more than usual.

How to change an outfit from day to night

I hope this has given you a little insight into how to change an outfit from day to night – whether you’re travelling or not.

The key is in the planning and preparation work before you leave home. A little bit of time spent then will pay off big time and get you enjoying your evening more quickly than the time it takes to order your first champers.

Cheers to that.

So tell me, do you have occasions where you have to transform an outfit from day to evening? At work? What are your tips and shortcuts?

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  1. What I want to know is, how do you keep your hair slanted across your face, but out of your eyes? I’ve tried hair spray, but it never quite works and it always ends up with the yuck hair spray look. Because I can never manage it, I always end up tucking my hair behind my ears.

      1. I’m screwed then lol I’ve tried my part every which way and it still never works. Oh well. You look gorgeous in both outfits and the perfect hair just tops it off 🙂

  2. Sadly these occasions are less now – used to do the day to evening change almost daily in my former working life…now it is more of a case of removing the gym clothes (worn far too often for the majority of the day…) – and putting on something decent for school pick up. I really must get involved in #everydaystyle, to force myself to get ‘dressed’…love your evening sandals – they look comfy and sexy – big tick x

  3. Looking lovely in both and yes a scarf is great for white tops as I always spill something on my top! I love that black leather jacket too. Have fun in Melbourne even if you are working! 🙂

  4. I love, love, love both outfits! I’ll be going straight from work to drinks with the girls tomorrow, so I’ll be putting plenty of thought into my outfit tomorrow morning. Catching public transport sometimes means my day-to-night transition is as simple as a slick of bright lipstick. x

  5. I won a pair of the Grankie4 Georgie slides in an Instagram competition, thank you #Claireyhewitt #Frankie4. These look so comfy, I am really looking forward to wearing them. Your outfit looks great, both for day and night. This can be done with minimal effort! A good wardrobe edit a couple of weeks ago, and I am ready to fill some gaps. What fun!

  6. Great tips Nikki,you look lovely in both the day and night photos and yes those Frankie4 slides are the most comfortable and stylish slides
    Your hair looks stunning I’m loving it shorter and it’s a great day when your hair behaves and you don’t spill something on yourself,can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to,have a good day Xx

  7. Great advice Nikki. I’m working this morning, flying interstate this arvo then going out tonight. I’ve used the very same strategies. Will change my shoes but leave out jacket tonight as it’s hot in Adelaide.

  8. I confess: I’m not good at this at all. I always feel like my make up needs to be taken off and to start again, and that I need to have a shower then at least change underwear to feel ready for a night out.
    When I’m on holidays I’m much better at this, but on work nights I always end up with at least a change of top and shoes, so I’m looking for more tips here from your other readers.

    1. I can only do the makeup thing if I’ve really done the primer and base well at the start of the day Johanne – not a quick job but one that pays off and only needs touch-ups. Ideally there’d be a shower but that’s not always possible. Quick spray of deo (shower in a can!).

  9. Looks fabulous Nikki! Love these basic essential pieces and how you transformed your look so well. Classy and modern effect, and your tips on hair/makeup especially true too! Looks like an enjoyable time 😉 x

  10. you are looking great nikki!
    I do the same! always a jacket to notch it up and change shoes!
    I have a silk georgette crinckled triangular scarf which I throw on to zap something up! … btw that t shirt drapes beautifully! enjoy! … love m:)X

  11. So jealous! I love Melbourne, and to be cool as well! Garnier videos – sounds interesting. And you look so comfortable and lovely as always 🙂

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