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This comment was left on my Top 20 beauty products for 2014 list last year and I’m sharing with you here to reinforce that I don’t recommend beauty products that I truly don’t think are worth you trying.

I have tried several of the products that you have recommended over the last year or so – only 1 disappointed. So when I saw the Nivea Deodorant in this post, I decided to try it. I had tried other brands of this type of stick deodorant, supposedly clinical strength, but was unimpressed. And spray deodorants were useless. But this one delivers! I cannot believe the difference it has made. No more sweating, no more smelling. I love it and will buy it forever now I have found it. Thank you so much, and this reinforces my belief that you really do only recommend products that work for you. xxx Louise

Not everything I feature will suit you but I’ll feature it here if it has suited me and has had some point of difference that I think you’d be interested in hearing about.

I’ll always aim to include a mix of price points.

I’ll aim to also include in the mix at least one organic/natural product as I totally understand that that is a priority for many.

Mostly each month I’ll feature products that have been released that month but sometimes it may be a case that I’m using a product for the first time – and love – so I’ll share with you no matter when it was released.

From the five beauty favourites featured here each month until November plus any products I feature in other beauty posts in 2015, I’ll curate my top 20 for the year and publish in December.

As always, I want to hear from you too. Sharing what you’ve discovered and why it’s been great for your skin, hair or makeup look is fantastic for others to hear about too.

So, let’s put our beauty caps on and get stuck in for 2015.

Beauty faves February 2015

1. Environ Revival Masque $96: It’s been a while since I’ve used Environ products but possibly the best skin therapist I’ve ever had (sadly she moved back to the UK) put me on to them about 11 years ago. A combination of her magic touch and these powerful products made me the glowing bride I was in 2004. This masque is like getting your glow and a little face lift in one jar. It’s the skin pick-me-up that most of us need and it works thanks to a combination of three acids – Asiatic, Mandelic and Lactic. The Asiatic is derived from Centella and has been used for centuries in traditional healing. Environ says that good, reliable concentrations have only recently become available for use. Most of Environ’s products have you starting at a certain strength level and working your way through as your skin adapts and responds to treatment but this is one that anyone can use from the start. Use for four to six months for optimum results and if using during summer wear an SPF (you should be anyway!). Environ is sold by doctors and skincare professionals only.

2. Face of Australia LUMI-tint $12.95: Shut the front door. These creamy sticks of illuminating goodness crossed my desk in December – after I’d signed off on the top 20 2014 products. I could not believe what I was trying. You know how I love an illuminator? Well, here you have a budget option so good that you will want to buy – and should buy – all four colours. The colour I use the most (mostly as a highlighter on my cheekbones) is Santorini Skinny – a soft pink nude that complements my skin tone. My blogger friend Norlin (Baubles, Bubbles and Bags) has also talked up this collection. Against animal testing and support cruelty free

3. Designer Brands Colour for a Cause nail colour $6.99: Research into Ovarian Cancer and the development of an early detection test for this insidious design is essential. February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month so why not show your support by painting your toes in the traditional colours of the cause? This nail colour duo makes it easy plus the formula dries in 30 seconds. Not tested on animals. Vegan friendly.

4. Maybelline NY Master Graphic Liquid Eyeliner $14.95: If you love a precise liquid eyeliner with an angled brush built in (and loaded with product) then you’ll love this. It’s kind of like a fancy felt-tip pen but with a gentle wind of the product at the end. It puts its more expensive counterpart to shame in the price and quality department, gliding on and adding definition to eye area – so simply and easily.

5. Go-To Skincare Face Hero $44.95 (launches February 26 but if you sign up today, you’ll access the pre-sell): Ever since I chatted to Zoe Foster-Blake about her skincare brand, I knew at some point this super clever beauty brain would add in a face oil. I like to apply an oil or serum on my face both morning and night and this one fits the bill. It’s a combination of 10 plant oils including certified organic Buriti, Brazil nut, macadamia, rosehip and calendula. Face Hero absorbs beautifully, giving your skin a moisture boost while protecting and brightening. I particularly love how it calms the skin – sometimes I need this extra boost as my face is the first to show any signs of stress. Cruelty-free and free from a bunch of nasties.

So tell me, tried and loved any beauty products of late? Leave a comment and recommendation for us below.

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  1. I tried Environ products about 10 years ago. I’d actually forgotten about them until you mentioned them. They were the best products I have every used!

    1. Funny you should ask that. I have been using trilogy for ages too (a recommendation from Zoe’s book). I just bought Face hero to see the difference.

  2. What a surprise to see me “quoted” in your post today Nikki. I meant every word of it. Think I will try the LUMI-tint next. Favorite product I have discovered in recent times is Nivea Intensive Nourishing Hand Cream. I got it in a goodie bag promotion just before Christmas, when buying more of the Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream – another product I bought on your recommendation which is fantastic. The hand cream has probably been around for ages, but I have only just discovered it and it is beautiful.

    1. Oh great to hear … and I so appreciate your comment because I KNOW I only recommend stuff I’d put my name to but hearing that from others underlines that for me! There’s a new NIVEA cream and eye cream out next month I think you’ll like too!

  3. Ooh I love the sound of Santorini Skinny – sign me up!
    At the moment, I’m trialling (and loving) the Ultraceuticals Ultra Brightening range. It was about time I switched up my skin care routine and I’m going to be trying some new treatments this year too. Exciting stuff! x

  4. lucky you like to research and share your findings with us! … thankyou nikki!
    all good for an over supply of products at the moment! … but like the sound of the lumi tint!
    I had a haul not long ago of some products … Revlon color stay blemish concealer with in a lip gloss type of file with an applicator it is really good!
    and L’Oreal true match with roller because I’ve had it before and loved it!
    enjoy your day! love m:)X

  5. Yay! one of my favourite monthly posts. Am also waiting for my Face Hero, will defs try the lumi tint, Maybelline eyeliner. As ovarian cancer is a cause close to my heart, will be purchasing the nail duo;as an added bonus, teal is one of my fave colours. My fave purchase this month has been the Bare Mineral Serum Foundation; coverage & treatment in one, easy to apply, feels so light , evens out my tone, hides the redness, buildable coverage & $38. Bargain!!!!

  6. I am loving the Indeed labs Pepta-bright at the moment. I purchased it from Priceline a while ago, when I wanted to try the eye cream and there was some sort of special offer on, but only cracked the tube last week. I’m already loving the feel and look of my skin and hoping longer term use will live up to the promises.

    The LUMI-tint looks interesting, and I’m always on the lookout for bargain makeup, so will give that a go today.

  7. Ordered my face hero yesterday. Am green with envy that you have already have it, but glad at the same time as your review helps. I’m off to stalk the postie!

  8. I am loving the Body Shop Instablur which I tried after your recommendation – just love it. I am keen to try the Lumi-tint and when my current skin care runs out I am going to give Zoe’s range a go. Lots of good things being said about it!

  9. Thank you Nikki for all the “research ” you do for us I must get on to the Lumi tint,and the Maybelline eyeliner.
    The only new thing I have tried and am loving is the Maybelline better skin foundation,have a great day Nikki Xx

  10. Already having purchased Go-To products I accessed the pre-sale for Face Hero yesterday. Perfect timing as I ran out of the serum I was using pre-Christmas and the budget only allowed for a replacement to be purchased this month. Your review has confirmed what I was hoping – that it will calm down stressed skin. Yay!

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