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The Boxing Day sales seem a lifetime ago right now but they yielded today’s Model and Me dress – and it’s a dress I love so much that I thought I’d share it here.

It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of wardrobe tea and that’s very ok. One SY reader told me I shouldn’t leave the house in it and it was a potato sack.

Apart from the fact that I don’t choose what I wear based on what others will potentially think or like (I dress for myself and suggest you do too), the thing is I did leave the house on many a occasion in this dress AND I happen to have soft spot for potato sacks in my wardrobe.

I live in a part of the world where summer if supremely unforgiving. It is hot, humid and not conducing to feeling comfortable.

To me, this style of dress is the summer comfort equivalent to a winter soft pant.

It’s by Australian label bassike. I bought a white and grey striped version of the boxy t-shirt dress with tail in the aforementioned sales.

One wear later and I was so hooked, I jumped online and bought the same style in black and except that I already have a couple of navy and white striped frocks I’d be buying a third.

bassike call it the boxy t-shirt dress with tail and it’s currently available in six different colours/patterns.

Check it out on the model.

The model

Bassike boxy t-shirt dress with tail

Bassike boxy t-shirt dress with tail $130-140

and me

Bassike boxy t-shirt dress with tail | Blue Illusion hat | Uberkate necklace

bassike boxy t-shirt dress with tail (I’m wearing size L) | Blue Illusion hat | Uberkate necklace

Bassike boxy t-shirt dress with tail | Frankie4 Footwear sandals | Sterling & Hyde bag | Uberkate necklace

bassike boxy t-shirt dress with tail (I’m wearing size L) | Frankie4 Footwear sandals | Sterling & Hyde bag | Uberkate necklace

Bassike boxy t-shirt dress with tail | Karen Walker sunglasses | Frankie4 Footwear slides

bassike boxy t-shirt dress with tail | Karen Walker sunglasses | Frankie4 Footwear slides

This organic cotton superfine jersey fabric is ideal for a breathable day in our summer. It feels sheer and light on but actually isn’t see-through if wearing nude underwear. I’m not even wearing a slip underneath (something I rarely do with my summer frocks).

This is meant to be an over-sized style but I love that the cut drapes in an over-sized way that skims and offers a slight shape.

The higher front hemline makes for a more flattering finish – a glimpse of your knees is always good for proportions in frocks with over-sized styling. The soft, deep-v neckline is also a flattering one for me.

It’s a good idea to try down a size from what you’d normally wear. It won’t take away from the styling but might make it more streamlined for your shape.

The black or darker fabrics in this style are definitely more dressy. I wore the black version for a long day of travel and it saw me through a flight, boarding a ship and out to dinner. I felt comfortable – and put together. This one will definitely come to Europe with me mid-year as a key summer travel piece.

he Model and Me: Bassike

So tell me, do you embrace an over-sized dress on occasion – particularly in summer? Longing for it to be cool enough to wear a soft pant?

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  1. Hi Nikki, I have just found a stockist here in Christchurch & bought a Bassike dress. Can see myself becoming hooked on these dresses (I bought the long sleeve stripe dress)

  2. Love the Bassike brand too Nikki. Especially the tee’s and midi dresses. You look great in them…gosh, can’t believe someone would say something like that to you.

  3. bugger, it looks like I was too slow and missed out on my size. Great post thanks. I would have completely overlooked this based on the image on the website, but I love it on you! It would be a great one for me. Comfy for playing at home all day with kids, but stylish enough to wear to an impromptu coffee date with the girls!

  4. Well it’s a full potato factory here as I have several of these and the other longer style and LOVE them. Particularly on a hot day!

  5. Had a look online and they don’t have the black in L. Sorry because I think they look great on you and I definitely would be happy with one.

  6. That’s the best dress!! I live in over sized dresses (I love wearing sacks!!), alpha 60 in Melbourne do the best oversized dresses and Elk accessories as well. Hides a multitude of sins!!

  7. I have an oversized dress ( can’t remember the style) also in a jersey from firefly and find I reach for it to wear a lot. It’s so comfortable on hot sweaty days. Just throw on a necklace and some sandals and it can go nearly anywhere. I hadn’t bought this this style of dress before for fear of it making me look like the side of a house, but the way it drapes and moves with you is very flattering.

  8. I love that you feel good wearing it – as you have said so many times before, that is the key. I am not good with an over-sized dress but that is because I don’t feel amazing in them. I am really starting to take notice of that in the clothes that I wear. My girlfriends are very happy because I just got rid of everything out of my wardrobe I don’t absolutely love. And I was so brutal about it. It is so liberating. Whilst It seems like I don’t have any clothes but what I have works and that is a good feeling!

  9. It’s not just about the sack/dress your wear though is it? Yes you have to wear loose natural fabrics that breathe in summer but surely we can raise the glamour with good accessories and hair? Shiny shoes and an updo? I say that in the subtropics and further north you dress for comfort as much as possible. I do.

  10. Love this dress and your shoes too, thanks for links
    Looks effortless and easy and comfy and cool.
    I love linen and its crushed look too, makes me gel still on hols…

  11. I live in “sacks” and Kaftans and loose shirtwaisters in summer. Australia is TOO HOT for super fitted on most days. It looks elegant to be cool and comfortable and groomed in a looser dress, than sweating and constricted in more structured outfits. Love the organic cotton idea too x

  12. an easy dress in the heat nikki! … very versatile!
    I could even wear this! I love the back elongated look of the tail, in black ofcourse! enjoy your day! love m:)X

  13. Great post Nikki, like you I take a farmers approach to dresses aka love me a sack of potatoes! I wold love to buy one online, but wondered If I am a size ten, would you suggest a medium or small. I like to skim, not cling to the hips and tum… Enjoy your dresses- they look great.

  14. I’m trying to remember what hot feels like but if I close my eyes and drift to my holiday in Crete last summer I can recall its touch. I was hugging shade and airconditioning, my hair was scrunched up in a hat. Ah, yes, that dress would be ideal, loose and long. You have to dress for you and the weather.

  15. I for one love this style of dress Nikki ,you look lovely and to the rude person that called it a potato sack,that’s not true!
    Both look lovely and anything that’s cool,comfy and can be dressed up or down as you have done, is a winner,great model and me post Nikki Xx

  16. I have a slightly different cut black and white stripe t-shirt dress from bassike, that I bought on sale at the end of last summer. My dress is less boxy and oversized than this one and slightly more shaped, (I know because I tried on this one too for an attempted repeat purchase), but I still had to go down a size to not be swamped.

    I completely agree Nikki the feel of the fabric is lovely and cool, but not too transparent and I have worn it on trips to Singapore and Bangkok when I’m off duty but still need to be reasonably covered, as I have colleagues and clients staying at the same hotel (never truly off duty!).

    1. I love that there are other similar more shaped styles available Johanne for those who prefer and I was pleasantly surprised that they are not too transparent. Can see how they would work for your off duty days while travelling!

  17. That was quite rude. If your opinion isn’t requested, don’t offer it. Unless of course it’s a spontaneous sincere compliment. People who don’t experience 35 degree, gazillion percent humidity don’t understand that a cotton floaty dress is an absolute necessity. Need that breeze to get up under your skirt on those days! Xx

  18. Anything that is cool to wear gets my vote. Looks comfortable and you always look lovely Nikki. Looking forward to the cooler weather without a doubt! 🙂

  19. I LOVE this dress. I have been crushing on it for ages. I tried them on in the sales but sadly were out of the stripe… I’ll be back on line pronto to get one now they are back in stock. I tried the Grey one but just didn’t do as much for me as the stripe. Like you said, black would also be a great staple. Jx

  20. LOVE this dress on you Nikki (some people are funny aren’t they… potato sack… ROCK it!)
    I think I’m going to have to invest! I can totally see it being layered in a chilly Auckland Autumn too…. now what colour to choose….. xx

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