Autumn Winter 2015 fashion trends – what to buy now

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I found myself wandering around and browsing in a few fashion stores in the city yesterday.

I was on the hunt for a couple of plain coloured tops with sleeves for a video shoot I’m doing in Melbourne tomorrow (yes, I’m heading south for a lightening work trip today) so there was purpose to my mission but it also gave me a quick insight into the fashion season ahead.

My blogging friend, Style and Shenanigans wrote about doing something very similar this week but – lucky girl – she LIVES in Melbourne and can actually wear the autumn pieces even though it’s technically still summer.

For those of us still sweltering – or taking small wins like days with tops of less than 30 degrees – it’s a tricky time of year to shop for clothes but I’d like you to persist with it because if you live where winter is mild, then the clothes dropping in chain stores, department stores and discount department stores during February and the start of March are more likely the types of clothes you can wear in your winter.

If you leave it until it actually cools down and all you’ll find are heavy knits, coats and things that you won’t have use for unless you are travelling somewhere cold for a weekend or holiday away.

In the hour or so I had for my impromptu smash and grab session, I clocked and mentally noted fabulous light trench coats, draped cardis in lightweight knits, pants in fabrics that will see you through from now until next summer and enough pops of colour to keep things bright and breezy while it’s still warm.

In this post I’m sharing the key fashion trends for autumn winter 2015, some styling ideas from what’s available in store now plus a snapshot of what to buy now if you have certain gaps in your wardrobe.

Colours and prints

Traditionally autumn winter doesn’t offer much up in the colour department. Blacks, charcoals, winter whites, beige/stone are all great neutral shades that are already out there in good supply.

As you know I’m very ok if you feel more comfortable wearing a neutral palette. There are plenty of ways to make neutrals exciting and this season that is certainly the case with a bigger focus on structure and texture than ever before.

If you are a colour lover then there are options coming through too.

The strongest colour trends are navy (yay for that rinse and repeat colour trend) and magenta/maroon/burgundy. Unfortunately – and it pains me to say this as a patriotic Queensland – I cannot wear the latter colour at all. It does nothing for my skin tone and I have to admire it on others.

Other available colours include: pastels; vivid red; khaki (Sonia Styling is very excited about this colour); emerald green; sapphire blue and bright orange.

In the print department, animal print and stripe fans will rejoice at the return of these perennial classic fashion buying options. You can never have too many of either I say.


David Jones has identified five key Autumn Winter 2015 fashion trends. Like most fashion seasons these days, I wouldn’t say there is anything totally ground-breaking or new happening out there in fashion land but there are newish takes on trends we’ve seen for a number of seasons now.

As with all trends, never ever feel that you should follow all – or any – of them. If they are trends that don’t represent who you are then become confident in choosing new fashion pieces that make you feel fabulous, regardless of whether they are “in” or not.

Sports report This is a trend that is going nowhere fast and owes its popularity to the wider healthy lifestyle trend. It’s no longer enough to just wear our gym gear to the gym. Many labels are now offering up fancy track pants and sweats that would be a shame to just save for the couch. Think tapered tracksuit pants, light anoraks and slimline tees or tank-style dresses worked back with slip-ons or sneakers are the go.

Autumn Winter 2015 fashion trends - sports report

1. Metalicus dress $129.95 | 2. Sportscraft relaxed jacket $229.95 (VIPs currently get $50 off this price) | 3. Country Road tote $69.95 | 4. Rollie brogues $119.95

Fine form If you can pull off a piece from this trend you will turn heads. It’s all about minimalistic block colours – mostly neutral – but with structure and contrast in design. Think fitted frocks, fluid trenches, pencil skirts contrasted with draped tops and origami-like folds in fabric.

Autumn Winter 2015 fashion trends - fine form

1. Saba dress $525 | 2. Sussan soft trench $169.95 | 3. Witchery clutch $99.95 | 4. Diavolina heels $199.95

A winter rose It’s all about the feminine in design, colour and texture. Pastels, lace and floral prints don’t make you a wallflower. If this is your style you’ll find lots of options for you this season. Think lace dresses and skirts, vintage floral prints on dark backgrounds and pastel pieces that will add a pretty kind of power to your neutrals.

The boys are back This is also a trend that keeps evolving with each season. It’s about the ultimate style contrast – a feminine body in a male fashion silhouette. It’s tricky to pull off top to toe but fun to play with in key pieces. Think pinstripe pants (the wide-leg trend does scare me and please if you are shorter than a supermodel only wear if you’re prepared to wear heels!), chunky knits and relaxed jackets.

Graphic content Prints are not just for spring-summer. Hooray for that. This season you’ll find everything from the previously mentioned florals to geometrics, bold colour splashes, monochromatic mixes and oriental-stye prints. Think special occasion frock, printed pant and fashion top.

Autumn Winter 2015 fashion trends - graphic content

1. Seed pant $129.95 | 2. Sussan bag $79.95 | 3. Blue Illusion top $99.95 | 4. Witchery jacket $149.95 | 5. Country Road shoes $129

What to buy now

If your autumn and winter wardrobe has gaps in basics like jackets, lightweight knits and light trench coats then this is the time to act.

Likewise if you have a special occasion coming up and know that it will be relatively warmish at the time, then now is the time to find that outfit. The Saba dress above fits this bill – yes it’s an investment but buying a special occasion piece that is timeless like this one will re-pay you in fashion wins for years to come.

As I said above, the weather-appropriate “winter” pieces for people living in warmer parts of Australia will disappear fast.

It’s also a good time to seek out key layering pieces if you’re planning a trip overseas (northern hemisphere) this year for spring or autumn. I’m looking at pieces with this in mind as when we arrive in the UK in June it will be very similar to a Queensland winter, temperature-wise!

So, over to you … have you had a chance to browse your favourite clothing stores in the past week? Got any key pieces in mind for a wardrobe update? Which autumn trend or trend “speaks” to you?

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    pain”. I have the olive skin and as the fashion says white dresses
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  • This is gorgeous and comfortable fro the fashion trends and love the Witchery clutch.
    I genuinely enjoy your blog.
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  • great collection for summer, checkout new launch boutique

  • Great picks! I love dressing in layers for the cooler temps. On my blog today is how I take a fav summer piece to a winter staple.

  • I love these new trends and stylish dresses

  • Leis

    I’m so pleased I stumbled across this great blog! The other fashion trend I am love love loving this winter is 60s inspired colour block shifts, pants, tops and A line coats ala Chanel and Prada’s winter trends which totally out if my price range 🙂 but ‘m a bit obsessed with the Cue Winter 15 campaign as a result!!

  • Mabel Margaret

    Nice autumn fashion trend.

    share fashion trends

  • Owll

    I just loved this look, but as always working out what suits and is appropriate at 46 yrs seems harder than I remember. Could I get away wearing these with a small heeled shoe or not. I’m a size 12, 164cm height curvey, hourglass shape. short waist and longer legs. Thanks

    • I’m 47 size 14-16, 166cm tall and a pear/apple combo and would wear any of the above. It’s not about our age, it’s about what we feel comfortable in. I’m not sure which look you’re referring to in regards to a small heeled shoe but depending on the style of shoe you could substitute for any of these.

  • Love the Witchery clutch, it is a favourite of mine for Autumn too 🙂 Loving nude pieces instead of white at the moment. Jess x

  • Angella

    Hi Nikki, I started reading your blog two years ago when I was pregnant with my third child, and you convinced me that I could wear skinny jeans! But…I’m still wearing the maternity ones I bought, because they’re so comfy, although I have decided is time to buy a new pair of jeans. I did read a few articles saying that skinny jeans are on they’re way out this year, and I wondered whether you had any suggestions before I go shopping 🙂 Thanks, and love your blog and book!!

    • Sorry Angella, for some reason I missed this … I’ll write a blog post about it as I don’t think the new jean trends are for most people! Skinny or slim legs are still the most flattering and especially if you want to wear with flat shoes.

  • You make it all so simple Nikki:) Its a perfect snapshot of what’s out there for the next season and I feel better equipped to take my picks now!
    Btw I loved your recent effortless distressed denim look and flight to drinks look too:) x

    • Thanks so much Kalyani … I love the chance to dress differently for where my work takes me. x

  • I love the soft trench coats for mid season. So gorgeous and comfortable. Love!

  • Johanne Taylor

    I’ve been thinking about looking for a “good” burgundy handbag for work over winter, ever since I saw that it was the Pantone colour of the year (I think they called it something else). I figure it will work with all my black, grey and navy.

    I’ve already started thinking about what I’m going to wear for my significant birthday in July. We’re celebrating with dinner in a private room for 25 people, so I want something special. That’s my big winter shopping goal.

    • It would be a lovely “pop” for your colouring Johanne! And I like the sound of your birthday plans!

    • It would be a lovely “pop” for your colouring Johanne! And I like the sound of your birthday plans!

  • I hope this isn’t a fashion faux pas to admit, but I’m really happy to see the same trends make a reappearance season after season. It means items you already have can be worn again with confidence (for me: leopard, stripes, my khaki anorak) and other trends you were hesitant to jump into last season can be adopted this season.
    (PS: thanks so much for linking to my khaki post! x)

    • Not at all … it’s a good thing but the fashion industry would have us believe it’s all been totally reinvented when it hasn’t!

  • Corrie Sebire

    Love this! Every year I buy a couple of waterfall cardigans from country road or trenery and wear them everywhere as you can dress up or down! In fact I got one today:) Great for the pregnant ladies too.

  • Love seeing the new season fashion coming through and I agree, it’s great to see some old faves getting a look in too. Have fun in Melbs and thanks so much for the shout out. x

    • There’s never any drastic shifts these days from season to season so I say buy well first time and it will help you feel fabulous for years to come!

  • Jo-Ann McMahon

    Great piece Nikki. Love the Sussan trench. Might need that for my trip to Europe in May. Off for a 3 week cruise of the Med. Tricky time for the weather. Have a full wardrobe, but might need some of these ideas for a freshen up. Love the Blue Illusion top too.

  • Kelly

    I am enjoying the slightly cooler temps in Brisbane at the moment. Last night was lovely! I can’t wait for the new season options … I am bored with hot and humid and desperately want to wear my jeans again. Though no doubt I will be whinging about winter too soon enough. Enjoy Melbourne!

  • Brogues!!! <3

  • miss_mlis

    Having lived in the northern hemisphere for a decade (& back in Australia for almost five years) I love this time of year for shopping. Not least because my favourite European stores have their end of season sales so it’s an excellent time to stock up on some autumn and winter lovelies…

  • Cheryl

    Unlike Mystery Case below, I am loving every bit of the Perth summer. I adore hot weather and minimal layers! Consequently your blog today made me screw up my nose a little, but yes I know it’s only around the corner. That Saba dress is gorgeous … if only I had the figure for it. Working on it though 🙂

  • merliyn

    great starting point thankyou nikki!
    good outfits to play around with, to dress up or down!
    wearing cardis, wraps and jumpers here! I’m nearly looking for my boots!
    we haven’t had much of a summer here yet but that can change!
    enjoy your trip! you jet setter! love m:)X

  • I love all the colours coming this season. I like the structure and detail of the origami folds too. Great outfit picks!

  • Lisa Mckenzie

    Thank you Nikki ,I am glad navy and orange and blues are key colours for the season ahead!I do like the brogue shoe worn with skinny jeans they look great ,not with wide leg pants though,that is one trend I won’t be jumping on ,they swamp me.
    I will have to look to see if there are any gaps in my winter wardrobe,luckily they are now separate wardrobes so it’s much easier to see what I need.
    I haven’t looked at any new season stock but do have my eye on a stripy metallicus dress.Have a great trip to Melbourne Nikki Xx

  • Bonnie

    Thanks Nikki! I’m so glad to have found your blog, tried to find your book in stores the other day ( on the Sunshine Coast ) without success. I’ve started a wardrobe audit in the interim. Bloomhill Charity and/or wheelie bin are receiving many pieces and my wardrobe is looking much better for it
    . Thanks again

    • Try Big W or Kmart on head online to Booktopia – thanks for reading and good luck with your audit!

      • Bonnie

        Found it! I was in Melbourne on a work trip and there it was in that fabulous bookshop in Collins St. Great book Nikki, so glad I have found you and your blog, my wardrobe project is in full swing , so many bags of clothes have gone to Bloomhill Cancer Charity shops and several bags to “hello wheelie bin”! am feeling so much better and more confident with my daily ‘style’ . You are a ⭐️,

  • PrincessEatsPeaSoup

    I find these fashion posts so inspiring. Even if I don’t see anything for me, it still gets my creative side motivated. I don’t know about these trends – I think ‘Graphic Content’ is close to what I was loving last winter. I will go for emerald green (I have pieces from days of yore that can come forward), bright orange and magenta (no burgundy for me). Love that Metalicus dress!

    • These days the trends all roll into each other – you are right to use your creative side to give your own spin on them!

  • Anna Franklin

    Thanks for all the juicy details, Nikki. I’m so glad navy is back. I just snap up the colours that suit me best whenever they are in. I’ll have a good look at the greys coming through as well. I saw a lot of khaki the other day but it just doesn’t suit me. I love the seasonal previews you do. Hope the TV spot goes well.

  • I’m really struggling with the heat in Perth at the moment and wishing for winter. I’ve also been casing the sales for my LBD challenge and managed to pick up shoes very similar to the Country Road flats you’ve mentioned above for just $20.

  • Kathryn

    Hi Nikki, love this post. I have been thinking about that Metalicus dress…I love it. But I like the blue version too. Budget has taken an absolute hammering lately – but I know I could wear the striped version with things I already own. Cannot wait for Autumn 🙂

  • There is something so exciting about new season apparel. I just love waiting to see what comes around and what to wear next. I have a little grey effect feature on my blog tomorrow. Thank you for your insight. Seems like Autumn has hit here in Sydney. But I know we will be inundated with the heat again sooner than we think. V x