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It’s no secret that I like to change things up in my wardrobe on a semi-frequent basis.

I don’t do so without being mindful of what’s in there already but I do like to keep things fresh.

I’m not a slave to fashion trends but I do take note as what is trending out there in fashion land because it can give me inspiration as to just how I might update my look.

But I don’t just leave the look updating to the wardrobe department.

You’ve heard about my obsession interest with cushions, haven’t you? You haven’t?

Well, I believe you can never have too many. They don’t have to all be out on display at all times but having a variety of shapes, colours and textures at your disposal is the home equivalent of your wardrobe’s accessory collection.

Just adding one different piece can change the entire look of a room – or your outfit.

The same goes with looking at a room in its entirety.

Now, I’m not an interiors blogger – far from it – but I do like to create spaces in my home that have personality. Spaces that are inviting. Spaces that are fun to hang out in.

I’ve been freshening up my own space since I was nine years old. To the frustration of my parents, I would shift the furniture around my room almost on a weekly basis. I was lucky enough to have my own room (and didn’t have to share with my brothers) but it was a tiny room.

In my head, I thought if I just moved the wardrobe here and the desk there, it would somehow open up – tardis-like – and I’d have all the space I’d ever dreamed of.

This didn’t happen but it was the first time that I was introduced to the power of space and colour and just how it can make such a difference to the feel of a room.

That colour was yellow – a deep buttercup yellow – and still one of my favourite colours today.

It’s also one of the 2015 red carpet trends in colour that we’re seeing during this year’s awards season – peaking with the Academy Awards on Monday morning (Australian time).

It’s not unusual for this to happen. The colours trending in fashion are often in alignment with those trending in interiors.

In this post – with the help of leading paint company Valspar, colour expert Sarah Stephenson and I are going to show you just how easy it can be to reinvent your look at home based on three red carpet fashion colour trends.

Trend #1: yellow

On the red carpet: check out Naomi Watts, Uzo Aduba, and Leslie Mann.

Aurelio Costarella gown | For hire at GlamCorner

GlamCorner’s Aurielio Costarella gown

What Sarah says …

Yellow has filtered out of the Milan and Paris furniture fairs as a key colour for 2015. From sunny to zesty, yellow is an upbeat and energetic hue, which is remarkably versatile. Maybe it’s not everyone’s first choice but mixed with the right colours, you’ll be surprised at the wow factor.

Paint colour trends 2015 - yellow - Valspar

Yellow and white: this duo is so fresh and summery. There are some great bold textile designs around in these colours. Mix up a few cushions onto a charcoal sofa in this colour way and then up-cycle an old wooden chair or side table in a matching sunny yellow to tie your look together.

Yellow with Blue: the surprise fit of yellow with denim or ink is a winner. These shades of blue give that sunny yellow street cred. Soft yellow with washed out denim looks so effortlessly chic. A brighter yellow with deep blue is intense and confident in its energy. Think about your space and mood, and then experiment. The wall colour featured here is Valspar Electric.

Yellow with Purple: this palette really packs a punch. Rich purple contrasts with zingy citrus yellow creating an unexpected dynamic. The result is bold and bohemian. Throw in a hint of jade for a joyful, contemporary palette. Remember to keep some of these brights in the changeable elements of your space, like linen or china. This way you can swap out from time to time and change your look. Here we have featured Mumbai Mosaic.

Trend #2: champagne and skin tones

On the red carpet: check out Sienna Miller, Katy Perry, Camilla Alves

Alex Perry gown | For hire at GlamCorner

GlamCorner’s Alex Perry Gown 

What Sarah says …

The soft hues of champagne, skin and blush are everywhere at the moment. They feel effortlessly welcoming. Layering these nude and mineral shades echoes the elements of our environment. Minimal contrast in tone keeps the energy low and calm. Look at matt ceramics and metallic for added texture.

2015 paint colour trends - champagne/skin tones

Champagne and black: The addition of hints of black to champagne hues brings a real luxe factor. Try the tonal contrast of black accessories, and for textural interest add a chic throw and metallic lamp for an opulent but understated look. The wall colour featured is Valspar Crowd Pleaser.

Nude and skin tones: There’s a real feeling of back to basics with this palette. The look is unpretentious and the soft tones are so tranquil. It feels like a celebration of simplicity and openness.

Neutrals and blush: Warm tones of wood and metallic take on dimension with the addition of soft pinks and blush. These tones are really breaking away from the charcoals and greys that we’ve been seeing for the last couple of years. The palette is muted and casual, making it a great choice for those who want to add “liveable” colour. Here we have featured Valspar silk bow.

Trend #3: white

On the red carpet: check out Kristen Wiig, Jennifer Hudson, Reese Witherspoon

George gown | For hire at GlamCorner

GlamCorner’s George gown

What Sarah says …

Who can go past white? It’s fresh, airy and understated; totally timeless.  It’s what you do with it that makes it contemporary. Here are some tips on using white to get the latest looks.

2015 interior paint colour trends - white

Texture, texture: there are other design elements to be employed when you stick with only white as your colour palette, and texture is a sure fire way to create focus and interest in a space. Think chunky knits, faux fur, and sheer floating fabric. Here we have featured Valspar Flawless.

White with Black: when you add the vivid contrast of black to white, you’re really ramping things up. This duo makes any room dynamic and dramatic. Make a statement with bold typographic art, or maybe a black beaded chandelier. The wall colour here is Valspar Arctic Monkey.

White with Brights: bright palettes are trending but if committing to a bright colour scheme makes you nervous, you can still express yourself by accessorising. Create your canvas in white and add the colours that make you happy in soft furnishings and collectables. This way you can move and update at the drop of a hat. Valspar Halcyon has been used on the wall.

What I say

If the thought of playing around with paint scares you then don’t let it.

I do understand the fear factor though.

I still have palpitations remembering coming to decisions over paint colours when we built our first home. All those sample pots. The test stripes on the wall. The commitment to (and investment in) the big pot.

That wouldn’t happen again. The Valspar Colour Guarantee means that if you don’t love the first colour you choose, they will replace the paint for free. This is such a great safe guard when it comes to experimenting with colour.

The other thing to get your head around – and this is just like in your wardrobe – the colour change doesn’t have to be a wholesale one to make a difference.

Painting small furniture or decorative items for the room or feature walls can make such an impact. Just as a new statement handbag, pair of shoes or show-pony top would do for an old outfit.

Time-wise, this is something that’s achievable in a short amount of time as Valspar paint is a primer and paint all in one. This means fewer coats and a money saver too.

This idea particularly appeals to me as a way to reinvent the way a room looks for less.

Now where’s that yellow paint pot? I’m ready to unleash my inner nine-year-old interior decorator.

Do you like to change up the look of your home? Not afraid of colour? Got any projects on the go? What colours are you using?

Valspar’s paint range is available from Masters Home Improvement and Home Hardware stores nationally. Prices start at $69 (4l).For more information and to discover your colours, visit

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Comments 29

  1. I swore after our last home ‘redecoration’ that was the LAST TIME…although I didn’t exactly push the boat out on colour (white interiors, with a black bathroom – black exterior). Maybe it is time for a bit of colour…thank you for the inspiration…x

  2. I love colour and changing things up from time to time. A couple of years ago we repainted our bedroom from a serene cornflower blue to a neutral taupe. It’s freshened things up and was relatively easy to do. My next project is to paint a couple of pieces of IKEA furniture to make them less chain store and more me!

  3. Great article! I love the idea of taking inspiration from the catwalks for my interiors. I tend to stick with white but this has me thinking!! Also great to hear about the Valspar colour guarantee – what an amazing offer.

  4. I can’t tell you how excited I get over a paint chart! Hubby always jokes our rooms would be bigger if i didn’t change the wall colour so often… there must be about 30 layers of paint in our lougeroom alone lol. Lucky we’re about to renovate so I’ll have more space to play with! But in the meantime, eyeing off that Valspar Mumbai Mosaic …. it would look great with a new rug I just got for my little one’s room. So bright and fresh! …. and I wouldn’t mind a dress in it either 😉

  5. We just moved house and the cost of the new house precluded new furniture purchases – boo! I found using colour through cushions and home wares to be very effective- but now you’ve inspired me to paint! Thanks!

  6. Love this post 🙂 Also love playing around with paint – I do tend to do my all-time fave everywhere I go – Dulux’s Antique White USA – but I don’t mind mixing it up in the bathroom/loo and bedrooms – even painting a contrasting colour inside the wardrobes/cupboards for a “surprise” 🙂 Mum and I are cushion fanatics too (only today we were cushion shopping in Sorrento Mornington Peninsula – amazing cushion shops!), and I also love a pop of warm and happy yellow in my home, clothes and bags 😀

  7. good post nikki! I like the crossing over of fashion with décor!
    I’m into foofing and like to move things about! for the right balance!
    I like white with charcoal and chartreuse at the moment!
    love textures and we have those eames chairs!
    hope you are all ok in the storms! scary stuff! lots of love mx

  8. good post nikki! I like the crossing over of fashion with décor!
    I’m into foofing and like to move things about! for the right balance!
    I like white with charcoal and chartreuse at the moment!
    love textures and we have those eames chairs!
    hope you are all ok in the storms! scary stuff! lots of love mx

  9. Yes, I like changing things at home, especially now that I’m there more during the day and can get bored with what I see. I’ve developed your obsession with cushions… or maybe I’ve always had it and reading about your obsession has brought mine more into light. 🙂

  10. Our home is finally on trend! Only took 12 years …. Painted the render yellow with white window frames, doors & white picket fence. Surrounded by lots of greenery, it looks like what we envisaged back then.
    Funniest thing was when our closest neighbours rang us to tell us to come home as a car had pulled up outside our home & people had tried to open our front gate but failed. We came home and the “fence jumpers” told us they were trying to come into our front yard as wanted to take photos to colour match the home they were building to same colour we’d painted our home. They were building around the corner. Den xxx

    1. Oh that’s too funny Den … did they end up doing the same colours? I had a red door on one of the homes I built back in the ‘1990s and it was inspired by a home at Pearl Beach in NSW (I’d seen it in a magazine). Lo and behold when I got to first visit Pearl Beach a few years ago, the house was still there and the door red!

      1. Yes they did, because being the anally retentive person that I am, I went and got my folder created when we were building our home and told them brand and name of colour we used!
        I think my friend owns a house with red door at pearl beach. We’ve stayed at their home in the past but haven’t been there for 5 years. I’m going to sms them & ask them if house door still red. Now that’s a blog degree of separation!!!

  11. Love this take on paint trends! Comparing it to fashion just makes so much sense.
    I absolutely love the colours in the original part of our 1900 symmetrical villa – the floorboards are whitewashed, we have charcoal grey carpet in 3/5 bedrooms, the walls are a soft dove grey and the doors and trim are in a crisp white.
    I also love our modern extension which has an essentially neutral palette which I’ve punctuated with pops of colour in the form of decorative items, cushions and throw rugs.
    I get the best of both worlds!

  12. My house is in a constant state of change! I have just reno’d my kitchen and going to use pops of yellow and white to brighten it up. Next up is the main bedroom and I am going for neutral colours with metallics. I like that champagne colour ….I could use that. It is a colour I can’t wear but love so this is way to have it in my life!

  13. I like my walls neutral,grey is my colour of choice and I like to mix the rooms up with colours ,with accessories like cushions and artworks.
    In the 80s when we built the house I had green walls and pink walls for a time and a bold blue in our bedroom,I’m much happier with the neutrals,with pops of colour!
    Have a great weekend Nikki and stay safe and dry if possible Xx

  14. We spent a LONG time deciding on the paint colours the last time we painted the interior of our previous home, with samples on the wall for months. Then when we moved into our new home, we found it was painted in exactly the same colour.

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