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I’ll tell you something for nothing … there was a lot of perspiring happening this past weekend.

It was more than a small shock after five days in Tasmania where I even got to wear jeans and a cardi.

The week before we spent at the beach in NSW. It may have been hot but the humidity had nothing on what Queensland dishes up as a back-to-school special offer.

So as I re-acclimatise and brace myself for the final week of school holidays, my wardrobe thoughts are very much in the lightweight basket.

Frocks I can pop on easily and step out the door with a minimum of fuss or fear of sticking to me are my go-to pieces.

Today’s featured frock from Brisbane-based independent online retailer, Surafina, definitely fits this category.

Surafina is label that embraces effortless style with pieces you can dress up or dress down to take you to pretty much any occasion.

Here’s a look at the Surafina Malibu dress on the model.

The model

Surafina Malibu shift dress

Surafina Malibu shift dress $89

and me

Surafina Malibu shift dress | Salita Matthews necklace |Zoe Kratzmann sandals

Surafina Malibu shift dress (I’m wearing the O/S size) | Salita Matthews necklace | Zoe Kratzmann sandals

I’m a big fan of the print of this dress. I don’t do a lot of busy prints but this one works for me because of the balance of light colours with the dark. Dark pink and navy are also colours that work with my hair and skin tone.

As you can see from the model images, this dress can be worn whichever way suits you best. Love to show your waist? Tie it there. Prefer a hip tie? Shift it down a little. No tie at all? Go for it.

The cotton fabric is so cool and comfortable to wear. The length is just right for me – hitting just at the top of the knee – and it’s also a style I could wear with wedges or heels for a lunch out.

This print is also available in a maxi dress and a kimono.

The Model and Me Surafina

So tell me, did you swelter or freeze over the weekend? Love an effortless frock?

* This garment was gifted to me for editorial consideration – full disclosure policy here.

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  1. You look great in that dress.
    And how revolting has this weather been!
    There were moments on Saturday when it was touch and go…having to wear a girdle and having a newborn who insists on sleeping on me sent me nearly crazy!
    Thank goodness for sister in laws with pools!

  2. Nikki I love this dress on you. However I have a request! Could you possibly feature some cotton outfits please? I’m having trouble finding all cotton – apart from some ‘floaty’ styles of dresses and tops which tend to be more casual. Any leads on more fitted/ dressy styles or outfits in 100% cotton?? Any help much appreciated.

    1. This is cotton/rayon Wendy – last week’s dress was rayon – very breathable fabrics. And wash well. At this time of year it’s all about the casual dress … the more dressy styles will evolve as the new season takes effect. Yes, the stores will have us believing it’s autumn-winter in February You may pick up some more fitted, end-of-summer pieces through places like Lola Australia or Boom Shankar

  3. I’m a huge fan of prints and I love that one of you! The colors are just perfect. It was pretty cool and windy here in Melbourne over the weekend so feel free to send a bit of heat and humidity over our way this week 😉

  4. I love prints. This is a lovely dress. I was sweltering in this QLD heat, even though we are a little cooler sitting on a mountain range compared to you Brisbane folk! Thank God for pools and a/c though, the children tend to bicker more in the heat, so getting them in the pool dramatically reduces that.

  5. a cool dress and those colours are gorgeous on you nikki!
    the new camera is taking great shots! … if that is what you are using?!
    cool weather here, but my daughter is complaining and now her washing machine has broken down … had it for a while! …
    does anybody love/recommend their washing machine?!? do a review?!? open to suggestions! … sorry not the right platform but i’ll leave it here just in case! … thankyou … love m:)X

    1. I came home to our fridge needing replacing M! The repair person recommended three different brands and we had a certain space to work with. I got online on Saturday at Appliances Online (there are good videos explaining each product) and they’re delivering a new one tomorrow – free delivery and free taking away of old one! How’s that?! Re washing machines, we went to a front loader (Bosch) 6 years ago and it’s still going strong … thought it was gone last year but was fixed in a relatively cheap repair. Front loaders use less water and don’t seem to be as damaging to clothes.

          1. Me too I have had one for over 10 years. I have 4 kids and do at least one load a day. I use the quickest cycle (38 minutes) with cold water and it does a great job.

    2. me too for the bosch merilyn! Ours is great. And yes agree with Nikki, Appliances Online are great. Have bought most of my electrical purchases there in the past few years.

  6. Lovely print.

    Hot here in Sydney over the weekend, but a cool change came through late yesterday. I was keeping cool in the pool or in floaty dresses when it was necessary to be dressed.

  7. We sweltered too Nikki a LOT of time was spent in the pool this weekend!
    Dresses are my favourite item of clothing as they can be dressed up or down.This dress is lovely on you Nikki ,it must of been hard coming back to the heat after the cool of tasmania and I enjoyed all your IG pics Xx

  8. A fabulous choice for this horrid weather we have been having. I love the print and am eyeing off the maxi dress. The only problem is I normally avoid a lot of maxi dresses as I refuse to wear anything that I can’t wear a normal bra with. Do you think the look of this maxi would be ruined by wearing a slip dress or tank underneath it?

    1. I don’t think it would be ruined Mindy, it would just have a different look to it. The model on the site is wearing a black bandeau bra or slip and there is a racer-style back so a tank would just sit outside that.

  9. You look lovely in that print, such a pretty comfortable looking dress. The heat on the coast, and the humidity – in a word – revolting. I’ve got every window in the place open all the time, no aircon but never really worried about that before. Looks like you had a lovely trip from your IG pics! Kathryn x

  10. Lovely, Nikki. So that’s the key to a busy print – the balance of light and dark? Sweltered here on the coast – beach Saturday, water was fabulous. Then tucked indoors with the a/c yesterday. x PS Nearly forgot to say – wore a bikini to the beach – first time in over 30 years – thanks for the encouragement and confidence from you and all your lovely readers via your swimsuit posts. x

  11. This is a gorgeous dress! We had it so hot here in New Zealand over the weekend, it was almost too hot to do anything! Lauren from SAHM I am.

  12. Gorgeous Nikki! Love this print and style of dress. It was very cool times in Victoria this weekend, especially down the coast where we were staying – pants, jeans and cardys galore. I did manage to wear frocks all week before finally giving in on the weekend though! Hope the humidity drops soon and you get some well earned respite!

  13. You look absolutely stunning in this dress. As always, better than the model. Your skin and hair look lovely too – all the changes in climates must be suiting you! X

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