57 ways to change it up in 2015

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We’re 21 days into the New Year. I love a list of goals like the next wannabe-over-achieving person.

The trouble is that January always feels like one glorious, balmy (see I’m even romanticising the hot, humid weather) holiday. Even if I’m not on one.

Over the last few years, I’ve learned to just go with this feeling and not beat myself up that I’m not ready to take on the new year from Day 1.

Because that’s OK.

Maybe you’re like me? Maybe you’re easing your way into the New Year?

Consider this list a little nudge … a list of possible ways to change it up for 2015.

57 ways to change it up in 2015

How should you use the list?

Not at all if it’s not your thing. But if you are looking for a little nudge or six, then what I suggest is that you read through the list and take note of the ideas that “speak” to you.

Those ideas should form your list.

Prioritise your list. What – if acted upon – would make the biggest difference to your life right now?

How would you feel if you acted upon and ticked off your list?

I’m guessing pretty damn good. So let’s play, shall we?


13 wardrobe editing tips

1. Edit your wardrobe so that everything in it makes you FEEL fabulous.

2. Make a working list of clothes you need to buy to fill any gaps and fill those gaps over the next few months.

3. Make a list of things you want to buy – your lust list – and treat yourself if your budget allows throughout the year.

4. Photograph your outfits every day – you can share them with #everydaystyle on Facebook or Instagram – or just keep as a record for yourself. A photo helps us to see if an outfit works as a whole and just knowing you’re going to photograph it (even if you’re not sharing) will help you to plan and prioritise what you wear and how you feel on any given day.

5. Experiment with new ways of wearing the same garments.

6. Be fashion-inspired by others but work on creating your own style – there is no-one else out there like you so show us that person.

7. Dress in a way that makes you feel confident. Not in a way that conforms to so-called fashion rules.


Styling You's home office and lady room | office makeover

8. Edit and cull your beauty drawer, cabinet or makeup bag, keeping only those things that make you feel fabulous.

9. If your current skincare routine doesn’t seem to be working, change it.

10. Make sunscreen a daily habit.

11. Learn new ways of applying your makeup. Professional makeup artists have so many tips to share and Youtube has a tonne of videos to work through. No one person has the RIGHT way of doing it, find a way that works for you.

12. Buy a new lippie. Just because.

13. Change your hair style.

14. Change your hair colour.

15. If your current hair stylist doesn’t share your vision for change, change your stylist.

16. Get a professional blow dry. For a special occasion or just because. I can make mine last four days or more. That’s many value-for-money, good-hair days.

17. Save time on your hair styling by getting a treatment that improves the health of your hair.

18. Find new ways to style your hair. Christina Butcher’s Hair Romance is an ideal buy for women with shoulder length or longer hair wanting to experiment with new styles.

19. Book in with your hair stylist for a session to show you how to wield your styling irons.


Styling You's home office and lady room | office makeover

20. Be grateful for your current job or business.

21. Seek out another job or business idea if your current one doesn’t make you happy.

22. Focus on you – don’t get involved with things you can’t control in your job or business.

23. Stuck and can’t see what direction to take with change in your work life, talk to someone. Seek out a life and/or business coach. They’re not just for celebrities or high-powered business people.

24. Make friends with your finances. I’m doing the Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp. It contains my kind of woo-woo and it’s already shifting my money mindset.

25. If you are a blogger and want to make it your business. Or just want to get organised about your blogging, then check out my friend Kate McKibbin’s Secret Bloggers’ Business course and planner. If you’re new to blogging or really wanting to nail your content ideas then check out my friend Chantelle’s Clever Cookie School of Blog. If you’re thinking of starting, this e-book is for you – How to Start a Blog by Louisa Clare.

26. Volunteer. At your school; sporting club; or at a charity that means something to you. Giving back to the community that supports you and your family is a VERY good thing.


57 ways to change it up in 2015 - health

27. Find a way to get active in a way that you love – so you stick at it. Not everyone wants to run marathons; not everyone wants to do yoga. Do what feels good for YOU.

28. Eat good food that makes you feel good. Listen to your body. Some days that could be a leafy green salad. Some days that could be bacon.

29. Only eat when you’re hungry.

30. Struggling with finding that hunger feeling? Try the 5:2 Diet. I’ve done it most weeks for about 18 months now. It’s my re-set button each week or after a holiday way and has the full support and approval of my GP.

31. If you like/love/can’t live without a vino or two then aim for a few alcohol-free days each week.

32. Buy a SodaStream and replace the vino on those days with lime and soda. In a nice glass. Trust me, the glass is essential.

33. Can’t eat gluten or want to reduce the carbs in your day? I’ve been ordering and eating Protein Bread for more than a year now. I even travel with it (enter the code stylingyou at checkout for 10% discount off your first order).

34. Always have baby spinach on hand. Seriously – despite this documented hiccup with the online grocery delivery – if you have a bag of this in the fridge, you can create a simple, healthy meal in minutes.

35. Stock your pantry/desk at work with healthy snacks. Harvest Box can organise delivery each week to your office or home. Love that portions are sorted.

36. If you have a niggling back, sore neck or just feel out of whack, see somebody who can help. It may be a physio, a chiro, a massage therapist. Just do something. You’re worth it.

37. If you have ongoing emotional issues see a professional. You’re worth it.


57 ways to change it up in 2015

38. Read more books that make you feel good. Join a book club – in real life – or online.

39. Switch off your devices. If you can. If you can’t, don’t beat yourself up about it.

40. It’s never too late to learn something new. Book that photography course. Learn how to make a terrarium. Create a gourmet meal from scratch.

41. Go on dates – with your partner, your friend/s, your kids (individually) – there’s nothing wrong with scheduling time with people who fill up your soul.

42. Travel. Or make plans to travel. It doesn’t have to be an epic overseas adventure (although that would be nice), even a weekend away somewhere new or somewhere that’s a fave place will be so restorative.

43. Learn how to meditate. I’m pretty crap at this myself but I’m working on it.

44. Say NO more often. If something doesn’t excite you, don’t do it. Mostly we say yes to not disappoint others which makes no sense as we’ll end up disappointing ourselves.

45. Say YES more often. Say yes to anything that brings a smile to your face or goosebumps to your body.

46. Make time to just BE.



47. De-clutter your space. Start with the room in which you spend the most time and declare it a chaos-free zone. For me it’s my office, the living room and our bedroom. I find when those areas are cluttered, I’m a little cluttered inside.

48. Get organised with paperwork. That dumping spot on the kitchen bench or magnet on the fridge – when was the last time you cleared it out? I find if I let it go longer than a week then important things don’t get paid, signed or talked about.

49. Decorate your space. There is something quite wonderful about spending time at home, I think, so why not make it a space that reflects who you are … a bit like your wardrobe should do too.

50. Move furniture around for a different feel to the same room. I’ve been doing that since I was a kid. Love the fresh and the new.

51. Light your favourite candles. Don’t “save” them.

52. Use the good crockery. Who are you saving them for? Aren’t you important enough?

53. Drink from lovely tea/coffee cups and glasses. It really does taste better.

54. Download the photos on your camera or phone and create a photobook or magnets of your favourites. Digital is great but I do have fewer visual records of great photos on show than I did when I had to get photos “developed”.

55. Set up a shared phone/device calendar in the cloud and get all the device users/owners in your house on board with adding in their appointments and work schedules so that everyone knows what’s happening when. So much more useful on the go than a physical calendar (particularly if you have teenagers!).

56. Treat yourself to new bed linen. Sheets that softly envelope you as you go off to sleep.

57. Buy a topper for your mattress. Aside from quality sheets, it’s the quickest way to create a “hotel at home”. Trust me, you’ll never go back.

Remember, this list is just a working list. Create your own list. Find things from this list that resonate with you and make them happen in 2015.

And tell me, what would make a good addition to this 57? What are you working on to change it up in 2015?

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  1. Thanks Nicki for reminding/motivating me to address the elephant in the room! The kitchen bench. Mine is an island bench, pretty much the whole kitchen & my design style to date is half clear, half disaster. A mirror image of my mind at the mo. I love clear surfaces but “stuff” has been quietly breading & now size of small nation. It’s Sunday, it’s raining & I think there are goldfish in a bowl there somewhere. Oh, & a glass of wine on completion.

  2. Great list Nikki!
    We just changed around our lounge/dining area, as it’s an square shaped room that includes the kitchen. Now, when guests come to dinner they can all sit at the table and I can talk to them while we chat away and enjoy a wine or two!
    My next ‘big’ project is reorganising the bookcases and getting some art work up on the walls!

  3. Such a great list, some good ideas in there for me to try and some I do already. I’m not one for resolutions but like a little ‘get back on track’ reminder. My things are regular running, meditation, bringing lunches to work and healthy eating with 5:2 diet. It’s a little list in my diary each week & I mark off as I go, 4 times a week (2 fast days). I have put that make up lesson back on the wish list so it may just happen this year! Thanks, Nikki. Great post.

  4. Got something to add…wear that ‘special’ perfume because everyday is special 😉 it’s the little things that makes a difference! I’ve been culling more things from my wardrobe and I think my wardrobe thanks me for it because now it can ‘breathe’ a little.

  5. Great list Nikki but it’s a bit overwhelming for me being so long. I always find I cope better if I concentrate on a couple of goals at a time.I love the categories you’ve used and I’m going to pick 1 easy goal and 1 harder goal from each catergory and work on those, then add new goals as I cross the initial ones off my list. It will be interesting to see how much I get through using this method. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. A great list Nikki. I felt as though January 1 snuck up on me and I wasn’t ready for it but now I am learning that’s ok. I have some plans for the year – with some of your points resonating well with my own list. But, I think the most important thing is I’m glad I’m here, and can make a list for the year!
    Have an awesome year Nikki

  7. I am off to a good start with some ideas on yr list as had decided i would go on lots of dates this year (3 so far and lots of fun dressing up for those), go on more weekends away ( spontaneously decided at last minute to go on 4 day p &o cruise to Sydney for Australia Day this weekend) and i would get off the bus in the morning and walk in anti-clockwise direction around the city block to my work to bump me into a new routine (discovered new shops, coffee spots and a different vibe to my morning commute) Sometimes its good to have a little less groundhog day to the start of a new year!!!

  8. Oooh lots to take on board! I’m hoping to get fitter and healthier this year so I need plenty of willpower, but yes it is ok to have bacon (as you say) if you feel like it. I even made a bacon salad, such a good compromise! Thanks to your #everyday style I’ve got a much better radar when it comes to choosing clothes these days. Photographing most definitely helps. Thank you for some great ideas Nikki!

  9. 49 and 50 – yes!! I have also been a furniture changer since I was a little kid. Love it!!

    I’m OFF SOFT DRINK and on to soda water with a splash of lemon or LL&B cordial – it has been almost 30 days already. I could have murdered a cold can of Coke today, but the feeling passed.

    I’ve got another one – get out and enjoy trees, ocean, flowers, the sky, even a pretty house or different view. Be observant. Say thank you for what you see – to nature, the universe, god…

      1. Just saw your reply as I’m downing a soda water & cordial. Thanks Nikki. It’s been interesting to notice the correlation between tired/stressed and the urge for a sugary soft drink. So far, so good.
        Bonus benefit – a nice chunk of weight seems to have dropped off, whether that lasts or not is a different thing!

      2. Just saw your reply as I’m downing a soda water & cordial. Thanks Nikki. It’s been interesting to notice the correlation between tired/stressed and the urge for a sugary soft drink. So far, so good.
        Bonus benefit – a nice chunk of weight seems to have dropped off, whether that lasts or not is a different thing!

  10. Lots of great tips and ideas to kick start life in a new year. Like you, I too have eased into 2015, subconsciously extending the holiday feeling even if back to work for a couple of weeks already. Similar to V from SnS I usually use this extended time off to de-clutter various corners and cupboards in the house. But I personally have mixed views about “New Year Resolutions’ per se. I think the concept can be a bit contrived and some people set themselves up for failure time and again. By default, different quarters of my life operate on a range of ‘calendars’. For example, work goes from July to June, fitness goals follow the triathlon season (October to September), wardrobe & linen closet sorting follow the climatic seasons, and home follows the traditional Jan to Dec timeline. So I end up with various time points over the Gregorian calendar to reflect and recalculate, and consequently don’t feel overwhelmed by the volume of goal setting. Your fabulous list could be a keep a committed soul busy but not swamped when spread over time. Congratulations on all your achievements this past year and best wishes tone coming year!

  11. This list is great – very inspiring and motivating – I can see a few on there that I must do. Thanks for sharing this Nikki 🙂

  12. Lots of great ideas here to kick start your year. Thank you! I’ve been meandering through January slowly putting my goals and ideas together one by one and not beating myself up for taking my time. I also see January as my major de-clutter month so I have been attacking random draws and cupboards as I feel like it. As soon as the kids go back to school, I’ll do all of our wardrobes. Good luck with your goals and I am with you on all things involving new bed linen!

  13. Great post Nikki. I usually make a list of big and small goals for the year, feels good to tick them off. So far this year I have decided to stay calm at work, (there is always one person who ‘gets your goat’ lol) lose some weight and get healthier. All in action 🙂 Re your advice for everyone to wear sunscreen – I took my Dad up to the PA yesterday – he has to get a skin cancer taken off. There was a few patients who were younger than me 🙁 so scary. It’s a bit cooler up here today – lovely breeze now. Some days though have been an absolute nightmare. Kathryn x

  14. Great List. Quite a few of these things are on my 2015 List or I already started in recent months – * Read more books (on my 3rd novel for Jan),
    * Eat healthier and walk every day (have lost 4kilos by doing this!) * Had my holiday photos developed today! I have about 20 albums of my kids, holidays etc! * While holiday shopping I added a few new pieces to my wardrobe (incl 2 maxi dresses which I never usually wear!) I love a good declutter and making little changes makes me feel good. Here’s to a happy healthy and revamped 2015!

  15. Have you been climbing around in my head again?! Editing my wardrobe, setting up our home office (and a decent filing system), finding a new job, getting a consistent exercise routine happening, travel and learn to meditate are all on my list for this year. So is finally finishing our renovation and decorating each room. It’ll all be a work in progress, but that’s OK – so am I. x

  16. 2015 has just not started even close to how I thought it would.
    Getting my health back has now become my main priority for 2015. I don’t know what to do with my wardrobe. It’s 98% full of fantastic corporate clothes but I am now off on sick leave indefinitely.
    Does anyone have any ideas on how I can incorporate some corporate clothes into my everyday wear?

    1. Sorry to hear that you are unwell. In terms of incorporating corporate wear into more casual wear here’s some ideas:

      White or any colour button up shirt: wear with jeans. If its a bit longer wear open with a singlet underneath. Ditto with other tops that you may have worn with suits.

      Pencil skirts: wear with sweatshirts – that seems to be a huge trend, Tees or singlets also look fab with them too. Wear with flats i.e converse or sandals. In winter wear with ankle boots.

      Blazers: again can wear with denim, also can look great worn open over casual dresses.

      Hope this helps and that you get better soon!

      1. Thank you so much for your response 🙂 Your ideas help a lot.
        I own a lot of dresses that I used to wear with heels. Do you think wearing flat blue doc martin ankle boots would work in dressing them down and ‘funking’ them up a bit?

        1. Try! I also like the look of Converse type sneakers with dresses. And boots. I am such a boots girl. As someone with ME/CFS, I totally understand the “get my health back” imperative, even though mine is more “pace and don’t overdo it”.

          Give yourself permission to spend time playing with your wardrobe. Could be a couple of hours each day, or half an hour, depending on how you feel. Photograph everything, then take each piece and see what you can use with it. So one dress may work with several pairs of footwear, plus jumper, overshirt, cardigan… if you’re like most women, you’ll find you’ve got a lot more potential in your wardrobe than you thought. Being ill sucks, having a chronic illness sucks even more.

  17. I have made a few simple and concrete changes. I find it best to have an actual goal rather than a vague statement
    -aim for 10000 steps per day on the fitbit
    -at least five serves of veg per day
    -alcohol on the weekends only
    -I have gone off facebook (so I can write my thesis)
    This seems to be working at present.

  18. I love your list Nikki and so many of them I need to do and number one on the list is a closet revamp and cull. eBay and charity piles are on the go starting today. Have a fabulous day. Thank you for the inspiration. V x

  19. Great list Nikki ,I am currently trying to learn to love my curls ,people say how nice my hair is curly so I’m trying to love it too! I also have started waking and doing some exercises in the pool.I always use the nice things,life is too short not to.
    I Also did a wardrobe edit and put into a bag the things I don’t wear often or don’t feel great in ,if I haven’t worn them at the change of season they are going,to me if you look good you feel better,even on really bad days.Sounds like you are on track for this year I hope it’s a great one for you Nikki Xx

    1. Do you live in Melbourne? There is a hairdresser called Neel Loves Curls (google him, is also on instagram too). I have curly hair and never wore it out. Went to visit him now I wear my hair curly every single day – it was a seriously life changing haircut.

  20. I love this post thankyou nikki!
    you are always willing to help people!
    you inspire me because you are such a positive person and I get caught up in that lovely energy! you are ab/fab hun! all good <3 it and you!
    I'm seeing what unfolds in the universe! … ever the dreamer! … love m:)X

  21. I read Get Rich, Lucky Bitch over the holidays and it’s a great book. And a good intro to the course for people who don’t want to or can’t spend the amount the course is.
    I can’t telly you how much I love that you always say that what you eat/exercise/do health-wise is in conjunction with your GP. More people need to see this, read this, and do this!
    51 is something I’ve already set as a personal goal this year. USE the nice things I’ve bought.

    1. I totally agree that the book is a great intro – and possibly a way to manifest the cost of the course! I listened to it on audio on my trip around Tassie. And yes the GP thing is so important to me as what works for me is not going to necessarily work for another – AND any change in your routine could be harmful.

  22. I was inspired to go and change a lightbulb in the middle of reading this. Funny but true. I am a list writer. Whenever people ask me about New Year resolutions I tell them I make lists through January instead. I did also start the Bon Appétit Food Lover’s Cleanse and Apartment Therapy’s January Cure. I did not get through more than seven days of either but, regardless, I found both very inspiring. I find your list very inspiring too, Nikki. I am pretty organised and already a regular declutter expert but I always find some new perspective of my life, my home, myself. Thank you.

  23. Wow, Nikki. I read this post with the thought, “maybe something will jump out at me” not really knowing what that might be. I have to admit, several of your points gave me goosebumps, because they exactly iterated thoughts in my mind that I for some reason I had been ignoring. Thank you for inspiring me to make some needed changes, I might just have to go make a list. X

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