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Every so often a frock style comes along that just captures my wardrobe heart.

Oh who am I kidding? SO many summer frock styles capture my wardrobe heart. It’s my favourite way of dressing as it only takes one garment to create an outfit.


This summer I’ve been well and truly seduced by the Dreamer Dress at Bohemian Traders.

Bohemian Traders is an independent online boutique with designs created and selected by a super talented woman – Emily – who I originally “met” through blogging and her blog/website, The Beetle Shack.

The Beetle Shack was once Em’s personal blogging space but as her family has grown and her Bohemian Traders’ business as taken off, it’s evolved in 2015 to be an exciting lifestyle website with contributors from around Australia and New Zealand sharing their expertise on everything from design, interiors, fashion, food and eco-living.

But back to THE dress.

I’ve got this dress in three colours. Please don’t ask me to nominate my favourite. I love them all. They all work for different occasions and all can be dressed up or dressed down.

So I’m showing the model (and me) wearing each of the three colours.

The model

Bohemian Traders Dreamer dress - black

Bohemian Traders Dreamer dress – black $139

Bohemian Traders Dreamer Dress - blue

Bohemian Traders dress – blue $139

Bohemian Traders Dreamer Dress - cream

Bohemian Traders Dreamer dress – cream $139

and me

Bohemian Traders Dreamer dress Metalicus slip  Freya Sabine heels Uberkate necklace

Bohemian Traders Dreamer dress* | Metalicus slip | Freya Sabine heels* | Uberkate necklace

Bohemian Traders Dreamer dress | Frankie4 Footwear sandals | Salita Matthews earrings | Noosa Amsterdam cuff

Bohemian Traders Dreamer dress* | Frankie4 Footwear sandals* | Salita Matthews earrings | Noosa Amsterdam cuff

Bohemian Traders dress | Salita Matthews necklace | Zoe Kratzmann heels | Dinosaur Designs ring

Bohemian Traders Dreamer dress | Salita Matthews necklace | Zoe Kratzmann heels* | Dinosaur Designs ring

Bohemian Traders Dreamer dress | Mimco bracelet | Dinosaur Designs ring | Bark Accessories clutch | Nine West heels

Bohemian Traders Dreamer dress | Mimco bracelet | Dinosaur Designs ring | Bark Accessories clutch* | Nine West heels

There are a number of winning features to this dress but let’s address the length issue first as it’s something that’s come up on my Facebook page whenever I’ve worn the dress.

The hemline of the block colour part of the dress does finish quite short, with the lace then adding another 10cm or so on to the dress.

I’m 166cm tall and this is an ideal dress length for me. It falls at a flattering spot at the top of the knee. I also wear a slip dress underneath mine and this subtly adds length (and removes the potential embarrassment that a wind gust might bring) without taking away the effect the lace brings to this design.

I’ve talked to Em about the length and it’s something that she’s looking at. You’ll be the first to know if she does bring out a longer length as I’ll include news of it here. It might be a more streamlined design. The current design is purposefully a loose-fit, swing style which suits a shorter length. Stay tuned.

I’m wearing a size L but could probably wear a M or S and still have room. The size XL will fit up to a size 22.

The main fabric is rayon and truly a delight to wear. If you are an ironer of your clothes it takes minimal effort to iron this dress after washing. If you don’t iron, you’ll be happy with the way it washes – just hang on a hanger after washing and you’re good to go.

I love the v-neck … there is a clasp half-way down the v and I mostly wear mine open because I have a slip underneath. It’s also a neckline suitable for breastfeeding.

The lace on the arms just covers enough to make you feel comfortable without a hint of dowdiness … but at the same time also cool in warm weather.

It’s the kind of dress you can wear with flats – even thongs – for day or add a pair of heels and bling and head out for the evening.

I’m not a belt kind of person but if you are then this works beautifully with a thin tan or metallic belt.

Some of my blogger friends – all different shapes, sizes and heights have embraced the Dreamer. Do yourself a favour and check them out:

The designer herself: Emily shows how she wears the Dreamer dress.

Redcliffe Style: Rach plays with the shape by tying a cardi around her hips.

Sonia Styling: Sonia belts her black Dreamer dress with a thin tan belt for a night out. And here, she works it with leggings and heels

Baubles, Bubbles and Bags: Norlin has layered it over a long-sleeve black tee and tights to show that if it’s a cool night then this dress is still your fashion friend.

iCurvy World: Jo shows how to turn the Dreamer dress into a race day outfit.

Iris May Style: Bev dresses up a black Dreamer for a special night out.

The Model and Me - Bohemian Traders

Have you found a dress this summer that just works for you? Tried the Dreamer?

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  1. Nikki, I’ve placed this dress in my shopping cart sooooo many times but I’m still unsure about size! I normally wear sizes 12-14 so am guessing that a medium would be fine for me, BUT I really don’t love my legs. They’re a bit unsightly since having my babies (a varicose vein or two plus some spider veins) and my knees aren’t the slimmest! Having said that, I’m slowly beginning to accept them as they are and along with some fake tan, I’m thinking this is the dress for me. Do you think a L is a better option because of the length? Would this make it more voluminous in terms of material or wouldn’t it be much different from the M? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, Nat

  2. Love this dress, especially seeing all the different ways it can be worn. My question, however, is what would the length be like for a 151 cm petite person? Sometimes I find this style makes me look like I’m playing dress ups in my mums clothes!

  3. I have the black and love it but please be careful, I had only worn mine once and noticed parts of the lace had come apart… Very disappointing for what is for me an expensive dress 🙁

  4. Hi, my black dress arrived today and I love it. I am 165 cm and the length is good without a slip as my legs are quite slim. I will try it with a slip though for cooler weather. It feels so light for this recent heat! I would normally be a 14 and bought the medium. My husband says he likes the shape. I am not a belt wearer. He thinks it is an odd colour to buy when you want something cool. I have offered to buy another one in a lighter colour!
    I did wonder whether the cream one would be see-through without a slip. Does anybody know?

  5. I adore the lace on this dress and it looks fabulous on you Nikki. Using a slip underneath is the perfect solution for feeling more comfortable about the length. Unfortunately I think it would be a bit too loose fitting on me and one of the down sides of having lost some weight is that there is now no size smaller than my standard for me to be able to buy down a size. If Emily ever creates a more fitting style with gorgeous lace like this I would definitely buy one.

  6. I used this post to justify finally buying this much coveted dress today. I HAD to buy before everyone flocked over to Bohemian Traders and they sold out 😉 I’m a bit worried about the length but there’s always leggings and slips. Love this dress!

  7. Love this dress in all colors but need it longer please. (Please tell them I’m happy to order them now & pay.) At 177cm tall, my privates will be on display in the current length & that is so not a good look! Also, our 13 year old will cringe in despair. This is also not good. Thank you & happy new year. Den xxx

  8. I have adored this dress for a while, but alas, I need it longer!!! I don’t want to have to wear a slip. I’m am so excited that a longer version may be on the horizon. Looks lovely on you, I think the blue is stunning.

  9. I love the versatility of this dress and the fact that it looks good on just about everyone! It’s wrong to play favourites, especially as I own all 3 colours, but I just can’t go past classic black. Thank you for including me in the roundup! x

  10. It looks like a really pretty dress with that lace work. I think the challenge for me would be that I’m short and busty so it would probably sit too long on me.
    How generous is it across the chest area?

  11. Beautiful dreamer! They all look gorgeous on you. Yes I have one. I was initially reticent as I was worried it would swamp me but floaty or belted in it’s great. BTW how amazing are you posting between trips! Busy lady. Best wishes for the Tassie trip.

  12. The Dreamer looks gorgeous on you Nikki! It also looks great on several other bloggers! I coveted this dress for months then bit the bullet and bought the blue late last year. At almost 6 ft I find it a little short so I am really excited to hear that there may be a longer length in the works…can I pre-order Emily!

  13. I love this dress and its volume but I have a problem with its length. I hope Emily does introduce the same dress in a midi length. That way it could also be worn with a belt without becoming too short. I love all three colours!

  14. hi nikki!
    you look great in this dress! … it’s versatile!
    I’ve realized the secret is in the petticoat … a good length then!
    I am with joanne on the width thing I think a slimmer fitting version and maybe a little longer could suit more people! … hope you have a good trip!love m:)X

  15. I agree with you Nikki this dress is gorgeous I think the blue is my favourite,I love all the colours on you and love the lace detail on the hem and sleeves.
    It also seems to look good on everyone! my little trick for when a dress has a bit to much volume is to wear a longer type necklace as it seems to weight the dress down,and draw the eye down.
    Nikki you look stunning in all 3 frocks Xx

  16. I already have a few lovely pieces from Bohemian Traders and have added the blue Dreamer dress to my cart a couple of times. Only to remove it before completing my purchase, when I remember that like you I really can’t do belts and there is too much volume in this dress for me. Wah wah.

    I love the lace but will keep an eye out for some variation that does work on me.

  17. What a stunning little dress – looking lovely in all 3, esp the black. The lace makes it special and feminine without being frou frou. And I am totally onboard with “one in every colour” for something you absolutely adore!

  18. Beautiful dress, I love the blue. Looks beautiful on you, I have been looking at it but being so short not too sure. The volume would be an issue for me, too much makes me look more of a munchkin lol. It’s very pretty! Kathryn x

  19. I love this dress Nikki, however the length is an issue for me. I too would wear a M-L size and need it to be the length it is on you, but I am 12cm taller than you, which would make it pretty short on me 🙁 I look forward to seeing what she comes up with in the future – the lace is so devine.

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