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I’m spending Christmas Eve attending to my roots. Not sure why I thought a Christmas Eve booking for a cut and colour was a good idea but it’s happening and I will be blonde for Christmas.

Because that’s important, right?

Tonight we’ll sit down to dinner – the five of us will all actually be home (it’s a Christmas miracle as the eldest has been working some very long hours and will be working Christmas Day too) – feast on some prawns and settle in for our annual viewing of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. NEVER. GETS. OLD.

Consider today’s post kind of like a family Christmas newsletter. Do you receive them still? Or send them?

Social media seems to have taken over in the family and friends news’ department. I guess we don’t have to wait for an annual update when it’s played out every day on the internets?

There are a couple I still receive that I very much look forward to receiving and reading. One is from a friend I met in my first year of university – she was on exchange from the US for six months and staying at the same college I was. She has written EVERY Christmas since then. Her babies are now at College; my big babies are too. Wish I could say I’ve been just as consistent a letter writer …

Another I love receiving is from a very funny husband of a girlfriend of mine – it’s always emailed – so even thought it’s Christmas Eve I know he’ll come through. I know it.

Anyhoo … back to the Styling You family Christmas letter.

Dear SY reader,

As you know, 2014 has gone very ok. Not all days have been diamonds but there sure have been plenty of reasons to embrace the sparkle.

I’m now officially a “Brisso”.  The move from the Sunshine Coast has been a good one.

Sure the packing and unpacking was far from fun; and wrangling with my telecommunications provider for five months afterwards heightened by stress levels but all in all it’s gone very well.

Styling You's home office and lady room | office makeover

I’m still not used to Mr SY being around in the mornings and evenings. He tried (once) to complain about the 10 minute commute on the bus. I shut that complaint down quick smart. He’s finally even stopped nervously twitching each time we drive the Bruce Highway north to the Coast.

Master SY has taken to his new natural habitat with gusto. So far these holidays he’s rarely been home, spending time with his band of new mates or when he has been home, one or more of those new mates have been with him.

The “bigs” are home for the uni holidays but for most of the year they like – and embrace – the 10 minute separation between our lives.

2014 will always be remembered as the year that I had my first book published. It’s all been a crazy ride since. I’ve been everywhere from Bundaberg to Perth and met so many SY readers thanks to sponsor NIVEA Australia. That my friend is a MASSIVE highlight. There are already more dates booked in for 2015 – check for details here.

Big, big love and smooches to all who have bought Unlock Your Style. Don’t think I’m stopping with the shameless plugging either: snap up a copy for yourself for Christmas (the iBook version has been super popular and even made the 2014 best iBooks’ list). Just quietly I love what my mate Smaggle did at bookstore in Canberra yesterday. She got sprung doing so but took one for the team. 

Unlock Your Style on the shelf

I must give a big shout out to Mr SY. I’ve been away A LOT since my book published. I couldn’t have done all that without his support – and that of a fabulous group of new girlfriends at Master SY’s school. 

We did get away ourselves (well with our mates the BabyMacs) to the Whitsundays in September. We thought 10 years of marriage justified a night at Qualia after our sailing weekend. Turns out the luxury hotel gods were shining on us and a cancelled flight saw us back there for a bonus night.

Whitsundays- Whitehaven Beach

On the blog YOU showed up and worshipped at the Offspring alter for what seems to be the final time. Can you tell I’m in denial? Until I hear an official announcement from Channel TEN, I’ll hope against hope that we’ll see the Nina Proudman in all her kimono-wearing glory in 2015. 

Johnny Was kimono as seen on Nina Proudman Offspring

My #everydaystyle Instagram challenge continues to showcase a diverse range of styles on women on all ages, shapes and sizes. I love that something I started as a personal challenge so I would spend time putting together an outfit for a day at home on the computer has become something that has inspired others to shop from their wardrobe and develop their everyday style for themselves. Don’t forget to share your Christmas outfit with us all. I’ll be including lots of Christmas Day style on the blog on Boxing Day.

The real women of #everydaystyle wearing ripped jeans

This year we’ve given away lots of prizes too – 98 prizes worth $19,916 to be exact – and that’s not including the prizes we gave away as part of my work with sponsors. Were you a winner? There will be more to win on SY in 2015 … stay tuned.

Speaking of my sponsors – and my banner advertisers – thanks so much for supporting them. This blog relies on sponsors and advertisers to keep going. I don’t work with every sponsor that approaches me, instead choosing ones that fit with me and hopefully you. 

Lastly I want to thank YOU. Seriously. You’re the reason I show up here every day. The SY community is a pretty damn fabulous one and that fabulousness comes down to YOU.

Merry Christmas. May your glass be filled with your favourite beverage, may the Christmas cracker jokes be lame and may Santa bring you just what you wished for.

Nikki x


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I’ll still be popping up on the blog over the next few weeks – but I may not be here Monday to Friday as you’ve come to expect. Please don’t panic. I’m just taking some much-needed down time.

We’re actually not going away until January 2 (road tripping to the New South Wales Central Coast for a week) and then Master SY and I are “on assignment” in Tasmania for a week.

Then it’s the final week of the school holidays so normal programming will return when school does.

If you don’t want to miss when a new post goes up on the blog, you can subscribe to the “daily” email here. Basically if I post a blog on any given day, you’ll receive an email containing that blog post not long after.

Facebook is also good way to follow along with what’s happening. To never miss a notification from the SY Facebook page, check the “Get Notifications” tab which you’ll find when you hover over the “LIKED” button.

Get Notifications

And you’ll always find me hanging out on Instagram. #everydaystyle #justsaying

Tell me your plans for the next few weeks and don’t forget to share your Christmas Day outfit with the hashtag #everydaystyle.

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  1. A very Merry Christmas to you Nikki- your book was a gift for a few females in my life this year and I look forward to reading what you are up to in 2015! Lauren from SAHM I am.

  2. Hi Nikki, Merry Christmas to you and your family. You have had an amazing year, with much well deserved success for all your hard work. I love being a member of your online community, you have made a big difference to my life – the way I dress, my skincare and makeup – and probably most importantly the way I see myself. Here’s to 2015, and a bright, happy and healthy new year! xx

  3. The warmest wishes to you and your loved ones. Your blog is fab and your book is brilliant. You are all about empowering women and encouraging the sisterhood to be supportive of each other. May you continue to shine in 2015. Big love and respect, Sharon

  4. Wow! You’ve had such a fabulous year, Nikki – love your work and your positivity. I hope you and your family have a lovely, relaxing Christmas. My daughter is giving me your new book for Xmas – she certainly follows directions well, haha! All the very best to you for a bright and sparkly New Year. Deb xx

  5. Always love receiving your blog posts in my inbox Nikki. You’ve had the most amazing year haven’t you? This is my first Christmas in my new home state, Victoria, on the Mornington Peninsula and I just love it here. I’m about to get stuck into the Sherry (yippee!), so have a great Christmas and look forward to sharing 2015 with you! xo

  6. Happy Christmas to you and your family Nikki! Your blog is a big part of my everyday and very inspirational. Enjoy your holiday time xo

  7. Merry Christmas Nikki and to your family. I’ve loved reading your journey this year and it’s been wonderful to zone out for five mins to read your blog while chaos with little kids breaks around me. I won an unlock your Style necklace and wear it daily! I love it so much and I just bought a Tiffany key necklace to wear with it. I’m looking forward to 2015. I hope your year next year is just as successful as this one. Xx

  8. What a year it’s been for you! I’m so grateful that what started as my favourite blog to read has afforded me a friendship with you. Thank you for always being there with a wise piece of advice, tough love, honesty, laughter and support. You really do set the standard for the Australian blogosphere. Here’s to a bigger, brighter, better 2015 for Styling You! x

  9. What a year Nik. It’s been such a thrill seeing your book go off and all your hard work over the last (how many? 8?) years come to fruition. Have a wonderful Christmas break and school hols xx

  10. Thank you Nikki for your blog and your kindness and your help in doing research for us and taking the time to spread some sparkle over the inter webs.Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year and enjoy your down time you deserve a lovely break with your family.
    Stylingyou is my favourite blog and the only one I read everyday Xx

  11. Thanks Nikki for such a great wrap up of a fabulous year!! I have really enjoyed coming here everyday and joining in with yourself and such great ladies. Congrats on such an amazing achievement with your book. And good on Smaggle – love her work! We are boating tomorrow and then off to Sydney on Boxing Day for a few day. Merry Christmas to everyone x

  12. What a big year 2014 has been for you Nikki. It’s lovely to look back and think “I have so many things to be thankful about”. Unlock Your Style has made great Christmas gifts for my girls this year. I love checking in here each day to hear your words of style and life wisdom, and love reading the wise, funny and supportive comments from everyone. Merry Christmas all you lovely ladies and your families and happy 2015. xx

  13. I’m so glad I discovered your blog this year !! Christmas Eve will be a bit different for us as Mr 21 has moved out, Mr 16 and Ms 15 are working !! So tonight it’ll just be me , Mr D and Miss 13 watching the carols !! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family !!

  14. thankyou and well done nikki! … you are very ok! … my judgement!
    you are a super woman in my eyes! and I love your book! <3 it!
    I love the warmth and generosity of spirit that you exude! and I love your positivity!
    sy is a great blog, a one stop shop! and I love hanging out here with
    lovely people and comments! you excuse my spelling, ending in prepositions and lowercase ramblings! love it and you!
    have a beautiful Christmas and a wonderful 2015! … with my love m:)X
    btw go smags! you did well! x

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