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Can I just tell you just how refreshing it was to fly south these past few days and get a taste of weather that did not bring with it a gazillion percent humidity?

On Thursday I wore a jacket and jeans ALL day and did not once perspire. I may have even shivered at a top of 21 degrees in Sydney.

On Friday evening after my Bowral book launch for Unlock Your Style, it was positively “nipply” out. I made my friend BabyMac (who we were staying with in the glorious NSW Southern Highlands) give directions via SMS to Mr SY to have the fire stoked by the time we got home for a celebratory champers.

Oh the joy. Of wearing winter soft pants three days before the official start of summer.

Nary a drop of sweat nor an unsightly cankle in sight.

The novelty of this was certainly not lost on this Queensland girl who has sweltered since the switch on spring was flicked on September 1.

When we stepped off the plane in Brisbane last night it was back to reality with a thump of heavy, moisture-laden air. My blow-dry that had lasted since last Wednesday morning bouffed up a little in protest.

I reminded myself that this week’s #everydaystyle wardrobe would look somewhat different from the last.

There would be much wearing of dresses like this one I’m featuring today from Read and Bell.  Here’s a little bit of info about this independent label.

Read & Bell was established in 2010, out of a desire to source gorgeous and authentic hand made Indian textile pieces. The company has now evolved into a small studio designing and making beautiful hand printed and embroidered cotton clothing. We travel to northern India to work with traditional artisans to create this range. To complement our clothing we also source unique, authentic and beautiful lifestyle products which reflect the essence of these colourful and exotic places. We are true collectors. Nothing is mass produced.

The model

Read + Bell Summer Dress

Read and Bell Summer dress $95

and me

Read and Bell Summer dress | Samantha Wills ring | Noosa Amsterdam bag | Country Road espadrilles

Read and Bell Summer dress*  (I’m wearing size XL) | Metalicus slip | Samantha Wills ring | Noosa Amsterdam bag | Country Road espadrilles (from three years ago I think!)

If you’ve followed this blog for a couple of summers you’ll see that these are the type of everyday dresses I favour for summer.

The fabric is light, breathable cotton, there is a sleeve for sun protection and they can be worn with a slip underneath for modesty if required.

I actually find that wearing a slip is cooler than wearing without as it stops the outer garment from sticking to me.

The length of this dress will also please my taller sisters. It comes to just below my knee (I’m 166cm). I know that many of you find it a struggle to find summer frocks at a length that is right for you. This may be the go.

I’m guessing that the model is at least 10cm taller than me.

This summer I’ve also been a sucker for anything blue. On Saturday I bought this blue tencel dress from Sportscraft, I packed and wore a Metalicus blue dress as a top and I wore a year-old blue Sussan jacket on Thursday.

Blue has always been a colour that draws me in. I feel good – calm – wearing it. And this dress is no exception.

The Model and Me Read + Bell

Do you love a cotton frock for summer? What do you look for when buying and wearing?

* This garment was gifted to me for editorial consideration

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  1. I bought a Read and Bell dress at the Croydon Public School Twilight Christmas markets. I love it! It is a different style to this one, but so light and cool. I wore it on a 40 deg day last week and it was perfect!

  2. I bought this dress yesterday at the Eryldene Christmas Fair, I am thrilled to own such a pretty light frothy dress which is such a change from my normal tailored pieces. I bought from Read & Bell a couple of years ago and have been really pleased with the quality considering how reasonably priced it was. Bring on summer!

  3. Love the dress on you Nikki but I have a question about the bag. Have you had any problems with the stud buttons on the front? I have the bag and I love it, it’s my go to everyday bag but I’ve found the buttons occasionally fall off and naturally I can’t find them so I have to go and buy more. I know I’m rough on it but just wondering if it’s just me or if it happens to everyone.

  4. Gorgeous Nikki,I love you in blue it really suits you.I look for soft cottons and viscose dresses for summer as I really feel the heat,that could helped along by not having a thyroid and menopause.
    Beautiful dress and model and me post,have a good day Nikki X

  5. Nikki, the thought of having to wear something underneath in our Qld heat puts me off every time – I see that you do it a lot – don’t you find it hotter?

  6. Love a summer frock! So easy to get dressed (pun intended), and look put together,with very little effort. Certainly length is an issue for me nowadays, so when I find anything a little longer it’s straight to cart.

  7. I found amazing label called Cable Melbourne. The have the most gorgeous shift/kaftan dresses. all made in Australia. Exxy but gorgeous! Their knitwear is amazing too.

  8. Love this dress, it’s something I would wear to death. You look beautiful and so cool. Blue is my favourite colour, always clean and calming 🙂

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