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How was your weekend before Christmas?

Ours was a mix of getting ready for the big day, aka THE food shop to end all food shops, and prepping for food for the first of our festive gatherings yesterday.

My youngest brother heads to South Australia each year for Christmas with his in-laws so we always do a pre-Christmas bash.

This year it was just us – my parents (dad and step-mum) have moved to the UK and my other brother lives in the US.

We ate our fill of spectacular salads (this chocolate one below from my sister-in-law very much counts!) and slow-cooked pork loin, Facetime-d our family overseas and raised our glasses to our mum and step-dad who tragically drowned 19 years ago yesterday in NZ.

Christmas chocolate "salad"

They weren’t reported missing, nor found, until two days later so this time in the lead up to Christmas is always a bit strange for me.

I know I’m not alone. To everyone else out there who has lost someone recently or a long time ago, I say, I get it. I understand.

Christmas (and birthdays) really do open up that murky wound of grief that we all think has been healed with time.

For me, it’s my kids that have helped me stay focussed on the GOOD things. I’ll always loved Christmas and I refuse for that to change.

My love for the season also translates into what I wear.

Yesterday it was the dress I featured in last week’s Model and Me post.

Today, I’m featuring a dress that may just get trotted out again over the next few days. It’s from Australian independent label Ollie and Max Australia.

Ollie and Max is a label for women sized 8-24 who “seek style, quality and simplicity”.  Designer Samantha Burns believes in always producing and selling a trans-season collection of pieces with injections each season of favourites.

Today feature frock is just that. Here it is on the model

The model

Ollie and Max Australia Mexico embroidered dress - silver

Ollie and Max Australia Mexico embroidered dress – silver $179.95

and me

Ollie and Max Australia dress | Stuart Weitzmann platforms

Ollie and Max Australia dress (I’m wearing size M) | Ollie and Max slip $39.95 | Stuart Weitzmann platforms

You already know I’m a huge fan of the tunic dress – particularly one with sleeves.

For me, it’s a way to FEEL dressed when you’re in a sticky climate situation. And yes, we get our fair share of those situations up this way.

I’m also a big fan of metallics – you knew that too, didn’t you?

Add a splash of metallics to white and you have a match made in sparkle heaven.

This is very much an outfit that works for a festive or summer party situation. It’s a a gorgeous blend of viscose and cotton so feels fabulous to wear.

You can wear this dress with your own white or nude slip – or grab the Ollie and Max slip which is the same blend of viscose and cotton.

This fabric mix feels amazing on your skin and is breathable. The straps adjust to fit your height too.

Now, if you’re wanting to have this dress to wear on Christmas Day, Sam at Ollie and Max let me know offering express postage today and tomorrow (just check regular postage and the team at O&M will upgrade you!). Hop to it.

I’m wearing a size down from normal so maybe factor that in too.

The Model and Me Ollie & Max Australia SS14-15

Love a white and metallic mix? Got your Christmas Day outfit sorted?

Don’t forget to share your Christmas Day outfit on Instagram with the #everydaystyle … I’ll be collating as many as possible and sharing on Boxing Day.

* These garments were sent to me for editorial consideration. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. Hi Nikki, I was really moved by your post… Christmas must be such a bitter sweet time for you. It’s so good that your kids help you focus on the positive.

    Thanks for a great year on the blog – and Merry Christmas! p.s. Love that white dress!

  2. Nikki , I have lost my dad and what works for me is to be home by myself and play some of his favourite music and just sing along. Xxx

  3. You look fresh and lovely Nikki. White is always a cool look, esp with metallics! Such mixed emotions for you at Christmas – and for everyone who loses someone at this time of year. Hugs to you and your brothers. I often think of people for whom Christmas is a reminder of those lost. I tell my children – if I “go” at Christmas – they are not to ever face it with sadness, rather pop a bottle of bubbly and raise a glass to me. I would hate to think that they couldn’t enjoy Christmas anymore.xx

  4. Hugs to you, Nikki. I will be missing my Dad this Christmas Day, even though my Mum has made sure we have had new traditions to mark the day ever since we lost him over 19 years ago. My special joy this year will be from having our one and only niece celebrating her first Christmas at our place. If I have my way she will be terribly over indulged 🙂

    I have not settled on my Christmas Day outfit, as the weather is apparently going to be wet and wild over the next few days in Sydney. But I’m planning on frocking it up at my brother’s over the weekend, when I’m not worrying about hosting!

  5. Sad to read your story Nikki (goosebumps) but love the way you strive to stay positive in spite of it. You are rockin’ that frock! x

  6. You look gorgeous Nikki! I have the same dress white with neon pink. Sending you love and strength at this painful time of year, it’s always hard when old pain and hurt ruse up. Thank goodness for your lovely mister and kids. Children are healing humans xx

  7. Beautiful dress Nikki and big big hugs to you it is a very hard time of year especially this one,thank you Xx
    PS that chocolate salad looks amazing and I’m off to do the big shop today,wish me luck!

  8. you look positively angelic in that dress nikki! … love an angels!
    loving the look of those shoes! I would fall over! had some similar years ago!
    couldn’t fit into case! … so had to carry them on the plane;0!
    yes always charge the glasses to the lovely one’s who are not with us anymore … but there in spirit! … would have been my mum’s birthday tomorrow! … she made Christmas for us! <3 them!
    love the fruit and chocolate salad … looks superb!
    have a great day! love m:)X

  9. That looks great on you Nikki – I have it in pink, but sized up – its supremely comfortable but it’s too big. After seeing it on you, I’m taking your advice getting one in silver and sizing down. I hope it works! Merry Christmas x

  10. It is so good to bring family together at Christmas and remember those who are not there to share in all the joy of the season. They are obviously remembered with great love but you would still miss them both so much. The lunch sounded delicious, I am going to try to make it for Christmas Eve. I can work out most of it. I guess the little balls are rum balls .

  11. That really is a gorgeous dress Nikki – lovely on you. Hope this week is wonderful for you with lots of happy new memories made.

  12. White and silver always look great together don’t they? What a fabulously designed dress. No good for me on Christmas Day with kids and chocolate but is definitely a dress id wear without little kids. I love this whole look on you Nikki. Those shoes are fabulous too. 🙂

    1. It’s a thing! Well the first time I did it it kind of happened by accident. It was an Easter and there were just so many little eggs, I threw them all into a salad bowl and declared it chocolate salad. There’s been a chocolate salad at most occasions ever since!

  13. Looking so summery and cool Nikki. I cannot even imagine what you and your family would have went throught when your parents drowned. The waiting would have been unbearable. Hugs to you. V x

  14. That outfit looks lovely and cool. For me I’ll be going with a nautical look for Christmas Day as we’ve been spending a lot of time on our boat this year so I’ll keep the theme going. Striped t from Blue Illusion and navy capri pants, easy and comfortable but still smart and Christmas Day special. Thanks to you I have my wardrobe more sorted out than ever before so what to wear is a lot less stressful. Have a lovely Christmas and New Years Nikki.

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