How to buy Christmas fashion gifts

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Buying Christmas fashion gifts for other women can be fraught with all kinds of risks but get it right and the fashionista recipient will be overjoyed with the result.

Here are my key tips for buying gifts of fashion pieces or accessories at Christmas time – or any time.

Think your partner could do with embracing one or three of these tips? Print out this post or email him/her a link.

You’re welcome.

8 tips for buying fashion gifts

1. Understand the recipient’s personal style. It may be completely opposite to yours. You need to be ok with that and not try and inflict your style and taste on someone else.

2. Know the person’s size. Don’t guess it. There is nothing worse then opening a beautiful present of a fashion garment, only to find that the giver lovingly thinks you are three sizes smaller than what you are. Look in the person’s wardrobe first.

3. If buying lingerie, this is even more essential. A man walking into a lingerie store and cupping his hands in the general shape of his partner’s bosies is not going to be helpful in finding lingerie that fits.

4. Find out where they most like to shop for clothes or accessories. You’ll get these clues from their wardrobe too. We are creatures of habit and regularly shop in the same places – places that reflect our personal style.

5. If you know she shops at particular small independent boutiques – online or bricks and mortar – then enlist the help of the store owner/manager or designer to put you on the right track based on her previous purchases.

6. Accessories are the go if you just don’t feel confident in buying a garment without her trying it on. Consider what accessories she’s really in to. Bags? Shoes? Scarves? Jewellery? All of the above? Take cues once again from what’s already in her wardrobe and shop accordingly.

7. Don’t be afraid of the gift card. This is how I look at it. A gift card for a favourite store goes an even longer way AFTER Christmas in the sales. Plus you have the fun of shopping without spending your own money.

8. Ask upfront for any gift idea suggestions. This is very ok and leaves no woman disappointed. I find the practice of emailing direct links to where to buy gifts very helpful and not in any way demanding ;).

Shopping suggestions

These are all fashion gift suggestions that would work for anyone regardless of size or shape. The dresses and top featured are “free size”.

Use them as a starting point in your targeted gift-buying operation.

ashion Christmas gifts for women

1. Camilla kaftan $229 @ Zambezee Boutiques | 2. Surafina dress $99 | 3. Uberkate necklace $165 | 4. Metalicus tee^ $89.95 | 5. Witchery pouch $49.95  | 6. Country Road Bangle set $79.95 | 7. Blue & Maroon earrings $29 @ Blue Bungalow

 See anything you like? What tips do you have for buying fashion gifts?

^ denotes affiliate sales link.

The ultimate gift guide

Have you been checking all these fabulous gift guides from my blogger friends? Hop to it!

And if you’ve written a Christmas gift-buying post, then please add your link.

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  1. Great post Nikki. I have always bought more personal “fashion” gifts for extended family and friends. I always pay attention to what colours and “styles” they are into. The Witchery pouch above is the sort of thing I would buy; things like small clutches, trendy toiletry bags, beach bag, soaps, nail polish, earrings, luggage tags – you name it – I’ve bought it – but always in a colour they collect. And I always get matching gift wrap and card too. I much prefer buying for others than myself.

  2. I have so little faith in my partner I buy my own gifts – but this would be great to show my mum – she’s given me some shocking fashion items over the years – and I had to wear them on Xmas Day too to please her so I look terrible in all our childhood family Xmas photos 😉

  3. Great list Nikki! I actually love the idea of a gift card though they burn a whole in my pocket. I have a friend who said to me the other day … “oh I have a gift card for Myer that is about to expire, I better go and use it”. I can’t even imagine that ever happening to me.

  4. good tips and suggestions thanks nikki!
    LOL number three on list! … yes I bet that happens!
    I’m good with women’s gifts, but the male species is out of my ken!
    I find a gift card is very useful then the person can choose what they really want! … have a good day! love m:)X

  5. I love gift cards and yes of course I see things I like you would be a great present giver Nikki. I love the Camilla kaftan and the Surafina dress.
    I’m great with women’s presents its men’s I find the hardest x

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