The bengajean is a wardrobe essential

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I’m often asked just what wardrobe essentials a woman needs.

And I answer: it depends on the woman in question.

What I might consider a wardrobe essential for me, you might have no need for.

My whole relationship – and now love affair – with wardrobe essentials was borne out my previous special skill of always being able to add a new top to my wardrobe … but then arriving home and finding I had nothing to wear with said top.

There it would sit – alongside all the other tops I thought would change my wardrobe life – the store tag winking at me, mocking my impulsive shopping effort.

Not any more. I’ve reformed.

I’m just as excited (if not more!) to stumble across a wardrobe basic that is good quality and gives my wardrobe depth by offering up all manner of outfit possibilities.

One such wardrobe essential is the Blue Illusion bengajean.

Now, they’re not much to look at on the rack – or in the flatly image below – they are definitely something you need to try on to believe.

After wearing a pair for the first time last year, I got what the lovely women in Blue Illusion stores were always talking about.

It really is the go-to pant.

The Blue Illusion bengajean comes in a number of lengths, including shorts, but it’s the cropped and full-leg styles that are super popular.

So popular that 18 pairs are sold every hour in Blue Illusion stores.

The Blue Illusion Bengajean - your go-to pant

Why is the bengajean so popular?

The Blue Illusion bengajean is made from super-stretch Turkish denim; with an advanced elastane fabric finish.

This combination makes for a streamlined silhouette when wearing them – and that to me is the most flattering way to do a pant.

They are zip-free and have mock pockets. While you might baulk at this, this is actually a good thing when it comes to maintaining a smooth line in our outfits.

It’s essentially comfort denim, which is great for travelling – or just the every day.

I’m wearing the size L and I’m 166cm tall.

Style tips

1. Buy as firmly as you can. Because of the elastane, the bengajean will relax easily. Buy loose and you run the risk of a saggy bottom within an hour or two of wear.

2. Don’t like to wear shorts? The cropped bengajean is your new best friend. Choose a lighter colour for high-summer and they will still feel lovely on your legs.

Blue Illusion ink stripe tee | cropped denim bengajean | white quilt denim jacket

Blue Illusion ink stripe tee $89.95 | cropped denim bengajean $149.99 | white quilt denim jacket $199.95

3. Look for tops that end at the hips – or slightly above – This is the length of top that will cover the front bits and balance out the outfit proportions.

4. Not happy with the top length? Try knotting one side of a top to create a length that works for you.

Blue Illusion linen peplum tunic | sky blue cropped bengajean | Elena scarf

Blue Illusion linen peplum tunic $139.95 | sky blue cropped bengajean $149.99 | Elena scarf  $79.95

5. Start with neutral shades. Blue Illusion always offers a number of seasonal colours in its bengajean – they are most certainly fun but budget for neutrals first.

6. Bengajeans have the ability to be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. Just change tops and shoes and add a jacket and you are set.

Blue Illusion paisley print tunic | mint slim denim bengajean | pom pom scarf  | necklace worn as bracelet

Blue Illusion paisley print tunic $179.95 | mint slim denim bengajean $99.95 (on sale) | pompom scarf  $79.95 | necklace worn as bracelet

7. The most flattering of bengajean styles is the cropped style. This a style that is flattering to all legs as it hugs the legs and finishes near to the most narrow part of the legs … the top of the ankle.

8. Blue Illusion offers a size range of XS to 3XL: my curvy sisters will understand how good that is to hear.

Blue Illusion sangria button front shirt | cropped benagjean

Blue Illusion sangria button front shirt $129.95 | cropped benagjean $149.99

Well, you didn’t think that with it being this close to Christmas that I would avoid a Christmas theme get-up, do you?

Of course not.

Red + white + sparkle – always a winner in my books.

Special offer

Blue Illusion once again has a $25 discount voucher for every Styling You reader – Merry Christmas! It’s valid in store (just print it out or show this post on your phone) or online using the DRESS25 code at checkout.


So tell me, would I find a pair of bengajeans in your wardrobe? What colour and what do you wear them for? Which look do you like the most?

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Comments 52

  1. Just bought a pair of the long jeans in denim. Love them and can see they will be brilliant for travelling. Only comment is that they are shortish and may not suit very long legs.

  2. Thank you for the voucher Nikki, brought two pairs on sale the black and the white and used the voucher on two new red tops to go with them! Great tip about buying the smaller size thank you!

  3. These pants look amazing on you Nikki …. Very much a fan of a good crop pant. I like my tops to cover my bottom though, so perhaps even a subtle hi/low top could work for me

  4. I love these pants also, I have the white and Indigo. They are often reached for, they are forgiving if you are up or down a few kilos too!

  5. You look gorgeous in all these outfits, makes me want to check out Blue Illusion – I’ve never been into one of their shops. Especially love the Christmas outfit

  6. They look like my kind of jean. Does anybody know how they compare with the Katies cheap version? I wear those all the time but you do often need to go down a size because they stretch when they are on. If these are worth the extra money i would buy them for sure. I will try them next time I am ready to brave the car park at Indro!

    1. Adrienne I have both the Katies and the Blue Illusion benga jean crop pants. The Blue Illusion ones are a far superior product and feel lighter to wear. They also last more than one season and still look as good as new. The Katies pants still have a place in my wardrobe due to lower price BUT I think the Blue Illusion version is definitely worth the money. If you can get into a store to try them on, do so. That way you can see for yourself.

      I own chambray, white and mint. Will be buying more. I’m only 5’3″ so I tend to lightly cuff the crop length and they look and feel great!

  7. Love these jeans Nikki! Had a shopping trip with a personal stylist who took me straight to Blue Illusion for the cropped Bengajeans. Never had white jeans before and I love them also have a black pair. And I so get you about no zips or pockets 🙂

  8. Flashback moment: I first discovered bengaline as a 14 year old in my very first job at Supre. Ahh, those were the days! You look fabulous in every single outfit, Nikki. I think I could see myself in the red, white and bling ensemble. x

  9. I know we are talking about bengajeans but I can’t stop looking at and loving that scarf with the tassels! I am always one for the show pony piece and not enough for the wardrobe basics.

    1. Oh you know I’m the same Kelly! It’s a beautiful lightweight scarf that would make a great summer wrap as well. I love the one with the chambray pants too. You can’t tell so well in the photo but it pops neon!

  10. I would never have dreamed of trying the bengajeans however, after reading your article I can’t wait to get to Blue Illusion and grab myself a pair. Love your blogs Nikki, so informative and really helps with the confidence to be able to go out and try something new.

  11. Oh how I wish this to be true! Having saddlebags and short legs means jeans are impossible to buy for. but I will go in and try them on,just because you said!

    1. This type of pant can work for you and I’m stoked you’ll give them a try. The cropped style may mean they come closer to a full-length but that’s ok and it really is about the top you wear with it. Play around with different lengths of tops to find a length that feels comfortable on you.

  12. You look stunning in those jeans Nikki I love you in the mint pair with the pretty top and scarf!
    Thank you for the gift voucher as well have a lovely day Nikki xx

  13. they are definitely a staple nikki!
    you look so fresh in those lovely pics!
    I love no zips and pockets! … all those unsightly bumps!
    white is calling me! … it’s summery!
    btw tried the email and auto returned!
    I put a pic of me in there too, for you!
    please tell me what I should do! love m:)X

  14. I would love a black cropped pair but am totally put off by the mock fly and pockets. There’s no need for them and blue illusion needs to make them without these daggy details.

      1. I’m eating my words Nikki. Went to a blue illusion styling session/ fundraiser; I love those!) and stood in for the regular model who was sick and was promptly put into a pair of white skinny benga jeans. I left the store with said white jeans as well as a black pair. Love them!!

    1. Suzie, there is a placket so it looks like there’s a fly. The material is stretchy so there’s no problem getting them on. Although the side pockets are false, the back ones do function as normal. There’s nothing daggy looking about them at all, and they do sit flatly as Nikki has said. You should at least try them!

  15. My black 7/8 pants that I love are too big for me (yay) and I’ve been searching for a new pair…think I just found them. Thanks Nikki 🙂

  16. Loving the look of those bengajeans! Especially the cropped ones – I’m short so that would be perfect! Surprisingly the white seems to be calling out to me.

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