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I had to think last night was day it was. That’s a good sign, don’t you think?

That I’ve let go of the everyday routine? That I’ve slipped into a go-slow period that’s very pleasing?

This time last year we were packing to move to Brisbane and I can tell you there was no time for any slowing down.

This year I’m revelling in the slow like a pig in the proverbial.

The next few weeks of Model and Me posts are very much dedicated to the slowing down style of summer.

This week I’m celebrating the maxi dress because it’s a dress style that just won’t disappear any time soon from our wardrobe radar.

Many of you chose it as your Christmas Day outfit of choice and I totally understand why.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (as many times as anyone’s prepared to listen) the maxi is the ultimate dress-up/dress-down garment.

It’s the dress that can looked dressed up even when wearing flat sandals. It’s the dress that can look stylish but still enable you to keep your cool.

Queensland-based label Bella Lido understands the maxi dress and today’s featured style is one that makes for a fun and colourful summer style.

Let’s take a look on the model, shall we? Just imagine she’s wearing the same colour as me.

The model

Bella Lido Emily maxi dress

Bella Lido Emily maxi dress $115

and me

Bella Lido Emily maxi dress | Bohemian Traders Necklace | Bella Lido sandals

Bella Lido Emily maxi dress | Bohemian Traders Necklace | Bella Lido sandals

Bella Lido Emily maxi dress | Bohemian Traders Necklace | Bella Lido sandals

Bella Lido Emily maxi dress* $115 (I’m wearing size M-L and am 166cm tall) | Bohemian Traders Necklace*^ย $79 | Bella Lido sandals* $109

Have you seen what I’ve done here?

I’ve shown a few different ways how you can wear this maxi dress – or any maxi dress – to make it seem, well, not-so maxi.

That’s the only downside with a maxi dress. If you are wearing flats and are not of super-model-height proportions then it’s possible for a fuller style of maxi dress to overwhelm and distort your body’s proportions.

The key is to reveal a bit of flesh near the ankles. Try it yourself. It really does make the difference.

The bonus with this particular maxi is that it comes with its own ruched hemline feature, so that you can pull the ties and lift the length on one side.

I’ve also incorporated a half-undie and full-undie tuck in the styling above. It’s something I’ve learned from Camilla kaftan stylists – it’s a thing.

It might seem a little strange at first but it really does help you to create a different look with your maxi dresses.

The fabric featured here is a beautiful soft and light rayon voile. The fabric is screen-printed. I’m wearing the green-blue but it also comes in pink-red and cobalt blue.

The sandals I’m wearing are my second pair of this style. I wore the first pair for two years and then Bella Lido re-released them.ย They are a great, versatile summer sandal that works with just about any casual outfit.

Bella Lido has a summer pop-up shop at Mooloolaba on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast until January 31. It’s open every day from 10am until 5pm at Shop 16/13 The Esplanade.

The Model and Me Bella Lido Spring-Summer 2014-15

What’s your choice for cool, casual summer style? Love a maxi?

* These garments were gifted to me for editorial consideration. ^Affiliate link

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  1. Nikki you nearly always look better than the model in your Model and Me posts! Love the green – the colour is just a little different.

  2. What a lovely dress, and the green suits you perfectly Nikki! I like the idea of ruching, especially for us shorties. I made knots in the hems of long pants today, they are made from very soft fabric so just looked ‘haremish’ ๐Ÿ™‚
    What day is it? I have been asking that, and having a nana nap or two every day! Kathryn x

  3. Love maxi dresses! But me being pretty short 5 foot 0 i have never bought one i know tried one on once and it was so long and gave up *sigh*

    1. I’m 5″2 (just) and I’ve discovered that:
      – sizing down as much as possible helps to minimise the amount of fabric that can swamp you
      – if you like a style/pattern/neckline on a Bella Lido maxi dress they usually have one available in a knee length (on me).
      – you can get them shortened
      – I’m more than a little nervous wearing a maxi since my hem got caught in an escalator and I had to be cut free.

  4. I’ve been doing the undie tuck for years…. had no idea I was so stylish, just don’t like the bottom of my dress getting dirty when I wear flats! And with a hubby only an inch taller than me and 4 kids to run around after, I pretty much live in flats!

  5. Yes I agree, great colour on you! I have done the knicker tuck thing before but then untucked before I went out in case I got the ‘Oh your dress is caught in your knickers’ comments. There must be some kind of ballooning the fabric back out so it’s not so obvious. I think we need a post on Knicker tucking Nikki ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. What a lovely colour on you Nikki – but you know what? That necklace makes the whole outfit go “kazaam”! Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. So I’m sitting here thinking “but how do you do the undie tuck” when Lisa pointed out that I too am a stylist. Who knew? I was prancing around Christmas Day doing “busy things” before I threw on my heels with my gorgeous Binny palm-print maxi tucked way up high in my undies. Kids threw askance glances as usual. Ha!

  8. Yes, what day is it? I have found myself asking that question for the last 3 or 4 days. I must confess, it gives me a bit of a fright when I realise for a second that I don’t instantly know what day it is. Love that colour on you Nikki – such a pretty dress. I love a maxi, but have trouble finding one that doesn’t swamp me – I am quite small around the shoulders and boosies.
    Look forward to seeing your NY eve outfit. xx

  9. You look gorgeous in this dress Nikki! I do love a maxi dress and I love that ingenious idea of the ruching on the side of the dress so you can make it shorter….very clever and for people like me who are not super model height.I have been doing the indie tuck for years especially when doing jobs around the house,It saves me from tripping over and the knot is a good way of shortening a maxi too.
    Have a lovely relaxing break Nikki Xx

  10. Love the look Nikki, I am seriously considering the cobalt blue version. Thank you for posting over the Christmas break. So many of us out in blog land also in the go slow mode are grateful that you took the time to give us something fresh to read. Happy New Year Nikki

  11. looking good nikki! … what day indeed hun! do you still think you’re at the Hilton or something?;0 lol! … looked great!
    yes I will wear a maxi very soon!
    love the tribal jewellery! I’ve got every type of tribal belly dancing gear!
    must shop my trunk!
    I’m also good with and undie tuck! just hoyke it up and tuck it in!
    I’m good with make shift fashion! … love that feature of the pull tie on that dress! cheers to you! love m:)X

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