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Buying beauty gifts is another one of my special skills – or super powers.

I don’t have a lot of women to buy gifts for at Christmas time but throughout the year I do and I also like to include something a little luxe, pampering or pretty (or all of the above!).

Not all women you might buy gifts for will be interested in a gift of a new fragrance, a lipgloss set or salon pampering voucher but a large percentage will.


Because these are the things that often go to the bottom of the budget priority list.

They’re not essentials. They’re the fun things that can give us a little lift.

For me the the buying of a beauty gift is all about the feeling that gift may give the recipient.

It’s the hope that a new lippy or bronzer or hair styling irons may make them feel a little special on the day of receiving the gift … and then that feeling is repeated each time they light the candle or create a smokey eye from the eye shadow you gifted them.

To help you buy just the right beauty gift for the girls in your life, I thought I’d share my tips for selecting and buying a beauty gift that creates that feeling.

10 tips for buying beauty gifts

1. Really, really think about the person you’re buying for. I know I’ve been mentioning that in each of my gift-buying guides but it’s probably as big a thing in regards to a beauty gift as a fashion gift. Is the recipient a beauty addict with time on her hands or a no-fuss, get-out-the-door-looking-the-best-she-can girl. Understanding the difference will help you gear your gift buying in the right direction.

2. Beauty addicts already have a lot of beauty items in their kit – surprise them with a gift pack from one of their favourite brands. This is especially easy at Christmas time as most makeup, skincare and hair companies create value-added gift packs. These packs typically retail at a lower price than if the items inside were sold separately. Makeup companies also bring out limited edition products that appeal to the beauty addict who covets anything new and exciting.

3. The no-fuss beauty girl is looking for a beauty gift that will make her life easier. Why not put together a gift of skincare and makeup products that you know save you time but make you feel like you can take on the day? A gift that includes a BB Cream, lip gloss and mascara is a no-fuss combination that works and you’ll be thought of each time the recipient gets her two-minute makeup on each day.

4. Investigative work is key to finding out what the recipient already owns and loves. If you find a mix of things then don’t stress over this but if you find that she uses one particular skincare brand and has mostly makeup from one or two cosmetic companies, then steer your gift hunting in those directions.

5. Is there one product she just can’t live without? That she raves about ALL THE TIME. Buy her that product. You’ll know it will be used! For me I’m obsessed by this lipgloss (in Sparkplug) and I’ve put it on my Christmas wishlist. I’ve gone through two tubes this year – it’s always in my handbag and goes with every outfit.

6. Is there a big-ticket item that’s been on her lust-have list for a very long time? I’m thinking a ghd styling iron or the like. Why not pool resources (family or friends) and make it happen for her. It’s Christmas, after all!

7. Does she prefer her products to be natural, organic and cruelty-free? Buy only those. This might take a bit more research but it will be worth it as your recipient will very much appreciate that you understand this is important to her. Be careful of labels though – the term natural is bandied around a lot – check the ingredients and for any certification.

8. Fragrances are a very personal thing. Know what she already loves and either buy her the same or get advice on an alternative based on those scents from a fragrance specialist. A good department store perfume counter will help you. Also try a boutique option like Libertine Perfumerie for something a little different.

9. A beauty lover can never have too many candles or aromatherapy scents in their life. Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’ve got candles throughout the house as well as diffusers ready to enjoy my favourite aromatherapy blends – Twenty8. I’m allowed to be biased. The creator is my girlfriend!

10. A voucher for a facial, massage, body treatment, blow dry or mani/pedi is always welcome. With such a gift comes the promise of relaxation and escape. That’s just good for the soul. If it’s something you can do together, why not book to go at the same time. Tomorrow on the blog I’ll be sharing with you a great way to do that … stay tuned.

Shopping suggestions

How to buy beauty gifts

1. The Body Shop Coconut Soft Hands Warm Kisses gift pack $16.95 | 2. Maison Balzac candle in La Rose $59 | 3. NIVEA Pure & Natural gift pack^ $19.95 | 4. Chloe Signature Eau de Parfum $130 | 5. NARS Laguna Orgasm duo $56 | 6. Jane Iredale Limited Edition palette^ $99 | 7. ghd eclipse hair styler $300 | 8. bhave Deep Intense Conditioning Masque Christmas gift Packs | 9. Napoleon Perdis Megamix Lipgloss collection^ $55 | 10. Twenty 8 Aroma Diffuser – Inspirational gift pack^ $205

You know the drill … over to you.

Is all your shopping done and dusted? Who finds it easy to give friends a beauty-full gift? What’s on your beauty lust-have list for Christmas 2015?

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  1. All good beauty suggestions. I bought the Benefit tin when I was in Melbourne because the pack was cheaper than buying the products individually! I would definitely like a facial this Christmas!

  2. Thank you Nikki ,I have nearly finished just a few men’s gifts and stocking fillers and a couple of something to open gifts to go.
    I love the gifts that are around this time of year and it’s nice to spoil someone you love,great gift guide Xx

  3. all good thans nikki!
    don’t need to gift any except my daughter and sister and they are sorted!
    I would love any or all!
    I’m gifting myself the long awaited for “unlock your style” by nikki Parkinson!
    it’s in the post! … not for want of trying I wanted to look at it hold it and generally have the feel for it, near where we live but was unable to find it!
    so I thought great present for resort living on the deck and It makes it doubly special! … can’t wait now! … <3 it and you … m:)X

  4. Beauty products are such a personal thing aren’t they? Sound advice Nikki for sussing out what a girl would love and use. I am loving silk oil of Morocco mascara. Great for thinning, aging eyelashes. It is a two step mascara, with silk fibres for extra length and thickness. Comes in a beautiful case too. I bought some for my girls for Christmas. Going to backtrack through your gift guide to find something for 24yo son. Men are so hard to buy for! Xx

  5. What a wonderful selection.The Napoleon lipstick pack would be perfect for a friend. That’s number one on my list for her now. Thank you ! 🙂 my dream gift would be the diffuser gift pack! Would be so lovely having it on when doing relaxation and yoga at home.

  6. I tend not to purchase beauty products as gifts, except for neutral shades. I do buy beauty products for my daughters and nieces. My Christmas shopping is complete. V x

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