My top books for Christmas 2014

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Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas at our place without the giving of books.

We are readers throughout the year but there is something about the promise of slower days and afternoons spent diving into a book that gets me thinking about book buying as gifts.

The most tricky part of the whole book buying thing is that it’s so difficult to keep up with what people may actually have already read. Especially in this era of tablets and kindles when our books can be bought and downloaded in seconds! If you’re buying for someone like this, can I suggest a gift card? They won’t be disappointed.

The below list is far from exhaustive.

My top books for Christmas 2014 is a list that contains books that I’ve read, have on my bedside table awaiting the time to read or member of my family have either read or requested to read.

My top 10 books for Christmas 2014

Unlock Your Style – Nikki Parkinson

Let me indulge in a shameless plug. Unlock Your Style is for all women – mums, daughters, sisters, girlfriends – who’d like to rediscover or freshen up their personal style. Booktopia has some signed copies if you’d like that.

The Mapmaker Chronicles – A.L.Tait

This is the first in a youth fiction series from my friend Al Tait. It’s aimed for kids nine and up and my nine-year-old was reluctant to start it at first but ended up obsessed and included for his end-of-term book report.

The Great Zoo of China – Matthew Reilly

My eldest son is a voracious reader. Matthew is his favourite author and he was lucky enough to meet him a few years ago. He’s holding out reading this book as he knows I’m good for it. Yes I am. Even scored him a signed copy through Booktopia.

The Narrow Road to the Deep Earth – Richard Flanagan

This years Booker Prize winner was a featured book in my book club this year. I missed that month as I was away travelling but word was it was a well deserved win. I’ve put this book away for Mr SY’s Dad.

Not That Kind of Girl – Lena Dunham

We enjoyed watching the TV series Girls and I think Miss SY would like to read this one … as long as she agrees to hand it over to me the second she’s done.

The New Easy – Donna Hay

I’ve got a collection of Donna Hay recipe books that go back to her time as food editor at Marie Claire. Her recipes never fail me. This would be a great gift for a fellow foodie.

Absolutely Beautiful Things – Anna Spiro

Anna is a Brisbane interior designer and has a store – Black & Spiro. It’s always filled with all kinds of treasures from around the world. Just as her book now is. One lovers of all things home decor.

The Woman I Wanted to Be – Diana von Furstenberg

She was a business woman in an era when women weren’t encouraged to succeed. This is one for fashionistas and female entrepreneurs alike. Learn how Diana juggled throughout those early years.

Hair Romance – Christine Butcher

My blogging friend knows hair. She she does. Thankfully she’s shared that knowledge. This is great one for teenage girls or any woman keen to change up their hair style routine.

Art and Sole – Jane Weitzman

Jane’s husband is Stuart Weitzman – the shoe designer – and this coffee table book features about 150 fantasy shoes from Weitzman’s collection. They’re not wearable but they will excite all shoe lovers.

Do you have a book you’d recommend as gifts – and who would it best suit?

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  1. I’ve just finished Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies and absolutely loved it – would be a great gift, particularly for mums with primary school age kids. I’m hoping to find one of her other novels under the tree for me : )

  2. Every year that Matthew Reilly has released a new book around Christmas, I’ve had it under the tree. Usually, I just order it, wrap it, mark it ‘From Santa’, and then act surprised when it’s there. This year, I couldn’t help myself- I finished it a few days ago, before December even STARTED. It’s awesome, moving straight to my Top 3 Matthew favourites!

  3. I’d recommend “Running away from Home” by Jane de Teliga. It’s her travel memoir of leaving her job (as style editor for the Australian Womens Weekly), selling her house and ‘running away’ to Paris!! Great for your sister, sister-in-law or gorgeous girlfriend.

  4. I really want to read Lena’s book – I keep eyeing it off when I pass the book store. Maybe that can be my January read!
    I’ll be giving Unlock Your Style as a gift to several female friends/family members this year! DONE!

  5. I am currently reading Stephen King Full Dark No Stars and its a really good read,it has 4 short very gripping stories,I know he is not everyone’s cup of tea but I’ve always liked him.I am buying your book for my sister for Christmas and I will buy my Dad books as well,I could not live without books I love them,thank you Nikki for the recommendations Xx

  6. I’m currently reading and can recommend Annabel Crabbe’s ‘The Wife Drought’- a conversation Australia needs to have, as well as being really funny!

  7. Good morning. Oh I love a book post. We love books and many are given and read here over Christmas, and always. Thanks for the suggestion of Mapmaker Chronicles, I’ll check it out for my 10yo – we’re always hunting for new books for him. What are you reading right now?

  8. That’s a great list. I haven’t seen that Donna Hay book, but it’s top of my Christmas list now! Great to see Hair Romance in there too – I got so excited when I found a copy in Urban Outfitters in the States.

  9. I love coffee table books that are art, architecture, travel or fashion related. I would never buy these for myself, and I don’t think many others would either but if you know a particular area of interest these are lovely gifts. The new Alexander McQueen book ‘Working Progress’ looks amazing.
    For reading (as opposed to just looking) I have asked for the Hilary Mantel short stories.

  10. Great list! I always give and request books – my boys and Mr SnS are getting several each. I’ve requested Donna Hay’s new book, have Richard Flanagan’s on my bedside table ready (earmarked for summer reading) and can highly recommend Unlock Your Style! x

  11. My youngest daughter s an avid reader and has a list of who she has read and
    one a mile long of what she would like. I have just put in a huge order from the book depository. Books are special. I have to get the one by Diane and I am also a huge fan of Donna Hay. I have a huge collection. I also have Shine by Samantha Armytage on my to buy list. Thank you for your insight. V x

  12. Some great suggestions Nikki. We always had a book amongst our presents as kids, and I still love getting one. Must add my name to my list 😉

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