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I’m writing this post from the comfort of a pillow-soft, king-size red at the QT Hotel in Sydney.

It’s about the third or fourth time I’ve stayed here and I just love it. I love that this hotel chain thinks outside the square and breaks the rules of hotel decor.

QT Hotel Sydney

The reason for my stay was the last of my speaking events for the year.

Tonight I’m in Bowral for and Unlock Your Style book event and yesterday I spoke at a fabulous networking group, Mum Society, at The Grounds, Alexandria (such a beautiful venue).

Mum Society The Grounds Alexandria

The topic of my talk was “balance is not a dirty word but some days are mucky”.

I’m yet to meet a woman who isn’t busy, who isn’t doing some kind of juggle.

What I think is important is that we look at our own juggle – not what we perceive someone else is juggling – and work out ways to best achieve some kind of balance each day, each week, each month, each year.

I certainly don’t get it right all the time but it does help being in some way conscious of the idea of balance.

A big thing that can upset the balance in my juggle is my inability to say no. I’m getting better at it but I can still have those weeks where I find that I’ve over-committed myself. Those are not good weeks.

Support systems are so important. You need your tribe or tribes.

Your tribe will be there to help out with kids. Your tribe will be there when you do fall in a heap because the juggle came unstuck. And your tribe will be there to celebrate when the balls do all stay up in the air.

I’d be lost without my tribe and last night I got to celebrate a big year with my online tribe – blogging friends I met on the internet four-five years ago and who I now call close friends (below is BabyMac, Woogsworld and A Beach Cottage).

BabyMac | Mrs Woog | Styling You | A Beach Cottage

The occasion was the Christmas workshop and party for my blogging agency, The Remarkables Group.

I still pinch myself every day this is my job. That I get to blog here and connect with women around Australia and overseas in a space that is supportive and judgement-free.

It’s truly an honour.

Ok, emo moment over … as you were.

Here’s a happy frangipani tree after the rain which fell overnight this week in Brisbane. Not the awful storm situation of last night.

Frangipani tree

Link love

HUZZAH! Sephora opens in Sydney next week and Kimba Likes has the lowdown for us.

I just love this post from Tonia about her Grandma’s 1936 dance card.

BabyMac has a hot cushion giveaway happening. Get on that.

The Fashionable Mum and Agent Mystery Case are getting over their phobia of wearing shorts. And a good thing too.

Love a maxi dress? Yes, me too. Style on V has 20 for you to browse, click and buy.

Happy weekend

It’s a wrap. Happy weekend Stylers. For the people who stick by the rules, enjoy getting your Christmas on next week.

As you know, I’m a rule breaker. The tree is up. There are even gold pineapples hanging from it.

Pineapple Christmas decoration Typo

Tell me about your juggle? How do you stay balanced? Who are your tribes?

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  1. To make some time out for myself I joined a class to learn – JUGGLING! The kind with balls and juggling clubs etc. It’s supposed to help my brain and concentration or something – ha ha ha! Not sure if it’s working yet but it is a lot of fun joining the circus. Even if it is only once a week.

  2. The next time we go somewhere that has a QT I am booking in – they look like so much fun! I am useless at the juggle but I really like what you say about “balance is not a dirty word but some days are mucky”. Enjoy your weekend Nikki.

  3. That hotel bed looks divine. We have our tree trimming party planned for Monday but I’m almost wanting to break our Dec 1st rule and put it up over the weekend. Where on earth did you find pineapple decorations?

  4. Hi Nikki, I totally agree with you that the QT beds are seriously comfy – best bed I have ever slept in at QT Gold Coast. I have no idea how you juggle everything – all mixed in with City living, so many speaking events etc, I never have to drive anywhere and I can’t seem to get my shit together. Have a fabbo time down in the Highlands!!!! xx

  5. Oh talk about juggling. I agree that everyone’s juggling one way or the other. My juggle is work life balance yes. Plus my new job by choice- blogging, which I love. Juggling what to prepare for lunch or dinner. Oh it’s endless. But sometimes I think life would be so boring if we didn’t have all these juggles. Don’t you think?

  6. I stay balanced by meditating though I must admit I haven’t done it a lot of the last week ,reading and taking time out for me I enjoy my alone time very much!
    Beautiful pics Nikki and a happy weekend to you too Xx

  7. I just love the pineapples on the tree. It was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday and hearing you share your words of wisdom to a wonderful bunch of ladies. Enjoy your weekend. V x

  8. Great advice on “the juggle”. I think you might have an ability to handle more balls with grace than most of us, but I love the reminder for us all to avoid comparisons. Especially online ones.

    Have fun down there, and how good is the QT?!
    We stayed there on the recommendations from one of your previous posts, (BabyMac and Woogsworld had also raved about it) and we were not disappointed. I love the elevator music!
    When we first checked in I thought for a moment that the red lambskin was a massive blood stain (the lighting was dim okay, not to mention me).
    Enjoy your espresso martinis girls!

  9. My old life used to be a constant juggle, I always felt like I was catching my breath. These days I have no one to impress…I’m just living so it’s all so much calmer. I always say you can have everything…just not all at once. We also have choices, reschedule, say no, say yes, cancel…yup it’s in our hands. Great post Nikki x

  10. morning nikki! … it must be Friday!;
    what a lovely variety of venues, where you’ve been visiting this week!
    must feel like you are always on holidays … sort of!
    loving the group shot of the lovely girlfriends! … a great fav bunch! … ab/fab!
    have a great time tonight and weekend! … you might need a little lie down!
    cheers! love m:)X

  11. What a gorgeous hotel, and photo of you with your friends. Lots of rain here on the Sunshine Coast overnight, thank goodness, it’s been soooo hot and dry. Not that it’s any cooler already this morning. Juggling…I still do it, even though my kids are grown up and I have 3 (and a bit woohoo!) grandkids My granddaughter stayed over last night so I finished work, went grocery shopping (had nothing for a 7 yo lunchbox), picked her up from after school care, came home and did the normal bath/dinner/etc etc. This morning she is still asleep so will wake her soon, drop her at before school care then off to work. My daughter is a chef, and cooked at a celebrity AFL dinner last night, can’t wait to hear the details, so she had to work until late then start at 7 again this morning. It’s just life isn’t it! I still haven’t caught up from our holiday, have a huge pile of ironing that is bugging the life out of me. Screams my name every time I look at it. Glad it’s Friday so I can get back to normal over the weekend. Wow, that was a big comment sorry! Have a lovely weekend! Kathryn x

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