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It’s a wrap

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I’m just going to pull out my small soapbox to end off the week and quickly add my two cents’ worth to a couple of things that have emerged via two Australian media personalities.

Let’s call those personalities Tracey and Karl … because those are their real names.

Karl (Stefanovic) made the revelation that he’d been wearing the same suit on air on the Today Show for all of this year.

His reason was to show the difference between men and women and how each gender is judged by what they’re wearing.

I’ll get to my views on this in a minute but did anyone else’s sense of smell go into overdrive when you first heard or read about this?

All I could think was, how stinky! He did apparently wear something else a couple of times while the said suit was being drycleaned but still. STINKY!

I actually think Karl did well to hold out for a year – his doing so only proves my point that men are far from complicated when it comes to wardrobe choices.

Mr SY also proved my point this week. We did his bi-annual shop for clothes last weekend. He’s seriously sorted on the work front for a good six months.

Not many women could say the same.

Especially if you are a woman appearing every day on national TV – like his co-host Lisa Wilkinson, who I think is one of the most stylish people on our small screens. She knows what works for her and it contributes to her confidence.

Apparently Karl’s 12-months-in-the-same-suit gig came off the back of Lisa receiving some negative comments about what she wears. I’m not surprised that these comments typically come from other women. I’ve been on the receiving end of similar myself.

When are we going to stop the rot? When are we actually going to live the sisterhood instead of just talking about it?

I say now.

Let us not judge other women for what they are wearing or their appearance. Here at SY it’s always been about respect – I want to celebrate our different personalities, sizes, shapes, lifestyles and wardrobes.

It would be a boring old world if we all liked the same clothes and then dressed the same. Respect other women’s clothing and outfit choices. Don’t judge those choices based on your taste in clothes. And don’t offer any comment if you don’t have anything nice to say.

It’s that simple.

I think Tracey Spicer would be with me in dropping the judgement.

She did a thing that many are calling brave – she went on TV without makeup and without TV hair to talk about how over the past 12 months she’d cut back on her beauty routine. You can read more about it here.

It’s no secret around these parts that I consider myself vain. I like to put on my “face” most days … not necessarily a full face but a touch of something to give me a lift, all the same.

As I write this, I’m admiring the glow of my day-old spray tan, I notice that my legs could do with a shave and I’m makeup free because I’m working at home all day and am going in the evening and planned to do it then.

I also regularly maintain my cut and colour and would marry my locks to my ghds if that was possible. Or even a thing.

I’m pretty crap at maintaining my nails and pounding them on the keyboards every day doesn’t help.

I feel naked without some kind of lip product on my lips.

Does that make me less of a feminist?

I don’t think so – feminism to me is about choice. About a women’s ability to choose to work, to have kids, to dress or present herself to the world any way she likes.

For me, that’s with a bit of care and personal grooming.

This little bit of self care can be just the confidence boost I need to get through the day.

… stepping off soapbox now but would love to hear your thoughts.

The week that was

It’s a wrap! Brisbane turned it on for the G20. Or should that be turned on the heat. Barack Obama even woke me up from my Saturday morning slumber. SHEESH.

Barack Obama helicopter

He made Miss SY squeal as his cavalcade drove past her and her girlfriends at the University of Queensland. Wish I could share that video evidence but Facebook privacy and all that.

We hung around BrisVegas, did some shopping, had some lunch and hard iced tea at Nantucket at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre (do yourself a favour if you’re in the area) and declared Christmas controversially early.

Nantucket Restaurant Indooroopilly Shopping Centre

The only other place you found me was here.

Pool time

Some good eating was had.

Brunch at Shouk. Always a good idea.

Spiced pumpkin and haloumi at Shouk Paddington Brisbane

And choc peanut butter brownies served up with barista-made coffee while I had my hair done. Awesome concept Cheveux Design and Espresso.

Cheveux Design and Espresso

Don’t worry I’ve been out pounding the hills and admiring the arrival of the poinciana flowers to work off said brownies.

Brisbane poinciana tree

Fresh Sheet Day is always cause for unbridled excitement around these parts.

Fresh Sheet Day

As is a fancy new Kerrie Hess phone case.

Kerrie Hess phone case at The Dairy

And peonies from my “dealer” Francesca’s Flowers.

White peonies

Got all fancy pants at the opening of Burberry in QueensPlaza, Brisbane last night. The iconic Burberry trench has gone straight to my lust-wish list.

Burberry Brisbane opens its door Burberry trench

And then indulged my love of all things Jamie Oliver at the just-opened Jamie’s Italian in Brisbane.

Jamie's Italian Brisbane - meat plank

Today I’m guest speaker at the Food For Thought charity lunch at Gambaro’s … we’re raising money for Dress for Success – plus I get to frock up and enjoy a champers.

Cheers to that, I say, and happy weekend.

Link love

Rach from Redcliffe style is the Queen of style when it comes to taking a simple garment or two and making it her own. Here she shares her tips on how to do that.

Sonia Styling has us covered – or should that read uncovered with her post about what to wear underneath your clothes.

Alison, who blogs at From the Ashers, wrote a poignant post about friendship.

Vanessa at Style and Shenanigans has some ideas on what to wear to the office Christmas party.

Kim-Marie at Kimba Likes has whipped up some summer cocktails for us all. Yes please.

Alex at What The Teacher Wears has the low down on shirt dresses … because you know you want one.

Carly at Smaggle has you sorted if the weather where you live still hasn’t received the summer memo: how to wear a summer dress in spring.

So, over to you … what’s been happening in your world this week? Thoughts on Karl’s suit situation or Tracey’s beauty routine reduction?

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  1. Great pictures! Love the Poinciana flower shot. How crazy hot has it been though? So glad I’m not pregnant through these temperatures as I’ve done it three times at this time of year and I’m thankful that I don’t have an inner heater with the outside heat so hot! I have to say you live a jam packed life and it’s lovely to read and recap each week. I hope you have a great start to your week this week Nikki. x

  2. What lovely pics in your post Nikki! Sounds like you have had a full-on week, I don’t know how you fit it all in. I agree with the sentiment “If you have not got anything nice to say then don’t say it”, I feel for those TV personalities and the scrutiny they receive on their weight, age, hair style, outfits etc. Society is so judgemental and I think it’s got worse since social media appeared. It’s too easy to have a dig behind the keyboard and in a flash let your feelings be known. Now I feel a trip to Indooroopilly is in order as that hard iced tea sounds all kinds of wonderful. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. What a jam packed week for you Nikki!
    I was able to get my hair coloured this week – huzzah (thank you paid employment)!! I do love a salon visit – having an often boldly coloured head of hair is a big point of pride for me. Went for something different, which I think I’m liking?!
    I don’t know that Karl broke any big news by his experiment – nobody cares what male tv hosts wear, we all knew that already.
    The fact that women advise you on improving your outfits – ankle-strap-gate comes to mind – makes me want to bang my head against the wall. Seriously! And this notion that people are “just saying” – I call bulldust on that!
    You are a fabulous, generous and consistent reminder of what kind of women we should all strive to be – encouraging of other ladies!
    You can do that with lipstick on or not, in your favourite dress or your pjs, at a Burberry opening or in Coles.
    Thank you Nikki xx

  4. Great article Nikki. You raise some interesting points. I haven’t heard a negative comment about my appearance from a male since high school. Women however are a different story – I get told that I’m too short, too round, too busty, shouldn’t be wearing specs, wearing too much colour…and the list goes on. The older I get the more I find it amusing.

    I think maybe the more comfortable a woman is in her own skin the less likely she is to pass judgement?

    Oh, and BTW does carrying x4 different coloured lipsticks + a strawberry flavoured Chapstick in my handbag at all times mean I’m vain? 😉
    I do love a lippy 🙂

  5. My goodness you fit a lot into a week! Aren’t the Kerrie Hess phone covers beautiful? I just love mine. And a brownie while having your hair done is genius! I wish my hairdresser did that. See you in Sydney next Thursday! Vicki from Style on v and I are going together so we can meet in person – the latest irl meet up of a blogger I have met through you and #everydaystyle so thank you x

  6. I love that this whole Blue Suit Situation has shown another side to Karl – a supportive, kind, genuine man who thinks what’s happening to his female colleague and friend is total bullshit. You go, Karl!
    Meanwhile, whoa – what a week for you, Nikki! Bet you’re looking forward to the weekend and a nice cool beverage later today.
    Thank you so very much for the link love. Sending Champagne kisses your way! x

  7. Thanks Nikki for talking about feminism- there seems to be some people at the moment who are trying to turn this into a dirty word (I’m talking to you Julie Bishop!). It is about equal rights and freedom of choice and is quite simple actually. Caitlin Moran’s book “How to be a woman” has some hilarious quotes about feminism and is a recommended read.
    Karl’s experiment was a good one and really proved a point, well done to him.
    Well it’s that crazy time of year again, November seems to be busier than December as you have mentioned. Thanks for your blog which helps me to stop over a cuppa and catch my breath!

  8. My husband bought a few shirts the other day and announced he had his summer wardrobe sorted. Clothes buying is a bi annual event for him too, and while I do love shopping and buying new things, sometimes I wonder if it occupies too much of my thoughts!!
    I’m a vain girl too, when my hair and makeups done I feel great.
    See you next week in Bowral!!

  9. Feminism is about choice (in my book anyway) and the freedom to do so. Full face / no face / dressed up to the nines / dressed down – all fine to me. As long as you have chosen that face or that outfit (or lifestyle or partner or whatever) and it hasn’t been chosen for you – then that to me is feminism. All hail to you Nikki. Great blog.

    I wonder what would have been said if Lisa wore the same outfit for a year? Judgmental lot we can be … but we can try NOT to be.


  10. Loving your Friday wraps ! Re makeup routines, whilst on hols in Vietnam just recently, I had a quick and easy thing happening … Loreal CC cream ( how terrific is this stuff ??? ) waterproof mascara, and Revlon lip crayon. I felt and looked great the whole time, thanks to your inspirational blogs Nikki xxx

  11. I consider myself vain too! I agree wholehardly about being kind to other women I really don’t know why they do it ,kindness can go a long way and if you have nothing nice to say ,say nothing.
    I love your week Nikki,you have a wonderful weekend And a lovely lunch today xx

  12. From one vain feminist to another, I’m with you, sister!
    I follow a number of stylists and fashion bloggers that are completely different sizes and styles to my own. Sometimes I love what they wear, sometimes not so much, but either way I fell like it extends my eye to the possibilities of my own wardrobe.And as you said, if I don’t have anything nice to say then I don’t say anything at all.
    BTW loved your dress at the Burberry opening; stunning on you.

  13. love it’s a wrap and you nikki! … you are a good seed!
    lots of interesting things happening!
    don’t get me started on feminism!
    yes the difference between women and men’s appearances!?!?
    Karl’s suit OMG!
    “they judge a woman, firstly on how they look, before they speak and then they might listen! … but they judge a man on what they say!” … ? … unfortunate! because this is a patriarchal society!
    I’m a feminist from way back … especially on equal opportunities front!
    I do some goddess artworks … all about empowering women! … that’s my concept!
    btw you looked amazing for your last evening’s outing … super! …
    but, that’s me judging! lolove m:)X

  14. What a great week – you’ve certainly covered all bases too – Obama, shopping, great food, peonies, pool time and Burberry! Thanks so much for the shout out too! x

  15. Great post Nikki, I was sitting here, sweltering in my ugly night attire, nodding my head along with all of that post. It is so true for some of us vain ones, that looking a certain way is linked to our confidence. (I would NEVER answer my front door in this get-up for example). I had a Mum at school say to me last week that I always look polished, and I’m so lucky that I don’t have to wear any makeup. Oh how we laughed when I explained my extensive product application routine in order to look ‘natural’… But I feel better that way. So it’s worth it.
    But I offer up equal hats-off to women who don’t want to do the same.

    The thing I love most about Styling You is how you have created a space for each of us to be how WE want. No judgment. It’s a rare thing Nikki. Good on you, and thank-you.

    So imagine my squee of delight when I read to the bottom and saw a link to my blog this week. You really embody the whole bloggers creed of sharing and caring Nikki. I too, do a Friday wrap up (Hitwave Alison) but I’ve never thought to link to other blogs as well. A very nice idea. I will be doing it next week.

    You are a leader among women, luv.

  16. Thanks for the link love Nikki!
    Hope you had a fab night at the Burberry opening and picked up a trench … or two. I must get to Jamie’s restaurant, the food looks divine.
    Have a great weekend, Alex xx

  17. Yeah I’m with you on what feminism really means. It gives us women a choice, something that wasn’t afforded to women decades ago. And yes isn’t it sad to know that it’s usually other women who put women down? I’ve been guilty of that on that odd occasion but have grown to realise, as I grow older that it’s none of my business really. It is THAT person’s choice.
    Looks like you had an awesome week and I am loving the look of that phone case!!

  18. I am with you Nikki on all counts with the Karl situation and good on Tracy for doing what she believes in. What an eventful week you have had so many new places to visit. Lucky you ! . I also has red a few style edits on my blog this week. Love the links you have shared. Have an amazing weekend. V x

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