It’s a wrap

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It’s a wrap!

All the Mr Bigs of the world (and their thousands of minders and media followers) are in BrisVegas this long weekend for the G20 Leaders’ Summit.

Most of BrisVegas is heading to the beach. I’d be heading there too if I’d decided more than two weeks ago that getting out of town on the long weekend was a good idea.

Alas, a two-hour search on my iPad at that time failed to locate any available accommodation on the Sunshine Coast so I gave up.

I am doing a day trip on Saturday – speaking at Elegant Affair Boutique in Nambour at 2pm – and I did get to have lunch beside this view last weekend in Noosa. So I shall not complain.

Noosa Main Beach #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia

We’ll make the most of it.

In between trying to get the eldest son close enough to the CBD so he can walk to work (buses stop tonight), there will be pool swims and a few of these consumed.

G&Ts and pineapples

Mr SY’s annual clothes-stocking-up-expedition is also on the cards today – we’re hoping with the mass exodus to the beach that the shopping centre parking situation will be kind.

Might even put up the new Christmas tree.

Speaking of Christmas … because it’s less than six weeks away … I started shopping this week. Not for gifts … for table linen.

That’s important, right?

Glad you’re on board. I look forward to this arriving …

peacocks and paisleys tablecloth

… and this

Brown Trading Co pineapples table cloth lime green

Both are very different but will suit different occasions and gatherings we’re hosting over the festive season.

Now, new linen might be big news but the biggest news around here has to be my new hairdo.

If you missed a look-see on Facebook or Instagram this week, then here’s a visual for you.

Concave Bob summer 2014

It’s not the first time I’ve had a concave bob and it won’t be the last.

I love that my hair is not sticking to the back of my neck but that I’ve got some length at the front. I was worried this look was so 2007 – the last time I concaved – but a quick Google search showed that it’s very much a new-old trend and one even favoured by a handful of celebrities.

I’m looking forward to messing up the layers with some tousled waves or opting for a more straight/less voluminous shape. Stay tuned.

You may not have caught the news that I had another bhave Smoothe treatment recently, so not only am I ready for summer for a new cut but my hair is frizz-proof as well. Good job – it has been all too humid around these parts.

Sephora almost here

Not long to wait now beauty lovers … Australia’s first Sephora opens at Westfield Sydney (on the Pitt St Mall) on December 5. It won’t have all the brands you would have seen if you’ve shopped at Sephora overseas but it will bring a host of beauty brands that we haven’t had access to here.

Price wise? It’s been reported that the aim is to align pricing to US pricing as much as possible.

I think this will have a ripple effect across all cosmetic retailers. That’s a win-win.

After Sydney, Sephora plans to roll out to other state capitals before entering into regional and suburban areas.


Link love

Norlin from Baubles, Bubbles and Bags has some great advice about what to wear on a plane.

Vanessa from Style and Shenanigans has done the hard work for us and found a tonne of maxi dresses to top up your summer wardrobe.

Sonia Styling has taken one of my favourite wardrobe pieces (I featured it here) and created a kaftan look that will please those who love to belt and show a waist.

Lisa Berson has written about my blogging and brands workshop I did in Perth late last month.

And if you blog, then make sure you check out Blog Love Studio for some beautiful and extremely useful blog planning printables.

Blog Love Studio Daily Blog Planner

I’m so chuffed that Louise at Read Me has included Unlock Your Style in her post: 10 more great books about fashion and beauty.


When Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence team up in a movie, I take notice and Serena is one I’m keen to see. It’s in cinemas November 27 and today I’ve got five prizes – each containing a double pass to the movie and a copy of the book it’s based by Ron Rash. Each prize is valued at $59 each.

This is a riveting tale of passion, love and tragedy, based on Rash’s best-selling novel. George and Serena Pemberton are love-struck newly-weds who begin to build a timber empire in the North Carolina mountains at the end of the 1920s.  Serena soon proves herself to be equal to any man and with power and influence in the Pemberton’s hands, they refuse to let anyone stand in their way. However, once Serena discovers George’s hidden past, their intense, passionate marriage starts to unravel as the story moves toward its shocking reckoning. In Cinemas November 27. Check out the trailer here … 

To enter, answer this question in the comments below:

What was the last movie you saw and why did you like it … or perhaps you didn’t you like it?

Entries open Friday, November 14 at 4.45am (AEST) and close Sunday, November 16 at 5pm (AEST). Australian entries only, sorry. The winner will be judged on originality and creativity (photos can be included and uploaded with the comment). The winner will be emailed and their name will be published here. Entrants must include an email address when the filling in the commenting system below to be eligible to enter. Full terms and conditions here.

Have an awesome weekend Stylers. I’ll leave you with more peonies … because, well. PEONIES.



PS. But wait there’s more … I’ve got details about how you can win $1000 worth of Nicole Fendel Jewellery as worn by Nina Proudman on Offspring. Head here to find out how.

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  1. The last film I saw was Tomas Alfredson’s spy masterwork Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which features the astonishingly meticulous performance of Gary Oldman. As the demure, introverted veteran agent ironically titled George Smiley, his name is the sole dash of black humour in a bleak, unforgiving Cold War scenario. He is brought out of retirement to excavate a mole deeply buried “right at the top of the Circus” that could compromise national security. What follows is a beautifully elaborate web of deceitful, treacherous espionage that culminates in one of the greatest films I personally have seen. The plot is so dense and beautifully told that one is left to marvel at the level of filmmaking craft on display. Like the best kind of movies, it takes a few viewings to fully appreciate the expertise on display. The powerhouse cast of British stalwarts is topped off by Gary Oldman, whose reserved yet calculated Smiley is a performance of breathtaking precision and skill. Whoever said acting is easy should look on Oldman’s performance, huddle up in a dark corner and weep. He is that good, robbed of the Best Actor Oscar in favour of Jean Dujardin in The Artist. Sure, he was competent and endearing, but the towering performance of Oldman in my mind would always be superior in every respect. The film is a nuanced, realistic portrayal of the Cold War and British Intelligence, cleverly called the Circus, complete with compelling, ominous cinematography, and art direction, unforgettable shots, and the best performance in film since at least two decades. Never cheapened by overblown action scenes, this quiet, minimalist, but complex and engrossing film leaves its tarnished sheen’s impression hung over you like a shroud.

  2. Nikki, I had to share this pineapple product with you. I just bought the hot pink cloth from Brown Trading co – it is gorgeous. Do you have the Tommy Bahamas black pineapple tea light holder? It is stunning. It is on their website – just splurged when I went to Byron a few weeks ago and it looks stunning of a night on my fireplace.

  3. I re-watched my favourite movie – “The Long Kiss Goodnight”, starring Geena Davis. She played a fantastic, strong female action lead.

  4. Last movie was ‘The Best of Me’ absolutely loved it, made me laugh and cry and although fictional characters, reminded me that true love never dies, I recommend it to all

  5. Oh dear I can’t remember the last movie I saw. I it may have been Inception back in 2010 (between pregnancies)!!! Loved it because it kept me guessing.

  6. Gone Girl. Hadn’t read the book and was kept guessing throughout by th plot twists. Great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

  7. I watched Gone Girl last night and can’t stop thinking about it. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it, but I didn’t dislike it. However, watching a movie that looks at sociopaths is always going to be disturbing! I am amazed at how true to the book the film was, and that is impressive!!

  8. I’m watching Wes Anderson’s MOONRISE KINGDOM right now for the 8th time. Simply sublime, sweet, and definitely my favourite movie of all time ever. Amazing.

  9. Blue Jasmine. I usually wear distance glasses to be able to see at the movies but this time I forgot to bring them. Thankfully, this movie was full of close-up shots of all the actors that I actually didn’t need them. Cate Blanchett’s skin was everything they say it is. It positively glows and truly looks like porcelain. I couldn’t take my eyes off her – she was mesmerising. I’m embarrassed to say that because I was so busy trying to figure out which actor had ‘work’ done, I lost track of the story line. If there were Oscars awarded for Best Skin, she would win hands down.

  10. Eat Pray Love: After everyone telling me not to bother, it was only last year, after spending 3 months in Sicily “finding myself” that I actually saw it! It had such an effect – so much so that I bought the DVD and have just this minute finished watching it………..again. Yes I found myself, or at least a better version, and each time I watch this movie it effects me in a different yet challenging way.

  11. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: love this trilogy and Martin Freeman is great – the dragon – scary fantastic – the movies have been so well done – this is one that you can watch over and over

  12. I’m almost embarrassed to say the last movie I saw was “Frozen” with my kids. That shows you how often I get to the movies. It was actually pretty good. There was a little twist in it and I actually think “Let it Go” is a pretty good song!

  13. Last movie I saw was ‘The Best of Me’. I really loved it. Another great Nicholas Sparks love story adapted to the big screen. I laughed, I cried. It made me believe again that big, special once in a lifetime love is still out there.

  14. Gone Girl, about a girl who sure knows how to keep her man in line! A lesson to all the men out there – watch out for a woman scorned, loved it!

  15. I think the last film I saw was Calvary, the story of an Irish priest threatened by who knows? Really got me thinking, which is something I enjoy in a film. I’m curious about Serena. I saw Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle with these two actors and loved both. I’d love to win tickets! 🙂

  16. Gone Girl, captured my attention for the whole time, sign of a great movie is when its finished before you get fidgity in your seat!

  17. I saw Interstellar too – WOW, what a movie!! Science, space, human interest. And a future which seems scarily possible…

  18. I saw Whiplash which I enjoyed as it gave great psychological insight into the effects of emotional abuse, both shocking and interesting.

  19. I saw Divergent, it has a mixture of action, fighting, suspense, hotness (Four!!) and love! I loved this movie and I found a new crush in Theo James who plays the character Four.

  20. I last saw This is Where I Leave You, which I really enjoyed, mostly for Jason Bateman but Jane Fonda’s boobs were up there too. I’d love to see this film and read the book – I have a read before see policy usually but I’d be prepared to breach that in order to see Serena! P.S. Thanks so much for the lovely shout out – much appreciated. x

  21. The last movie I saw was on television recently, called “Looper” I had heard good reviews about it and was really surprised at how much I enjoyed watching it. I loved the suspense and twists and the ending is great. Plus who doesn’t like Bruce Willis? LOL

  22. Last movie was Gone Girl- I think we all get to a point where a movie has to be really good, or really out there for me to enjoy it.The thing I liked about it- it that the movie would keep changing direction and you could not predict what would happen next. Loved it!

  23. The last movie I saw was Gone Girl. Not only was it a long awaited date movie (“date day” rather than night …) without our two young boys, but I hadn’t read the book so the movie was jaw dropping to say the least. We had a great debrief after and I felt so grown up! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win another date with my husband! (And then I can read the book after).

  24. My husband and I just watched Grease again. Actually, my husband saw it for the first time; apparently he was ‘too cool’ to watch it when it first came out. Great movie, great music, gorgeous Olivia!

  25. Your hair looks amazing Nikki. I’ve had a concave bob before, but my hair is wavy/curly so a totally different look. These days it’s boy short and I adore it – finally my hair behaves itself!

    The last movie I saw was Gone Girl. Went with my gorgeous daughter’s equally gorgeous partner … and I’m afraid we both screamed and squirmed at a particular gooshy part! Chilling movie.

    Love your Friday wrap ups. x

  26. I took my Mum to ‘Pride’ this week – knowing nothing at all about it. It is a wonderful movie full of hilarious and touching moments. Set in Thatchers London and the bleak Welsh countryside in 1984 – it told the story of repressed but energetic gay activists who decided to lend their support to Welsh miners – struggling to survive through the mining strike. It was beautiful to see 2 groups so vastly opposed in every way – come to understand, have empathy for and in the end- genuinely care for and support each other – in a very hard time for each of them. It delivers the enduring message about humanity and how alike we really all are – all bundled together with fantastic 80’s tunes – taking me back to my teenage years. LOVE,LOVE, LOVE this movie and recommend to all!

  27. The Spanish film “living is easy, eyes closed “. ( words from Beatles song ‘Strawberry Field’) Set in Southern Spain it tells the story of a Beatles obsessed teacher who is visiting the site of a film wanting to meet his hero, John Lennon. Along the way he befriends two young people. It’s a gentle film of companionship and friendship. A delight.

  28. Bad Grandpa. I didnt really expect too much becauseim not really a fan of jackass & lewd stupidity but I found it was really quite entertaining. It also shows how gullible the members of public can be. Not for everyone but I really would recommend it.

  29. The last movie I saw was called “lunchbox” – it was an Indian movie with English subtitles. It was kinda quirky and poignant and the lives of the characters just unfolded. The cooking was aromatic and the conversations varied from dull to spicy and the tubular screw-together lunch boxes are a must have!! It relied on the interactions of the characters and twists of fate, which is how I prefer my movies and had an open ending where you could draw your own conclusions

  30. My husband and I just saw Interstellar. I had high hopes, and Anne Hathaway is one of my favourite actresses, but it was too far-fetched for me. And so long!

  31. A Spanish film called “I’m so excited!”. I love foreign films, and this one was hilarious, however, Spanish is such a fast language that I struggled to keep up with the subtitles (although the glass of wine in my hand may have had something to do with that…)

  32. Sex tape was the last movie I saw and we were in the mood for a laugh and we did all the way through ,funny though we recommended to our 19 year old son and girl friend and they didn’t like it so much oh well .

  33. Bingo , my daughter hired it from the library for me made me wonder why my two dogs are so stupid when Bingo was such a smart dog

  34. We saw Maps to the Stars last night so it is still fresh in my mind! I didn’t know what to expect & this movie would not appeal to everyone. My husband didn’t like it but I thought that it was very thought provoking! It does contain rather graphic violence & sex scenes & presents a darkly satirical view of the lifestyles of Hollywood’s rich & famous celebrities including obnoxiously precocious child stars. It certainly presents them in an unflattering light & reveals dark hidden secrets behind the mansion walls & glamorous lifestyles. It deals with interconnecting issues of sexual & physical violence as well as incest &drug abuse all leading to mental illness & associated violence. This is certainly not a happy uplifting movie but did get me thinking about the unhappiness of the very wealthy set!.

  35. The last movie I saw was Gone Girl. Having recently read the book, even though I knew what to expect, this movie chilled me to the bone! I’m not going to let my fiance see this flick… he might get the wrong idea about marrying an Amy!!

  36. The most recent and heart warming movie I last viewed was The Railway Man, starring the Colin Firth. It inspired me to believe that the power of forgiveness is liberating. Let go of the pain or negative feelings and always remember Today is the first day of the rest of your life and face it positively. I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel uplifted!

  37. I revisited an Australian movie called ‘Innocence’. Acclaimed ‘older’ Australian actor Julia Blake stars along side her real life husband Terry Norris in this thought-provoking story about love and infidelity amongst the over 70s. In a poignant scene that makes me cry every time, Julia steps out of the shower, and as she wipes the steam from the mirror her 20-something year old self is reflected back. This moment captures exactly how I and I’m sure most women feel as the years go by – just the same in our spirit and soul as we did when we were 20.

  38. I saw Pride this week, a heartbreaking, feel good movie if that is possible. Based on fact it was a lesson on the frailty and strengths of human nature. I laughed and I cried. A wonderful movie!.

  39. The last movie I saw at the cinemas was Gone Girl. It was the first time I’d seen the film before the book, so every twist and turn took me completely by surprise. Loved the film, and loved the night out – I went with my bestie who I hadn’t seen for a while so it was just great to spend time together! Have since read the book, and think it was a great adaptation.

      1. Hi Nikki, just want to check that you got my email because I’ve not yet received anything and I’m worried the movie won’t be showing anymore! Thanks.

  40. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY was such a fun, adventurous movie. Marvel ramped up the pace with this one. My daughter loved it & quickly added it to her Christmas wish list.

  41. Malificent with Angelina Jolie was awesome….I love a classic tale with an unexpected twist…to view the story line from another angle.

  42. The last movie I saw was Ghostbusters with the kids last weekend, curled up on the sofa with popcorn. It’s still one of my favourites and it’s great that my kids are discovering it too!

  43. The last movie I saw was “Before I Go To Sleep” at the drive-in for our wedding anniversary. Movie was pretty good, didn’t do the book justice though. Was lots of fun going to the drive-in though, as a last little outing before our first bub was born a couple of weeks ago 🙂

  44. The last movie I caught was ‘This is where I leave you’, I was surprise how good the movie was, family squabbles, lost and found love, rediscovering oneself, everything in a drama-dy and not to mention a great ensemble cast and Jane Fonda…. is still smoking hot!

  45. The last movie I saw was Son of A Gun. Well any opportunity to see Ewan McGregor (my fave actor) and enjoyed it for its grittiness as well as I never ever want to go to jail!

  46. The last movie I saw and loved was Chef (as recommended by Suger!). After the kids were in bed, we had a great night watching a movie where a man found a way to do what he loved. Oh, and the food they were cooking looked so delicious that we had to pause halfway through and make ourselves a platter of snacks to nibble on!

  47. I saw The Love Punch at the British Film Festival in Adelaide last Sunday. It starred Emna Thompson and Pierce Brosnan, and was a laugh out loud, crazy, silly caper set in France and England. A couple of hours of pure nutty entertainment, definitely worth viewing if it has a general release here.

  48. Belle-a love story and the value of being honest to yourself is what this movie is about. Beautifully layered with issues of equality, slavery but is not preachy. Shows how the matter of the heart can’t be prevented by the colour of your skin.

    What was the last movie you saw and why did you like it … or perhaps you didn’t you like it?

  49. Third Person has a stellar cast led by Liam Neeson as an accomplished author working through the recent death of his son by writing another book. 3 complex distinct story lines that find a common thread but I was left confused and had to google 🙁

  50. Your totally rocking the
    concave bob Nikki, coming up to my third summer in BrisVegas I totally relate
    re the hair on the back of the neck. Last movie was ‘’This is Where I Leave You’’, the critics
    panned it but after reading your recommendation, I decided to give it a go
    & I loved it. Yes it had its share of clichés but also plenty of laugh-out
    loud, & even a few teary moments. It was exactly the type of movie I needed
    at the time. Great casting – Jane Fonda & Tina Fey of course (I can see her
    playing a dramatic role in the future & killing it!!) but I also loved the performances of Jason
    Bateman, particularly the scenes with Tina Fey & our own Rose Byrne.

  51. Hi Nikki, love the new do – perfect for this weekend in Brisbane cause it’s gonna be a hot one. Hope you can keep cool.

    I saw Interstellar last weekend and loved it. The visuals are stunning – the first black hole sequence was amazing but
    then there’s another later in the film which is even better. I had
    read reviews that the movie was a little too wordy and too much time was
    spent explaining scientific concepts, but I loved the speech by the
    doctor (played by Anne Hathaway) explaining how a world with 5
    dimensions might work and then later explaining that love
    may actually be a science and not an emotion, with much greater effect
    on our world than we realise. And then there’s the cameo by Matt Damon
    which I didn’t see coming. I don’t pretend to understand quantum
    science but I got enough out of this movie to believe that if I tried
    really hard, maybe I could. And the last sequence moved me to tears, but that might
    just be me. If you have any interest in any of this, go see it. It’s
    wonderful and will stay with you for some time afterwards.

  52. I love love love your hair Nikki!
    The last film I went to see was Charlies Country – I really enjoyed it, great performance by David Gulpilil – I believe it is partly biographical on his part – very interesting.
    Enjoy the sun – Ill be up there and away from the Adelaide metro oven in just 4 weeks! 🙂

  53. Your new do is most inspiring Nikki. Last movie I saw was an art house movie on a Qantas flight. Quite unexpectedly interesting. It was called Boyhood and the story was about the milestones and ups and downs of a particular boy and family between 6 and 18. What was particularly interesting is that it was filmed over 12 years – with the same actors, so you literally see this boy and his sister grow up before your eyes. The change in style, dress, weight gain and loss of all of the family members is quite fascinating. Patricia Arquette played his mother – she’s lovely. It’s worth a watch.

  54. Love your new hair and those tablecloths are just gorgeous.

    The last movie I saw was Saturday Night Fever, it was part of the roof top movie media night launch and a whole lot of fun.

    Thanks to it coinciding with Halloween and hubby away, I had three teens (13, 14 & 16) at three different parties on the same night, so I didn’t end up staying for the entire film. Choosing instead to put my parenting cap on and keep a closer eye on things at home. Especially after we had break ins either side, while my three were at home alone, pretending that there was no one home.

  55. Love your ‘It’s a wrap’ blogs Nikki. Taking time to reflect in whatever fashion, is a good thing. j’adore you new hair-do. Great cut and you wear it so well. I think pineapples c/o Brown Trading Co. will be gracing my Christmas table this year too. I am actually away from the G20 business in Brisvegas. In Melbourne for work and looking forward to meeting V from SnS in person! Have a good weekend.

  56. Your lines are beautiful Nikki and I love love your hair and I don’t think bobs will ever be out of fashion they are so chic ,if I dint have curly hair I would get one!
    I can’t remember the last movie I saw in a cinema with Mum being sick and Dad needing lots of visits and help it has been a very busy year though I did read The fault in our Stars and cried I’m too emotional this year!!
    Have a lovely long weekend Nikki at the beach and enjoy the pool don’t forget to play “resorts ” Xx

  57. I escaped a while ago and saw The Lunchbox… A beautiful love story where food and letters are the language of love. I loved the film mostly as it was my first film in 3 years, the children were safe at home, and I was by myself in an imaginary world with a choc top!

  58. Hair looks great Nikki. I don’t think a concave bob will ever be out of fashion – quite an elegant do. Haven’t been to the movies in forever, but my son saw Interstellar this week. He sees a LOT of movies and said this was the best one he’d seen all year. So it’s on my list – plus Matthew McConaughey- nuff said! xx

  59. it must be ‘it’s a wrap’ Friday! … <3 it and you nikki!
    busy brissy! … lots going on there! … and shopping!
    on em's blog she had a quote;
    "shopping with your husband is like hunting with the game warden!" LOL! …
    always love a bob! classic and classy! your hair sooo suits you and your side profile! … ex pro's opinion!
    the colour of those peonies are superb, aren't they?
    enjoy your weekend … love m:)X

  60. The last movie I saw was just last week “Mama Mia”, I have seen it numerous times & love it, the music is uplifting & watching Pierce Brosnan, Meryl Streep & co singing & dancing around is such a hoot!! Love it!!!

  61. The new hair is totally ace! I love it! The last movie I watched was “The fault in our stars.” I loved it because it made me laugh (a lot,) cry (a lot) and resonated so much with me. And the clincher for me, that it did the book justice and brought the whole story to life. Ah-mazing! Have you seen it? Have an awesome weekend and happy shopping!

  62. Hello Nicki I wanted to drop by and say thank you for sharing as you do everyday. Your my morning routine. I also thought I’d let you know I bought my Christmas dress from Binny this week. A brand I would never have found if it wasn’t for your blog. So big thank you and have a good weekend.

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